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USS Emory S. Land (AS 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Emory S. Land (AS 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1310 crew members registered for the USS Emory S. Land (AS 39).

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Moore-lavoie, MichelleBM21989 – 19922ndGreat memories
Smith, JoycePNC/E&1989 – 1991PERSONNELWorld Cruise, chief's initiation, shellback, what more could you ask for.
Snipes, JenniferEN31989 – 1993r9great time
Broyer, NormanHT11989 – 1994R-1 17A, R-8 93AHey there everyone. still remember HTCM Hanna's and the Captain and XO getting retired. the fun times as OOD at anchor in Annapolis with a storm and of course the drinkfests in Halifax.
Logan, BeverlyE-31989 – 1990Weapons
Rickman, JerryMS31989 – 1992SupplyI had some of the best days of my life on the land.Had some great friends
Bethel, Rosettask31989 – 1992supplyOften think about the good and hard days aboard the Land. Miss some of the great shipmates that I lost touch with.
Job, ShelbyMM3Jan 1989 – May 1992engineeringhad a good time onboard. didn't care much for navy life but made alot of friends
Johnson, Mike profile iconMR1 (SW)Jan 1989 – Aug 1991Admin - Command Career CounselorEnjoyed working as a Career Counselor and working with many great shipmates during my time on the Land. Hope all are doing well.
Dugan, TeresabmsnJan 1, 1989 – May 1, 1991deckJust looking for some old of my buddies from that ship. I was the short blond haired girl on the ship. Don't recall where this ship went when I was on it.
Bauer, EmilyE5Jan 10, 1989 – 1992supplyAlthough I only served 4 years. The Land was my only duty station, and I look at her with great fondness.
Schmidt, LoreyTM2Jan 25, 1989 – Oct 31, 1993W-3It was a short but pleasant experience. I met a LOT of great people and felt a sense of comradarie that I've never felt before or since then!
West, Matthewic3Feb 2, 1989 – Jul 1, 1992R3 57G
Williams, ReginaldMS3Mar 1989 – Aug 27, 1991Mess HallHad a lot of Fun. She was my second ship and I enjoyed being on her.
Yitchinski, ChristineMS3Mar 27, 1989 – 1991S-2Since the Land never went ANYWHERE during my tour, I volunteered to go on a cruise with the LY Spear in 1991, then came back to the Land until 1992. I met many wonderful friends there. Sure would love to hear from you:
Ortman, ThomasMM3Mar 29, 1989 – Jun 29, 1992R-9was in 31a valves and pumps for a year then went to 31f hydraulics
Art, RichardBT2(SW)Mar 30, 1989 – Sep 18, 1990b divlooking for anyone from b div\
Campbell, DesharnRM3Apr 1989 – Jun 1990RadiomanWas very exciting
Bias, ShennelE-4Apr 1989 – Dec 1991S-2
Gray, RogerBMCApr 23, 1989 – Jun 19, 1991Repair/ R6I made BMC while station on board. I enjoyed the tour very very much had a great time.
Dugan, TeresaBMSNMay 30, 1989 – May 23, 1991Deck and WeaponsAre there any of my buddies that I partied with out there and what is everyone doing? I live in North Platte, Nebraska again taking care of my parents. Lived in Nebraska, Missouri, Wyoming since leaving the Emory S Lan
Thompson, JohnBM2(SW)Jun 20, 1989 – Apr 29, 1992Riggers LoftGood time on board
Haney, MaryE3Jul 1989 – Sep 30, 1991NSF Nuc Support Facility
James, GaryBMSNJul 27, 1989 – Jul 27, 1992Boat Crew CoxswainWhat's up guys and ladies? Hope all is well with you. If I didn't say it when I was there, I really enjoyed my time on the ship. Feel free to drop me a line.
Hendrix, Cedric profile iconRM3 Aug 10, 1989 – Mar 3, 1991CommsHad a great time.
Riley, DanHT 1 (SW)Sep 1989 – Sep 1993ERO1 Alot of hard works and many hours and good times.
Basone, NickIC3ssSep 25, 1989 – Dec 8, 1991Repair EngineeringI ran the Electrical Calibration Lab and worked in the Gyro Shop Repair Division with many great people. I also was a Fitness Coordinator. Great command to serve with!!!
White, BruceMM1Oct 15, 1989 – Jan 30, 1992AToo many memories to list here. I am glad they are memories! (Kidding) Great crew, one of the finest I have ever worked with, except for some of the EN Slackers! Ha! Worked like a dog on that ship, but we laughed alot as well... MM1 White
Ussery, GeorgeET2Nov 1989 – Mar 1991R-4
Crandall, JamesET1(SS)Nov 1989 – Jun 1992R5 - Radiological Controls DivisionFrom re-writing the entire command RadCon Manual to RCM duties to stopping shipyard from using armored braided cable in the NSF just before I left the Navy under the Reductions In Forces (RIF) act I enjoyed my duty here.
