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USS Long Beach (CGN 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Long Beach (CGN 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1154 crew members registered for the USS Long Beach (CGN 9).

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Beaver, Dan3 CLASS RADAR MAN1966 – 1969OIWent on the Long Beach at Hawaii she was heading for VN , I grew up on this Ship and really did enjoy my time with you all. Now living in Union Gap WA., contact me by E-Mail anytime. God Bless
Williamson, BobDS3/DS11966 – 1968OENTDS Display Tech Remember a Carrier picking a shot up chopper off the fantail with a cherry picker? I remember leaving for WestPac with the system nearly 100% down in 1967--thanks to LBNS.
McCreary, Floyd (Chief Mac)RMCM1966 – Jul 3, 1969OR
Knaus, BobYN21966 – Jan 2, 1969Radio, Legal and WeaponsStarted off as a cyn/sa after transferring from USS Columbus in Norfolk, VA. Made two trips thru Panama Canal and remember the trouble CGN9 had fitting under the bridge in Panama. Made first two WPAC cruises. We indeed struck hard & home.
Stone, Reynold "stonie"HT11966 – 1968Two West-Pac cruises: 1966-67, and 1968. Homeport was LongBeach CA.
Buster, FitzpatrickRM31966 – Feb 1968OREmbarked on Long Beach in Norfolk and made the trip to Long Beach via the Panama Canal. 1 WesPac cruise long time in the Tonkin Gulf. R&R in Sydney, Australia ,after leaving our PIRAZ station .Fast trip home from Hawaii.
Pabst, BobETN31966 – Aug 1967OE Had a fantastic experience serving on the Long Beach. Was saddened by seeing her in salvage. Served on her during her 1st westpac tour to Vietnam and also to Australia. Made friends with a fantastic group of men .
Butler, JohnETR21966 – 1968EngineeringI served when the ship did two tours of Vietnam. I was a reactor operator and technician. I loved the visits to Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. I remember a clean ship with a "party" crew when in port.
Lease, RexMM31966 – 1969M DivisionMy dad, Rex Lease, Sr., served on the USS Long Beach as an MM3 from 1966 to 1969
Shade, DonMM11966 – 1968AOne of the better ships I was on.
White, HarryE5/EN1966 – Dec 13, 1967Eng
Hicks, DavidFTM2Jan 1966 – May 1969Talos 49BNick name Kink because of my curly hair, it isn't true anymore.
Jennings, Ray profile iconDS3Jan 1966 – Oct 1969OENTDS Computer System(Univac)Technician
Fox, Steve / SwampieBT-2Jan 3, 1966 – Oct 25, 1969B divisionGreat ship and crew. In touch with Don Mumby- Tom Woolrige- Don White. I would like to ask any shipmate who may have presumed effects of Agent Orange. I presume that ocean winds and making our water contaminated our crew
Laposta, Eugene FET/2Feb 1966 – Nov 1968oeMaintained AN/SPS 32 Radar in the great big box
Peters, EricRM2Feb 1966 – Feb 1969OR
Valencia, RicardoBM3Feb 1966 – Apr 1969DECK 3RD DIVi met long beach in norfolk va. we change port to the west coast i was assgned to 3rd div. always had a good time on liberty with 3rd. div. crew west pack shore liberty was great time
Laposta, EugeneETR2Feb 1966 – Nov 1968OEHI Ed Lai
Turbin, Jerry "Jet"LI3Feb 5, 1966 – Feb 7, 1967X Print ShopSailed her from Norfolk to LB. Made 1st West Pac. I was the only rated Lithographer on board at the time and was lucky enough to go TAD in the Tonkin Gulf via Helo # 99 to CVA 63. Returned to ship by highline from USS Fox, and the Oiler Calante.
Steadman, GaryRM3Feb 26, 1966 – Apr 18, 1968ORFirst wes-pac cruise, made a lot of friends that I still see today. We are shipmates forever, thanks to the USS Long Beach.
Settle, David ? Reddawggmm2Feb 27, 1966 – May 20, 1969talosAny body out there, who was on board when we left norfolk, went thru that storm off cape hattera,s, was my 1st nite at sea, sicker than a dawg never 4get that nite,and we were up in the bow, what a ride
Moon, PaulMM2Mar 1966 – Oct 1969MHard duty...but always proud of her. Always looking for snipes from 1 or 2 engine room. Looking for copies of: 8 MM film clips, videos, POD's(66-69)of ship.
Barry, KevinMM2Mar 1966 – Jan 7, 19702,Auxiliary, and later A Ganglooking for Don Weller, Ron Hampton ,Mike McGoldrick. I live in Florida.
Nelson, Eric (Andy)BT1Mar 1966 – Oct 1969BAny Nukes from #2 plant? Kevin Barry, Ron Hampton, BJ Sass, Ted Hahn.. Drop me a line - I'm in Washington State
Rush, William C. (Bill)SH3Mar 1966 – Dec 20, 1967S3
Combs, JamesFTMMar 1966 – Mar 1971FEBoarded CGN-9 as push button 3rd out of 55B C-school. Left her during her 71 Mare Island OH. Would like to hear from anyone assigned FE div esp' ones assigned to Dir-1 or it's Mk119 Com. Bill Johnson you out there?
