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USS Long Beach (CGN 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Long Beach (CGN 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1154 crew members registered for the USS Long Beach (CGN 9).

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Norton, ChuckFTM21970 – 1973TalosHey Merryfield, remember all our Pinochle games in the battery locker? Have a lot of great memories from my time on the Long B----- with the big box!
Perkins, JimPetty Officer1970 – 1974S1Mare Island overhaul, sea trials, 72 & 73 WESPAC, SP duty, Pearl, Po, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Danang, Yokosuka/Yokohama/Tokyo, Sattihip, Uttipoh, Bangkok, GUNLINE Haiphong, GQ//attack is emminent/brace for impact, pals in The NAV. BZ
Ryan, TimothyHM31970 – 1971Medical Div.If anyone has any info on the murder of George Kokoris please contact: She is with NCIS cold case Homicide unit. Thanks, tim
Steinkuller, RexETR31970 – 1972MetrologyGreatest ship that ever sailed !
Hughes, BillGMM21970 – 1973TAI'm still around and kicking. Good memories, grew up real quick.
Mathers, PhilipE31970 – 1972x division
Berard, TedEM31970 – 1972EMare Island and Westpac 72 was duty electrician every third day and stood watch in after steering (would like to reconnect with Tim Collins) search for USS Long Beach CGN-9 on you tube to see my video pictures
Gonzales, RobertSN E31970 – May 30, 1972Division 1I'm in search of some information as to a shipmate of mine named George Kokoris.
Westercamp, TimothyGMM3Jan 1970 – May 1972TAAnyone in TA division 70-72
Nelson, Al/"A-sqaured"MM1Jan 1, 1970 – Dec 21, 1973MLooking to contact any shipmates from B, M, RC Divisions.
Denberger, Jerome Neal/jerryLTJan 31, 1970 – Jan 28, 1973Deck Department Head/First LieutenantGreat ship and crew. Deck Department undermanned and overworked. Long periods at sea and torrential rains and floods while in port at Olongapo, P.I . Tonkin Gulf duty where Long Beach saved 28 pilots in 9 months.
Sorley, JimStgSnFeb 4, 1970 – Sep 7, 1970OMShort time on board, at Mare Island. Mostly painted OM div spaces before early out, missing Viet Nam cruise. Made frequent trips to Calistoga to get glider rating. Remember John Roda and Jim John. Now a retired pilot.
Edington, RichardcorporalFeb 15, 1970 – Mar 15, 1971marine detachmentlooking for any marines that were on board in 1970 -71
Long, James profile iconEM2Mar 1970 – Aug 1971EAssigned as the E Div. Supply PO during refueling at Mare Island. Transferred to California Pre-Com unit before end of refueling.
Petree, LeoMM E-3Mar 8, 1970 – Mar 3, 1973Had a great time work in engine room #1with bogray and kennth stauts Hay guys e-mail be nice.
Stark, BobOS3Jun 1970 – Sep 1, 1973OIVisitedThe Long Beach @ Ft Lauderdale during her last cruise before Decom.Took a couple of Pics from Bridge near the Spa 10 repeater same place i stood watches while in Gulf of Tonkin.The area for the Talos had been turned into a gym
Chapman, BillCYN/YNJul 1970 – Apr 1973OR, X, AGreat serving with the crazy RM's 'specially the liberty in Bangkok and almost missing movement in Hong Kong. Being ships legal yeoman then moving into the log room for the last few months of the '72 cruise. A really great 3 years.
Chapman, Bill profile iconCYN3/YN2Jul 1970 – Apr 1973OR X and A
Lesser, KurtFT(M)2Aug 1970 – Jan 1975FADANGER: 20,000 OHMS! The sign on the doorway to Director 5 welcoming visitors
Clark, Gerald "Jerry"QM3Aug 1970 – Mar 1971Navigation Dept.My job was to keep track of my twin brother Jeff in Weather Office when we were in port. Six years USN and later 17 years US Army.
