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USS Long Beach (CGN 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Long Beach (CGN 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1154 crew members registered for the USS Long Beach (CGN 9).

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Ent, WalterOSSN1972 – 1973OIWest PAC 1972 PIRAZ Great times great liberties and a good group of guys
Dyndul, AdamFTM21972 – 1973TalosWorked on the tracking radar for the Talos missile system. I operated and maintained the AN/SPG-49 radar system.
McNabb, JayRM31972 – 1974CommunicationsTo bad to see the ship getting taken apart. I just looked at it this last weekend 5/1/10, while on a motorcycle ride out passed Bremerton Naval Shipyard. No superstructure anymore.
Horn, Mark (Heavy Duty)RM21972 – 1975CommunicationsThe Long Beach was my first ship. I had several nicknames. First was Chuck Wagon, and the last was Heavy Duty. email me at
Smith, PhilSN/QM31972 – 19753rd div./Nav3 tours, Gulf of Tonkin yacht club
Nadeau, Larry profile iconBMSN1972 – 19752nd Division
Moen, DennisET1Jan 1972 – Jul 1973RC
Simmering, PeteJO2Jan 1972 – Dec 13, 1973X DivisionStarted in 3rd Div, went to A Div. made JO3 and on to X Div. Best buds were YN3 Kevin McGann and FN Jim Crookston. Ran PAO for 6 mos. Time aboard Long Beach changed my life...for the better.
Lavery, JosephSK2Jan 1, 1972 – Jun 6, 1976S-1When I came aboard the ship was on stand down from a nine and one half month WESPAC. I loved being a Storekeeper. I trained SK2 Dwain Miller to replace me as OPTAR Records keeper when I left for MCAS Yuma, AZ
Lillibridge, LillyMM2/FN/MM3Mar 1972 – Jan 1976B /M/ADidn't realize what a bad attitude I had til there was time to reflect after getting out of the Navy. For those of you I abused or offended... I am truly sorry.
Boone, BobMM1Mar 1972 – Jun 21, 1976M DivisionHi Guys, It's been along time. I remember how much we used to complain about the ship, the food, the three section watch bill; but there isn't a day that goes by that Idon't remember something about you and the ship.
Boone, BobMM1Mar 7, 1972 – Jun 21, 1976M Division
Koehler, Richard/dickGMM1Mar 18, 1972 – Sep 2, 1976TAEnjoyed my time on the LADY. Looking for ED.Modzel, bremerrton time drinking beer up the coast of oly. mountians. remember Al Beyner, Neil Hansen (apartment buddy) Jack Kocher(from C school) B. Haydan. E.Washington.
Golden, PerryGMM1Mar 23, 1972 – Aug 19, 1975TARIP Pat Merrifield and Dennis Lapaglia I'll miss you. I've been to several Long Beach reunions and had a great time hooking back up with Buzz Crast, Dick Koehler, John Huffman, David (Red Dog) Settle, Caissse, Don Curl,
Norris, DonIC2Apr 1972 – Jan 1976ENuclear operator, worked in IC shop, NC-2A Tech, Bridge IC
Gray, GaryRM3Apr 1972 – Jun 1974ORWas radioman on Long Beach '72-'74. Any other radiomen who served with me feel free to email me.
Yager, DanSTG3May 14, 1972 – Aug 20, 1975OMSonar Technician on probably the oldest sonar in the Navy at that time.
Brooks, MarkMM2Jun 1972 – Aug 1976M Division
Martin, DavidBMSNJun 1, 1972 – Mar 10, 19752nd/1stWas on board 2 yrs 8 mo. and 4 days. Capt. Fahland in command. Great crew although a little rowdy. Good times and bad. Made 3rd class, screwed up and busted. My bad back then but what a learning experience.
De Luca, BobHN3Jul 1972 – May 1976Glad I found this site and see some familar names. Had the pleasure of serving with a great bunch of guys Did the 72 westpack still remember becoming a shellback. Even srember some ot the time in Sinapore and Thailand.
Cianciolo, Paul (Scungy)ET1Jul 1972 – Nov 1974Reactor ControlMany long hours, especially during ORSE when the ship was dead in the water.
Jackson, BenjaminLT JGJul 1, 1972 – Mar 1, 1975M
Leclair, GeneET1Jul 14, 1972 – Aug 1974RCDid 2 West Pac cruises on the Long Beach then went back to DIG as an instructor for my last 4 years. Went into civilian nuclear power and retired after 32 years at the Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Wisconsin.
