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USS Willamette (AO 180) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Willamette (AO 180). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 357 crew members registered for the USS Willamette (AO 180).

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Turiello, Joe1995 – 1998A
Turbyfill, DavidSM2/ NOW MA1(SW)1995 – 1999OPSIf anyone recognizes me hit me up I am stationed in Everett now.
Lopez, StefanieBT1995 –Ya it's me, they don't call a "man overboard" for just anyone- HaHa - Anyway just thinking about good times in Hawaii and was hoping to make contact with a few old friends. Would love to have a reunion so we could all hookup and swap t
Vandergriff, BradMA11995 – 1999RASEHere is my email, would like to hear from you all.
Briggs, ShaneBM31995 – 19991STwhats up everyone ? drop me an e-mail if u want to talk,
Dela Cruz, ModestoMM21995 –M division
Butler, RobertBT3 NOW MM1Jan 1, 1995 – 1997BoilersBT 4 life, I'm still in Navy. Recruiter in New Jersey, Atlantic City.
Barfield (now Boyd), AnnITCS(SW/AW)Feb 1995 – Feb 1998OCALOHA! ITCM(SW/AW) retired!!! celebration! What memories! I do hope this finds everyone well! The Navy was grand - what a "ride" but enough already! I retired, having a blast and enjoying life in the land of Aloha! Keep smiling!
Frye, LoyMM3Mar 26, 1995 – Apr 5, 1999Boilers
Nahrstedt, MarkDC3Apr 1995 – Apr 1997RHey all. If anyone would like to talk about old times, drop me a line at
Hurtado, GilFRApr 1, 1995 – Apr 30, 1999
Alkire, AprilBMC (sw/aw)Apr 1, 1995 – Oct 19981st division
Cole, JamesMAApr 1, 1995 – Apr 1, 1999S-3 SupplyHello shipmates, hope all well with you. im retired from the Navy after 20 years of service. currently working for the Dept Of Homeland Security in Washington DC. Life has been good to me.
Johnson, RachelMs3Apr 4, 1995 – Nov 6, 1999S2
Darcangelo, Steve profile icone-3Apr 4, 1995 – Sep 1,
Marshall, EdSNApr 21, 1995 – Nov 29, 1997!stWhat up people! went back to South Dakota. Give me a shout out
Cacy, Tom, SIGSSM1(SW) NOW QMC(SW)May 10, 1995 – May 1, 1998SigsStill serving on active duty. Made SMC, then was force converted to QMC. Went over 20, but staying around for a little longer. Currently stationed in Pensacola, Fl. Will rotate back to sea duty on May 2010. Willamette was good to me!!
Berkey, VincentSHSN (THEN)May 17, 1995 – Apr 22, is my email. I use it all the time no matter how many times I move.
Castillo, TinaMM3Jun 1995 – Dec 1998B
Smith, EM3 "Smitty"EM3Jun 1, 1995 – Jan 1, 1998Hey everyone trying to get everyone's email address so everyone can stay in touch... Tryin' to setup a Willamette reunion in 2007... Please email me at I need everyone's help on this so email me everyone you have
Lazarides, Andy profile iconE-3Jun 20, 1995 – Nov 12, 1997supplyI was stationed on the Willamette from June1995- ( don't remember exact date - Nov 12TH 1997 . I was a pay grade E-1 working on deck and the last year I was in I moved to Supply working as a SH ( Ship Serviceman .
Puckett, Lawrence / WildbillMM3Aug 1995 – Jul 1998M / A GangWanted to find some others that I served with on the AO 180. Send me an email if you have something to share.
Shea, Mary JaneHT3Aug 25, 1995 – Aug 25, 1998Repair
Getchius, DawnIT1Sep 15, 1995 – Aug 20, 1998OperationsHey there! Drop me a line at I am living in NJ now, and have been out of the Navy since 2005.
Kugler, JasonCS1 (SW/SCW)Nov 13, 1995 – Apr 30, 1999S-2Miss the Big Willy I'm Still In the Navy Instructor at Naval Post Graduate School Monterey
Chuck, Jablonski profile iconOSC(SW)Nov 25, 1995 – 1998OIThe last ship of my career and the one of the BEST. Great Shipmates, I think of them often.
