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USS Maine (SSBN 741) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Maine (SSBN 741). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 144 crew members registered for the USS Maine (SSBN 741).

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Bolton, DerekYN3(SS)2000 – 2003EXECUTIVE
Ponder, Brian "Spaz"MM2 (SS)Mar 2000 – Sep 2004MachineryGreat first sea tour. This is where I cut my teeth and it helped me more than I can say to achieve success in my career. MMC (SS)
Gails, AdrianET3 (SS)Mar 14, 2000 – Sep 5, 2001NAV/COMM
MacHado, LuisE-6/MMMar 15, 2000 – Oct 10, 2004TorpedoI'll never forget the 4 1/2 years on the Maine because of the friends I made. Shore duty is awsome in Hawaii. The guys from the Maine I see out here still ask me about the the Plan of the Dizay. When is everybody going to forget about that?
Maida, ChrisEM2Apr 1, 2000 – Jul 6, 2004
Kish, JasonMM1(SS)Apr 15, 2000 – Dec 1, 2002RLFigured there had to be a nuke amongst all you coners.
Burnelis, Thomas "Burney"MM1May 15, 2000 – Apr 5, 2005
Lalonde, SteveMM1 (SS)Jul 2000 – Oct 2004I'm with ya Kish. The Nukes need to have a say in this. I miss some of yous guys, but I'm happy right here in CIVLANT. Unemployment was awesome, I recommend it to anyone, especially Potts. You can get paid for being lazy!
Warren, ScottSKC(SS)RETIREDJul 10, 2000 – Aug 18, 2003SKHad a blast, worked with many excellent shipmates. It was the best crew and best Chief's quarters I was ever part of.
Lalonde, SteveMM1 (SS)Jul 10, 2000 – Oct 12, 2004Who would have thought I would ever miss being in the Navy?? I didn't care for the "order of business" on the boat, but I miss the people and the good times.
Scott, RobertET2(SS)Aug 2000 – Apr 2004RadioThis is by far the best division I have ever worked in.
Kenaston, MichaelMT2Aug 14, 2000 – May 10, 2005STRATWEPS
Godejohn, RichardE5/EM2(SS)Aug 30, 2000 – Aug 24, 2003I miss the guys and the 'purpose driven life'. Glad to have been part of something worthwhile.
Dent, IanMMCMSep 2000 – Oct 2003EDMCA rewarding tour.
Ramirez, TitoET1(SWS)Dec 1, 2000 – Aug 2, 2002NAV
Davis, Dave "fat Diver"YN1Dec 4, 2000 – Nov 16, 2005YNGreat crew and enjoyed taking care of Blue and some Goldies
Calaci, Cody/ CushionMT2Dec 22, 2000 – May 7, 2004stratwepsBy far the best time I've had i the navy was with MTC Mills, Steck, Drew, Nick, Frank, Dan, Brandon, Mike, Kory, Tim, Wes, and everyone else I'm forgetting. Nothing will ever top Nick Jones krusty laugh with the sick jokes, and the gilla monst
Bagley, Timothy2001 – 2004A-GANG
Sims, SterlingET1Jan 1, 2001 – Sep 12, 2005RadioMy tour was awesome and I learned alot. I see some of these names and remember some great times.
Dunkle, JustinMM2/SSFeb 2001 – Sep 2005A-Gang
Palmer, JonathanET2Jun 28, 2001 – Aug 31, 2005NAVWhat a great time it was to get off the Maine! Hope my old division is enjoying all the training while I'm traveling Europe....I mean while I'm on shore duty.
Tate, QuintonCS3Jul 2001 – Mar 2006CS
Walker, TimSTSCAug 29, 2001 – Mar 17, 2006Sonar/DeckSome of the greatest guys that I ever had the pleasure of working with. I will never forget my years on the Maine. You all know who you are! "Remember the MAINE"
McRae, RichardMT2Sep 11, 2001 – Sep 23, 2005MTCan't believe I'm actually writing in here too! I see you Mike and Frank - Oh well, might as well be a digget at some point in my career. Awesome, unforgettable division. Will miss you guys. Good luck in Washington!
Singleton, JustinSTDec 2001 – Jun 2003Sonar
Seymour, JesseET1Dec 4, 2001 – May 11, 2005RCI met a lot of good people on the Maine and had some pretty interesting times. I'm sure that there's nothing so terrible that a little therapy and a lot of booze won't be able to cure it. I'll always miss the old group though...
Danchise, DanielMT2 DanchiseMar 4, 2002 – May 2006Missile Techs
Corbello, LucasSSBN 741Jun 2002 – May 2006
Pierce, JohnathanMT2Sep 2002 – Aug 2007Missile Technician
Danz, Frank (Tony)EM1(SS)Sep 4, 2002 – Jul 17, 2007Electrical
Camacho, FrankMT3Sep 24, 2002 – Sep 24, 2006Strat Weps
Mills, GeorgeMTCOct 2002 – Oct 2004SWS
Walley, BradEM22003 – 2006E-Div
Buck, DavidCS32003 – 2006Supply
Segura, BrettMMCS/SSJan 3, 2003 – Jan 15, 2006A-Gang
Walters, Gary profile iconET2/SSMay 2003 – Jun 2006RadioFamiliar names and faces, and great memories. Remember arriving as a dirtbag and being shaped into a better man and a sailor. My seada-err, "sponsor" had lot to do with that. Thanks Sims.
Treen, MarkLTJGJun 20, 2003 – May 1, 2006O-GangThanks, it was a great first tour!
King, Phillip "Kingfish"ET3Jun 24, 2003 –NAV/OPS
Leahy, MikeE-5/YN2Aug 2003 – Aug 2006EXEC
Gracien, Steve OMT2/SSSep 16, 2003 – Mar 16, 2008MTI can't be any more happy with the crew then i am right now. We all came together and had a really good time bringing the sub around. The division is storng, the dept is strong, overall the crew is strong and have alot of great and up and coming g
Daniels, BradleyEM2Oct 5, 2003 – Jul 18, 2006Electrical

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