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USS Emory S. Land (AS 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Emory S. Land (AS 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1307 crew members registered for the USS Emory S. Land (AS 39).

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Brown-tiffany, Jennifer-jennE-41997 – Dec 5, 2000Weapons
Broyer, NormanHT11997 – 1999R-8,93AHey there Jerome. great to see some names I remember served two tours on her and know the ship better than my own house. Retired as a HTC after 21 yrs total
Hardy, JenniferSM31997 – Aug 1999Navigation
Winfield, RobLCDR1997 – 1999EngHad the greatest group of working engineers in the Navy. Cheng tours are meant to be fun but this one was.
Jones, TalithiaDECK SEAMANJan 1997 – Feb 1999I wish i could have went to Italy. I miss everyone i served with. Take care
Profilio, ChrisHM3Jan 1997 – May 1999MedicalI would go back in a heartbeat. I MISS IT!!!
Englund, ScottE-3/PHANJan 17, 1997 – Aug 5, 2000R-OSome of the best times of my life. Some of the best friends a person could ever have. A part of me regrets leaving but I never would have met my fiance then.
Schoneman, Michele (Shoni)LI3Jan 21, 1997 – Jul 8, 2000R0/37AIt's definitely a time like no other, being in the military. I miss the people! It's funny how as time goes by, it is easy to think of all the good things about it.
Herndon(spencer), TracyBM3 SWFeb 3, 1997 – Feb 1, 2001DECK 2ND AND 1STThis was probably the best four years of my life! I met a lot of great people and established some lifelong friendships!
Walker, TamekaE3Feb 4, 1997 – Mar 25, 1999R-5, later Deck Dept.Command was cool...Still don't like the R-5 Dept. :)
Woody, DamondFN/EMMar 1997 – Dec 1999rubber and plasticshad some great memories, didnt apply myself like i probably should have sometimes i wish things may have turned out differently but thats the way it goes. i do my ship mates like boyle, hightower, smith etc.
Whitworth, KellyDC1Mar 1, 1997 – Feb 1, 2001R3/ DCWas proud to have served with so many people on board, miss you all
Plotner, CoryHT1Apr 1997 – Apr 1999R-6Had some great times! Hey Moser, lets get a beer and go for a ride!
Charles, HeatherE-4/GSM3Apr 1997 – Jan 1999Deck/ ENGThis was one of my two commands. I have so many fond memories from this ship. It helped me to mature a lot. I do miss the friends that i made in Deck dept. Say hello at
Pyrett, AmyE4/OSApr 1997 – Oct 2000weapons/cranes divisionThis is the only way to live, love n miss you all dearly! Great memories formed on this wonderful ship!!!!! Take care all, HUGS.... Jesse Hammond do i have your name right, please look me up.
Gillespie, TomE-4Apr 15, 1997 – Jan 21, 2001BoilerI've gotta agree with a lot of other people. Looking back it feels like I did nothing but get into trouble. Well, that and form memories I will never forget and which will never be replaced. Thanks all!
Roberto, SarahMR3May 21, 1997 – May 21, 2001R-2///R-7Man did I cause a lot of trouble!!!! Miss you baby..I love my life now but I do miss those days too
Huggins, Huggie BoatsE-2 DECKMay 27, 1997 –DECKi had a kick ass time and got introuble alot. thanks to all my friends. i would really like to hear from you guys!!!!!!
MacDougall, BruceHT2(SW)Jul 21, 1997 – Apr 15, 2001R-1/11AWooHoo MOFO, Ciao Bellaaaaaa
Sudberry, Rasul SudhtfnJul 29, 1997 – Jul 14, 2000r1hey this is sud from cleveland, jus wanna say whatz poppin. had sum good times and bad while on da land. shout out to, mick, brazzle, hale, sum lee, chris jones, champ, dudley, hartvile. and if i missed anyone i miss u 2
Parks, Dana "Rosa"BMAug 1, 1997 – Sep 7, 1999deckThey actually retired me! All I had to do was get naked, and start running! I'm still getting paid! If you e-mail me, be nice, cause I've got lots of incriminating photos!! ;} Nuthin' but fond-n-fuzzy memories of the "love boat"
Hilgendorf, WillSNAug 29, 1997 – Aug 3, 2000DECKHad a lot of fun miss all my friends but not the Navy
Gaydos, Cheri (Gaydos!)E3Sep 1997 – Aug 2000DeckWowza. This takes me back to some wild times. HA HA! I don't miss the boat...but I sure do miss the people I met.
