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USS Platte (AO 186) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Platte (AO 186). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 254 crew members registered for the USS Platte (AO 186).

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Coessens, JoeIC21989 – Nov 1994engineeringGood times with good friends, a cpl dicks for skippers, but all in all was good exp. "dry dock new orleans"
Coessens, JoeIC21989 – 1994Eng.Good times with good friends, A cpl dicks for skippers, but all in all agreat exp. remember "dry dock in new orleans" can't believe we survived
Schossow, CrystalYN1(SW)1989 – 1992Admin
Schossow, Crystal/sam/yn1YN1(SW)1989 – 1992X - AdminI have fond memories of our cruises and Gulf War. Worked hard & played hard. Didn't like our stint in Shipyard. Loved steel beach picnics & talent show, crossing equator becoming shellbacks many sea stories to share.
Kirkpatrick, DavidMM2Apr 1989 – Feb 1994M + ALots of good memories. Drop me a line sometime. deyv716* (take out the * to send)
Gisinser, LoisOS2(SW)Apr 1989 – Mar 1990operationsJust looking
Herker, LarryMM1 SWAW RETIREDApr 26, 1989 – Aug 1994EngineeringHello to all my friends that were on board the Platte.
Babb, BarbaraEN1 - ENC(SW)May 17, 1989 – May 1994A-GangInitial embarkation of females aboard. What a micromanaged thing that was! Enjoyed myself. Making video of time aboard ship. Visit for more info.
Waller, Lisa Hurley/astray-caneda profile iconBM2Jun 1989 – Jan 31, 1992RASELoved getting underway & making life long & newly reaquainted Platte bud's! Contact me...let's get a reunion you all! :)
Ryan, Mikemm2Aug 3, 1989 – Aug 2, 1992engineringHad some fun times. Would love to hear from people who were on the ship the same time frame as me.
Ferreira, JuniorMM3/E-4Aug 8, 1989 – Nov 14, 1992M/EngineeringHad a blast serving aboard AO 186 and got to travel and see a lot of the world, that I would have never been able to, had it not been for my tour of duty. We had the best crew and the most awesome captain. Marseille and Val Pariso were best
Smith, Phillip(Smitty)ET2SWOct 1, 1989 – Nov 3, 1993OEHello all, I truly enjoyed mu time on the Platte and all the great friends I made.
Coleman, Jeff/jcBT3Oct 13, 1989 – Aug 13, 1993BGOOD TIMES MY FRIENDS!
Waller, EricCTR1Oct 16, 1989 – Oct 14, 1994Deck and WeaponsPlaying in the band with good ol' Blue, woops, I mean CHIEF Blue! Had a great time all the years and made a lifetime worth of friends.
Waller, EricE-4Oct 16, 1989 – Aug 16, 1994deck/weapons
Harrison, DavidMR3Nov 1, 1989 – May 25, 1993FUELSOME OF THE BEST TIMES AND THE WORST.
Gamblin, JohnFC3Dec 1989 – Feb 1994Weapons/Deck/Weapons/DeckHello all. Roosevelt Roads was our second home. Will never forget the War, or crossing the line....twice.
Deleon, Abby (Abigail) profile iconE-4 EMDec 1989 – Jul 1991EngineeringThe most memorable time of my youth, made long lasting meaningful friendships. Love to reminisce about our Med Cruise, loved those ports of call with friends, it was always an adventure". Miss it.
Ramirez, Penelope( Penny)HT2Jan 1990 – Jan 1993Damage Control/ EngineeringI will always be indebted to the Platte and all her crew for enabling me to experience such intense friendships and such indelible memories. I will never regret my Plattitude and my cherished sea story memories.
Vollmer, Doug (Doug E Fresh)OS2Feb 1990 – Apr 1991OPSHow easily I am forgotten....even after leaving my drum kit on board after flying off into the wild blue. Fell into good hands I see... Miss the people, not the job!!!!
(Aebly) Gubbins, BarbiSM3Feb 6, 1990 – Feb 7, 1992RASEI came onboard E1 and was placed in RASE Div where i made alot of life long friends. Struck signalman and made E4 then 5 months into jumblization Ieft to go to SIMA. A year ago I married FC2 Gubbins I was SM3 Martin.
Oliver, StacyQM3Mar 1, 1990 – Aug 1992NAV/ADMINGenie,, I saw your comment. I have tried to find you. EMAIL ME!!! SLOECOH@YAHOO.COM. Also, Cheif Snagg, Mac, Brookins, Jenkins and Ms. Longcore where are you guys??? Lora RIP I miss you always.
Vance, JoanE-2Mar 6, 1990 – Mar 2, 1991engine roomI had a wonderful time back then wouldn't change it for the world. By the way anyone seen BT3 Emmitte Brown around?
Prunty, KarlaE-4Mar 9, 1990 – May 10, 1993DeckI served in Deck and Rase as BM3. Good years and good laughs. Served in Desert Storm and became a Shellback as well as initiated pollywogs.I had a wonderful time and will never forget the experience, even though I have led a better life.
