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USS Long Beach (CGN 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Long Beach (CGN 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1154 crew members registered for the USS Long Beach (CGN 9).

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Hall, JohnEM11979 – 1980E-1
Brajcki, John CasmierE-21979 – 1981A
Vinkavich, MichaelMM11979 – Jun 23, 1983B-1
Porter, JamesSTG11979 – 1980S-3 Division
Bennett, MichaelMM11979 – Sep 1981AMR-1
Castle, DanRM21979 – 1983CommunicationsLots of great memories of colorful, real friends; crazy, drunken adventures; and experiencing the world. Proud and happy to have served on this ship and with this crew.
Laplanr, TerryMM1Jan 1979 – Jan 1984B-2 M-2Snipes rule!!
Golding, KenDSSNJan 11, 1979 – May 13, 1982Data SystemsDid 2 westpac's on this ship. Great bunch of guys. I found Robert Wilson, Looking for Bob Aitken
Sipes, JeffE3Feb 1979 – Apr 18, 19801st&Boat/S2She was the 1st and ONLY ship I was on. I wish I had done things differently. Like to apologise to ALL my friends and ship mates. Bob Aitken , Smitty, Menard,and Andreasen(you KNOW Bros.) Had some Great times on her!! Remember the big storm
Ballard, BryanE3Mar 1979 –DecksI to this day remember the time I spent aboard the grey lady as the point in my life where I went from a kid to a man. Thank you one and all.
McKernan, SamuelFTM 2Mar 15, 1979 – Aug 15, 1980MAAWas asigned to the FTM div, but only spent 3 or 4 months there, then was sent to the MAAs where I stayed till I x-fered.
Clay, MarcEM1Apr 1, 1979 – Oct 3, 1983E-3Looking back, I had a great experience on the Long Beach with my all my Nuc buds like Brian Kenner, Mark Walker, Al Flynn, Bobby Chandler, KKK, BJ Keyes, Jimmy Olson, and on and on. All great friends.
Walker, Raymondht-3Apr 3, 1979 – Oct 8, 1982rgood ship and crew
Engler, ChipET1May 1979 – Oct 1984RC2The AFT plant was ALWAYS pushing the forward plant around!
Taylor, KevinE-4May 7, 1979 – Mar 19821st.The greatest command in the US Navy, I loved our crew!! Strike Hard Strike Home!! Bravo Zulu!!
Funk, T profile iconbmsn 3Jun 1979 – May 19813rd divisionI enjoyed my time on the Longbeach. Its where I realized I had become a man. I felt so proud to be on such a beautiful and unique and oh so powerful ship. I made the 80 westpac and have tremendous memories of it all.
Daskoski, VerneE3Jun 12, 1979 – Jul 18, 1980Marine CorpsUSMC security in proud service thanks to all hands and quick actions my cruse wes pac 78 almost got sunk with the fleet admiral on board with a talos missle thanks to helmsmen and the skipper it missed
Reece, JohnFTMC/FTCSJul 1979 – Nov 30, 1986Fox
McFerren, Don (Mac)ENSep 1, 1979 – Sep 1, 1984A-gangIts really good to see some of your names again. Just want to thank all of you for your friendship, for it was the start of a very important journey for me. So thank you all again. would like to share where we all have gone.
Belleau, JimE-3Sep 7, 1979 – Oct 7, 1980mar-detshe was a great lady, and i will allways remember all the great times i had!
Anderson, Wes "Moose"MM2/1Sep 9, 1979 – Mar 15, 1986B2/B1They don't come any sweeter than Westpac '80. Skinnerback!!!
Barstow, JimRM2Sep 30, 1979 – Nov 1, 1981RadioHad a great time serving on the Long Beach mostly because of the friendships with fellow radiomen, basketball junkies and playing football on Coronado. Glad to be home, though.
Buchanan, CharlesGMG3Oct 1, 1979 – Feb 12, 1981WGThe Long Beach was my first ship and although not the BEST ship, but probably the most memorable one! I seen her last here in San Diego without her mast, but there was no mistaking it was (once) the Mighty USS Long Beach CGN-9!
Wann, Ben (Ob 1) IC2Nov 1979 – Jun 1983 E-2 Chief Ferrior/ LTJG Voslow West-Pac 1980, Bremerton Shipyards. I am very proud of having served aboard. She was a fine ship and crew. Had alot of good times with good people. Had a few times not ever told.
Ezzell, RandyMM2Nov 1979 – Jun 1981M2Pleasure cruise 80,
Brownlow, GailETCNov 1979 – 1980OEI made the 1980 Westpac Deployment, Had a wonderful bunch of Shipmates.
Hauck, DarrylMM1Nov 19, 1979 – Jan 9, 1984B-1Skinnerback! Let 'er ride.
Magdaleno, EliasMM2Nov 19, 1979 – Aug 8, 1985M-1Pleasure Pac 1980 rocked. saying hi to M. Vinkavich, T. Laplant, R. Ezzell, D. Hauck. I am on Facebook if anybody cares.
Thompson, RobbyPRIVATE FIRST CLASS- LANCE CORPORALDec 1979 – Sep 1980Marine DetachmentCommanding Officer, Marine Detachment Captain James B Egan. Detachment 1stSgt, 1stSgt Thomas Griggs
Amend, DavidMM1Dec 1979 – Jan 1984M2Great ship--- lots of memories. There is a model of her in the galley at the Nuc school in South Carolina. Great to see a few names i recognize. West-Pac 1980 was terrific.
Dodd, Dean profile iconFTM2Dec 15, 1979 – Sep 15, 1980F2Only made one westpac when US embassy in Iran was taken. Being the flagship we never went to the Indian Ocean. Had a lot of fun on that cruise. I left the navy before LB went to Bremmerton.
Morgan, BudBMSNJan 2, 1980 – Jun 14, 1980boat crew
Mills, DonE-3Jan 3, 1980 – May 29, 1982E3lots of good memories .and meet some great guys
Ellenberger, RickMM1Mar 1980 – Feb 1982B1B1 LPO Jan '81 - Feb '82 Skinnerback
Archer, ChrisHT 3Apr 1980 – Aug 1983R
Milam, KennyEN-3Apr 1980 – Jan 9, 1984A-GANGi think somebody still owes me from the berthing compt. poker game
Mays, RobertET2Jun 1980 – Jul 1984RCMy years on the Long Beach were the best years of my time in the Navy and the best bunch of guys to have served with.
Mueller, ThomasMM1Jul 1980 – Aug 1984M-2Looking for old shipmates. Anyone seen former B2/M2 Div. Officer Mark Baulch? Also, how about Tom Morales?
Polanco, GilPN2Sep 1980 – Jan 1984XHeck of a lot of memorable characters like SN Tony Swan who did "everything" and so many others. Definitely a different ride from other ships. Strike Hard, Strike Home!
Breckenridge, JohnHT2 RETIRED AS HTCSep 12, 1980 – Apr 12, 1984R-1I have been looking for someone that could tell me how to get a cruise book from the West-pac I did with the ship starting Jan 84. Great memories. If anybody has some info I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me if you can help. Thanks
Tassie, StephenPn3Oct 1980 – Oct 1982XAlso worked in career counselor office and assigned duties as ships photographer. Hi Gil!
Malone, Henrybm/Oct 31, 1980 – Oct 31, 1984boat crewI guess I miss the fun,but I hate washington rain rain rain. But loved when I went to san diego
Lovejoy, KenRM1Dec 9, 1980 – Mar 1982CommHad a blast. Great people. Remember it with pride.

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