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USS Knox (FF 1052) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Knox (FF 1052). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 347 crew members registered for the USS Knox (FF 1052).

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Freiband, James0-3Aug 1, 1968 – Dec 1, 1970Engineer2015 reunion in San DIego ...see
Lyon, TerryYN2Nov 1968 – May 1971OCNucleus crew/Plankowner. Made first cruise and transferred shortly after. Currently on active duty as YNC. Will retire Jun '04
Marshall, Raymond L.WO-1Nov 1968 – Sep 1971WAA fantastic tour. If you haven't joined our Knox Association I urge you to do it ASAP!
Thompson, Tony ( Anthony)BT 3Nov 16, 1968 – Nov 20, 1972boilermanplank owner served whole four years on Knox ,in the fireroom when the fire started two westpacs what a blast also shellback
Ritchey, DennisRD21969 – 1971OIplank owner, shellback, remember losing an anchor or two, a typhoon in the gulf of tonkin, a fire in the engine room, but all in all a great experience, with a crew of great guys - proud to have served
Flannelly, Phyllis For TomSH1969 – 1972Ship ServicemanNeed verification that the USS Knox DE 1052 was in Da Nang Harbor for Thanksgiving Day 1971, possibly 2 days. please email me at Thank you.
Bosworth, JeffSTGCSJan 1969 – Mar 1972WEPSPlankowner. Currently a board member of the new USS Knox Reunion Association (Webmaster
Parady, Edward E. SrSTG3Jan 1969 – Aug 19703rdI am a plankowner. While in Knox I shipped-over under the Star Program. My father died while we were in Pearl Harbor. The people aboard Knox helped get me and my family home and for that I will be forever thankful. Regards to all! e-mail me!
Hanks, JimSTG2Jan 1969 – Dec 1971WeaponsPlankowner and two WESTPACs. Anyone remember Typhoon Georgia between Midway and Guam? Served as "The Voice" on the ASROC handling team, Sonar Secretary, Ship's Recreation Secretary, DJ on KNOX Ship's Entertainment System, Division Ca
Kohlman, DennisSTG3Jan 1969 – Mar 19723rd ASWPlankowner. Two WESTPACS and a lot of memories.
Masline, Edward J. "Skip"RD2Jan 1969 – Mar 21, 1971OIPlankowner
George, ValdezRD2Jan 1969 – Mar 1971Plankowner
Harrison, Richard B.FTGSNFeb 1969 – Mar 1969WeaponsWhile at SD they cut FT billet by one. I was the last to arrive so was the first to go. Was told I would go to newer class can. ended up in the Mekong Delta.........
Dromeshauser, Bob YNSNFeb 1969 – Dec 1970WeaponsPlankowner, Shellback. First weapons yeoman on board. Got the "Elroy Suggins Showtime" started with my buddies from Sonar. Bear, Jeff, Johnnie Rock, Tommy, "Chief" Hanks and the gang. Hi Landrigan, Swan, Horcajo, Smith
White, JoelQM2Feb 1, 1969 – Oct 30, 1970Opsplankowner, lots of good memories of our stays in Bremerton, Long Beach and Pearl Harbor! Good times visiting in Vancouver B.C., Nanaimo Bay. Wasn't that test with 10,000 lbs of HBX near Catalina Island an experience to remember?
Danner, RobertFTG2Feb 14, 1969 – Jun 10, 1970WeaponsMy "A" School buddy..Richard Dozier and I came on board together. Our Chief was FTGC Dan? Crane.
Taute, RichardQMCSMar 10, 1969 – 1973NavI went aboard as a young E-6 left as a E-7 spend 56 months on her. Made her first 5 WestPac's
Cheney, VernRDApr 1969 – Mar 1972
Thompson, TonyBT 3Apr 1969 – Nov 1972was a plank owner.and spent all four years on the Knox
Thompson, Tony/anthony3rd class p oApr 1969 – Nov 1972boiler techplankowner stayed on the Knox for my full 4 years.Also in the boiler room when we had the fire at sea. towed by the uss chicago and did get one boiler working to limp in to pearl on our own power. It was a good 4 years.
Kraus, Robert ArloMM3Apr 1969 – May 1971Eng.Plank owner on board first west pac, rember the fire
Osborne, Charles AMR1Apr 1, 1969 – May 1, 1971RPlankowner
Reed, Garland G.MM3Apr 6, 1969 – Aug 15, 1970M & A
Flannery, JackRM2Apr 12, 1969 – Nov 20, 1971OCI am a Plankowner on The Knox when it was DE-1052. We have the beginnings of a very active association and have had 2 reunions. Email me for an application and tell all the shipmates you are in contact with.
