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USS Emory S. Land (AS 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Emory S. Land (AS 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1307 crew members registered for the USS Emory S. Land (AS 39).

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Mebarki, MohamedMM31999 – 2002Port Services
Puig, Luis T.MM2/SS1999 – 1999Repairs Planner Division
Kime, MichaelEN11999 – 2001R-2Fair winds and following seas , Mike
Burnham, TineakaSH3Jan 1999 – Feb 2001DECK/SUPPLY S-3Had fun and shout out to my girls and guys who held it down with me, they know who they are!
Willard, EricSK2/SK1Jan 1999 – Mar 2002S-6 Stock Control
Aakre, Anthony/ TonyE-5Jan 1, 1999 – Jan 1, 2000AAnybody feel free to email me. I live in orlando. Miss all of you all. If you ever come here get ahold of me. 1-561-632-7355. Later and good luck to you all. Tony
Suzette, SuzySH2Jan 1, 1999 – Aug 28, 2002S-3I miss my girls - Francie, Shay, Lawanda, Heather, Vah, Soledad - Unforgettable experience. Would love to go back if I had the chance!! Miss San Giorgio's and the wine most!!! See you all at the BIG CLUB!!!
Miller, LawandaE-5/SH2Jan 1, 1999 – Oct 3, 2002S-3I miss Italy and a few and the Sailors onboard but I sure don't miss that back breakn work or somebody needing a laundry hookup!!!!!. For all the MS's that showed me luv, thanks. Who remember the cadences I use to sing while we humped stores?
Delzer, FrancieSh3 (SW)Jan 3, 1999 – Oct 1, 2002S3Miss all my friends that I made on the ship. Hope everyone is doing well!
Whipple, HarrySKCM(SS)Jan 5, 1999 – Oct 12, 2000SupplyGOOD SHIP GOOD CREW Should Have Stayed Longer
Carrillo, ErikaJO1(SW)Jan 5, 1999 – Feb 1, 2001DECK/ADMINThe LAND was a waking point for me, it was a good experience and w/o it I could not have matured into the Sailor I am now. So for those who would never believe it until they see it, I now am in Keflavik Iceland with YN2 Wool, as the LPO of news, crzy
Waskivich, VickieDKJan 9, 1999 – Oct 11, 2001PersonnelI loved the people I met and I miss them all. If anyone wants to talk about old times email me at Thanks to the great bars there I only remember about half of my time there. But what I remember was one of the best times in life!
Collins, Shereef(cattfish)MM/DC2Jan 10, 1999 – Feb 15, 2002What's good everybody it's your boy Cattfish. Man I loved being on the Land. I had the time of my life there. I met a lot of cool ass people their like my boy mickles and mebane. I miss the hell out of that place.
Iron, LynnE-1 - E-3Jan 10, 1999 – May 19, 2001DeckHad a blast, even though the work was hard. The guys and gals really made the ship. It was a peice of junk, but it was home for a while! Miss Italy a bunch!
Armwood, CharitaE5/OSJan 12, 1999 – Oct 1, 2002OPS/NAVI miss the food and the bars. For those who were there and remember what I am talking about. I miss the traveling funnel. Showed up and every party. Really good times. If you are Facebook or myspace look me up.
Stephens, Antonio A.k.a Big Stephens A.k.a Tony TouchE-5 EMJan 15, 1999 – Mar 22, 2009I never done this before but I'm looking for someone that I miss very much onboard. And to prove this I'm still waiting.
Doyle, KathernGM1(SW)Jan 29, 1999 – Feb 13, 2004W2
Ross, BrianEM2(SW)Feb 1999 – May 2002EHad a great time in La Madd. I miss being the DJ at Speedy's, all of my friends, clubbing, and partying!!! I just got married too. I would like to hear from my friends. I am still in the Navy in the mountains of West Virginia.
Konty, EddieE4/HTFeb 10, 1999 – May 15, 2002R-1Alot of good memories on that ship and living in La Madd. Hope all the younger generations enjoy it and try not to work to hard.
Quinones, MabelET2 (SW)Mar 1999 – Apr 2003OPS/OE01Definitely met a lot of great people here. Miss you all. Especially miss the italian bars and food.
Mickles, HeidiSK2Mar 1999 – Aug 2000S-1I loved being on the Land. It was a great experience and thanks to it I met my husband FN Mickles. We've been married 3 years now and have 2 kids together. I loved the Land but I didn't like how it treated my husband.
Wagner (Now Chambley), RyanBM3/E-4Mar 1999 – Oct 20021st deckHad some great times, Had some bad times,And a few stormy times. Wouldn't trade them because without this command I wouldn't have meet my husband or had my beautiful daughter. Miss all my old friends though
(Tam) Carney, GiovannaSK3Mar 1999 – Sep 20, 2000StorekeeperHello everyone this is: "Tam" or "Carney" as many of you used to call me. I was assigned to; "The Land" sometime back in late 1998 or beginning of 1999. Fun memories!
Wrigley, MatthewMM3Mar 15, 1999 – Jan 19, 2001
Wrigley, MatthewMM3Mar 15, 1999 – Jan 19, 2001R2I loved being stationed in Italy. Made some good friends there.
