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USS Long Beach (CGN 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Long Beach (CGN 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1154 crew members registered for the USS Long Beach (CGN 9).

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Mowles, LawrencMM21964 – 1967A
Donnelly, Harold/jackCPL USMC1964 – 1966Fleet Marine ForceI served in the Marine Detachment. I was a Pointer on the Starboard 5 inch mount, a guard on Talos and Terrier Missile Magazines. I had many Navy and Marine friends. Best ship in the Navy ! Semper Fi!
Stenberg, Michael/stik Steberg (Nickname)STG31964 – 1966OMServed too short a time with some great guys, and great officers, including Wm Keller, David A Page, Peter B Hill, John Olen, Capt Wallace. (BTW, Lars, you were in OM Division.) Home ports Norfolk & Long Beach.
Travis, Andersonshipfiter2ndclass1964 –R
Ogg, ArthurDS-3Jan 5, 1964 – Aug 29, 1965EngineeringI was a DS-3 helping to maintain the navigational computers and radar control systems. Was part of Task Force One on the around the world cruise in 1964.
Ogg, ArthurDS-3Jan 10, 1964 – Sep 2, 1965OEI was one of many Data Systems Technicians. Soon after coming aboard we left for the Caribean, back to Norfolk then off to the Med. This was followed by the Task Force One around the world cruise. I enjoyed my time aboard the Grey Lady.
Perry, Willie profile iconLance Corporal E-3Feb 5, 1964 –2nd Marine Div FMF LantI truly enjoyed the crew members: Little Brooks, Jan Robert Alfred, EM Debavick, St John, Meatiest, Robert Manson, Staff Peat, Lt Colonial Millerick. Lastly, the travel and cultural experiences of the different counties
Prosser, JayE4 YEOMANFeb 12, 1964 – Feb 12, 1966Yeoman for Capt. F.H. Price and CMDR Swartz
Harris, JamesSR/BM3Feb 24, 1964 – Jul 20, 19681stThe Long Beach was my first ship after boot Camp. I reported onboard while the ship was in the Shipyard at Newport News Va. I joined the navy to see the world and not long after reporting onboard we made a world cruise, what a time we had.
Adams, TonyDS2Mar 1964 – Feb 1966OEAlthough a DS2, I spent time in the radio room, the SPS-32 radar, and CIC while attached to the OE division. Did a Med cruise, Operation Sea Orbit and a couple Caribbean trips.Looking back, it was a great time-I enjoyed
Johnson, Gail ("Swede" Or "johnny")YN3Mar 11, 1964 – Mar 10, 1965"X"Was on a great ship with a great crew. Was on the world cruise with Long Beach and Bainbridge in summer of 64.
Hamilton, Bill (William)AG2Apr 1964 – Mar 1966NCame aboard as AG3 left as AG2. My office Petty Officer AG1 Jack Kemp was killed on leave back in New Jersey. AGC Taylor and I later served on two other vessels. For a time, I was senior Petty Officer in the office. Made the "Sea Orbit" cruise
David, MillerRM3Apr 1964 – Sep 1965ori met some great guys, made a world cruise and had some of the best times of my life..long beach was a great ship..
Alberts, HowardDS 2Apr 1964 –OE
Gregory, James "Chief"SFCMay 10, 1964 – Oct 15, 1966Repair DivisionI went on board the day the ship returned from their world cruise in spring of 1964 in Norfolk, Va. and left the day before their first trip to WesPac in the fall of 1966 having made WO-1 and went on to CWO-3 and Lt(jg).
Baker, JamesE5/DSOct 1964 – Dec 1966OEI was DS in OE Division but worked mostly in the EMO Office for LT Coleman/Hulsey and MCPO Silverstein.. if DS3 Ellenbo sees this pleas send message to me- remember the summer in 1966 when we went to LA and came back on the rented motorcycle.
Stephensn, Jerry BT1Oct 1964 – May 1967BBZ to all "B & M" Div snipes and ELT's. Fun hard working years on the Grand Old Lady! Retired Boiler Inspector and Retired BTC USN
Baker, JamesDS2Oct 1, 1964 – Nov 15, 1966OEI worked mostly in EMO Office for Lt Coleman I'd esp like to find ET Ellenbo (may have been DS but I think was ET)-I have 2 e mail live in Smyrna, GA 678-478-2009(Cell#)
Kronquist, LarsSTGSN/STG3Oct 3, 1964 – Jun 8, 1965?????Picked up the Beach in Norfolk and through the Panama Canal to Long Beach Ca. Transfered to the USS Blue about a month after arrival.
Clark, ThomasDS-3Oct 15, 1964 – Oct 29, 1966EngineeringGood memories - worked on Data Display equip. and AN/ SPS-32 radar on the 06 level
Fleming, JamesSK 2Nov 1964 – Nov 1967S-1Went aboard as a kid and transfered off as a man. Born in Virgina, grew up in California and now maturing in Texas.
Goodman, BobbySFCDec 1964 – Aug 1967Repair
Sa, ArthurFTM3Dec 9, 1964 – Nov 25, 1967FEGreat Ship (and crews) who served our country well for 34 years
Melendez, ManuelRM3Dec 28, 1964 – Sep 10, 1965CommunicationWas Flag Messenger from February till May 19645 then went to dry dock. Played on ships sofeball team. Belong to Long Beach Association. I miss the good times I had while there, should have stayed in the Navy but retired from the Army.
