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USS Emory S. Land (AS 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Emory S. Land (AS 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1310 crew members registered for the USS Emory S. Land (AS 39).

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Seiler, JohnOM31993 – Jul 1996R-2/R-4Don't miss the boat...Just some of the people
Locke, David L LockeMMC1993 – 1997AHad to move on to bigger and better things. The farewell party on The Spirit of Norfork was one of the most significate events of my life. Thanks to all that participated.
Wyatt, JamesHT21993 – Jul 15, 1996R-1Good times and bad times I miss my road dogs but not the ship. My home email address is I still wonder who got my drunk ass from the e-club in Annapolis back to the ship that night.
Conlan, JeffLI11993 – 1995RO and MAAWas in print shop as LPO and went to MAA
Irvin, Shawnna SM31993 –EngineeringWhat great times I had!!! I've been searching for James Mueller for awhile'll probably remember him as "Moose"...anyone have any info on him?
Kidd, Charles (Chip)MR31993 – 1994RADCON (R9)I had a great time and had great friends on this ship. The Bahamas was off the hook.
Cross, CarlML21993 – 1995R6Hope someone remembers me, looking for miss carter she used to work in the canvas shop. Looking for ML1 Richard Smith. So many good memories on this love boat. I wish I could get in touch with crew members from 1993/1995
Royer, GuyMR31993 – 1994R2
Juby, WadeTM2Jan 6, 1993 – Jun 1997W-1This was my first ship and let me tell you it was horrible, but I did meet a bunch of great people and had a ton of fun.
Westbrook, JoeE3Jan 21, 1993 – Jan 17, 1997R-1 11AI enjoyed my time on the ship and everyone that I was honored to serve with. Made some good friends as well as life experience I will never trained.
Nixon, ChristinaWAS SN, THEN YN3Feb 1993 – Dec 1996Deck, Admin, then SupplyLoved my time on the ship, looking back it was fun, while I was stationed, not so much fun.
Diede, AmyMM3Feb 1993 – Apr 1995Engineering A GangHad a blast,
Taylor, AngelequeE3Feb 26, 1993 – Mar 3, 1995Deck
Wolf (Smith), TamaraE2Mar 1993 – Aug 1993
Merone, JonathanTM3/ TMSNMar 1993 – Mar 1996W-1 DivisionI hated the Ship but loved the people!!!! Anyone remember me? Hit me up. 619 587 3487
Weber (Mcgough), SherrySk3Mar 1993 – Nov 1995S-1 and S-6I was in several divisions while on board the Land. I'm hoping to find some old friends I've lost touch with. For those that may remember me, I dated the postman on the ship- PC2 Jason Weber.
Jones, John "Moose"E-3Apr 1993 – Jul 1994repair 17aWanted to say hi to "chuck" and amy bittler and the rest of the gang.oh the drunken hazy memories!!!!!!
Nelson, ChristinaFNApr 1993 – Aug 1995Outside Electrical RepairWas a great time, made lots of friends.
Summers, SueannHT3Apr 1, 1993 – Sep 30, 1996R1-Sheet Metal ShopFunny how much we hated it when we were in but then grew to love it after it was all over! Had so many great times with great friends and so miss it now that it's gone. Hoping to hear from some of the old crew! Miss many of you much!
Nelson, ChristinaFNApr 6, 1993 – Aug 4, 1995HAZMAT/FLYING SQUADI loved my time on the land. I met alot of good people there. I miss my flying squad team members and sorry i had to leave so soon.
Caley, Bill profile iconpetty officerMay 1993 – Jul 28, 1998under water welderHi my name is Nancy Caley I am the daughter of Bill Caley or Wild Bill if you Know him and you would like to talk just message me at
Garibay, BryantRP3May 7, 1993 – May 5, 1995Chaplain's Office/Admin Division
Green, MyrnaEM3Jun 1993 – Sep 1996I spent 3 years in engineering department and had a ton of friends......memories I will keep forever!
Olowu, KetinaHM3Jun 1993 – Jun 1996Medical
Davis, JennyIC3Jun 16, 1993 – Mar 22, 1997E Division
Linwood, MarciaEMFNJul 1993 – Feb 4, 1994Electrical Repair
Nightlinger, Scott profile iconMM2/SSJul 1993 – Jul 25, 1995Engineering - Auxiliary, Repair - P&ELife lessons and hard work pushed me through a tough education in engineering and continue to motivate me while starting my own business. Find me on Facebook.
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Mullett (Pierce/leclaire), RevaFNJul 1993 – Oct 1994R-3
Christopher, Gary profile iconMMC(SS)Jul 1993 – Dec 1995R-8QAS, Assistant QA Officer
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Darnell, LeeRMCJul 1, 1993 – Mar 30, 1996CommunicationsRadio Chief/CMS Custodian
Lewis, MarkBM2Aug 1993 – Apr 1998DECK 2ND/3RD
Hartranft, DavidHT1(SW)Aug 1993 – Aug 1998R-1 (11A/26B)Work Hard and Play Hard... Great Times! I miss the old Crew (Flying Squad, Repair 5).