McGuire, DougBM1 (SW)Dec 6, 1995 – Oct 30, 19981ST Division/RASE DIVJust thought I'd see if anyone was alive and kickin out there. Look me up on facebook, would love to reconnect with some shipmates. You'll never guess what I do now...
Brand, William/ Rase Pound's XoSN/ BM3Dec 7, 1995 – Mar 30, 19992
Decory, IlliannaE5/OS2Dec 15, 1995 – Mar 1, 1997OPS/OIOperations Specialists Second Class
Byrd, DanMM11996 – 1999RASENow working with NAVSEA UNREP in Port Hueneme, any unrepers out there need a hand drop me a line, still msrried with 2 kids now. retired from the Navy and now working as civil service at the same place
Winston, LanceMM3Jan 1996 – Dec 1999RASE
Bryant, ShuwandaFNFeb 1996 – Feb 1999BTCheers to my first ship in the navy & the best darn boiler room crew in the world. This ship hold endless memories of long work hrs in the fireroom, fun in the sun, and some the best pranks ever pulled off by the female berthing. BT's are forever
Lawrence, ToddQM3Feb 15, 1996 – Feb 15, 1999NAVWWWAAASSSUUUPPP!!!?
Lujan, JesseSK3Mar 1996 – Aug 1999Supplyhey, folks. i'm living in las vegas. i miss my days on the willamette. i'd like to connect with you all. genuinely looking to reconnect. send me a message- @no_manches_guey
Mullinax, Zacharybm3Mar 19, 1996 – Apr 1999first divI will never forget some of those
Gates, ClayBT1Apr 1996 – Apr 1999(was there any other?)Still living in Hawaii, still operating boilers and have another willamette crew member working with me (Scott Perez lowly DC man)
Burks, ShanitaE-4/MMApr 1996 – May 1999MachineryI really enjoyed my first ship in the Navy. The ship and the crew was awesome. I wish that I could serve with the same crew again. Love ya
Brown, DavidEN2Apr 5, 1996 – Mar 8, 1998AuxilliaryMore good friends! great trip to Vancouver, BC. SF was great also.
Vaughan, KyleYN3 NOW LN1(AW)Apr 28, 1996 – Jun 1, 1998ADMIN/ENGGood memories and bad is what the Navy is all about. I enjoyed the crew, experiances, and memories even the bad ones, I miss you all and prary your safe. I head to IRAQ in Jan 2005. Drop a line sometime if your up to it
Cole, JamesSHApr 30, 1996 – Apr 30, 1999Supply S-3To all of my Shipmates, This was the best command i ever serve. I live in Maryland and work for Dept Of Homeland Security in Wash DC as a Analyst, so that means that you guys stay out of touble.i would love to hear from you. take care
Vandehey, DavidMM3May 1, 1996 – Sep 1, 1997AHello All
Anderson, StephenFC2(sw)May 1, 1996 –3rd
Elisca, JacquelineITSNMay 5, 1996 – Apr 9, 1998RAS
Osmundsen, RebeccaDCFNJun 6, 1996 – Apr 1, 1999RMiss the big Willy!!!
Robinson, JessieCWO2 RETIREDJun 6, 1996 – Aug 5, 1999RADIOHEY!!! YALL!! Remember me. My name then was RM2 Jessie Porter but I eventually made IT1 Porter. I was the radio LPO. RMC Barfield was the chief. After decommissioning I went to the USS Salvor made CWO2 and now retired
Hiatt - Stock, YelenaGM3Jul 5, 1996 – Apr 30, 19993rdHey ya all! Can catch me at
Edwards, Debra "Debbie"IC2(SW)Sep 1996 – May 30, 1999EHey everyone, still working with phones. Love to hear from old shipmates. Email me anytime.
Thomas, AngiHM1Oct 12, 1996 – Apr 30, 1999MEDICAL
Dicarlo, AngelaE-4Oct 31, 1996 – 1999RASE/OPS
Saling, KimberlyHMCS(SW/FMF)Dec 1996 – Apr 1999MedicalHello shipmates!! I retired after a tour at Bumed in 2004, living in Boston. Best tour of my career was on the Willamette.

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