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USS Coronado (AGF 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coronado (AGF 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 835 crew members registered for the USS Coronado (AGF 11).

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Gleason, DouglasBT21985 – 1987B
Wolfe, DarrellBT11985 – 1988B
Era, JohnMM21985 – 1989A DivisionI was in "A-Gang" almost the whole time. Did the year long Med Cruise, then the move to Hawaii. Great memories! I'm on Facebook...
Blair, Timothybt31985 – 1989Enginering
Prouty, Patrick ARMSN1985 – Apr 21, 1989CommunicationWhat a great time in life! Actually did see the world from one ship! Hope all are well!
Balog, Karl profile iconEN11985 – 1987Auxiliary DivisionSimply the BEST times of my career..caught up w the ship in gaeta did the 11 months...bk to norfolk..then to pearl
Persles, RobertHT2Jan 1, 1985 – Aug 21, 1986RepairEventful time in history, Lybia, the line of death, mercenaries, submarines, fighter jets, we sank 5 ships and had the miss USA pageant girls onboard and I kissed Halle Berry. An extraordinary experience, what a timeā€¦.
Leonard, JoelRM2Feb 20, 1985 – Oct 19, 1987CommunicationWeber - Heun - Wally - Bert..where have all the good radiomen gone. We had some great times in the Med and Hawaii! Baharain was the last stop for me, glad I got my Shellback Card! Back home in the swamps of Looziana.
Werley, ToddMM3Feb 22, 1985 – Nov 3, 1988Mi was honored to serve aboard the USS Coronado AGF-11 from Feb 1985 to Nov 1988. We had a great crew for both the Med Cruise (1986) and the Persian Gulf Cruise (1987-1988).
Edsall, Vaughn profile iconSMSNMar 1985 – Aug 1987OC/SignalmanGreat time in Gaeta Italy and around the Med.
Wagner, StanHT3/HT1Mar 1985 –RepairI remember a lot of people from this ship, some I still keep in contact with. It was an adventure for some, a great learning experience for others.
Allen, DavidFC2Apr 1985 – Nov 1988gunsA great group of people, we actually did see the world.
Falcetta, NickOS3Apr 1985 – 1989
Hill, Johnmm1Apr 1, 1985 – Mar 13, 1991worked both mmr'shey guys miss the times we all had sorry to here about the ship
Wilson, BrianFC1May 1985 – Jul 1989Deck 3rdAny old third division guys out there from the MED/Canal/Hawaii/Gulf days?
Shutt, BandyET1May 1985 – Jun 1987OECouldn't wait to get out of Hawaii and back to good old Norfolk, Did the Gaeta thing for 11 months, canal passage, and REFTRA off Norfolk.
Weaver, Jimmy/big PapaBMSN/E-3May 1, 1985 – Jul 1, 1986Deck Dept 2nd DivHad fun in med... Best crew I ever served with.
Balash, John/mickeyHT2May 1, 1985 – Sep 10,
Zienkiewicz, DaveHT2Jun 1985 – Dec 29, 1987repairIf I knew then what I know now I never would have left. Where is every one and what are you up to now? Email me so we can catch up.
Craig, LeagueSM 3Jun 1, 1985 – Jan 1, 1987SigsI served on this in the Mediterranean 11 month deployment stationed in Italy. . It was an amazing experience to be on board the ship with these guys that I served with in the signalman gang.
Katzman, MichaelRM2Jun 2, 1985 – Apr 2, 1987COMSIXTHFLT staff
Sanchez, FabioRM2/IT2Jun 14, 1985 – Jul 21, 1989CRSearching for members , Hey guys give out a holar.
Necessary Jr., RichardOS3Jun 15, 1985 – Jun 14, 1987OperationsWhat I would give to walk the decks of the Coronado again with my old friends. Just one more time.