Gibson, JerryHT21970 – 1972Repair
Emerling, CarlOS2Jan 14, 1970 – Jan 15, 1974OperationsMy first and only ship I served on. I have many fond memories of my time onboard. The Westpac Cruises, crossing the equator, and the many friends I made.
Snider, DonSTCSFeb 1, 1970 – Feb 1, 1971ASWGunnery Dept 3M coordinator and ASW Division Chief
Underwood, RoyGMG3Mar 1970 – Feb 16, 1973OPS
Anglim, EdLTJGApr 10, 1970 – Aug 5, 1972OIEMO maiden deployment, CICO second deployment.
Thomas, MikeET2Jun 1970 – Apr 1972OII was a shipmate on the first two Wespac cruises.
Walton, RickSTG1Jun 1970 – Nov 19753rd/2nd/ASI came aboard as STG3 right out of "C" school, left as STG1. I made the first 3 WestPacs and the cruise to the West Coast between WestPacs 2 and 3.
Hays, WillCDRJul 1970 – Nov 1971Commanding OfficerFirst and Second Westpac tours Trip to New Zealand Trip to Ceylon and Maldives Crossed the Equator Fireroom Fire Served with a great KNOX crew.
Purdy, WalterEN-1Aug 1970 – Dec 1971A-GangHello to fellow shipmates - 1970-1971
Capparelli, Vincent "Capp"SK3Aug 1970 – Jul 1972Supply DivisionI was sent to Subic Bay, Phillippines and waited about 2- weeks for the ship to come back from New Zealand. I will never forget the size of the cockroaches there or how glad I was to finally get abord the ship.
White, DennisRM 2Aug 30, 1970 – Aug 15, 1972opsI made the first and secont Westpacs. Currently a board member of the new Knox Reunion Association. Attended both the first and second reunions and enjoyed both.
Gramith, Frederick/rickLTJGOct 1970 – Jan 1972OPSNavigator and Personnel Officer during part of the 1st and 2nd WESTPAC deployments. Proud to have served with a great crew.
Nardini, MarkFTG-2Nov 1970 – Dec 1972WeaponsDoes any one know where FTC Miguel Savala is?
Rimer, DonYN1971 – 1972Engineering
Walthers, Michaelmm1971 – 1972engineeringI was assigned to Knox shortly before the 1st Wespac. I remember Ceylon and The Maldives. Transferred out when they were looking for crew for a squadron that had just been home ported in Japan. I remember being in DaNang
Gosbee, DonSTG 3Jan 20, 1971 – Jul 15, 1972ASW
Stakes, JohnSDSNMar 10, 1971 – Mar 7, 1972SUPPLYGREAT TIME P.I WAS THE BEST
Farber, Randall (Randy)YN1Jun 1971 – Jul 1974NavigationShip's Secretary
Miller, RonSTG2Aug 1971 – Aug 1973Weapons
Shamberger, RayMMFNAug 1971 – Nov 25, 1971RCame onboard in Pearl. First time underway was to Maui. Swim call off coast. About 2 weeks later underway for West Pac. Midway, Guam & then Subic. Got dropped off in DaNang Bay on Thanksgiving Day 1971.
Trout, Kenneth profile iconEM2Aug 15, 1971 – Mar 15, 1972repair/electriciansThis was my first ship and was quite an experience. Just past Midway we ran through Typhoon Georgia. Visited many places. Spent Thanksgiving day in Da Nang harbor broke down. After Cruise went to ACU1 in San Diego.
Grigsby, RichardE-5Aug 16, 1971 – Apr 28, 1975BTWhat a real few years...I remember setting safeties in the Tonkin Gulf.
Ochsner, Bob "Doc"HM3Oct 1971 – Jul 1972Joined the Knox in Subic Bay Oct 71. Work for HMC Sam Love. Nicknamed one of the cooks "Rooftop". Seems he earned that nickname in Hong Kong!
Green, MichaelSANov 1971 – Feb 1972DeckCan anyone verify that the Knox was in Da Nang Harbor for Thanksgiving 1971 for at least 2 days. Please email me that information
Harrington, John (Harley)MM2Nov 10, 1971 – Oct 9, 1975Repair DivisonI enjoyed the "skating" the entire ship - from the anchor windlass to the steering compartment. Ike - you need to contact me.
Todd, DavidLTJGDec 1971 – Sep 1973NavigatorNavigator and Personnel Officer during part of 2nd WestPac, first overhaul, first EastPac: "deployed" to San Diego and Long Beach. Retired 2001. Current President of Reunion Assn. Planning for 2009 Reunion starts soon.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1975 | 1976 – 1977 | 1978 – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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