Vohland, JimCTO2Aug 1972 – Nov 1972SupradTAD from NavComStaPhil for communciations support. First sea duty. Really enjoyed time aboard. Can't have a good ship without CT's!!!
Robinson, BobRM3Aug 3, 1972 – Apr 15, 1974ORDappio,McNabb,Masker,Gray just to name a few. 30 yrs later! Check out Long Beach Reunion website!
Radau, WilliamRM2Aug 10, 1972 – May 10, 1974communications
Russell, RobertL/Cpl or Pvt.Sep 9, 1972 – Jul 2, 1974Marine DetachmentPaul J. Nolan, Ausborn, Vau. Half moon bay Marine, Marreno, Zack from Chicago, ILL. Lt. Larson and a host of all MAR. DET. in 1972-1974. where is Jesse Barton from St. Louis, Hello to Talos, Terrier, and Asrock Missile
Carpenter, ChrisMM1Oct 1972 – 1973MMServed two westpac and would really like to hear about the engagements while in VietNam. I have lots of pictures of my deployment and would love to catch up with old friends
Gillow, GarySNOct 4, 1972 – Oct 4, 19752ndServed with alot of characters.. I was one of them.
Guditus, Timothysr,sa,sn,BM3Nov 1, 1972 – Aug 29, 1975!st Division, always 1st divisionDeck Division, 72-75 Helm Lee helm, we would go port and starboard. during the old days 12on 12 off. Boatswain mate for General Quarters, Sea Detail, LSE, Sea ship replenishment ,ship swimmer .great people, great friends
Thompson, WinifredOS SNNov 7, 1972 – Jul 30, 1976os
Huotari, HooterENNov 25, 1972 – Oct 1, 1975Ahavent been able to locate too many navy buddies. lost touch with Curtin 25 years ago located him in southern california last December. had lunch with him today. lots of reminising.
Offett, John I.EM/3Dec 1972 – Oct 1974EngineeringVery Rewarding and life changing.
Ausburn, DouglasSgtDec 20, 1972 – Dec 1, 1975MarDet
Shinn, JimET1Dec 25, 1972 – Dec 17, 1979RC-1Learned a lot, some of the best times I ever had in the service. Go Nukes!
Niven, BobET11973 – 1975RCMy experience on the Long Beach was life changing. I met some very good friends,enjoyed great travel adventures and learned many things. Thank you to a very proud lady. GO NUKE!
Combs, KrisMM11973 – 1977b2
Bailey, RobertEM21973 – 1975ELilly you never offended me. I loved you man I thought you had the right attitude especially with that damn dentist
Hickman, BradRADARMAN1973 – 1976hated it at the time, looking back, what a good time and great people i met,, lets go steaming
Dilatush, TomDS21973 – 1977Electronics
Pat, HilliardOS31973 – 1975OI
Eugene Tutko, GinoE71973 –T5
Brown, AugustGMTSN1973 – 1974OM
Patton, Mike The GeneralEM 31973 – 1974ElectricianI was a 17 year old kid who did simple electrical work and ran the ships movie projectors. A great job. They called me The General because of my last name.
Shaw, James Ping PingCTOSN1973 – 1973CommunicationsAlthough my tour onboard was brief, it was quite an experience. "There's not a mountain in North Viet Nam that didn't fear the Long Beach". Cheers to you James Vohland, I still have your quote on Jane Fonda in my diary!
Paulsen, ChrisMM-21973 – 1975BGood ship to serve on, made some good friends.
Bedwell, Gerald (Jerry)IC11973 – Sep 1978FWD ICJust wanted to see if anybody from FWD (or AFT) IC was still around and on this site.
Burns, MikeMM21973 – 1977ABig hello to Warren, Christensen, Van Deusen, Hecht, Stone, And all the MMs, HTs when we were buds back in the day. Enjoyed our get-together in Iowa; hotel Racoon River; flooded couple years later. Have talked to VD.
Okamura, Mikerm3Jan 1973 – Nov 1974or
Loveless, FrankMM2Jan 1973 – Jan 1977B2 Division
Loveless, FranklinMM2Jan 2, 1973 – Jan 1977B-2
Brown, DavidE3 MN-2Jan 3, 1973 – Dec 20, 1974BI have often remembered my Navy life. I sailed 2 wes-pacs and loved it.The cock roaches were very friendly and. I know how bug juice got its name. I enjoyed the life!
