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USS Coronado (AGF 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coronado (AGF 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 835 crew members registered for the USS Coronado (AGF 11).

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Rohman, BillET11991 – 1994OE
Bailey, BrianEN21991 – 1993AGANGJust looking for oldFirem shipmates. Hope to hear from some of you. I got out in 95 as an E5. I am in Dallas Texas working as a Certified Fluid Power Technician.
Takacs, Sean "tic-tac"MM31991 – May 1993M
Bradley, JayHTFN1991 – Jul 1994R
Persinger, ChrisGMG31991 – 19933rdWow. I found this site by chance. Great to see some familiar names. Funny that some folks from other years loved it; the 91-93 folks all tend to agree this command sucked. I grew up a lot here, but I am glad I am gone.
Peirce, DavidGMG21991 – 19963rd
Yoder, DuaneMS3 Petty OfficerJan 7, 1991 – Nov 4, 1994Mess Management SpecialistI was the cook for the commanding officer - Captain Thomas Francis Noonan. I joined the United States Navy from 22 October 1991 until 04 November 1994. I am proud to serve aboard the USS Coronado during that time.
Sibrel, JasonOS2Feb 2, 1991 – Jun 16, 1995OI
Bearden, Jasonht2Feb 16, 1991 – Oct 30, 1993rHey all. Just was surfing and saw this sight. Cool to see some names.
Beasley, JamesE-3Mar 3, 1991 – Mar 3, 19931stYo if you were on the coronado from 91-93 please contact me. I am trying to get some of the guys together for a reunion. If you served with gary piper, bernard hailey, patrick dickson, If anyone sees this message please contact me if you rememberme B
Spell, MartinLCDRMar 8, 1991 – Dec 18, 1993Chief EngineerFirst tour as a Chief Engineer. I had some great CPOS and Officers in the department. First and only time to visit Alaska and Canada. Also the enlisted engineers were some of the best I ever worked with.
Laslovich, MichaelIC2Mar 19, 1991 – Apr 15, 1994engineering
Rush, MarkNCCS/E8Mar 22, 1991 – Oct 31, 1994XHi everyone! I just accidentally stumbled upon this site so I thought I'd sign up. I reported to the ship in March 1991 as a YNSN. Transferred in October 1994 as a YN2(SW). It was a great tour and I learned a great deal
Brannon, Cecil (Pacman)SNMay 1991 – Feb 1993deck
Schaffer, AnthonyBT3May 1, 1991 – Oct 1, 1996B DivisionI wanna know who jacked my money in San Fran when I got drunk......Karma will get you back......
Schaffer, AnthonyBT3May 25, 1991 – May 30, 1996B
Yarka, BrianLI 3Jun 1991 – Sep 1994x
Wood, BillyBT3Jun 1991 – Sep 1994Fireroom 2 / oillabIf you served with me drop me an e-mail.
Paredes, JasonRM2Jun 8, 1991 – Jul 8, 1995THIRD FLEET STAFFWorked both in the Flag Message Center and Tech Control. Had some good times with the fellas in port. Looking for Flores, Eckert, Johns.
Brown, Marlon "suga Bear"E3/EMAug 1991 – May 1994EngineerWhat up shipmates.......? You know who this is Suga Bear, the one and only. Holla if you remember me, I aint hard to find.....Living in Texas now, California bred though. One love
Aigner, KevinE-3Sep 1991 – Sep 1993Fireman-HTWheres my fellow Tijuana going buddies?!?!?
Nguyen, DuyMM3Sep 1991 – Apr 1995Engineering
Pease, WillMM3Sep 1991 – Jun 1996M divLooking to see what going on with the guys from 2 engine
Clark, ChrisE-3Sep 1, 1991 – Jun 5, 1993DeckHad a good time with folks on the Coronado, if Register is out there, thanks for treating me well, and teaching me to stand watch
Smith, TravisE-3/ FN Search and RescueOct 23, 1991 – Jun 19, 1994EngineeringGood to see some old friends on the list but many names are missing. CORONADO was a great experience, not a fitting end to one of the last steamers. DOn't know who list my previous quotes but not me.