Lyddane, GilHT3Apr 1999 – Jun 10, 2002R-1/DCI loved the partying and miss alot of you guys every day. If you need to get hold of me to Hope to talk to you soon. By the way if you knew me ya'll will think this is funny..Im joining the reserves (2005)
Pearson, RylandMM1Apr 1999 – Dec 2000R-7Had some good times onboard. I'm long since retired but miss a lot of the people. Lawrence, JenniferMMApr 1999 – 2000m div..engine room
Wicks, LoriEM3Apr 1, 1999 – Apr 26, 2001E
Zola, KeithHT2Apr 3, 1999 – Apr 5, 2001R-1
Orsby, CapriaSNApr 12, 1999 – Jun 22, 19991 division
Aririguzo, Vanessa (The Guz)EN3/EN2(SW)Apr 13, 1999 – Mar 1, 2000ENG. SHOP - PORT SERVICESHad good times in Lamadd. The people, food, and beaches were awesome. Miss those Sunday morning hikes to "Bear Rock". et's not forget the toga parties!
Vogelsong-bohn, JodiPH2(SW)Apr 15, 1999 – Apr 4, 2002R-0,R-3,R-0Met some great friends. Married and EN from port services. Visited some of the most beautiful places in the Med. I miss underway but love my civies!!! Come see me in Myrtle Beach,SC
McLaughlin, Joseph / Mac /joe / Hey, Et1!ET1/SS/SWApr 22, 1999 – Jun 20, 2000R-3/R-10I was R-3 Electronics shop, Cal shop, and half a dozen other shop LPO untill we got all manned up. Then I went to Planning and Estimating to be Electric/electronic Lead Planner. I am wicked bummed the ship left Italy, I'd hoped to visit.
Forde, Osbert/ OsDC1Apr 30, 1999 – Nov 15, 2002DCMy time in lamadd was the best. As a Fireman, i had no responsibility and i took most for granted. I will love to visit one day.
Frey, JesicaET2May 1999 – Aug 2003R-3 / R-5Had a blast!! I met some of my closest friends there. Most importantly I had my son Aaron. A few of us want to plan a reunion after hearing the base is closing. (Copy and Paste the link, don't click it
Rodgers, ScottSH3May 1, 1999 – May 5, 2002supplyloved the people and food of Sardenga. Had a lot of great times over there, too bad i had to get up in the morning to catch a boat ride to work on another boat. I am proud i never got my eswas. where is SK1 eric willard?
Edwards, JacobHT2 (SW)May 4, 1999 – Apr 4, 2003DCYou would be better off drinking bleach then coming here.
Phommachanh, TyEM2(SW)May 8, 1999 – Jun 4, 2002I had a blast in LaMadd and I miss "The Land" I wouldn't change for nothing. I love the Engineering crew, you guys are the shit! But I don't miss doing the Engineering P-way at night on duty. This might sound insane but I thought about
Vanderhorst, VhCS2May 30, 1999 – Dec 10, 2003
Crosby, TrenellJun 1999 – Sep 2000One year was enough on the Land. Alot of good people though.
Wisniewski/lopez, JillSK2Jun 1999 – Jul 2000S-1
Hines, KevinTMC(SW)Jun 12, 1999 – Jun 3, 2001W-6Excellent Ship and Crew. I was very proud of the hard work and dedication of the crew. We achieved many goals and I am proud to have served onboard. It would have nice to serve another tour before I retired.
Paul, GersonE5Jun 13, 1999 – Jul 28, 2000EI love it. I will go back there very soon.
Scales, JakiaPS3Jun 15, 1999 – Jun 21, 2002R-2/ CSC AdminEnjoyed my time on "THE LAND" made some friends and enemies as well. Loved that I was able to see the world, and I don't regret a minute of it.
Malone, SarrahBM3Jun 22, 1999 – Jun 15, 2002Deck 1st
Guerra, AlexMM3Jul 7, 1999 – 2002mhey wats up m-div from 1999-2002 had a great time and who can forget how beutiful La Madd was.
Campau, JesseEMJul 16, 1999 – Aug 7, 2001R3It was a goodf time in La Madd , I only wish I took advantage of it. Hope you all do
Ellenbecker (Miller), JodyET3/E-4Jul 18, 1999 – Sep 6, 2001Port Services
Woodley, TarshaAZANAug 1999 – Jun 2001DeckHad plety of good and bad times but,over all it was a good learning process
Rogers, WayneE6/SK1Aug 1999 – Aug 2001T-SHED LPOA month after arriving the XO came down to the T-SHED and asked for me so he could congratulate me on making advancement.
Trader, KimberlyE-5Aug 1, 1999 – Oct 1, 2002R-3I really didnt like the ship at all and I didnt make any good friends seeing as none of them email me anymore...way to go! anyway Im getting my degree in Hospitality and tourism management from Purdue and loving life.
Heiser, Samniee3Aug 16, 1999 – Aug 15, 2003deck chaplainHugs all
Townsend, Leanne (Taylor)OS2Aug 21, 1999 – Oct 8, 2001I had lots of fun and met some great people!
