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USS Coronado (AGF 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coronado (AGF 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 835 crew members registered for the USS Coronado (AGF 11).

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Finley, GaryE-61989 – 1993A
Bustrom, RodBM31989 – 1991DECK
Scheid, ScottBT31989 – 1993ENGINEERINGHello to all that i served with,i have kept in contact with a few of you,anyone else on here that i was with send me an e-mail at
Hyatt, JohnFN1989 – 1991MGreat memories of Hawaii, brothers from M & B Div., and unending partying [we raised some hell Roger!]. Sadly due to injuries, didn't transfer Home port to San Diego. My bad luck to stay in Hawaii few more yrs. LOL
Harris, DwayneIC31989 – Sep 1992EngineeringCan't believe I would ever miss the good ole Navy days. Hope all are well that I served with. You can e-mail me at
May, Daniel "Dano"IC31989 – 1992E DivCool site - Laslovich rang my phone out of the blue last night and got me searching. What a lot of good times....underage in Tijuana, Acapulco, Juneau is a fun town.
Barefield, Todd ( Doc )E 3 DT ( DN )1989 – 1991Dental / Medical
Pitner, BruceETCSJan 1989 – Jan 1992OE
Ho, NghiLTJan 1, 1989 – May 1, 1993CIC, Deck (1st & 2nd)Had a great time on board the Coronado.
Brown, TimothyE-4/BM3Jan 4, 1989 – Jun 19912nd divisionSure did miss the crew when I left. We all had a work hard play hard attitude. Would like to say hi to everybody I served with at that command. I left the USS Coronado when they changed homeport. Hope everybody is well.
Ruiz, RodneyOS3Mar 1989 – Aug 1991Ops/OII remember everyone 'sweating the load' back at Pearl. I will never forget the Persian Gulf, Crossing the Line, Hong Kong.
Graves, RaymondOSMar 1, 1989 – Aug 1, 1992OI
Dougard, RonOS2Mar 1, 1989 – Aug 1, 1992OI
Burke, DarrellMM3May 9, 1989 – Aug 3, 1992M/A-Gang
Rendle, TonyEM2Jun 1, 1989 – Sep 1992Do you remember Floyds laugh? who could forget Mathews (bud man)? LOL!! USS Coronado, A great place to be from. I'll miss her.
Stokes, JohnSeamanAug 1989 – Feb 19932nd
McAtee, IvanPETTY OFFICER THIRD CLASSAug 13, 1989 – Aug 14, 1993SUPPLYHey, I hope there is someone from the Pearl Harbor Era when the Coronado was stationed there like Petty Officer Clack and Taylor, if so drop me a line
McAtee, IvanMS3Aug 13, 1989 – Aug 14, 1993SUPPLY
Jackson, BrianHM1Aug 20, 1989 – Feb 22, 19911 st divisionI started my Navy Journey as a Deck Seaman in 1st Div. I learned alot on my first ship. Would love to hear from anyone whom was in Hawaii and moved to San Diego. My email is
Webb, LarryMM2Aug 26, 1989 – Aug 21, 1992M
Coty, JamesOS2Sep 9, 1989 – Sep 9, 1992OIWhat a great tour working in Public Affairs onboard the USS CORONADO, thank you for starting me on a great career!
Winther, CristinSNOct 1989 – May 1991Deck 1st divisionI had a great time on the Coronado, meet and severed with the best crew and I learned a lot at my time there. We had the cleanest most ready ship in 3rd fleet!
Fortier, JamesFR- E-1Nov 1, 1989 – Oct 5, 1992B- Had a blast onboard
Santos, Richard (Rico)MSSNDec 15, 1989 – Nov 2, 1990supplygreat times together going to Canada / Mexico and especially staying home in hawaii. Meeting soo many people and too many names to write down so everyone hit me up. im still in hawaii as well so come an have a beer with me. ALOHA
Gordon, Damon(Gordo)GMG 3Dec 21, 1989 – Aug 23, 1993Deck divisionHey guys, great times with all the BMs. I havnt stayed in touch with anyone other than Kutch. Be cool to hear from you guys.
Wolfgram, Dan "Wolfie"BM3Jan 1990 – Oct 2, 19932ndSan Diego was fun, Hawaii was better. Acapolco was the best. North Pac (Alaska) was alright too. Any one who remembers any of the above, e-mail me. If you know where BM3 "Bucky" McKay or SM3 Leroy Purinton. Let me know. See yall, Wolfie
Ronnkvist, StefanFC3Jan 1990 – Jul 19913rd DivisionCame to Pearl Harbor from Firecontrol School left when the ship changed home ports to San Diego
Perry, MichaelET2 (E-5)Feb 1990 – Mar 1993OEI hate to let everyone know about ET2 Bob Harshbarger’s passing in 1999. He was a great shipmate and a great friend. RIP Bob
Martin, MartyMSSAFeb 1990 – Jun 12, 1992SupplyI miss the old bucket of Rust. The freindships and what little time at sea we had.