Madden, MikeETR3Mar 10, 1966 – Aug 25, 1967OEGreat ship and even greater shipmates. We worked hard and bonded on our WestPac deployment to Vietnam. Ship performance was outstanding thanks to the crew. Made a memorial cruise to Australia and got to “run the slot.”
Storie, GaleMM2Mar 16, 1966 – Oct 1969MEnjoyed working with my friends in 1 & 2 Engine rooms.
Momot, Stephen V.MIDSHIPMAN 3RD CLASSJun 1966 – Aug 1966deck, engineering, cicdid my 3rd class midshipman cruise in long beach. visited san fran, & pearl harbor...can't forget "render honors to port, u.s.s. arizona." visited l/b for the final time at port everglades--she was on her way to the cutter's t
Schroder, RobertIC3Jun 26, 1966 – Aug 10, 1969engineeringThanks for the trip to Australia
Brush, FrankEM2Jul 1966 – May 1969EMade two west pacs during Nam. Was a nuc. Retired from the Navy Reserve as a LCDR.
Mireur, JoeRM3Jul 1966 – Jan 1968RadioI served with some fine folks - Streeter, Balbas, Butenschoen, DeRouseau, Fitzpatrick, Kinser, Hospodka, Delahunt, Reiser, Hodge. Became a Shellback on our way to Sydney. Still have the paperwork, don't want to go thru that again!
Barry, KevinE5,Machinest MateJul 1966 – Jan 1970B Division 2nd Aux, A Div A/C &RWent to College, worked, retired in 2003, Florida. Please email me with any info you recall Pertaining to the incinerator, CIC ships fire prox 1966-1968 while offshore . Dates, details, etc. Respond via Navy Buddies.
Harjala, AlbertMM1Jul 1966 – Oct 1969BB Div., #1 RMR, MM3 to MM1- 7/66 - 10/69, Enjoyed serving on the "Gray Ol' Lady", WESPAC travel ports - Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, Subic (multiple), Hong Kong (7), Manila, Sydney, Perth & Long beach. Served 3 Captains.
Pease, PatPN2Aug 1966 – Feb 1970X
Coy, LarryJO3Aug 6, 1966 – May 1968X
Stewart, JoelynnYN2Aug 18, 1966 – Nov 20, 1968A DivisionEngineering Dept. Capt Fiedler, Capt Soules. Capt Andress, Capt Smith. Many commanded their own nuclear powered ship.
Redden, LarryE-4Aug 30, 1966 – Nov 20, 1968S-6I was on bord for the first two West-pac's Went to both Sidney and Perith - had a great time I am looking for any of my shipmates that served with me during this time please e-mail me at
Butenschoen, EdRM-3Sep 1966 – Apr 1968ORI served on the LB during her first West Pac Tour in Viet Nam (Tonkin Gulf) After our tour was over, we saw liberty in Austrailia before returning home. Many good memories and we have had a few reunions with some of the old Radio Gang
Spence, Jim (Wesley)SNSep 1966 – Feb 19692nd & !stMade the first two West-Pacs- Never forget ports of calls. Looking for old shipmates and hopefully they will be at the reunion in Branson. If you remember me, e-mail and lets stay in contact Great times on the Nuke-She was something!
Martinez, DavidSM3Sep 1966 – Jun 1969OS
Beaver, DanRadarman 3rd ClassSep 9, 1966 – Jun 9, 1969OIGreat Ship, and crew. Got to see Asia and VN and really enjoyed my time on board. My e-mail is Now live in Yakima , Washington. Retired from the Post Service after 34 years.
Anderson, Joe AndyPC3Sep 9, 1966 – Feb 12, 1970X Div
Loveland, DavidST1Sep 10, 1966 – May 1, 1971OM
Coy, LarryJO3Sep 15, 1966 – May 7, 1968XI wrote the 'top secret" news release when LB shot down the Mig in Spring '68. My boss was Lt(jg) Tom Mosser who was, sadly, one of the Unabomber's victims.Hard to believe it's been 40 years.
Janocha, StanPC4Sep 15, 1966 – Mar 15, 1969XHad a lot of good times on the USS Long Beach. sad note, Joe (Andy) Anderson passed away last year from cancer. I worked with him in the ships post office.
Aldridge, HarryIC3Oct 1966 –EFirst ship, first love. Good crew and good duty.
Hunter, TommyFTG 2Oct 3, 1966 – Jan 13, 1970WeaponsGreat ship. I couldn't belive the size of her. To look down from the 09 level it was hard to see how the ship didn't turn over. I had many good time on ship and a few bad ones (working parties).
Reynolds, BobCYN3 OR DIVOct 15, 1966 – Aug 15, 1967ORGreat guys. great ship and great times. Great memories. Let me know if the Radio gang ever gets together.
Farral, GaryOS 2Nov 2, 1966 – Mar 1969OIIt was a great experience. Wonderful teamwork in CIC with Radar and Weapons groups
Brock, William (Bill)RD-3Dec 1966 – Sep 1967OIGreat ship, one hellva of a CIC team. Long Beach really set the tone for my career in the navy Retired 1990 as OSCM(SW) Like to hear from other RD/OS and DS that were onboard 1966-1967

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