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USS Long Beach (CGN 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Long Beach (CGN 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1154 crew members registered for the USS Long Beach (CGN 9).

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Connell, MattRD-1C1967 – 1970OI
Beaver, DanRD-31967 – 1969OIGreat Ship and Shipmates. Grew-up and saw the world .
Miller, KeithSH-21967 – Apr 1969S-3 Joe Ferro Said he didn't like me then. Anyone else?
Conway, DavidETN21967 – 1970RC
Newcomb, JackETR-21967 – 1970OEHad a great time on board working up in the "box". I made E-5 at the same time as half the crew. We had our own chow line, and it was the longest chow line on the ship. lol. Trip to AUS was outta sight. Loved Po city.
Lai, Edmund profile iconET11967 – May 1970OEAdult Education Teacher - teaching English as a Second Language
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Custodio, Domingo Jr.TN/SN/SK31967 – 1971S-5/S1My very first ship in the US Navy. Every time the waves got rough, almost everyone was seasick. I remember my kumpadres, SD3 Magbanua and SD2 Dizon. My eldest son was born in June when the ship was in Tonkin Gulf.
Ervine, MikeRADARMAN 3RD CLASSJan 1, 1967 – Sep 27, 1967OPSI served aboard in CIC for the last 9 months of my enlistment. I remember being in the lap of Luxury, after 2 years in TinCan duty. The L.B. "Red Crown", was one Kick Ass Vessel, able to get the job done right, with a great crew.
Newcomb, Gerald L. (Jack)ETR3-ET1Feb 1967 – Feb 1970OEAlso served 9/74 to 9/77. OE Div LPO, 1st class mess pres. Poker player. Liberty hound. Nukie9r, nothing finer! Cruiser Navy, all the way. Retired in '85. Living in Ohio. Drop a line. If you haven't gone to one yet, try to make it to a reunion.
Ferro, JoeSH-3Feb 1967 – Aug 1, 1970SHIPS SERVICEMAN TAYLORI MISS THE CREW OF 67 - 70
Ward, Walter "Tex"CS4Feb 1967 – Oct 1970cooksI served aboard the Ship for 4 years. Started out in deck division then moved to cooks division,
Catino, RichieSNMar 1, 1967 – May 5, 19683rdto much fun not enough time
Barrow, Stephen profile iconFTM1Mar 1, 1967 – Mar 1, 1971FTAssigned to Weapons Direction Equipment (WDE) as POIC. In and out of Viet Nam 11 times from March 12,1967 to Jan 1, 1970. Would not trade the experience for anything worldly.
Deosdade, JosephFTM-2May 1, 1967 – Feb 1, 1970FAGreat Ship, Great Crew, Great Memories.
Parris, J WFTM2May 27, 1967 – Aug 2, 1971FATalos Guidance Radar 6 Operator first 2 Mig Shots.
Behrndt, RussIC1May 30, 1967 – Sep 30, 1969EGreat times, Great ship, Great friends. Never forget my time aboard her.
Hemming, AlFTM2Jun 1967 – Jul 1971FAAN-SPG49B Director 6
Rood, DougMM2/E5Jul 1967 – Aug 1971B 2AuxCruiser Duty ROCKED. Great lady, FAST too. The Yacht Club patch proves it. Trips to 'Nam 2, Migs down 2. Picked up the heroes off the O'BRIAN that was shot up by SAMs. Great Guys. Purple Heart bunch. Loved Bangkok and Thai beer!
Carter, James E./ JimDS-2Aug 1967 – 1970OEShe liked to Rock and Roll, and was a lady with great soul.I well never forget her,she carried me into the future, as I lived in the past, and protected us from these 2 stormes we got between on the way home from Nam. Heavy times,Great ship and crew.
Fitzsimmons, DanielIC3Aug 1967 – Aug 1969RCWorked in forward reactor as RO and served as Nuc History Recorder. Two tours of Vietnam on Piraz Station. Great Ship. Most memorable ride was a storm with white/blue water reaching the 09 level bridge.
Bushore, JohnFTG2Aug 1967 – Sep 1968WeaponsLPO of Gunfire Control, 2 MK56 Gunfire Controllers, extremely proud of my service aboard this great ship during the '68 Vietnam cruise.
Kress, JoeFTM2Sep 1967 – Dec 1969FE
Heffron, PatsemanSep 1967 – Sep 19691My dad was Pat Heffron and am just looking for some info on what he was involved in while over seas. My name is Greg...i am his son. He passed away in 2007.