Wall, JeffreyBM3Jul 1, 1985 – Jan 9, 1988Deck 1st divThe best memories ever. Northfolk, Gaeta Italy and Hawaii. Would love to see some old friend from the ship. All my deck buds and all those OS guys My best friend Rich Nessesary, John and Eric. We had some great times.
Vanvorst, Charles profile iconE7/NCCJul 15, 1985 – Jul 30, 1989CS CommunicationsThe best 4 years of my life. We saw the world!!!
Muller, VincentE-5/ET-2Jul 25, 1985 – Sep 3, 1989OPS/OELong cruises. Med cruise (Libya), Pearl (3rdflt), Persian Gulf, back to Pearl. Best trip was to Juneau, Alaska. No more fixing electronics. I fix people now as a Firefighter Paramedic in South Florida
Laidler, Kim/laidlowBM3Aug 8, 1985 – Feb 5, 19891st DivisionHope to catch up with some of the crew that I served with!!
Frezza, BernardBT-3Aug 9, 1985 – Aug 4, 1986MAIN PROPULSION ROOM 1Working in power plants now for 18 years.I Miss Europe.
Zaldivar, DavidRMCSep 1985 – Oct 1986COMMS/CMS/TCFA difficult tour. We served as the gap ship for C6F (USS Puget Sound and USS Belknap) 11 months deployment. Back to Norfolk for 3 month (mini IMAV), then on to Pearl Harbor as C5F. Most RM's I remember. Thanks guys.
Miller, ToddSM1 Sep 1985 – Sep 1988SM DivisionLoved the Coronado signalman, best bridge in the fleet. Team of extreme professionals who shaped my entire career. Would love to be able to contact each and everyone of my shipmates.
Dubuc, EdABF1Sep 1, 1985 – Aug 11, 1989Air DepartmentSeveral of us on Facebook - USS Coronado. Looking for Tilburry, Stallings, Garrison, Abey, Gaines, Harrison, Duffield, Zeller, Nosko, Chief Quinn, LT Cotner, LT Drake, LTJG Williams, Cheif Auggie, Brown, LTJG Jacobs, Glass
Carter, Bryant profile iconET1Sep 7, 1985 – Jun 10, 1988OEThis ship about gave me a nervous breakdown! Lots of travel (and drama). Served with some great people on this turd though. Gangsta "OE"!
Ocasio, RafaelDM2Nov 1985 – Jun 1986Six Fleet StaffGaeta, Italy
Rovito, Lane'SH THREE/ LATTER SH PO. TWONov 18, 1985 – Jun 1, 1989supply s-2, s-3 most of my sea timeto all people, on the good ship! coronado the great. al divisions, rates ranks.i loved you all even if you were bad or indifferent toward me. or was my compadre'! god has been good to me.i got relg. bates kilt in chicago 93. arab store
Remley, MartinBM21986 – 19892nd
Burrell, RodneySIGNALMAN1986 – 1989communications
Doak, Steven1986 – 1987Long time ago. Wonder what everyone is up to.
Stacy, TomFC3 / E-41986 – 19903RDAny 3rd Div. guys out there? Any one interested in a reunion?
Norero, PhillipEM31986 – 1988E DivSplit toured just to get to Hawaii and finished my enlistment in the Persion Gulf.
Quinton, Doug-boatsbm21986 – 19891ST DECKHAD A LOT OF GOOD TIMES
Mahoney, DanHT31986 – 1987R
Martinusek, Randy (Marty)MM11986 – 1989A
Carney, DennyE-5 MM31986 – 1989Engineering
Van Valkenburg, Mike.EN31986 – 1988A gang
Anderson, Mark Aka AndyE-5 HULL TECHNICIAN1986 – Apr 1990R DIVISIONI seen this and couldn't resist. Had some really good times aboard the USS Coronado. Seen my favorite chief on here already. How's the buttermilk Senior Chief beebe?
Davis, AnthonyE1 ships servicemen1986 – 1988SupplyAwesome
Huchingson, LowellMR2Jan 10, 1986 – Jul 15, 1989AHated it while I was there, But now I'm missing being a young sailor!