Mach, TonyAG (AEROGRAPHER MATE)1965 – 1966N (Navigation)
Sasgen, JosephETR21965 – 1966EngReactor Operator
Barry, KevinE5Jan 5, 1965 – Jan 1, 1970B Division, A DivisionHowdy shipmates. I live in Orlando,Florida. Retired, happy , joyous and Free! My email is
Lane, FredDC2Jan 12, 1965 – 1969RHello to all you lads...had some good times didn't we. and some fine memories...what a priviledge to serve our country on this fine lady. Kind regards and welcome home brothers.
Cavaluzzi, JosephDS2Jan 29, 1965 – Jan 29, 1969OESpent most of my 4 years in the Metrology shop, repairing and calibrating electronic test equipment. I believe Chief Cooley had started Metrology Shop in 1966. Myself and Jimmy Rogers were the first techs to work in Metrology........
Cavaluzzi, JosephDS2Jan 30, 1965 – Jan 31, 1969OEStarted the Metrology shop with Chief Cooley and Jimmy Rogers. Calibrated and repaired ships electronic test equipment. Saw 2 Westpac Cruises, 3 Captains and many people come and go. Served over 4 years on board. What GREAT memories !
Beakes, Frank (Mad Dog)RM3Feb 1965 – Mar 1967ORGreat Times...some long hours...great sailors with a lot of PRIDE. Radio Gang was GREAT. Many special and fond memories. Ten years later...US ARMY, Air Defense Artillery...finally retired!
Miller, Robert Bobgmm3Feb 8, 1965 – Jul 7, 1966t.a. talos missles
Burroughs, LawrenceLTJGFeb 15, 1965 – Jul 10, 1966A DivisionQualified EOOW, EDO in port,
Waage, Fred profile iconMM1Mar 1965 – Jan 26, 1968B Division, Engineering DepartmentShellback 10 April 1967 when bound for the equator and for Sydney Australia from the Tonkin Gulf. Known for my red hair, love of music. 1966-67 Cruise Book, P104. Nuclear trained.
Hunt, G. E.MM1Mar 9, 1965 – May 13, 1968MI have many good memories aboard ship and the ports we visited. I met many good "Nukes". Any Nukes from 1965 - 1968 feel free to shoot me an email. Living New Braunfels, TX with the same fine lady that served with me
Wigglesworth, Mike/wigglesMM2Mar 10, 1965 – Jan 10, 1968MHad great time aboard, met many friends, looking for Tim Scaff. Paul Moon, I have lots of Super 8 movie film while aboard Long Beach. E-mail me.
Johnson, BobFTMApr 1, 1965 – Jun 1, 1970FAGood times, good memories, good friends. Was the operator of Talos Director 5 when we shot down the first Mig.
Harris, JohnIC2May 1965 – Oct 1968REReactor Technician (IC rated) during two WestPac deployments; aboard during several missile shoots at MIGs; Damaged Helicopter landing on fantail & removed when backed up to USS Enterprise in Gulf;
Boling, BobMM2Jul 1965 – Feb 1969M&ABest ship that I served on.
Ackermann, HarveyETN2Jul 7, 1965 – Aug 15, 1967OEFantastic ship. Broke my heart to see her decommissioned. I served as an electronics tech and maintained the ECM equipment on board. Great memories. One WestPac cruise to Tonkin Gulf and then to Sydney Austrailia.
Blair, Bobcs3Jul 10, 1965 – Nov 1968cooki had agreat tour met abunch of good freinds miss alot of u
Bowerman, MichaelE3Sep 1965 – 1969EN3
Downing, DavidSTG3Sep 1965 – May 9, 1969OMGreat ship! Picked up ship in Newport News, went thru Panama Canal, homeport Long Beach, served two Westpacs, and crossed equator twice! Great times in Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Okinawa, Subic, Manilla. All guys in OM div. HI!
McGuire, Big MacSH3Sep 14, 1965 – Dec 3, 1968Ship ServiceI missed the crew members. I grew up on this ship. Thanks to Morris and E J Bonds. Thanks alot guys. Life is good.
Kobet, LouisFTM-1Oct 12, 1965 – Mar 15, 1970FA Division (Talos)Worked on SPW-2 and SPG-49 Talos Fire Control Systems. Monitored first and second MIG kills.
Pirela, PeteSK3Nov 1965 – May 5, 1969Supply I remember crossing the equator and kissing King Neptune's greasy belly button.
Voss, Richard (Dick)DK2Nov 1965 – Oct 1967S4
Farleo, JamesE4 enginemenDec 1965 – 1970A & B divisonLooking for guys who played in the ships band and any of the guys I served with on our wespac cruises.
Lafollette, Freddie EN2Dec 19, 1965 – Nov 1966NavyAssigned to rear Engine room 2.
Goerke, ChuckETR2Dec 27, 1965 – Apr 5, 1968OEGreat tiems, great shipmates, would do it again in a hearbeat!
Goerked, ChuckETR2Dec 28, 1965 – Apr 5, 1968OEGreat ship, great shipmates, great times. Would do it all again in a heartbeat!

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