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USS Georgia (SSBN 729) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Georgia (SSBN 729). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 197 crew members registered for the USS Georgia (SSBN 729).

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Esposito, Michael (Espo)STS1/E6Sep 30, 1980 – Sep 30, 2000SONAR
Esposito Mike, EspoSTS1Sep 30, 1980 – Sep 30, 2000SONAR
Daniels, StevenMM1SS1981 – 1984MPlankowner
Sharps, TomETCS(SS)Nov 10, 1981 – Aug 15, 1984NavigationLaunch Crew, Plankowner.
Oswald, Terry "Ozzy"MMC SS/DVDec 30, 1981 – Jan 1, 1984MachineryPrecom and commissioning were alot of work but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Learned a heck of alot. Loved the move to Washington. Never did a patrol. Fast Attack forever!!
Holland, GaryET1/SS1982 – 1985RC
Westlund, Darwin (Wes)MM1(SS)1982 – 1986M-RLPLANKOWNER Working Nuc Power and Radwaste disposal ever since EAOS
Williams, DanE6 / EM11982 – 1986ElectricalPlank owner
Sanchez, AndrewFTB2 (SS)1982 – 1984Fire Control/Weaponsplank owner--became Naval Officer
Biggar, DanielEM1(SS)1982 – 1988ElectricalPlankowner
Rowe, JimMM1/SSJan 1982 – Aug 1985MachineryI am a plank owner.
Rhoads, BillMM1/SSJan 1982 – May 1985M DivPlank Owner, part of initial manning, part of crew split and initial missile testing at Cape Canaveral, made first patrol.
Saner, PhilET1/SSFeb 1982 – 1988RCPlank Owner, SNOB for awhile, TTF, USS Ohio, TRF, Early Retirement as ETC/SS (thank you Pres Clinton)
White, David "stores"SKCSFeb 1, 1982 – Nov 15, 1985StorekeeperYo dudes Still living in WA State, Working for Boeing
Zahn, JeffreyEM1/SSFeb 8, 1982 – Mar 15, 1987ElectricalJust checking on the old girl, wondering how she was holding up.
Lundvall, SteveEM1SSFeb 22, 1982 – Apr 15, 1985Electrical
Carlson, PhillipETC(SS)Mar 1982 – Sep 1985RC-LCPOInitially assigned to Georgia Pre-com crew "A", and the very first enlisted personal assigend to the ship.
Fielder, DouglasET1(SS) then retired ETC(SS) nowMar 1982 – May 1986RCPlankowner. Initial manning thru 3 patrols
Thygersen, SteveHMC(SS)Mar 29, 1982 – Oct 12, 1985MedicalPLANKOWNER
Kennedy, BrianMM1/SSApr 1, 1982 – May 4, 1985Auxiliary
Frueh, ScottMM2/SSMay 1982 – May 1985MPlankowner
Markey, CurtMM1/SSMay 1982 – May 1985MCan't get her or her crew off my mind!
Feist, DavidET1(SS)May 1, 1982 – Dec 12, 1986STRAT NAVPlankowner
Martin, WilliamMM1 (SS)May 29, 1982 – Jul 24, 1988M
Brown, ZaneMS1 (SS)Aug 1982 – May 1986supplyit was agreat time being a plankowner my daughter was born in groton the only bad memory i have is my last time at sea we pulled into guam minus one shipmate who passed away days before we reached port.
Butler, TimMM1/SSAug 28, 1982 – May 25, 1986MachineryPlank owner
Rodgers, JoeMT3Sep 15, 1982 – Mar 17, 1988SMOriginal Commissioning crew, looking for others to talk about the good old days!
Parent, ShaunFN/SSDec 1982 – Aug 1984Deck A-Gang strikerPlankowner, Was second none rated seaman to report to the boat, qualified and received my Dolphins June of 1984 at the end of DASO trials Cocoa Beach, Fl. Would love to hear from all. Now living in Battle Ground,Wa.
Thompson, MarkIC1/SSDec 6, 1982 – Jun 1985IC
Carroll, Charles (Chuck)STSC(SS)Dec 8, 1982 – Apr 15, 1985Sonar Plank OwnerRetired, currently Dean of Students at a high school in Billings, MT
Clough, MarkMM1(SS)1983 – 1987Plankowner, EWS in M-Division, Gold Crew. After Georgia, went on to teach at S5G prototype. Left the Navy, and got masters degree in engineering at Purdue. Now enjoying life as a civilian. Wanted to say hello to my old friends!!!
Brewer, GregoryMM3/SS1983 – 1986MPlankowner
Turnbow, RichardET2(SS)1983 –RC
Oppel, GarySN(su) plank owner1983 – 1984Nav ET1st boat. Plank owner. Struck Nav ET. Left as boat went to DASO. Memories of E B and the amazing smells from Pfizer!!
Brewer, TomFTBJan 1983 – Sep 1986FTB/WeaponsDid 2 tours on Georgia. Gold crew out of new construction and Blue crew after tour at CSS-17.
Fortelny, JohnFeb 1983 – Feb 1986DS/ FTGPlankowner DS/FTG Div LCPO 1st Lieutenant
Degley, Maurice 'Mo'STS1/SSFeb 20, 1983 – Apr 6, 1988SonarSonar LPO Gold Crew
Harty, MichaelMS2(SS)Mar 1983 – Jul 1987supplythe greatest sub in the fleet
Webb, GeraldIC2Mar 1983 – Nov 1986Forward ICStill think about our time during our stint on the boat. Precom, sea trials, patrols and all that happened. Loss of a shipmate, sinking of a tug, and the trip to Guam. Hope everyone is doing well.
Lippold, MichaelFTB2(SS) THENMar 1, 1983 – Jun 1, 1986SFPLANKOWNER
Wharton, StuartMM2(SS)Mar 3, 1983 – Nov 16, 1986Deck/A-gangPlankowner, came to boat FA(SU), left MM2(SS) Gold Crew patrols 1-3. Skippers were CAPT Myron P. Gray and CAPT Tommy W. Turner.
Hall, JohnFTG1May 1983 – May 1987TM/FT
Gilbertson, Donald "Marty"MS2(SS) MS1(SS)May 1983 – Jun 1987MSPlankowner
Bartges, DannyQMC (SS)May 10, 1983 – Jun 1, 1986NAV/OPSCOMMISIONED IN 1986
Patterson, GaryMT3/SSJun 1983 – Jan 1988WeaponsPlankowner
Schinella, DavidMT3Jun 1983 – Dec 1987SMPlank owner of the Fourth and Finest. A great boat and great crew that taught me a lot. Retired in Nov 2001 as MTCS. Currently working on the "Georgia Project" in Norfolk Naval Shipyard.
Brown, ZaneMS1 (SS)Jun 1983 – May 1986supplyplankowner had a great time in groton that is where my daughter was born had plenty of good memories with the exception of my last time ever at sea and the loss of one of our shipmates
Laganga, JoeETJul 1983 – Apr 1986NavigationPlankowner
Shiple, ChrisMM1SSAug 20, 1983 – Feb 20, 1987APlank owner
Shiple, ChrisAug 23, 1983 – Feb 20, 1987Apownerlank
Stelianou, Paul profile iconFTB2(SS)Sep 1, 1983 – Feb 1, 1988Strategic Fire ControlPlank Owner
Singer, RandyETCS(SS) RET. NOW ET2(SS) THEN.Oct 1983 – 1986RCPlankowner

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1983 | 1984 – 1989 | 1990 – 1996 | 1997 – 2002 | 2003 – now

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