Riplinger, GregoryFTM2Aug 1970 – May 1, 1973FAPrimary job code was Mk 111 computer. Long Beach was digital when I arrived . . . Worked in director 6. GQ station for a while was MK 1A Range operator. Loved shooting those 5"!
Ondo, TedFTM2Aug 7, 1970 – Apr 28, 1974FAAft SPG-49. Hell of a ship, hell of a lot of fun, hell of a lot of hell. Where is Tom Bridges?
De La Torre, RalphSNAug 10, 1970 – Aug 4, 1972S-1 / S-2Looking for a Cruise Book for the WestPac 1971-1972. Can anybody assist/provide info? Thanks
Banks, BobFTM2Sep 1970 – Jan 1975FAI could've skipped Guam! The rest was memorable. Well, most of it. Still, it made for quite an experience. Best regards to everyone!
Smith, Don (Smitty)OS2Sep 1, 1970 – Apr 1, 1973OIWESPAC 72/ REDCROWN CONTROL
Spielman, MarkE-4Sep 9, 1970 – Feb 3, 19762ndIt was good times and bad. Great bunch of guys and alot of fun.
Hook, SteveQM3Sep 15, 1970 – Aug 13, 1972NAV
Page, DennisTM3Sep 28, 1970 – Aug 12, 1972OMTorpedoman, stood watch with the 5 in Guns, 5in FT Shack. Asroc handling crew. An experance to remember
Grow, JohnFT (M) 2Oct 21, 1970 – Dec 4, 1973FELooking back, this was some of the best times of my life. Who could forget the Cherry Club in Subic, or nights in Hong Kong, or Pattaya Beach. Hey Kurt, how'd you get first?
Haen, Paul J.PN2/1Nov 1970 – Nov 1971ESO
Magnus, SteveMM3Nov 1970 – Aug 1974M Division and A divisionwas a fireman in M Division until I made 3rd class then was moved to A division for the rest of my tour. Made 2 westpacs72 in M div 73 in A div.
Tichnell, DannySNNov 1, 1970 – Oct 31, 1971XFantastic ship, beautiful, was very proud to serve on board the Long Beach.
Seaman, JimCWO2Nov 1, 1970 – Nov 1, 1973OERadio Maintenance Officer
Magnus, Steve (Maggy) profile iconMM3Nov 18, 1970 – Aug 9, 1974A-DIVISION2 West Pacs in Nam - Remeber the LBGB's
Boggs, ChuckSM3Nov 20, 1970 – Mar 29, 1973Signalman (OC)Best 3 years I ever spent were on the Long Beach. Great Crew, great ship!
Dreuth, JohnsksnDec 22, 1970 – Nov 27, 1972Disbursing S-6Loved the Long Beach. Miss my buddy Don Shrode...RIP... Always bothered me that Louie Kokoris's murderer was never found.
Tuttle, Jeffrey "J"/ "jj"ETN-21971 – 1973OEI was a reactor operator / technician with decon duties for GQ on the topside. Met a bunch of swell friends. Could never get too high into the "Box" without getting seasick! Lots of stories to tell about her Vietnam service.
Hudson, Michael profile iconE-31971 – 19723 Rd div Deck Forceit was the best time. I wish i had i stayed in. The ship mates I remember are BM-3 booher Mike jeson seamen grage toppell
Young, Simeon profile iconFTM21971 – Aug 1975FE
Rueckert, FrankFTM21971 – 1972TAReported aboard while she was still at Mare Island for refueling. Delays moved the WesPac cruise to March 1972. Unfortunately, I missed that due to family issues. Prior command was Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station.
Dufeck, PaulE 31971 – 1973Third DivisonServed two West Pacs off the coast of Vietnam
Jones, JohnMM-ELT1971 – 1972RL
Means, RonRM 3Jan 1971 – Dec 1972ORLike to hear from anyone who served with me.
Reynolds, BruceMM2Jan 2, 1971 – Dec 17, 1973B
Reynolds, BruceMM2Jan 2, 1971 – Dec 17, 1973B #2AMRHad a good time, met some great people and saw some interesting places.