Richmond, DougE-5Aug 1993 – Oct 19962ND DIV
Burgess, Patrick profile iconET3Aug 1993 – Dec 1995R4Oh man.. the Land. Good people, good times. This is where I learned how to write DIW backwards. Glad to see she is still out there!
Pontbriand, ShawnSN/E-3Aug 1993 – Jun 1995Deck Div #3I had a lot of fun on this boat. Miss some of my shipmates that I used to hang with.
Sheridan, William "Kirby"ENCAug 1, 1993 – Nov 15, 1996A
King, RustyE4Aug 14, 1993 – Mar 19, 1994SupplyGreat time.....I enjoy every minute I was on the ship....I was one crazy mother f*cker.
Love, KenPM3Sep 1, 1993 – Nov 1, 1995R-6
Nahhas, SyICFNSep 7, 1993 – Oct 6, 1997R3-SYBIGCOUNTRY@AOL.COM
Hotle, MelanieOS3Sep 7, 1993 – Jul 7, 1996Navigation Operations
Patrick, FrankMM2(SS)Sep 15, 1993 – Sep 1, 1995Repair 31-FHad some great times. Was part of the Frito Bandito duo. I now work In Nuclear Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.
Stuart, DaveET2Oct 1993 – Oct 1997R-4Working in the 67H antenna repair shop was terrible however, the people I met were amazing. Overall, I don't miss the Navy or the Land a whole lot.
Landers, Steve profile iconMM1/SW E-6Oct 1993 – Feb 1999Engine
Hicks (Torres), SuzanneSK2Oct 1993 – Nov 1996S-1/S-9I was SK2 Torres. I ran S-1 SubMart & clothing storeroom then transferred to S-9 ROVSS. I had a lot of fun & some heartache but overall some great memories!!! Loved the Land!
Fahrner, JacobLI3Oct 1, 1993 – Aug 16, 1994Print Shop
Hodges, GordonMM1(SW)Oct 6, 1993 – Oct 6, 1995R-5Radcon was the best tour in my navy career. A great group of guys and good memories.
Kendall, SeanEM3Oct 12, 1993 – Jul 14, 1998Some of the finest people I ever met. Wish I had gotten to know more of you better. Hager, Pribby, Ball, Zeo, Coffin, Ski, and Galio. If it didn't suck,-we didn't do it. SAS in pouring sleet? Bring it!
Meyer, Shannon AEN3Oct 12, 1993 – Aug 12, 1996DC/ A-GangI join to see the world and all I saw was the Notta. However I met some great people. LeClaire, McCall, Wilkinson. Really too many to mention. The Land was an experience/ adventure I'll never forget. It was the Loveboat
Coker, RandelE 2Oct 14, 1993 – Aug 3, 1995Deck deptOh, the days of the land, what a great life experience.too bad we rarely went anywhere.
Whisman, BrianE-3Oct 25, 1993 – Jun 18, 1997R-6the Land was great but I do miss the Steel Beach Picnics we had. Boy thoes were fun. And I would like to thank the dive locker. Now that was fun
Gerlach, MattMM2Oct 29, 1993 – Dec 15, 199938n, bHey all, miss you guys!
Leary, RobMS 3Nov 27, 1993 – Jun 13, 1997S-2Great times on the Land!!! Miss everyone from my time there and would love to hear from some of the old crew.
Koch, Aloysius (Paul)E-3Dec 1993 – Jul 1995repair 39-A and ended at 31-Dhad a blast on thier miss alot of people i met on there was scared when i went to cpt mass
Maddox, JerryIM3Dec 1, 1993 – Dec 6, 1996R2
Suekoff, JeffHTC(SW)Dec 14, 1993 – Dec 12, 1998R-1We were all a bunch of rock stars and still work it out!
Bastian, Martin MaxHT-3Dec 15, 1993 – May 8, 1995R-1 11-A ShipfittersIt was fun don't miss the boat so much or the navy for that matter just some of the people
Forbes, CharlesFNDec 18, 1993 – Jul 20, 1995R-3 Outside Electrical RepairI just wanted to thank all the personnel of R-3 and hope that you and your families are doing great.
Angle, BrianSADec 22, 1993 – Sep 13, 1995First DivisionI made a lot of friends i would like to reconnect with. The best way to get in touch with me is by email at . Anyone know the name of the girl that pulled the chin strap on my hard hat?
Stambaugh, MichaelseamenDec 26, 1993 – Apr 5, 1996Deck 1st and 2nd div

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