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Vigilantes (VF 151) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Vigilantes (VF 151). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 49 crew members registered for the Vigilantes (VF 151).

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Oravec, Louisamh21960 – 1962like to hear from anyone on coral sea aon 1960-61cruise. need squadron pics. on pages 250-254. cruisebook
Busz, DouglasAE-21960 – Jul 1961My nickname was BUZZ!
Scott, G.e.(Gerry)AQ2Apr 1962 – Jun 1963DEMON DOCTOR.WESTPAC spring '62 and spring '63 miramar-travis afb-kobe(uss coral sea)back to miramar in '62--miramar-alameda(uss coral sea) WESTPAC'and sydney '63.
Unruh, Gerald JerryAT3Apr 1, 1962 – Apr 30, 1967Anyone out there from the AT shop?
Dobell, Harry Commander1963 – 1966I was an naval flight officer RIO in the 1964-1965 deployment on the Coral Sea that was the longest combat tour of any carrier in the Vietnam War.
Wynans, BuzzE-5Jan 1, 1963 – Jun 1, 1965
Warner, Rudger (Rud)AQF2Oct 20, 1963 – Aug 20, 1966
Taylor, Gary \CAPTAINJan 1964 – Dec 1965Curious who from my pilot/NFO comrades stayed in, made command, or acceeded to significant senior officer status
Parks, DanielAQF3Sep 1964 – Sep 20, 1966Those were the days my friend
Knoch, RichAQF2Dec 1, 1964 – Sep 10, 1967Just found this site . . . we need to organize a reunion, right?
Vodnansky, Jamesadj3Sep 7, 1965 – Sep 7, 1967im looking for buddies from squardon vf151
Cronin, JamesPN3Oct 1, 1965 – Mar 1, 1969
Phillips, RayAMH-21966 – 1970
Shinault, James (Jim)AZ31966 – 1968Daniel Seese, Ray Sandoval. Ronnie Jones, Tommy Hardin, Frank Morales
Eaton, BudAMH2Feb 1966 – Dec 1966
Edmondson, George Ede5 ams1967 – 1969I worked in the check crew the whole time I was there.Chief hudjohn, Rene Broussard, Marvin Davis, JC Enderly
Brannen, Jimao3Aug 1, 1967 – Aug 1971I was at Miramar from 67 to 71, first with vf121, and then later v/f151. got assigned to drive Capt. Canatser around. he was CIC of the base. was on the Coral Sea cruise. Painted F-4's on the ship and at Cubi Pt.
Jenkins, BruceAMS2Aug 3, 1967 – Sep 19, 1970
Welfelt, TedanNov 28, 1967 – Nov 29, 1970raised in aust teenage years...worked my way in 1966 to us to join navy retired 1987 ma-1
Dean, Robin profile iconAQ2Apr 4, 1968 – Jan 10, 1972Fire control shop/AIMD on USS Coral Sea and USS Midway - Avionics and Radar on F-4B Phantom - when not at sea stations at NAS Miramar, San Diego, CA
Hopkins, Dale "Hoppy"AQF2Jul 1968 – Apr 1971Transferred to Naval Reserves and retired in 1988 as a LCDR.. Crew mates: , Ken Beaver, Monty High, Rich Wells, Dave Rohr, Lee Kidwell, Duffy Halboth, Dave Price, Jim Freeman, Jim Fredrickson, Jerry Shepard, Rob Dean.
Williams, Jim (Willie)AMH-2Mar 1969 – Oct 1970Assigned VF-121 at NAS Miramar. Then VF-151 and USS Coral Sea 69-70. Worked out of the Airframes shop under Chief Knudsen. Loaded several videos on YouTube of flight ops and Polywog initiations. Search Youtube Vf-151
Walston, Jo DeanAT 2Nov 1970 – Aug 1973Great memories , made cruises in 1971 , and 1972 to 1973 . I liked it so much I stayed 30 years ,retired as E9 in June 1996. James Wade Griffis contact me .
Martin, StevePN2Sep 1, 1971 – Jul 11, 1973I am looking for anyone from VF-151 serving on board Midway during our WESTPAC cruise from April 1972 to March 1973. Please contact me to learn how to become a member of Midway Veteran's Association (MVA).
Haight, RobertPR3Apr 3, 1972 – Nov 18, 1972I remember sitting in the AIMD paraloft when an A6 crashed on the flight deck. Very scary experience. Overall though it was a good combat cruise.
Smith, Roland EAN1973 – 1975The Navy and VF 151 offered many opportunities which unfortunately I was too young to take advantage off. I have good memories of the time I spent on the USS Midway and working on the flight deck. A beautiful ship.
Hoffman, RandyAMSANMar 1974 – Mar 1976Frequent wind was awesome! Crossed equator and C O lc chambers got it too! Loved the boat and the guys I served with in my squadron! Go airdale!
Norbury, JohnnieE61977 – 1979Just going down memory lane
Peck, RichardE-6 Richard Peck1977 – 1979Any of you old guys still kicking
Campbell, Lamont CampyAMS3Mar 7, 1977 – Mar 10, 1979My 1st assignment, best ship, USS Midway, and best fighter squadron I ever served in. I worked in C/C, then became a P/C. I had A/C 204. I became a man in VF-151...n loved it! Anybody from C/C, the Line, or AO Shop
Jackson, Lowell “ray”AQ1May 1980 – May 1983I served TAD To AIMD, Shop 3, Radar.
Garrison, DavidAZ1Aug 1980 – Aug 1983LOOKING FOR ANYONE ATTACHED VF-151 FROM 80-83
Costain, John/ JohnnyAT3Jan 4, 1981 – Jun 1, 1983
Barber, Michael (Mike)E5/AEJan 5, 1981 – Mar 24, 1984Yes, I remember Fuzzy! AE & ATs were in the same shop from '81-'84. F-4S
Kochheiser, JamesPN3(AW)Feb 1982 – Oct 1984Just looking to connect with old squadron buddies... Looking for pictures from that era - especially on liberty... Shellback initiations, or just any memorabilia at all...
Fronckowiak, Derrick AMHAN to AMH2Jul 9, 1982 – Jul 18, 1986My first and best tour in my Navy career. I stayed in for 30 years, but none compares to my time on the Midway. My experiences there hardened me and prepared me for life. Any fellow IM-2 Div guys out there?
Williams, TomAO3Oct 1982 – Oct 1984
Wilson, CraigAO3Oct 1982 – Apr 1984came on board after the wetdock 1982first cruise was sasebo. After that we hit every port in the westpac. Shellback after 83 IO.made a lot of good friends.had a great time.Contact willie @478-461-0271
Sowinski, ChristopherPN2Dec 10, 1982 – 1986
Barclay, DavidATAN1983 – 1986
Aungst, John "Augie'AE1May 27, 1983 – May 26, 1986Anybody out there? I was with THE BEST F-4 squadron. Remember our Field Tech " FUZZY" !!!
Blankenship, Gregg "Ichabod"LTOct 14, 1983 – Jun 29, 1986
Stiers, Mark profile iconE5Nov 15, 1983 – Dec 3, 1985I am looking for more people that I worked with on this ship. My email:

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