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USS Coronado (AGF 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coronado (AGF 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 835 crew members registered for the USS Coronado (AGF 11).

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Tallent, RobertLTjg1978 – 19802n Div and E-Div
Gorman, TomLT1978 – 1980ADMIN
Payne, DanielASE31978 – 1979air
Nuckols, HowardDTJan 1978 – Nov 1980DentalMed Cruise (part of it, I left in Menton, FR and rejoined when the "Crank" got back to NOB. Loved Genoa and Naples, made it to Rome w/Ritter. Yards, Gitmo, Ocho Rios, Yards, the Ditch, crossed to LaSalle and back to VA
Pennington, MiltonUSS CORONADO AGF 11Jul 1978 – Aug 1981DECKReally liked to play spades, enjoyed taking care of the small boats. Now I don't have anything to do with boats, I'm retired industrial electrician at home in Texas.
Clements, Bill (Clem)MM2Sep 1978 – Aug 1979A-Gang/MAASpent most time as a Master-At-Arms having started in A-Gang due to yards. Developed medical problem transfered off then discharged. Would love to find Dickie Carleson.
Tallent, RobertLTjgSep 1978 – May 12, 19802nd Div, E Div
Borghese, JohnmmfnSep 17, 1978 – Sep 19, 1979engineeringdid all the tile while we were in drydock
Allen, Steven D.QM2Dec 1978 – Sep 1979NAVGreat softball team Rocklinski, Carlson, Brownie, Carpenter, Billy Byrd. Came aboard in yards. Broke left ankle sliding into 3rd at LCAB and never went back. QMC Pruitt, Jensen, Gaboian. OS RAB. QMCM now, still serving in Reserves
Miller, BrianSA1979 – 19801stWould like to hear from any shipmates that served with me during this time.
Ruhland, MartinPN21979 – 1981XOne of the best experiences of my life. There are afew guys who I would like to make amends to though i don't remember their names. And afew friends I'd love to talk to again.
Bostick, RobertFNMM1979 – 1981A-Gang mian controlHows it been going Joe,Walter,Rich remember Gitmo all those dam drills. remember in jamaica chip manley wanted everybody to call him chip cause he jamaican president name was manley and they hated him and they would look at manley real hard
Joseph, Bechtolsn1979 – 19812nd divisioni had alot of fun on the great white beast of the middle east
Ashton, RobertMMFN1979 – 1980M divisonLooking for shipmates Aft engine room on USS Coronado AGF-11 during 1979 through 1980 homeported in Bahrain
Bailey, BeetleE51979 – 1981engineering a divisiontrying to get in contact with my buddies in A division who served 1979 to 1981
Socha, TomBMSAJan 1, 1979 – Dec 1, 19791STTHE YARDS HOW I HATED THOSE DAYS..the crank didn't belong on dry ground any body know where wyatt west or gentry are
Cantalupo, JerryBM3Feb 1979 – Oct 1981DeckThe Ivory Beast of the Middle East. Great Memories, Shellback, Spades, Gitmo, etc Believe it or not...I am now a Middle School history teacher in Texas.
Delcore, JoeMM2Feb 25, 1979 – Jul 15, 1981Main Control A-GangEnjoyed my time on the Coronado,living in NJ,I would enjoy hearing from some of the old crew,MM3 Walt Ball,MM1 Wertenbach,to name a few
Rowley, RichardPO3Mar 10, 1979 – Oct 1, 1981f1WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT MY SHIPMATES
Baker, GlennSH3Jun 1979 – Jul 1979Ship serviceman
Davis, JackiC2Jun 1979 – Dec 1980ElectricalFun times in the Middle East.
Jefferson, LarryDT3Jul 7, 1979 – Apr 11, 1984Dental
Heard, TonyEM2Jul 25, 1979 – Aug 22, 1984Cranewhite ghost, shellback, Kenya, e-div protons, baharain, Kingsbay Ga., Fast attack, ICBM, Boomers, B&A Crane
Davis, Anthony "junior"ANAug 1979 – Mar 1981V AirGot tagged w/ the nickname "Junior" when I reported aboard because I was the youngest in the dept. I didn't like it but it stuck & I got used to it. Got to see the change to AGF 11
Koch, John / JokerBMSNAug 1979 – Apr 1983Deck Division
Mahnken, PaulPH 2Aug 20, 1979 – Dec 20, 1981X devI was the first photographers mate on the uss coronado. I built the photo lab from scratch. I had many great times on this ship and met many great people.
Decampo, FrankHMOct 1, 1979 – Nov 1, 1980medicalServed as corpsman for about a year then transfered. Hung out with airdales and boiler techs. lots of parties! Hey Animal you out there?
