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USS Alaska (SSBN 732) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Alaska (SSBN 732). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 208 crew members registered for the USS Alaska (SSBN 732).

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Cushing, NickE-60000 – Oct 24, 2006USS Alaska
Vaughan, GordonGunners mate second classOct 1945 – Dec 1945Gunnery
Wiltz, SteveMM2Jun 1982 – Jun 1986M/RLNow married with 2 kids in Port Orchard WA, self-employed as landlord
McAvoy, Gene - The Doc1983 –Imagine this...I've still got the original Medical Department Logs! You would be surprised what stories they tell! :-)
Calvin, RichardET21983 – 1986Reactor ControlsAfter leaving realized that my time in the Navy helped me build my career in life.
McElroy, FrankMMCS(SS)Oct 23, 1983 – Mar 1, 1987Machinery
Hines, SamMMCSDec 4, 1983 – Jan 28, 1990APlankOwner,great ship and Crew Hello to all the A-Div guys I Retired and we r living in Pensacola Fla
Cutrer, RobertMT21984 –MissilePre com thru Patrol 4 Enjoyed my time newly RETIRED 2022
Rogers, Robert (Mike)SKC1984 – Jul 18, 1988SupplyPrecom and Plank owner. Now living in Virginia Beach, VA
Poad, DouglasCDR (LT then)Jan 16, 1984 – Jul 29, 1986Supply DepartmentFirst PRECOM Supply Officer. I will never forget the good times I had in this crazy environment - and the amount of work we managed to cram into 24 hour days. I had some great folks to work with who made me look good.
Brown, E Gerald JrMM1(SS)Mar 1, 1984 – Jun 21, 1987AuxillaryCommissioning member of BLUE CREW
Ledford, BobSK2/SSMar 10, 1984 – Jun 10, 1986SupplyPlank owner on blue crew. I remember Cocoa beach! We were tied up at Cape Canveral when the space shuttle crashed. I was able to see parts of the fuselage come in, amazing time, the best group of men I have ever known or worked with.
Human, CarllMM1Apr 1, 1984 – Aug 1, 1988M
Kobeski, RayMM1/SSApr 1, 1984 – Jun 28, 1990Precom unit was some of the best people I have ever met. I left the Navy and got two Engineering degrees a BSCE and MSE. Came back to Navsea in 2002 working at NUWC Keyport. Drop an email sometime....
Belke, TomCAPTApr 1, 1984 – Jan 31, 1986Tactical Systems Officer (TSO)Plankowner and Sea Trials OOD / became nuke in 1986; assigned to fast attack / transferred to USNR in mid-1989 / retired as Navy Captain in 2008 / Married; 2 sons) / ordained minister / author / CEO of DOTMLPFI, Inc. //
Anthony Jardine, Tony Jardinemm2Apr 1, 1984 – Jun 28, 1988mnuke class 83-04 to precom, followed by several patrols. lived in Ohio for 24 yrs, now in Pa. married with kids. Still in nuke business lots of great memories with a super bunch of guys!
Staggs, DavidMM1/SSApr 17, 1984 – Sep 28, 1987MachineryPrecommissioning Unit, Plankowner, Order of the Ditch, DASO, STRATLOAD, 1 patrol
Cole, DavidET1(SS)Apr 28, 1984 – Nov 13, 1987Strategic NavigationSeems like just yesterday we were standing topside for commissioning in New London. I still like the sound of that "Plankowner".
Mills, Raymond  NEWET 1 SSJun 1984 – Jun 1988SNGood times
Duggan, JohnMM2Jun 1, 1984 – Jun 19, 1988MPlankowner, 3 patrols, great guys.
Brown, E Gerald JrMM2(SS)Jun 15, 1984 – Aug 24, 1986AuxillaryGreat Crew
Kline, RossMM2/SSAug 1984 – Mar 1988MPre-com, shipyard time, missile launch...loved it so much I did it again! (results of psychiatric evaluations are still pending!)
Burke, BrianMM2 SSAug 1984 – Nov 7, 1986A GangPlank Owner, Remember freezing our balls off at both the Launching and Commissioning ceremonies. The crew of this boat were some of the best guys anyone could serve with. Went back east and living in Jersey.
Melton, Andy profile iconLCDRSep 1984 – Oct 1986CommunicatorThis was a terrific "shore tour." Our time down in Cape Canaveral is one I will always cherish.
Valentine, JeffTM3/SSSep 26, 1984 – May 2, 1988TorpedoI was assigned to the Alaska From Sub School while it was still in the E B Shipyard being built .I went Tad to the Andrew Jackson for a patrol in Holy Loch Scotland for experience . I was onboard for Christening Thru Patrols untill My EAOS in 1988
Coffman, Tom profile iconLTOct 6, 1984 – Dec 12, 1988E&IC, SFO, Deck, SMO, TSO (ST, FT, TM, DS)Miss the guys I sailed with! Nothing like them anywhere in the civilian world. Taught Physics at USNA for 3 yrs (not bad for a former EM!), before civilian jobs in USSR, Canada, China & USA. Run a small plastics co. now
Post, WayneMSCS(SS)Oct 14, 1984 – Oct 31, 1988fod servicePre-com was nuts, I had the best group of cooks that I ever served with. In my 29 plus years in the navy alaska was the finest. Great crew
Guinan, BrettIC2 (SS)Nov 1, 1984 – Jul 15, 1987ICWhere's my plank? New construction was an experience.It amazed me to walk out the gates of EB for lunch and see the same guys that welded our sub together were smoking joints on the street What QA? How 'bout that cigar from EB on Alpha trials?