Eyzaguirre, JoelE-5Aug 27, 1999 – Aug 15, 2003R-5
Motacek, JenniferHT3Sep 1999 – Dec 2000DCHad a great time when I was there! Met alot of cool people! I miss all of you!
Corpstein, JeffreyE6/ PO BM1Sep 1999 – 2003dk Navy/Wife, I respect those who give respect..should have chosen better people to hang with then.became a loser, almost destroy best n my life MY WIFE. w/o her no me. know why they call it tenderhole, cost needle/marriage. c true colors
Nusbaum, JohnBM1Sep 1, 1999 – Jun 14, 2001DECK LPOHey all miss the old days. Special holler to all deck dept. look me up on face book.
Shepherd, SandraSK2Sep 7, 1999 – Dec 15, 2002Deck and SupplySoap opera that's for sure. Miss some people but not other ones.
Causey, VernitaE3 SHSep 9, 1999 – 2000434I enjoyed every moment on the Land. I am thankful to GOD for all the friends I met that looked out for me.
Smith, EbonyEN3Sep 21, 1999 – Mar 15, 2002R-2
Lozano, A. K.HM2-E5Sep 27, 1999 – Sep 27, 2001MEDICALGreat duty station, wonderfull ship,I wonder how many people I piss-off, Great port visits, hot Italian girls, vodka and red bull, love all the GQ's I'll do it all over again.
Stoker, JenniferIT2Oct 1999 – Dec 2002operations / radioat the time this was the best crew and command that I have EVER been at. there are never going to be any other people that I will meet that are or were this great. It truly was a tender to belive in. we worked hard and played harder. thanks
Mebane, DonaldOS2Oct 1, 1999 – Oct 15, 2003NAv
Powers, AngieBM2Oct 3, 1999 – May 5, 20033rdWhat can I say, didn't always love the ship, but I loved the people. It is something I miss almost everyday.
Mebane, DonaldOS2Oct 10, 1999 – Oct 15, 2003A / S-2 / NAV
Lunaherrera, GerardomrOct 10, 1999 – Oct 17, 1999Machine ShopBet you remember me if you were there with me
Mebane, DonaldOS2Oct 15, 1999 – Oct 15, 2003OPS
Kahler, GarySTS1/SSOct 29, 1999 – Sep 18, 2001R3Wonderful times, wonderful people, wonderful location, sucky job.
Santos, FranciscoSK2Nov 15, 1999 – Nov 30, 2001Supply / Command Sponcer Team
Lockhart, Edward LewisMM3Nov 21, 1999 – Nov 19, 2002R-2, R-7Loved it in La Madd. In school now...studying business... married Megan Wirsch... baby due May2007
Correa, Laura "laura Mae"ANNov 22, 1999 – Jun 20, 2002R-0 and R-3 in the PhotoshopI loved the ship, the crew members and living in Italy. I met some of the most interesting people I've ever met in my life, and made some dear friends. I would love to reconnect with some old friends.
Gray, HarryBM 1Nov 26, 1999 – Apr 28, 20021HAD FUN SO HOLLER
Wool, LeeE5/YN2Dec 1999 – Dec 2001Ship's AdminI loved LaMadd. Not the ship so much. Had a ball there and will never forget it. Does everyone remember Spike. He's probably still at the garden bar.I'm stationed in Keflavik, Iceland now with JO1(SW) Erika Carrillo
Furman, PeteMM1(SS/SW) / ENS LDODec 6, 1999 – May 1, 2003Weapons Repair W-1 (LaMadd Bomb Squad)Great tour. Loved La Madd. Worked with some of the best people in my career there.
Yana (Nikonova) Santel, Yana, NikQM 3Dec 7, 1999 – Jul 5, 2003navigation
Barber, TiffanyET1 (SW/AW)Dec 9, 1999 – Feb 27, 2003R-3Best command I've had yet! I would definitely go back and do it all over again. I love LaMaddalena!
Mickles, GaryMMFNDec 10, 1999 – Feb 13, 2001What's it do! Man the Land was off da heezy. Better believe it. Man I miss all my Hot Beezy's. Yall know who you be. Be Easy
Wodkowski, Woody/ JessGM3Dec 18, 1999 – Jan 6, 2003W-2TOO MANY GREAT MEMORIES, THAT I WILL NEVER FORGET!
Mardesich, Christian (Mardi)SN (PN3)Dec 28, 1999 – Jun 4, 2001DECK, WeaponsI had too much fun on the LOVE boat!! I met many good friends, who by the way have slacked on keeping in touch! I miss La Madd and would go back if I could, but only if the same people were there.
Manuel, TianaIT2 (SW)Dec 29, 1999 – Jul 25, 2001ADP/R-4"Enjoy my time although short...on the LAND met alot of great people...your welcome to email if you remember me.
Armato, BrookeJO3(SW)Dec 30, 1999 – Dec 15, 2002ExecutiveCheers to all the good friendships I made on board the Land.
Zapata Acosta, PatriciaOS2Dec 30, 1999 – Aug 16, 2003!st, NAV , Command Sponsor Team

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