Mallamaci, TonyBT3Nov 28, 1989 – Dec 11, 1994BThose flippin boilers !!!
Grotto, Tony profile iconE-3/FNNov 28, 1989 – Aug 14, 1993AI had alot of great times with everyone in ''A'' Div. and the rest of Engineering Dept.I can't believe the ship went to Italy. Take care everyone, and keep in touch.
Brock, JayE-4/BM3Dec 1989 – Jun 19931st/DeckHey! I've been looking for some of you. Let's get in touch and catch up. I didn't realize it at the time but the years spent on the ship were some of the best of my life. I consider the friends I made my friends for life. BOATS!
Foster, Lenda profile iconDm2Dec 5, 1989 – Dec 6, 1991R-0
(Siler) Werla, KimDK2Dec 28, 1989 – Jun 1, 1993S-4Had a great time onboard the Land. Met a lot of great people and we had a great time. I miss you guys!
Wicken, ThomasHT21990 – 1993R-1 WELD SHOP
Moesch, Bill ( Brooklyn )MM31990 – 1992EngineeringIt was a great time with great people / really enjoyed the dive locker with the honies ha ha
Lunsford, SheenaSK21990 – 1994Supply - Stock Control THEN poo poo canned to WepsBEST weapons division/department in the fleet. GREAT people - KNEW how to take care of their people - and THEY DID! As for the ship....well "glad it's over", surprised it made it to Italy. Sent there to investigate things. "Still t
Baker, DaveICC1990 – 1991EWould not believe such a F*cked-up ship existed in my Navy had I not seen it.. Moron CO "sentencing" people to Engineering... Wardroom full of misfits... @ 4 real Chiefs and 100 "E7, E8, E9"... Khakis banging subordinates, Unbeliev
Junga-lewis, SueEMFN1990 – 1993R-3I worked in the R-3 shop..had some fun times aboard the ship and many great friends.
Willis, RichardMM21990 – 1993R10
Porch, Marvinml21990 – 1991repair
Dombrowski, Lonnie Aka Dumbo Or SkiBM 11990 – Jun 1992cranes div LPO Was on board for a little over a yr before retiring, Had some fun times out drinking with the crew and never had a problem with everyone doing their jobs both men and women. Hope all have done well
Williams, Monique (Lasonia)E_11990 – 1991DECK DEPT
Luitjens, AntjeIM11990 – 1992R-2Worked in the MIRCS lab for a while and then as a Master at Arms in the admin dept.
Davis, DanMM31990 – Jun 1993R 9 38A
Schiavoni, MarkLCDR1990 – 1993PMA
Wilson/landers, JacquelinePN41990 – 1992PersonnelGreat people in my office & all over that ship. I lacked discipline when I joined, PNC Smith made sure I had it when I left.HA! Feel free to contact me if you remember me.
Williams, Joy profile iconDT1990 – 1992Dental DeprtmentI enjoyed my tour I am looking to find the name of the female shipmate that passed after she plunged her car off the pier when she was learning to drive. I can't remember her name does any remember the accident/her name
Wolf, RalphHT2Jan 1990 – Oct 1993R-1 Sheetmetal ShopBest ship, Best Shop, Best People, Thank You All
Markley, CharlesML3Jan 1990 – Jul 30, 1994R6Best time of my life.
Cowley, JeffEN1Jan 1990 – Oct 1993Safety Dept./Auxiliary Div.Enjoyed my time on the Land and met many great people. Liberty visits to Bahamas and Cocoa Beach were most memorable.
Osborn, RebeccaSK2Jan 2, 1990 – Jun 25, 1992AS-39 Site Support CEP-204 WarehouseMiss the people I worked with at the warehouse. (Patrick McNair (Black Bart) I still owe a homemade cherry pie..hahaha.) and the SK's from the subs (Baton Rouge, Newport News, & the rest of the problem kids). Regret not keeping in touch.
Ousley, MelynieSA/YN3Jan 2, 1990 – Dec 1992X/AdminI miss all my friends from the "Land" ! I had fun in VA when we were there! Mess cranking in the Ward - lets get in touch with each other.... Hope you all are doing well!
Hallmon, WarrenAS 39Jan 5, 1990 – Oct 1, 1992R-6 RIGGERS LOFTI am BM3 Hallmon from R-6 div. (ANDRE) I miss everybody and i hope everyone is doing well.
Cabrera, GarEn1 (SW)Jan 20, 1990 – Nov 30, 1992R-9 (Small boats and Cranes
Marlar, PeggyE-5Mar 1990 – Mar 1992Food Services
Jordan, FredelleE-3 YNMar 1990 – Jul 1991Admin (yn)Really enjoyed the people I encountered on the Land. Wish I could contact a few. Contact info
Moore, BruceHT3Mar 6, 1990 – Mar 6, 1994R-1 11-A shipfittersgreat times, great people,
Mikel, WilliamMar 16, 1990 – Feb 28, 1994R 3This is for anyone that was on AS 39 between 1990 and 1994.Myself,Ward,G.Jones,Smitty,Banks,Gandy.Ican go on and name all the fellas .Give me a holla (865)300-2570.