Scott, GaryDS1/FTG1(SS)Dec 1984 – Jul 1988FT DivisionThe best of times... the worst of times. Great CO (Fair Winds and Following Seas, Cap'n Chotvacs!). Alpha-Bravo-Charlie Trials... Commissioning Jan 25, 1986... PCAN... Panama Canal. Sat morning Field Days. Awesome crew!
Anderson, MikeMS1(SS)1985 – 1988MSPCU, Plankowner, Patrol 2, Visit to Fairbanks
Payne, KevinMM3/SS1985 – 1987A-Gang
Boerner, BryonEM1/SS1985 – Jan 3, 1989ElectricalWorking for Port of Tacoma now and living in my home state of Washington.
Caffrey, PaulMT11985 – 1991MissileGreat learning experience and great people.
Hoover, StevenET2/SS1985 – 1990SNUSS Alaska 1st Reunion is Feb 11th through 13th 2015. For plankowners and first patrolees. Contact me if you want more info.
De Gray, KeithET1 SS1985 – May 1989SNEnjoyed the time in the navy
McDowell, BrianMS2/SS1985 – 1986Food ServiceSeatrials was nuts feeding 400 crew/riders for 3wks but we did it! Proud to be Plankowner. Wear my small beltbuckle even to this day. Got out in '88. Now live in Florida.
West, KennethICC(SS)1985 – 1988IC
Fabans, RobertET1(SS)1985 – 1988RC
Anna, KeithFTB2/SSJan 1985 – Mar 1989SFPCU, Plankowner, DASO, Panama Canal, initial load-out, 4 patrols, tons of fun in Weapons Department and remember everybody. Excellent guys. Left my clothes on Cocoa Beach. In Colorado working for the government.
Mills, GeorgeFTB3Jan 1, 1985 – Dec 7, 1989SF/WEPSPlankowner. I as well remeber the Inner room quite well.
Kuehn, MarkMMCSJan 16, 1985 – Mar 1986Bull Nuc
Degon, VincentMTC(SS)Mar 1985 – Apr 1990Missile/DeckPlankowner, Deck Div 1st LT. What a crew and what a blast. I remember the Inner Room well!!!
Lee, Alfred (Chuck)MM1/SSMar 1985 – Jun 1988MechanicalPLANKOWNER
Hall, Clyde Wayne JrRM2/SSMar 18, 1985 – Aug 14, 1989RadioWorst Times: Precom, and after that, dock trials:it was a relief going to sea. Favorite times: Coco Beach for DASO; Pearl-lousy TRE, but fun off-time. No regrets for the shipmates I had...not even the slugs,or E-Bone
Calander, CharlesMS2(SS)Apr 1985 – Mar 1989SupplyPart of the Pre-comm and original Plankowner. Did tour on Uss Alabama. Got out active duty 93 went to reserves Naval Mobile Construction Battialion 18 for 11years and retired from reserves with 21years of service. Now in Law enfocement.
Floyd, MarkET-1 (SS)Apr 1985 – Oct 28, 1988RC
Baruth, DaleSTSC2(SS)May 1, 1985 – Jun 1990SonarSea Trails with 500 people on board with no showers!
Bean, MarkFTB2/SSMay 1, 1985 – Jun 15, 1988Fire ControlPlank Owner Currently live in Georgia Was in new construction and missle test and first patrol, Loved trip to Alaska. Looking forward to Reunion onday.
Topping, GaryRM2/SSMay 15, 1985 – Nov 15, 1988RadioA B C Trials, Not going thru the Ditch. Combat Fishing in Alaska. Bouncing and EAB hose off the Capt.
Hapeman, MikeLTMay 15, 1985 – Apr 1, 1988AuxiliaryIt was one a helluva experience . . .
Ramsel, Lon (Ramjet)HM(SS)Jun 1985 – Jul 1987I was a striker, worked with the QM's for awhile, then worked with Doc. I went to corps school in Great Lakes then was station in San Diego Hospital for the rest of my enlistment till I got out in 1989.
Chapman, James Thomas , IIIMT2Jun 1, 1985 – Apr 1, 1990Strategic MissilePlankowner
Porter, Ralph (Jerry)msc/ssJul 1985 – Sep 30, 1987food serviceI had the best bunch of cooks in the fleet.
Esper, JerryO-3Jul 1, 1985 – Jul 1, 1988IC, MPA, Communications
Hybiske, ScottMM2/SSSep 1985 – Apr 1988A-GangMake the air and water and get the biggest steaks on board. We turned Cocoa Beach and the Inner Room upside-down. Living in PA now.
Worth, DavidFTB1(SS)Oct 4, 1985 – Aug 1987Strategic Fire ControlPlankowner!
Williams, MarcusMM2Oct 9, 1985 – Oct 15, 1990A GangA wild ride, many good friends and probably the hardest job of my life. Easy money now gang! Hope all are well.
Callis, TracySN/SSNov 1985 – Jul 1988RMPlankowner, DASO, Inner Room, Covergirls. What a party. Alask trip in '87. All those tours Great times, and good friends
Mueller, DanMT2Nov 1, 1985 – Dec 15, 1989MissilePlankowner...Remember all the Money we spent @ the Inner room.
Esper, PaulMM2/SSDec 1985 – Sep 1988ELT/ RADCONI came aboard when boat was in Cape Canaveral and took thru Panama Canal to Bangor. I now own several businesses in Florida. Met alot of great people.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1985 | 1986 – 1991 | 1992 – 1997 | 1998 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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