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USS William V. Pratt (DDG 44) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS William V. Pratt (DDG 44). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 302 crew members registered for the USS William V. Pratt (DDG 44).

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Henderson, LesIC1Mar 13, 1970 – Sep 25, 1971EAnybody know where Tom Warren is?
Rachuba, GaryRD2Apr 14, 1970 – Dec 1, 1970OI (Operations)Only aboard 7 months. Made the Med cruise in 1970.
Schneidt, Don E.SNMay 1970 – Oct 1972DeckLooking for anyone that served in 1st Div. Like to chat about old times, or remind me of what I might have done?
Plessel, Terry/SnakeyeMMFNJul 1970 – Jan 1972M Main ControlWe were DLG 13 ... the Willie V as we knew her. I remember Black September, 1970. And we did 1 helluva job. I was mess cooking in the galley then. Went to the hole when we stood down. I racked aft under a missle blast plate. Cooch and Fed.
Davis, Robert (Dave)Fire Control Tec E-5Aug 1, 1970 – Mar 10, 1972Weapons ControlLike to find some of the Guys that worked in Weapons Control
Saunders, DanBT31971 – 1972B
Stone, GeneOS3Mar 1971 – Oct 1972OIA Great Ship and Crew. Visited many places and made many friends.
Claus, BobAug 1971 – 1972
Conrad, CharleySNDec 17, 1971 – Oct 11, 1972DeckWe were DLG-13. Deck and 3 mos. crankin Med the summer of 72 was quite a journey for a 20 year old kid. Remembering Mykonos :) Trying to locate Nick Matza, Hoppy, Teaque, BM2 Jackson and CS2 Johnson. Found Faircloth and QM Tom Flanagan.
Goldi, DonBTCM1972 – Sep 1974B
Chapman, Altonbt 11972 – 1975BTook the ship out of commission in Philaphia and took it back into commission
Zucaro, Gary "Zook"SEAMANMar 19, 1972 – Jun 17, 1975FoxI served on board the Pratt during the transition from DLG-13 to DDG-44, did two Med cruises and one Unitas cruise. Man..I loved that ship and have lots of great memories.
Mulrooney, JohnSK2Dec 12, 1972 – Oct 6, 1976S-1Hard working and very together crew. Many time I remember our Med cruise followed quickly by our UNITAS cruise. 10 month out of 12 at sea.
Rowe, MarkEM 31973 – 1977engineeringplank owner from norfolk, unitas, and 3 med cruzes. shellback. Started as DLG-13. Ended with DDG-44. Seen alot and did alot. It was fun looking back on it. Any other electricans alive out there?
Brandt, LeeBTCM1973 – 1977B-Division
Steve Chadwell, Steve  NEWOSSR1973 – 1973OperationsLooking for photos and personal experience and recollectionsfrom Drone Crash that destroyed Electronic Warfare Level just above CIC
Knight, JackMM1Apr 1973 – Jun 29, 1976M
Buchanan, BuckMMCJun 1973 – May 1977AGreat Ship, great crew, great cruises
Harris, DirckBT2Jun 1, 1973 – Aug 14, 1977B
Beasley, CraigChief Warrant OfficerJun 19, 1973 – Sep 13, 1976DeckGreat ship! Hello Paul Hake!
Drumgoole, CarlBT 1Jul 1973 – Mar 1977B
Hake, Pauls/nJul 23, 1973 – Aug 23, 1975deckforcei was prior army and joined the navy never had navy boot camp an was put on the pratt. everything was on the job training it was the best experience i had and how something so large could stay afloat wow. i loved the 13
Seal, Sonny / Frog / Mm3frogMM3Aug 1973 – Apr 1975M
Bakowski, Tom /skiEM2Aug 1973 – Aug 1977ElectriciansGreat ship with a great crew. Visited a lot of countries and a lot of cool cities.
York, StevenSTG3Aug 12, 1973 – Mar 15, 1975U DivisionPre-commisioning until return from the Med.
Cicero, TonyDS1Sep 5, 1973 – Oct 11, 1977DIPlank owner on recommissioning crew - 2 Med Cruises and 1 Unitas Cruise
Atkinson, DennisBT21974 – 1977B
Melvin, Charles profile iconBT1 and BTC1974 – 1977B
Henke, Richard MM2Jan 1974 – Sep 1977M-Division After Engineroom
Salomone, Michael / SalMM2Feb 1974 – Aug 1977M Division After EngineroomIt was nice to see Henke's and Seal's name again, stroke your magic twanger froggy. Two great guys. Sorry to see that Whittenburg is no longer with us. All these years later I can still run that #2 engine room in my head
Weber, KurtETN3Apr 1974 – Oct 1977T
Marshall, DeweyRMCMay 1974 – Oct 1977Operations / CommunicationsRetired in sunny Jacksonville, Florida
Sanders, DarrellDS2Sep 1974 – Mar 1978DI
Payne, Richardgmt3Sep 15, 1974 – May 29, 1976sonar
Porter, JimBT11975 –BI'm trying to find out when the reunion is, I heard it was in Aug.
Butler III, James DOSSN1975 – Sep 30, 1976OSMy first chain of command was the US Naval Academy Annapolis Maryland 1974-1975 around the time the USS Belnap had a collision. In 1975 I then got my orders to ship out to the USS William V. Pratt DDG 44 for Task Force Solid Shield.
Butler III, James DOSSN1975 – 1976OSI boarded this destroyer in 1975 at the naval ship yard in Charleston, South Carolina. We anchored in front of the Statue of Liberty on July 4.1976 America's 200th birthday. Sailed the Atlantic, Task Force Solid Shield, and the Carribean.
Welsch, Ken profile iconEM21975 – Jun 1977EngineeringHey Tom Bakowski, How are you doing???
Sanford, GaryGMM2Mar 1, 1975 – Jun 30, 1979CS/GPOIC of fwd inhaul station , sea and anchor detail helmsman, lee helm. Qualified as master helmsman with 4000 hrs logged along side and in and out of port.
Blair, Timothygmm3Mar 7, 1975 – Oct 7, 1979gmI enjoyed my time on ship. I would love to hear from any shipmates....
Gerkens, Carl (Pickles) profile iconYN1 (Retired)Jun 20, 1975 – Jun 30, 1978AdministrationMade many friends for life. Enjoyed UNITAS (crossing the Equator), Parade of Tall Ships in New York Harbor in 1976, hosting the Royal Family of Monaco and then making the Mediterranean Cruise. Retired shortly after that.
Datoc, ClydeMSSNJul 1975 – Jul 1976S-2
Jones, RobertBT2Jul 13, 1975 – Mar 8, 1980BEnjoyed my time in the Pratt and went on to retire as a Chief in 1992.
Bisby, RobertMmfaAug 1, 1975 – Mar 30, 1979MI Live in Katy Tx, Married 33 years and i have 5 grand kids.
MacAm, Jesus "Jess"EMCS (Ret.)Aug 5, 1975 – Oct 18, 1977E-DivisionGreat memories on the ship. Made E-8 onboard. Outstanding Engineering Dept. under Chief Engr. LCDR Karnas. CPO Mess and CPOs are FOUR "Os". Enjoyed Med & Unitas cruises & became shellback too. Shipmates, send me email
Evans, Ira WFTM3Aug 29, 1975 – Dec 10, 1977Fox
Bergner, DougJO3Sep 1975 – Oct 1978
McArdle, JohnSM3Dec 8, 1975 – Jun 18, 1978
Mailman, PeterMM3Dec 30, 1975 – Jul 8, 1978M FOREWARD ENGINE ROOMSNIPES FOREVER

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