Smith (, Jeff ( Smitty)GMM 1Feb 8, 1973 – Nov 11, 1977TE DivisionDave,(Screamin Seaman)Big Richie,Ski,J.D.,Hector..(passed ) Shawn. Lou.Ben Adams,Perry Call, Lucky, Dave Sylvester,Speed..Had contact w/Gunner Evan Scuba at Grande! Parties @ Imperial Beach aptmt.Good times
Moreno, CarlosLCpl - SgtMar 1973 – Jun 1976MARDETOverall I had a great time. Hat's off to all Marines and Sailors. Also looking for Mike Toulouse - MarDet.
Kocher, JackGMCSApr 1973 – Dec 18, 1978TAWhat do you mean? The Reactor is the MAIN BATTERY. Talos the only way to fly
Powell, DanielPFC/SGTApr 1973 – Mar 1975MAR DET
McFeeley, MikeMM2Apr 1973 – Jun 1977B2I'd do it all again in a heartbeat! Only better. Hello to all my friends and acquaintances,I'm glad you were part of the ride!
Morin, JamesRM2Apr 1, 1973 – May 7, 1973CommunicationsI'm looking for someone who served on the USS Long Beach from April to May 1973.
Bipes, Jeffery AOS May 1973 – Nov 1976OI
Parker, William "Rodney"PFC - CplMay 1973 – Jun 1975Marine DetachmentTwo fun filled years of getting to see 3/4s of the world, sea water looks the same all over.
Malecek, TedMM2May 1973 – Dec 17, 1976RLServed as an ELT. Three Westpac deployments. Shellback. Turned down NESEP. Wanted to be a pharmacist not engineer. Currently a pharmacist. Met many friends. Crazy times in Subic Bay. Enjoyed Australia/New Zealand.
Kroon, JeffYN3May 1973 – Nov 1974RTBest buddies were Rick Baena and Jon Cotton. My LPO was Cleo Henderson.
Collins, JohnEM2May 1973 – Mar 1977Engineeringnuc EM, assigned to Propulsion EM shop, after discharged worked at Cooper Nuclear Station, Brownville. Nebraska Nebraska Public Power District. for 30 years as licensed Reactor Operator, retired, Auburn, Nebraska
Poels, JerryEM3May 5, 1973 – Sep 6, 1974ENGINEERINGWorked in the TV studio for '73 WestPac. Remember the rolls she took doing high speed turns? Currently a construction Mechanic in Seabees (Reserve Battalion NMCB 15). Spent 6 1/2 months in Iraq last year.
Browne, MikeETR 3Jun 1, 1973 – Jan 29, 1974Ops
Lasater, MitchellYN2Jun 1, 1973 – Jun 1, 1977XStarted in the Engineering Log Room and later transferred to the Captains Office, 2 WESTPAC Deployments
McDermott, MichaelMM2Jun 15, 1973 – Nov 1975B DivisionI was a nuke Machinist for two WesPacs. Loved being at sea and would love to hear from others.
Billingsly, Ed(ward)MM2Jul 1973 – Jun 1975T, R, M
Hughes, JeffreyLTjgJul 1973 – Sep 1976OE and Second
Moore, Mark D.SNJul 10, 1973 – Jun 27, 19743rdworked with the "Riddler" BM1 type..nuff said
Hayden, BennFTM1Aug 1, 1973 – Jan 13, 1978FA/TA
Adams, JohnMM3Sep 1973 – Aug 1975RMHave some great memories. I was working at Newport News Shipbuilding when the Gray Lady came in after decommissioning. Sad to see her stripped down to her main deck and hauled off little more than a bare hulk.
Bender, JanMM3Sep 15, 1973 – Sep 1975M-1
Jackcon, AlvinEM3Sep 16, 1973 – Jun 17, 1975E
Sebastian, StephenEM 2Nov 1973 – Oct 4, 1977ENuc Electrician.
Garcia, LinoFTG2Nov 1973 – Jul 10, 1978WG WeaponsLooking for David Stevens out of San Diego. Was a GMG3 in my division. Will be talking to Jack Pictum in one hour

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