Key, GaryOS2Nov 1, 1991 – Nov 1996OI Division
Cable, EricMM2Nov 5, 1991 – Nov 1, 1996MHey folks! Where do the years go? I'd be happy to hear from any of the folks I knew back in the day. After I left the Coronado, I ended-up being a staffer at Service School Command Great Lakes for four years.
Cable, EricMM2Nov 5, 1991 – Nov 1, 1996M Div, EngineeringHi everyone! If you haven't foud it yet there's a Coronado page on Facebook.
King, NealHT 3 WHEN I LEFT1992 – 1996RLooking for anyone who served in the shop with me. Rich, Weasel, LJ, Scherer, Nick. Anybody who has info on these guys, let me know! haven't seen any of them since I got married in '96 in Oklahoma
King, NealHT 3 WHEN I LEFT1992 – 1996RMet a lot of great peeps aboard this "ship" and made a ton of memories. Hope I hear from some old friends because of this post.
Harden, DonaldMA11992 – 1994ADMIN/MAALots of great memories from this ship. Am sorry that I left her when I did. Should have stayed put, would have even reenlisted for more time on her decks.
Harden, DonaldMaster At Arms First Class1992 – 1994X Div
Edwards, EdSH31992 – 1996THIRDFLEET (TAD to Supply)Great command
Ford, KeithHT 2Jan 1992 – Sep 1993RJust availing myself to my former shipmates (free thinker's club especially) whom served with me, in or out of the HT shops. Feel free to give me a shout.
Clock, DanielABHAAMar 13, 1992 – Jan 7, 1993Air
Clock, DanielABHAAMar 13, 1992 – Dec 17, 1992Air
Zaifert, JeffMM2Mar 15, 1992 – Mar 15, 1996M
Jordan, TomLCDRApr 1992 – Nov 1993COMTHIRDFLTEmbarked Staff, MIW Officer, Special Ops
Napoles, JasonenApr 1992 – Apr 1995a
Collier,jr., Matthew (Chill)RM3May 2, 1992 – Sep 3, 1994Had some good times on Coronado. McMillian, Hamp, Barlow,Hutch,the whole RM Crew. This is Chill the coolest brother on the Coronado
Holding, KeithHT3Jun 22, 1992 – Oct 27, 1995R
Smitherman, SamRM2Aug 1992 – Jul 1994CR
Hampton, Bill (Hamp)E4Aug 16, 1992 – Oct 4, 1996comthirdfleetJust trying to link up with some of the ole shipmates.
Welch, WelchyABF3Sep 1992 – Apr 1997Air Dept.Whats up Coronado!!! any air department guys senfd me a
Holding, Keithe-4Sep 10, 1992 – Oct 27, 1995R pipe shopLooking for any and all of the guys in the shop. Neal King,Richard Tellefuse, Tom Baum Richard "weaer " Beaty
Corral, Jessesm3Oct 1992 – Dec 1994commswhats up my homboys? been a long time,dugo,paps,chema,victor,big joe,droopy,rod u know all the gang miss u boys lets get back to chattin again.
Goodspeed, TimIC2Nov 1992 – Jan 1997EngineeringWhen they said I could go I ran for the gate.
Peterson, Steve PeteGMG3Nov 21, 1992 – Oct 13, 1997WeaponsI had the best time of my life on board! it funny how things turn out. Its crazy they decommissioned the old girl.
Bolles, DougE-3 FNDec 1992 – Aug 1994RJust seen some names on here that reminded me of old times. Ford are you still a Whitney Fan. All the others from the HT shop King, Bearden, Bradley, Gonzo and all the others. Oh and Big Ole TOM BAUM.
Youngsuwan, Young BloodFN3Dec 1992 – 1994BTI would like to keep in touch with buddies from the boiler #2 and the Asian crew
Holland, MichaelHTFNDec 1992 – Jul 24, 1994RFound this site and was wondering about old friends that worked in the pipe shop and R Division like King, Talafuse, Bolles, Gonzo, Bearden, Sherer, and Leroy
Byther, TroyGMG3Dec 1, 1992 – Jul 3, 1994decksteilow, beasley. dixon, dicekerson, big reg, haily any you guys give me call troy byther at 601 277-3843
Bullock, Bryant (Bull)E-3Dec 1, 1992 – Aug 22, 1994engineeringhello every one. just checking out the site. and looking for a few ship mates

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