Franklin, ChuckRM3Nov 1979 – May 1981CommunicationsWhat I recall Coronado was in the yards most of the time, then we deployed to Bahrain. Great time though. We had some great shipmates and softball team. Send me a line.
Stokes, DavidSR-SM3Nov 16, 1979 – Nov 16, 1981Communications1st of 8 ships, LPD then paint job and AGF, Ivory Beast of the Middle East. I sewed the homweward bound pennant but flew back to the states and missed the unveiling. Great memories of the Signal Gang
Hall, JeffEW2Dec 1979 – Dec 1980
Adams, RichFA - HT3Dec 1979 – Nov 1981RYards,M-Div,Mess cooking, GITMO,R-Div,Yards again (white paint job)!,OPPE, Persian Gulf, Shellbacks, Kenya. Unforgetable experience.
Fabre, MarioBMSN1980 – 1982Deck
Ramos, Pedro A.BMSN1980 – 19821stI'm a Messianic Jewish Believer,I'm glad i found my shipmates on this web site.Praise the Lord May Adonai Bless All f You! Mario Fabre,Jerry Cantelupo,Paff, Todd(Harry) Feeser,Rodriguez,Colon(Flag Man)Dave,John(Vancouve
Hummel, BrianEMFN1980 – 1981E-DivisionLots of great memories indeed. Lots of Blackouts too. Great bunch of sailors. Work hard played harder types. Shellbacked in Kenya(crazy times) , Smokers matches in 120 degrees, Party every night some how some way.
Teceno, JohnSHSNJan 20, 1980 – Feb 3, 1981sh3
Munnerlyn, MichaelPN3Feb 1980 – Jun 1982Deck/AdminCurrently living in Seattle, WA and serving as LT in the U. S. Coast Guard. Would love to hear from old friends.
Schau, BillE-3Feb 3, 1980 – Jul 1, 1981MedicalLove to hear fromsome of the old corpsman. Live I Spokane WA John Nelson still lives here see him all the time. Have fun shipmates Also I wanna ballcap does anybody know where to get one.
Harrison, AlanFeb 20, 1980 – Apr 1, 1984DECK
Desmarais, Bill ( Bird ) profile iconE-3/E-4 Electrician's MateFeb 20, 1980 – Jun 12, 1981EFirst ship, enjoyed learning and teaching troubleshooting. Really enjoyed being on the B&A Crane during our UNREP's had a good bunch of guys in the shop, how about all those Gen. Blackouts !!!
Nelson, JohnBM#Apr 1980 – Jan 1982Deck
Paul, DonaldET3May 1980 – Dec 4, 1981OEjoined the crew in portmouth, not really any more fun than the middle east. wa sure glad to leave when i did
Corney, DanielEM3-EM2May 2, 1980 – Nov 13, 1981(Motor Rewind Shop)Great crew crappy cruise, from Portsmouth shipyard to ASU Bahrain. The only bright spots were the crew and our trip south across the equator to Mombasa! I have memories that will last forever! Anyone know where I can get a ships patch?
Evans, OtisSNMay 16, 1980 – Nov 1, 1981Boat DivisionJ.J, Taylor, Nubie, C.W, Myron, Shady Grady, Ramos, Fabre Lupo, Koch to name a few. You men were and still are Brothers that have NEVER forgotten and never will. God Bless You All W/ Continued Fair Winds & Following Seas
Deberry, MichaelSNMay 18, 1980 – Oct 30, 1981Deck / X DIvStarted in Deck Div, then got into X div as Printer striker in the print shop.Me and Paul Manken, Tony Lanzalotta hung out on liberty alot and had some good times
Frost, Mike (Frosty)SMSNMay 24, 1980 – Jul 1, 1981Boats/CommHI guys
Wright, J.j.SN IC3Jun 1980 – 1981Deck// IC ShopAKA (Serious Jay)
Cameron, Steve (Doc)DT2Jun 1, 1980 – Jun 1, 1981a strange year
Kratts, StephenMM1Jun 23, 1980 – Jul 1, 1981A
Tippett, FlashSMSRJul 4, 1980 – Jul 4, 1982Xthe desert duck's launching pad was my gonna be my half way house for awhile, but it turned out to be just the opposite. :)
Niemcewicz, Keith (Nemo)OSSNAug 1, 1980 – Aug 10, 1981OII cross-decked from USS LaSalle and served aboard USS Coronado until Aug 1985. I crossed the line and became a shell back on our way to Mombassa in 1981. It was my first ship and I had a great time with great crew members including CWO Tucker.
Meeves, BruceASM3Oct 15, 1980 – Dec 15, 1981AirFirst and only cruise in the Navy alot of good times.
Kirchgesler, Ken / Kirk profile iconOS1Nov 1980 – Jun 1981OICross decked from La Salle
Wright, PatHT2Nov 27, 1980 – Oct 18, 1981R

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