Hardee, MiltonE3Sep 1967 – Feb 1970S2I had some good times while on the Long Beach.I reunited in 2007 with Joe Ferro,Raymond Fish, Walter Ward,Keith Miller in Birmingham, Alabama for 4 days. Had a great time..
Kress, JosephFTM2Sep 1967 – Dec 1969FETerrier system test conoordinator, Terrier computer room 2 PO. NEC:1185
Null, RichardSN/BM3Sep 1, 1967 – Nov 2, 1968DeckLearned how to Holy Stone with home made suggie water. Also became a Shellback on board a great ship.
Null, RichardSN/BM3Sep 1, 1967 – Nov 2, 1968DeckMade third class on board also became a shellback and left the ship in Subic Bay on the way back to the states from a westpac as my enlistment was up. Great ship with a lot of good memories.
Cafferty, JohnPHANOct 10, 1967 – Nov 16, 19682nd, XAfter all these years, still miss the old gal & many of my shipmates. Remember the incinerator fire & the MIg shootdowns, the lost guys as we entered the Tonkin, King Neptune's court as we neared Bali, & the rough trip home (47 deg. roll
Kennedy, EdwardBM3Oct 12, 1967 – Apr 1, 19713rdwas p.o. in charge of the boat deck. I still miss Subic.
Sowden, RichardHM3Oct 15, 1967 – Apr 15, 1968h&d
Ross, MikeSH2Oct 20, 1967 – Apr 1, 1971S-3Joe Ferro: Hey bud e-mail me at my daughters and she will get in touch with me. its Tell her how we can get in touch with you. Your shipmate Michael Ross US Navy Retired
Pyle, Mike "Gome"MR-3Nov 1967 – Jan 1969A
Dynarski, AlFTM2Nov 1967 – Apr 1972FA
Kustigian, John profile iconbrotherNov 1, 1967 – May 6, 19683rdJohn Kustigian brother of Mike Kustigian missing from Long Beach on May 5th 1968 along with Harry Mitchell ANYTHING you could tell me would be helpful. Thanks John Kustigian
Crawford, RichardFN3Nov 30, 1967 – Dec 31, 1968Damage Control (repair division)Hope everyone is doing well
Jaggard, John (Jj) profile iconETRSN to ETR2Dec 1967 – Sep 1971OEBest tour of my Navy career & the best group of shipmates ever. FAR techs ruled during shellback initiation! Too many great stories to talk about here... e-mail me if you're inclined.
Savoie, DannyE3Dec 1, 1967 – Oct 1, 1969RepairLooking for old shipmates to have fun and frolic again!
Gartner, ChuckDS1Dec 9, 1967 – Sep 30, 1970OEA Fighter, a Feeder, and a Task Force Leader, Everyday's a Holiday and ever meals a banquet. Anyone remember the fire in the incinerator? I was in CIC, I thought the whole ship was going to burn.
Kolbe, TomFTM21968 – Jul 21, 1971Talos WeponsTwo West Pac tours, 68 and 69. I remember Perth AU and the good liberty there. Now back in Australia as an gngineering geologist...a long way from electronics, but it was a great job in the Navy!
Mansfield, SteveSHIPFITTER1968 – 1969Damage Control
Hodge, Jay D.ETN-21968 – Apr 1, 1971RCOperator & Tech on Core I. Two WESTPAC Tours. RC Instructor during refueling at Mare Island in '70-71. Loved our R&R stop in Perth - glad the Japanese refused our visit due to nuclear issue!
Ricci, DougE5/MM21968 – 1970B #1Aux2 Westpac's, recovering shot up helo, downed 2 M1gs, visits to Phillpines, Hong Kong, Auslralia, Piraz Station. Being chased by water spouts. Being chased off 09 level by OD cause of storm. Marf-Marf, what a jerk!
Mahler, GeorgeEM21968 – Oct 1972E
Sweazea, Jeff profile iconEM21968 – 1971EWhat a ride!
Dixon, Kenhospital corpsman E41968 – 1970medicalVery challenging and exciting duties for a young person just out of hospital corps school
Yates, JamesRD31968 –OI
Wattenburger, BobRM3Jan 1968 – Nov 1968RadioWorked Port/Starboard during 2nd WestPac. Have Super 8 film of missle firing that downed first MiG.