Wurst, JohnRM2Feb 1986 – Jul 1987CR (Communications)We ha d agreat crew. The Med. cruise was very interesting for my first time at sea. The homeport change to Pearl Harbor was fun. I miss the old girl. Any old Radioman out there?
Ellis, WalterE4Feb 1986 – Jul 1990DeckLooking for people that was in deck division and hts
Hammers, MikeBT2Feb 17, 1986 – Dec 18, 1989BMiss my old buds. Give me a yell.
Harley, MarkE5Mar 1986 – Jun 12, 19893rdwhere is every one?
Wagner, JohnHM2Mar 10, 1986 – Apr 30, 1987HAssigned to the Ship's Medical/Dental Department.
Hall, DwightCWO3Apr 1986 – Nov 1987E
Hays, Walter '' Chris''RM-E4Apr 18, 1986 – 1988Communication RADIOMANMy Hitch began in Gaeta Italy To Norfolk,Va. through The Panama Canal to Hawaii. MAN I REALLY MISS THE GUYS! Gilmore,Dance,Bobo,Wilson, Pittman,Edwin Sanjurjo aka Ju many more hit me up Y1FZXMEE@YAHOO.COMM
White, RickMM3May 1986 – Aug 1989mcame aboard in gaeta italy. sailed back to norfolk. changed homeport to pearl harbor. i got to work with a great bunch of guys. if i knew then what i know now i would have never left. where is everyone?
Harley, MarkE5May 1986 – Jun 12, 19893rdLife is good
Williams, Steven "Willy"GMG2/E-5May 10, 1986 – May 15, 19903rdEnjoyed my time aboard and would like to hear from the rest of the guys in 3rd Division.
Tilbury, TomABF3Jun 1986 – Nov 1990FuelLooking for Paul Smith
Weber, Carl R.RM2Jun 1986 – Apr 1989CommunicationsJoined the Coronado in Norfolk, VA, in Summer '86. Transferred to Pearl Harbor to take on C3F. Aboard during the Persian Gulf tour as CJTFME/CMEF flagship in 1988. Out of the Navy in April 1989.
Perry, DavidRM2Jun 1986 – Jul 1989COMMUNICATIONS/RADIOWas onboard during transfer from Norfolk to Pearl Harbor. Completed the entire Gulf tour in 1988. Re-enlisted July 1989 and stationed then at NOPF Ford Island Hi until June 1993 when I got out of service.
Harley, MarkGMG2Jun 15, 1986 – Jun 15, 19893rdLife is good.
Carney, Dennymm e-5Jun 18, 1986 – Jun 17, 1989engineering
Webb, ArthurBT2Jul 1986 – Jun 1990
Utley, JoeOS1Jul 1986 – Mar 1989OI
Sutton, RichardE5/MM2Jul 1, 1986 – Dec 6, 1989mi joined the ship in italy,sailed back to norfolk and on to hawaii.went to persian gulf to releive lasalle.then back to hawaii. had some of the best times with a great bunch of guys.i miss those days and those guys.i often wonder where they are now.
Sutton, RichardE5/MM2Jul 1, 1986 – Dec 6, 1989ENGINEERINGI WAS A MACHINIST MATE .
Salazar, JojoHM3Aug 1986 – Aug 1999Medical
Salazar, JojoHM3Aug 1986 – Aug 1989Medical
Tibbs, JohnRM2Aug 1986 – Oct 1989Fleet Message CenterWorked on Thrid Fleet Staff. Thansferred to USS Coronado/CJTFME for 1988 cruise.
McGuire, Anthony profile iconICCAug 1986 – Jun 1990E
Strausbough, MichaelHM2Aug 1, 1986 – Aug 1, 1989Haka Doc Seuss. Three great years onboard Coronado based out of Pearl Harbor. Spent 10.5 months in Gulf 1988 during Ernest Will.