Love(baehr), Bobbie Jo (B.j.)BM3Mar 16, 1990 – Mar 12, 1995Deck cranked in the wardroomLoved this ship!Met so many great friends, had too much fun in the Bahamas,twice,Halifax,was awesome as well.Would love to hear from any old shipmates from the Land days...
Pierce, StephenBM2Mar 23, 1990 – Mar 28, 19952ND DeckI miss my crane dept. and you had better take care of my boats! Land 10 was my baby and the Centerline crane....if you dont know how to use it, step away please!
Dawley-grizzel, Patricia (Pat)HM3Apr 1990 – Apr 17, 1992HI'd love to hear from friends/shipmates. Anyone know the whereabouts of HM2 Shannon G. Coleman?
Manners, ScottBM-2Apr 1990 – Dec 1992DeckI had a lot of fun. I wish I could go back to the Bahamas with everyone again!
Buchholz, James profile iconETCS(SS)Apr 1990 – Jul 1994R-10Nuclear Planning was one of my best assignments. Served with many great people in all of repair.
Maio, JennyHT3Apr 1, 1990 – Jul 24, 1995R-1Hello to all and we had some great times in our lovely liberty ports :-)
Gliebe, JoeLCDRApr 10, 1990 – Jun 15, 1993PMA (Production Manager)PMA for squadron 8 submarines
Brinkley, Nerissa profile iconRM3Apr 15, 1990 – Jun 6, 1992OperationFYI: A reuion is in the works for the Land here is the link:; More information will be added in the coming weeks
Reagan, RickMM1Apr 19, 1990 – Apr 1, 1993R-9 / R-0 (ARRS) / Admin (3-M)Was in R-9 for Annapolis dog & pony show, then moved to ARRS Office working with Halstead, Foster, & Chief Stern. Served with MC Hines and Turner in 3-M office for last year. Loved the ship and most of people.
Hickey, DonMM2Jun 1990 – Jan 1993Repairworked in shop 38A
Diamond, GlennsaJun 1990 – Oct 1991print shopforgot my division,supply I think.looking for laddie fair.
Dennis, JeanneEM3Jul 5, 1990 – Jul 10, 1992R-3Although I was an Electrician Mate, I seldom did an electrician work. I worked everywhere but there. I dated Barry Hutchins. HUTCH to most people.
Frilling, JimLTAug 1990 – Sep 1992dentalmet some great people on this ship. Glad i was onboard most of the time. Cut alot of holes in the ocean.
Thompson, ValerieSKSNAug 1, 1990 – Mar 31, 1992site supportWow can't believe there are people here I know
Collis, JohnHM2Sep 1990 – Jul 1992Deck ApesI think I still have non-skid in my hair. :(
Wilson, DennisHT2Sep 16, 1990 – Feb 28, 1995R-1 17A 11A Lag shopSome of the best days of my life,I miss all my friends from those day. Lacy,Jenks,Wolf,Wallace,Summers,yeah you to Maio. Would love to see you all again.
Hall, KevinBT2Sep 24, 1990 – Mar 14, 1993B
Griffin, JayMM1Oct 1990 – Mar 1993R-10 (Nuclear Repair)My last ship and duty station before I was erroneously discharged to COMCIVNONAV (Commander, Civilian Forces, No More Navy).
Gipson, JackieE-3Nov 1, 1990 – Jul 10, 1992S-1 & S-5I will always remember the love boat. "Dead in the water" cruise too. It was a blast. Met my hubby there IC Holmes / 760-855-8702
Nines, CarolE-5Nov 5, 1990 – Dec 8, 1995Repair 38A outside machine shopOutside machine shop. Planning and est. Supply.
Yates, RobBM3Dec 1990 – Nov 1994Deck Crane CrewBoy I miss those days on the Cranes with Everybody. And Steve The Centerline crane was Mine!
Lacy, WesHT2Dec 2, 1990 – Jun 16, 1994R-1sheet metal shop 17a, lag shop, pipefitters shop
Lacy, CharlesHT2Dec 2, 1990 – Jun 19, 1994R-1
Lacy, CharlesHT2Dec 2, 1990 – Jun 16, 1994R-1Would like to talk to old shipmates from R-1 and Duty Section Fire party
Lacy, CharlesHT2Dec 2, 1990 – Jul 16, 1994R-1 17a Sheet MetalHave great memories, would like to talk to old shipmates, Wilson, Wolf, Jenks, Rayborn, and Palculict. had fun on both port visits to Annapolis, Florida, Boston, Halifax, and the Bahamas
Willette, Paulpo3Dec 10, 1990 – Jul 3, 1993maTrying to find some old friends. Had a great time on the Land.

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