Archibald, Max / Arch Or ArchieTM2 (SW)Sep 1, 1997 – Sep 1, 1999Weapons / W-1Realy had a great time on the "Land". Thanks to all my friends, miss you all. Thanks to others who helped me feel good again after my marital situation, you know who you are! LaMadd was cool too, good food any way!
Garrido, SherryllSKSNSep 14, 1997 – Mar 15, 1999S1Miss the fun times with Wendy Livingston and going to the Alamo with Shane Fridley and buds. Lt. Storti was the best leader a sailor could have.
Rankins, Big RankEM1 (SW)Dec 1, 1997 – Aug 8, 2002E / EE02I miss all of the old crew of E-DIV from shore power to ships power we all had fun
Cervantez, Pedro Aka Cnote, Papi, SquareMA2(SW/AW)Dec 1, 1997 – Dec 26, 20021st (DECK) Nav(OPS)Miss the hell out of my friends/2nd family. Great times, love the ship and the people, except I did 5 years on this pig, and I'd do 5 more if I get the chance.
Ballinger, JeffDC3Dec 12, 1997 – Aug 3, 2001DCSo how is my mural on the DC Trainer? Oh yeah, Southern Illinois University is more fun!
Rios, Byron/ Young RiosBM1(SW)Dec 12, 1997 – Mar 1, 2002Deck 1,2 and 3rdHad fun, hope to see some of my old shipmates in the fleet. you can hit me at
Riggleman, BenOS2 (SW)Dec 12, 1997 – Jul 27, 2001OPS
Rice, TiffanyE31998 – 2000Deck/AdminHad a great time for the most part, met the love of my life and father of my children. Have to say there was far more gossip and immature bahavior there then I remember in high school!
Cain, Marieta (Superfreak)E-11998 – 1999DeckMy first ship, I met a lot of new people. I miss you all. I hope all is well. Reach me @ or contrygrl1979 @
Wade, Misty1998 – 1999I was stuck in the galley working most of the time, but I had a blast!!!
Hartford, JoyIT31998 – 2001ADP
Grant, Robert BobMS31998 – Sep 2001S-2
Hoggard (Schwab), Santana Aka SchwabieBM2Jan 1998 – Mar 10, 20003rdI had alot of fun and hit a lot of cool ports. I miss the people I met but one how I am happliy merried to him and have a crazy two year old.:) I would love to visit but i don't think I could stay. Loved La madd
Hartville, FeleciaYN3Jan 1998 – Apr 2001R-0/DeckAt the time I thought this was the worst place to be..but having crossrated to MA and going to Bahrain..I would do a tour over in Lamadd again. Just not that ship. I still talk to some people there. I'm in Hawaii now as a MA1. Feel free to ema
Phillips, KarriemE6/DC1Jan 1, 1998 – Dec 31, 1999REPAIRENJOYED MY TIME THERE. IF U SEE THIS, THEN EMAIL ME....HOLLLA
Jeremy, BaileyEN E4Jan 1, 1998 – Dec 10, 2000398I'm looking for all my old friends including Cheri Gaydos
Perryman, AdamE4 BM3Jan 8, 1998 – Aug 10, 20023rd DivsionHi to all my shipmates out there
Watson, SheriGM3Jan 9, 1998 – Sep 29, 2002deck/weaponswow what a time I had on that ship,met a lot of great people/saw a lot of great places,made some wonderful memories That I will never forget that is for sure
Ward, CrystalBM2Feb 1, 1998 – Feb 18, 2002Deck/WeaponsIt was fun and it was real, but it wasn't real fun = )
Jones, Jermaine/ DeeboIT1 (SW)Mar 26, 1998 – Jan 3, 2002Comm/OC01I had a lot of fun while on the ship and I miss a lot of the people and would definitely like to hear from all! Most of all I will never forget M.O.D.B. (Male Ops Deck Berthing) my crew!!!
Lewis, ElainePN1(SW)Apr 1998 – Apr 2001Admin/ExecMiss the bars in La Madd, miss the food in La Madd, but I never want to do that again!!!