McEvoy, Paul (Mac)HT3Aug 1, 1986 – Mar 1988RHey Bellard & Shneirs wassup? Hope u remember ol big mac. Where have all our boys gone? Meirotto, Pitt,Francis, Doak, Martinusek,Eland,McNair,Mahoney,Vertz,??? C'mon man,REPORT!
Schenk, DaveMM3Aug 8, 1986 – Mar 15, 1989EngineeringCaught the ship in Norfolk, changed home ports to pearl, 11 month cruise to the gulf. The pit snipes are best bunch of guys I have ever worked with. I will never forget all the good times. I still remember all the names & faces. Email me .
Gonzalez, GonzoBT3Aug 22, 1986 – Aug 22, 1990ENGINERINGwhat up!
Tibbs, JohnE-5Aug 23, 1986 – Dec 22, 1989CommsServed from Hawaii to Pesian Gulf (Ernest WIll, Praying Mantis) with CJTFME and CMEF
Bromund, MarkBTCAug 25, 1986 – Jan 5, 1990BI still remember the best fireroom crew I ever had in 20 years in the USN
Barber, Daniel Aka Billy BadassE-5 / HT2Sep 1986 – Jun 1990Repair / Pipe ShopPederson!!!! How the hell are you? Remember the doodle log? Get this, It was burned up in a fire, how ironic is that? Paul McEvoy please call me, sent you msg. Times are changed, my life is different now
Pimper, LonnyBM-3Sep 18, 1986 – Jul 8, 1990deck
Redditt, Arthur/ ReddogBM2Sep 19, 1986 – Sep 9, 1990DeckWhats up Where my dogs at eldog ,laid loww, scott pettis,johnny dance
Schomburg, MikemmfnSep 20, 1986 – Jun 30, 1989engineeringThink about all the great guys I served with.Miss you all .Engineering rocked.Too much fun so much bullshit.
Osenkarski, TonySH E2Oct 1986 – Aug 1990supplycame aboard in pearl, best years of my life
Webb, ArthurBT3Oct 1986 – Oct 1990B and M divisionWant to say hello to all my old shipmates and miss you guys. I retired July 2006.
Suarez, DaveBM2Oct 7, 1986 – Jul 14, 19901st & MAAHello everyone! Great memories, and great people. I hope everyone is doing well.
Shields, ScottSM2Oct 26, 1986 – Jun 9, 1991CSPersian Gulf 88, anyone remember the high temp? Where have all the SMs disappeared to? Spent almost five years on board, Im sure a few memories ring out there.
Russell, ScottPNC(SW)Nov 1986 – Nov 1989ADMIN LCPO/PERSOGood crew. Good memories. Longest damned deployment ever, but made for good sea stories.
Lachman, RonnieOS2Nov 1986 – Jul 20, 1990
Howerton, Samuel "Howie"BM3Nov 1986 – Jul 19902ndHad a great time on the Coronado. I will always look back with fond memories. Feel free to contact me. After I left the Coronado I went to SIMA PEARL HARBOR. Then I got out of the NAVY in 1993.
Matheny, WebsmsnNov 1986 – Jun 1989commwhat a time we had in the gulf, hawaii and up and down the west coast. Best time of my life. Had good friends Van Horn, Meadows, Klein, Schwaggert, Barbour, get in touch if you can. We were all like brothers,all500 of us
Huber, ErickBM3Nov 1986 – Nov 19892ndHad a great time, awesome friends!!! When and where is the next reunion?
Paiva, RobMM3Nov 15, 1986 – Jul 22, 1990MI live in the Houston, TX area today. I think about my old shipmates often. Found many of them on Facebook, thanks to technology and the internet. Contact me old shipmates if you'd like or just look me up on the net.
Fahlund, KevinE-4/ ABH3Dec 15, 1986 – Oct 15, 1989AirGreat Times. Scott, Downceroux, Rathkey,Tilbury, and so many others.........
Drake, BobLT/LCDRDec 23, 1986 – Dec 7, 1988Air DepartmentAir Boss

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