Smith, RobertBMSN/DNFeb 1990 – Apr 19921st Division/ Dental StrikerThere looks to be some familiar names on this list. Fortier, Wolfgram, We had some good memories on that ship. oh and I cant forget Max since he works with me in Columbus, Ohio. I reside in Marion. Was in Florida.
Register, JamesBM3Feb 1990 – 19942ndJust wanted to keep up with the crew members that was in with me from 90-94. G Piper, D Jackson, P Jackson, Beasley, Bailey, Stoner, Ole Man Ellis, Wolfskil, Redditt... Hit me up boys, I’m back in Florida after 20+ yrs
Blake, RobertMM3Feb 14, 1990 – Jun 10, 1993MLooking for Kevin Miller last seen going Down Under.
Longstreet, KennethE-2Mar 1990 – Apr 1993Deck
Olund, LeesrMar 1990 – Jun 1991second deck
Prieur, RandyE-4Apr 10, 1990 – Mar 23, 1994M-DIV.Lots of good memories with my old ship mates . Both on and off the ship . A whole lot of drinking to.
McGuire, James (Jim / Jimmy) profile iconPN3 (Personnelman 3rd Class)May 1990 – Jan 1994X-divisionSome of the best times of my life. Some of the most challenging times of my life. Above all the greatest period of personal growth and self-understanding. I miss the friendships.
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Hickerson (Hick), ToddBM3Jun 1, 1990 – Jan 12, 19942nd deckGlad to be off it
Reichgott, MaxRM 3Jun 15, 1990 – Jun 15, 1993CR
Reichgott, MaxRM3 MA2Jul 1990 – Jun 15, 1993CommunicationsI had a blast on the Cornado. It was my first experience on a ship and I Had my ups and downs(no pun intended)but I still had a great time. Shipmates feel free to contact me at
Gibson, SteveABH2Aug 1990 – Jul 1994AirWhere are all the Airdales
Verdugo, RichardBM2Aug 28, 1990 – Aug 28, 19941st
Purintun, LeroySM2Aug 28, 1990 – Aug 27, 1992csSome of the greatest times ever, and friends I'll never forget. A reunion would be awesome. Give me an e-mail wolfie. Alaska, mexico, and Hawaii were great.
Verdugo, RichardBM2Aug 28, 1990 – Aug 28, 19941st
McLaughlin, DanielRM3Sep 1990 – Dec 1993Looking to get in contact with some of my old mates
Gibson, SteveABH2Sep 1990 – Jul 1994airWhere are the airdales?
Swecker, JamesE4/EnginemanSep 20, 1990 – Sep 20, 1993Engineman Fresh air snipesHello Shipmates, Anyone remember a Contractor Electrician that was killed working on a Cargo Elevator? I worked on Cargo Elevators, Aft Steering, Anchor, Cranes and Small Boats.
Benson, PatrickYN3Oct 1990 – 1992Commander Third Fleet Yeoman.
Edgington, RichardE-3Nov 1990 – Apr 19932ndI was just a kid when I joined but left a man. Being on Coronado was a growing expieriance.
McDonald, Scott Big MacBMSN/BM3Nov 1990 – Nov 19951st/DeckMy first ship. USS Neversail at the time. The memories that I hvae of this old ship was and are wonderful. My buds Hale and Laurie miss you guys great memories. Collins, Big J, Bryant, Horvath, Jones thanks for the "respect" training
Laurie, JesseBM3Nov 4, 1990 – Jan 21, 19941stDeck Apes Rule! I am glad to see some of my buddies on the list. Who knew you guys would be geeking out 16 years later?
Gampp, RogerFN/DC3Nov 22, 1990 – Sep 1, 1992RI showed up on my 18th birthday. MM3 Blake showed me around the ship and then took me out to downtown Waikiki. I there for the Acaploco trip, Alaska, and the move to San Diego. R division still kicks ass!!! Lookin for Matt Bias @ John Bruns
Apalategui, MattBM3Nov 28, 1990 – Jul 9, 1994DeckWhat a disappointing, regrettable experience. Four years of being $#!T upon by Third Fleet, six months of messcranking, and worst of all, being a deck ape. And, who can forget the 'witch hunt' in the shipyards? Good times!
Steckman, DavidET-2Dec 6, 1990 – Feb 15, 1993I cant say I would Do the time again. although I enjoied it then.

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