Weichold, MichaelMM/ E-4Apr 1, 1998 – Sep 2001What's up Land? Hope everyone is doing well. Good to some familiar names on here.
Gambeng, JevySNApr 4, 1998 – Apr 1, 2001OD Just looking for old friends. Please mail me.
Case, KileyQM3Apr 6, 1998 – Oct 2001OPS/NAVSo many good memories of this ship and LaMadd. The last 6 months spent in Italy was the most fun I've ever had in my life!!!
Gilberti, ThomasMSSNApr 28, 1998 – Aug 31, 1999SupplyI was the guy who got in trouble for dating MS1 Brock . I hung out with Gish and Kane. You guys left me in Rota. Thank you for all the great times.
Langford, DechakaPN2(SW)May 1, 1998 – May 1, 2002Exec/Admin"Land of Opportunity"
Mollner, KristinEM3Jun 1998 – Dec 1999E
Valdez, JeanieIT3Jun 1998 – Jul 2000Deck/OPS
Knight, BecciQM2Jun 1, 1998 – Sep 1, 2000NAVIGATIONSpent 6 years in Italy, Simon Lake, Land, and NAVSTA. Best years of my Navy career so far. Hope to travel back someday.
Herndon, JosephBM1(SW/AW)Jun 6, 1998 – Apr 12, 20012ND, 3RDShe's following me and bringing the nightmares with her! Bad COC! I do miss the friends. Retired in 2005, I am proud of the "DECK APES" who escaped and succeeded ESP...JO1(SW), great job.
Rice(phillips), Tiffany, TiffanyE3Jul 1998 – Jun 2000Deck/AdminWow where to start.... The Land created alot of fond and not so fond memories for me. I met some awesome people including the love of my life. Got married and left Italy with my son what more could I have asked for. I would love to hear you!
Letina, DaniE-5Jul 1, 1998 – Apr 1, 2001B/MediaWent there as an MM, left as a JO-loved all the people i met there. Never forget the great times at Crystal Bar and Speedy's! Miss yous guys, drop me a line:
Weller, TashiaMS3Jul 1, 1998 – Apr 22, 2002S-2Have a lot of wonderful memories from this ship! Seems like a life time ago!
Gray, WilliamEN2Jul 7, 1998 – Mar 1, 1999AWSC of the Emergency Generator, right by the Ship's Store, had lots of fun, sorry I had to leave early
Guffey, Valerie S.PH2(SW)Jul 7, 1998 – May 2, 2002R-0I had the best times on that ship and loved the time in La Maddalena. I made some great friends there, had some great mentors and almost found love! The LAND took great care of me. I miss the beaches and wine! STUDIO 39!
Wilson, DawnMSJul 12, 1998 – Jul 7, 2001S-2
Green, KevinBM1Aug 17, 1998 – Feb 1, 2001R-2The crew was great. All I have are fond memories. I miss my Italian friend Lucianno. I have been retired since April 2005. Loving life.
Tallman, KevinE-5 MR2Sep 9, 1998 – Sep 9, 2002B/DCWhats up? I miss everyone in Italy. I plan on going back.
Heath, Husiniyah (Bree)YN3(SW)Oct 11, 1998 – Jul 15, 2001ADMIN/OPS/LEGALI really enjoyed my time on the ship I learned alot and I got to see many places I would never see in the civilian world. Met a lot of great and close friends whom will always be in my heart.
Wigfall, Jerry MM2Nov 11, 1998 – Oct 17, 2001 m bitchTo all my engineers of the 98-01 m-div crew, miss ya'll boys man, dead in the water or b-div fucking up I still had fun dont remember much, Oh and Lamadd, 3 simple words, Cristal Bar, beer, and panini's. Feel me.
Collins, ChadHT2Nov 15, 1998 – Jul 15, 2001R-1/11AHad a really good time. The crew was the best.
Marshall, HenryMM1 (SW)Dec 17, 1998 – Dec 8, 2000A
Hicks, MarkDec 26, 1998 – Aug 18, 2002
Terry, JoeE-5/EM2Dec 27, 1998 – May 2, 2001R-3Great times in Palau... None really that I can speak about here. Remeber Frank, and give him a call now and then. Wish i could have written a book about everything that went on week to week..
Good, LesterHT3Dec 28, 1998 – Jan 18, 2001R-1 64 A

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