Prunty, KarlaBM3Apr 12, 1990 – Mar 12, 1996DeckHello to my fellow shipmates. I will never forget the time I served on the Platte.It helped me to find my true calling in life. I am truly wiser. Hope all is blessed as I am blessed. Please say hello sometime.
Maxie, LatresaBM3/E4May 10, 1990 – Jun 27, 1994Deck
Ray, TrinaDCFN - DC3Jun 1990 – Jun 1992R- DIV
Bradley, Stanleye4Jun 2, 1990 – Sep 15, 1992SUPPLY
Claussen, GenieET3Sep 9, 1990 – Dec 7, 1992OPSHey Stace you spelled Chief wrong. Anyone who remembers the Gulf drank WAY LESS than I did! Nights I'll never remember with people I'LL NEVER FORGET! But I have lots of blackmail pictures so don't run for office!!! RIP Lora Ann Guy Ouime
Jarmuzek, Jesse (Jj)E-4Dec 1990 – Dec 1992MM3I just want to say hi to everyone I served with. My time aboard the Platte still remains a part of who Iam today. Its always in the back of my mind too this day. I often think about my machinist mate brothers and sisters
Farrand(harden), TammyE3Dec 1, 1990 – Sep 1, 1992Deck-DisbursingSome of the best years of my life!
Greeson, DannyBT@Dec 23, 1990 – Aug 22, 1990Engineers Great Times!!!!!
Greeson, DannyBT3Dec 23, 1990 – Aug 22, 1994FireGreat Times!! I am at if you wanna look me up!!
Baillargeon, HenryOSDec 24, 1990 – Jun 1992opsThanks all, I had a great adventure that I will always treasure. It is was truly worth the time spent onboard. Sad to see AO186 go, she was truly a great ship. Maybe our paths will cross again, 'till then have the most fun you can.
Burrier, JohnMM3/Dec 28, 1990 – Dec 20, 1991MI was only onboard for a year and what a year it was working with herker ,farrand and junior in the engine room oh i cant forget harris we had a good time in the pit
Adams, Nikole M.SN1991 – 1993DeckI had some good times aboard the platte
Zemaitis, Al / ZiggyMM11991 – 1994Repair Div
Sheffler, WayneBT3(SW)Jan 1991 – May 1993Some of the best times I EVER had. Good to see some of you out there! Feel free to write anytime, I'd be glad to hear from ya! DAMN did we have fun or what?! ENGINEERING RULES!
Guerrero, JennyOSJan 1, 1991 – Jul 4, 1994OPSI am so greatful for the opportunity to have been on such an important vessel during the Gulf War. I did much of my growing up on the platte. The friends and coworkers that i served with will forever hold a place in my heart
Cox, NicoleFNFeb 1991 – Nov 1992FuelsWell lets see, there never a day that goes by I'm not reminded of all the great people who have shaped who I am today. The memories flood my mind daily. Paco, and Drascovich get hold of me!
Blake, TrevorBT3Feb 4, 1991 – Jan 13, 1994B3 years of my life that I still think about EVERY day. Miss it very much! Coleman, Greason,Barnette, Herker,Pangburn,Chiari,Sheffler"Chilli Willi","Rude Dog",and all the rest of the "Hole Snipes",you guys shaped my life!I wil
Barnett, David(BT2) MMC/SW RETIRED NOW.Mar 1, 1991 – Dec 28, 1995B, MPOf the three ships I have been stationed on this was by far the best. Small crew, so you knew everyone just about. I wasn't ready to leave when I did, but sometimes you just have to go. I hope all is well with everyone.
Cox, NicoleApr 1991 – Nov 1992Fuel
Hall, George ( Lil Foul)RM3Apr 1991 – Aug 1994OPSStill wish i would have stayed in. Had a gret time, and made alot of friends. I'm not foul anymore, I have earned a collage degree now and am doing well, but still miss the adventures of the Platte.
Cousin, JuliaET 1Apr 1991 – Feb 1994OE
Carpenter, Pat(Paco)E-4May 2, 1991 – Feb 20, 1995engineeringHey just trying to see what everyone has been up to
Vela, DavidOS1 (SW) RETIREDMay 10, 1991 – Jun 30, 1995OIHello, I was the LPO For OI division. I had the best crew anyone could ever ask for . We worked and played hard. I would like to make contact with all my platte friends, and invite them to my BAR in Skidmore, Texas. Party Time.Come see me.
Landrigan, Mattem3May 30, 1991 – Jul 22, 1994electrician (eng)man its been 15 yrs since i left the platte and many good friends. still living in mo if i dont owe you no money email me ill write back.
Chiari, Patrick "pat"BT1Jun 15, 1991 – Aug 15, 1995BWho's out there? Herker, Tara Larson, anyone else. E-mail me so we can get caught up.
Stewart, RockyMM2Sep 11, 1991 – May 12, 1994Fuels /R / A
Aycock, Wendell BMM3Sep 19, 1991 – Jul 19, 1992engineringi miss my peoples at da swamp hood in New Orleans. get your pizza down to da levy after PT. fFire watch ant smokey no more where i be at now best wishes from da GA peach

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1988 | 1989 – 1991 | 1992 – 1994 | 1995 – now

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