Kokoris, Leon (Louis)Feb 1971 –Solve his murder ... found dead in libraryWho murdered Leon Kokoris? Why? Please help solve this unsolved murder. Story goes that he had uncovered a black market operation ... a chaplain who could help was transferred ... no one was ever charged. Murdered Feb. 13, 1971.
Bathgate, TerryFTG 3Feb 1, 1971 – May 10, 1974OMServed on two Wespac cruises, 1972 and 1973.
Means, RonRM3Feb 12, 1971 – Dec 10, 1972OR
Schaeffer, DonaldFTM3/FTM1Mar 6, 1971 – Nov 19, 1974TAI worked in the TALOS missile house. We had the best A/C on the ship and always had to have coats on. It was a little scary when the ship went DEAR IN THE WATER for close to 8 hours on an inbound tide off Hanoi Harbor in 1972.
Merrifield, PatFTM2Apr 1971 – Aug 1975TAAn interesting experience.
Whitford, StevePN3/PN2Apr 1971 – Oct 1974XCaptain Spencer fired me as his phonetalker because I released the battery without his OK. I stuffed bleu cheese in my PNCS's desk and happily helped to deep six it in the Tonkin Gulf because of the horrid stench.
Ditmar, JackETNSNMay 1971 – Jun 1973OEAn interesting and positive experience. Best laugh was after liberty one time Corpsman Cooksey brought out a huge veterinary needle and syringe to show the guys in line "what was in store" for them. Several fainted.
Melcher, StevenOS3May 1971 – Jul 1974OI
Gant, RonnieSH3May 13, 1971 – Apr 25, 1974USS Long Beach CG N 9185 Managers, Store
Jones, Leroy (Roy)LCDRJun 1971 – Mar 1975OEGreat ship! Great crew!
Ackerman, MichaelEM2/EM1Jun 1971 – May 1974E/RT
Garcia, FidelFNJun 1971 – Jun 1972repair divisionServed during West Pac Vietnam tour 71-72. I remember we were the flag ship and being deployed from San Diego lining the ship in our dress blues and watching the admiral arrive in his limo. Felt alot of pride.
Reseigh, John profile iconIC1Jun 20, 1971 – Mar 19, 1973E-divIt would be nice to hear from shipmates. Went on leave in 1973 after Westpac broke my leg and never returned to the ship.
Aandahl, LarryMM3Jul 1, 1971 – Dec 31, 1974 M Division & A DivisionAssigned to engine rm. #2 as FA. Did mess cooking for 4 months.Assigned to Engine room # 1 until I Promoted to MM3 and reassigned to A Division. I became an Air Conditioning Specialist. , good duty, Great Memories.
Turner, MichaelETR2Jul 15, 1971 – Mar 10, 1972RCLooking for Mad Dog. Anybody seen Mad Dog Morgan?
Jolly III, JwHT-3Jul 25, 1971 – Jun 20, 1975R-DivGot out 6-75, reup 11-76 11-78,made 2nd. got out again, became deputy sheriff here in Texas, retired after 26 years. . 2nd ship was USS Tarawa; Tarawa made me really appreciate the Long Beach. Always proud of Long Beach!
Scott, DallasEM3/EM2Aug 1971 – Dec 1973ERe-enlisted in 1972 while off Vietnam. Sang in the band. Served in Training. Electrical watch for loss of all AC during ORSE.
Vollmar, WilliamW-3Aug 4, 1971 – Aug 2, 1974WeaponsHelped set up the Combat System Test Team. Had the opportunity to learn so much about other elements of the Cobat System outside of Weapons. My tour on Long Beach was one of the most rewarding tours of my career.
Bouchie, DarylEM1Oct 1971 – Jun 1975E
Elliott, William (Bill) ElliottGMT2Oct 25, 1971 – Mar 5, 1975OMUSS Longbeach was one of the best commands I served on during my several tours in the Navy.
Glade, WalterSTG2Nov 1971 – Sep 1973OMI remember my duty on board with pride.

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