Milam, James (Jim)SK3Jan 1968 – Feb 1971OEWorked as the div clerk in the EMO office, later as supply PO and tech librarian. Made 2 West Pac cruises and enjoyed the overseas liberty ports. Looking for anyone from OE div and those from the Kansas City, MO area.
Meadows, Joe profile iconMM3Jan 1968 – May 1971AWas in A Div then went to OE div to work on radar cooling then back to A Div when we went into dry dock for overhaul and refueling in Vallejo.
Auge, BernardHM 3Jan 1968 – Feb 1970HI served three tours of duty aboard the USS LongBeach in the Tonkin Gulf during the Vietnam War (68’-70’) as a Navy Corpsman.
Hudlow, NormanCS 3Jan 10, 1968 – Jul 17, 1968S-2Last ship befor discharge, 3rd over all, the only one that took me overseas.
Miller, MikeSFM3Feb 1968 – Dec 1968Hawaii, Subic Bay, Tonkin Gulf, Perth, Hong Kong and a wild ride home. Great Experience.
Malinis, FidelTN/SN/DK3Feb 1968 – Jun 1970S-5/S-4Can't forget first ever SAM miG kill; the band playing Proud Mary during unreps; SH Joe Ferro singing/dancing; BM Satterfield calling bingo; CMAA BMCM John Sheppard; XO, then CNO, then Energy Secretary James Watkins.
Pearson, RobertEM2Feb 22, 1968 – Oct 18, 1969EFred Ragland, where are you?
Wasson, TedRM2Mar 1, 1968 – Dec 29, 1970ORWent on as RMSA and advanced to RM2. Served as the OR Division teletype repairman on second cruise. Two Westpac cruises.
Behany, TomLI 3Mar 6, 1968 – Nov 7, 19712nd Div & "X" DivGreat memories...Olongopo, Bankok, Australia, Singapore, San Francisco, becoming a Shellback. Re-upped in '89, retired in '08, w/25 yrs. Good folks on board. Attended the decomissioning in '95 in Norfolk. Miss it.
Berry, WayneET1Mar 15, 1968 – Nov 15, 1969RCReactor Operator on Core II. On board during downing of North Vietnamese MIG for which all hands awarded Navy Unit Citation. Loved the ride! Seved under XO James Watkins, later CNO and Secretary of Energy. I am still in touch with some shipmates.
Burgess, JohnFTM 1Apr 1968 – Dec 1972TA/FAServed on board 3 of the 4 Westpac/Vietnam tours. First two in the Talos missle house. Left in 1971 for SPG49B school, returned to be in charge of Director 6 for the 1972 Westpac. Clean ship,lots of fresh water, good liberty ports,great memories
Williams, James R. WilliamsCTSNApr 1968 – Sep 1968I was TAD out of the Phillipines. We were all CT's and for the most part enjoyed the LONG BEACH. While on the PIRAZ station the ship shot down it's first mig with long range Talos missiles. Became a shellback while going to Perth Australi
Welsh, BillQM2Apr 1, 1968 – Dec 4, 1969NavigationGreat time growing up, traveling and seeing WesPac for two cruises, enjoying my Shellback status on the way to Perth
Barrett, Davidqm3Apr 7, 1968 – Oct 1, 1971navigationgreat time
Kadera, RobertEM1Apr 10, 1968 – Jan 10, 1970ElectricalTwo West-Pac cruises. Lots of memories in the Engineering Department.
McIntire, Ross "Mac"ETR2May 5, 1968 – Feb 12, 1970OEGreat ship, great times. I am proud to have been a crewmember of the finest ship in the Navy at the time.
Cavanaugh, Marke3May 23, 1968 – Apr 26, 1971tarriere mjissal system
Rounds, RichardCDRJun 1968 – Jun 1970Supply
Kriel, HansDS2Aug 27, 1968 – Sep 24, 1971OE
Howland, NickETR3Sep 1968 – Aug 1971RC
Meigel, DavidMM1Dec 13, 1968 – Aug 17, 1971BCurrently retired from USN. Worked 28 years at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Retired in June of 2014.
Fairnot, RonaldE3Dec 15, 1968 – Oct 1, 1969SecondI am looking to contact some of my old shipmates. Larry Johnson(fireman-E3) and FTM1 G. H. McGarter. Please provide my email address to these individuals.
Hubbard, Gerald "Jerry"FTM 3Dec 20, 1968 – Sep 9, 1970Fire Control, Terrier MissilesI am looking for Eric Jansson who was a CS 2 at the time.

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