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USS Long Beach (CGN 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Long Beach (CGN 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1154 crew members registered for the USS Long Beach (CGN 9).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1961 | 1962 – 1963 | 1964 – 1965 | 1966 | 1967 – 1968 | 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 – 1973 | 1974 | 1975 | 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1980 | 1981 – 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – now

Thomas, JamesMT31962 – Sep 1964TE
Ladell, LenMMC1962 – 1965M (Nuke,forward engine room)Not sure of the dates. Reported onboard during outfitting in Phillie and left when she chanced coast.
Ulmer Thomas McKnight, MacPrivate First Class, Electrician, MP1962 – 1964Private First ClassHe served during Cuban Missile Crisis. Passed away in 2002.
Jess, StephenRd31962 – 1964OIWhat a great ship! I will never forget the time I spent aboard the USS Long Beach nor the members of the OI Division with whom I served. Those were some of the most memorable days of my life.
Ramsden, Bernard (Bernie)RDsn1962 – 1964OIGreat time for a young kid. Stood my battle station watch at the tote board on the bridge. GREAT SHIP !
Desanto, Johnym1962 – 19631My name is Master Sergeant Christopher DeSanto, I am in the Army. My dad served on the Longbeach as a fireman. He passed away in 2006 and I would love to hear from someone who remembers him. He was from Philadelphia.
Botto, EmanuelE-3Jan 1962 – Jan 1962N-1Thoroughly enjoyed the ship and crew. Proud to have served in the Navy aboard the U.S.S. Long Beach CGN-9.
Blair, ErnestJan 2, 1962 – May 17, 19652nd and s1
Tom, PhillipMT2Jan 15, 1962 – Sep 1, 1962Talos got married when we were in Philly. Went to White Sands< New Mexico the day you left around the world.
Hartenhoff, TedE3 Store keeperJan 20, 1962 – Jan 20, 1964S1It was a long time ago kids.
Siegel, RonBMSNFeb 1962 – Feb 19642NDGood Times In Norfolk, Philly, The Virgin Islands, and The Med.. Anybody know where Dave [BOATS] Sanders is at?
Pool, RobertEM-2Feb 1, 1962 – Jan 31, 1964E Div.The best two years of my life. Went aboard a boy and came out a man!
Harmel, William ( Tom )FTM 2Feb 5, 1962 – Feb 12, 1966Fire Control Tech ( Missile )Just looking for old crew members...Retired and living in Florida.. Mr Hatico, are you still in your homeland ( Hawaii )
Twiss, WilliamE2Feb 13, 1962 – Jul 13, 1962
Jackson, Georgecs3Mar 1962 – Feb 1964supplykept records and planed menu's for commissary.. Now living in Winchester, tn
Ron, HellmerIC4Apr 10, 1962 – Oct 15, 1964EHi to all my old shipmates. she was quite a ship back then. It pains me to see the photos of her now.
Nisbet, Robert (Bob)MT-1May 1962 – Dec 11, 1964TE & OMLots of good times & memories 0 world cruise - 3 MED cruises, etc.
Nisbet, Robert profile iconMT2May 1962 – Dec 11, 1964OM
Boyd, BruceRD3May 14, 1962 – Apr 4, 1964OprsNTDS Radarman. Transferred aboard from USS SARSFIELD EDD 837.
Frazier, RayRM3Jun 1, 1962 – Dec 1, 1965Operations RadioWas on Carb. & Met. Cruises
Reeves, FrederickSTG2Jul 15, 1962 – Aug 31, 1965OMWas on the first circumnavigation of the globe in operation Sea Orbit in 1964
May, EricQM2Aug 1962 – Aug 1964Navigation2 Med cruises, Red sea drag race with Enterprise, Operation Sea Orbit. On the helm during Chesapeake Bay bridge and Hi-line runs, Storms around Cape Hope. Remember Melbourne, Rio and Med liberty. Great ship and great crew under Capt Price!
Boardman, WilliamSN E-3Sep 7, 1962 – Jan 24, 1964SeamanBill is my Dad. He passed in 2003 from cancer. If anyone remembers him or has pictures, please contact me. Thank you for serving our country!! God Bless!!
Cullison, AtleeMM3Oct 1962 – Aug 1964AHAD SOME GOOD TIMES
Asbaty, RaymondRM3Oct 1962 – Nov 1965OR Div
McNally, FrankRM2Nov 1962 – Feb 1966ORGood times, in Med, Caribbean and Sea Orbit, with great shipmates. Best Radio gang on any ship.
Anderson, RobertFTM3Nov 1962 – Aug 13, 1965FALiberty in Melbourne, Wellington, Rio and Ft Lauderdale ... not to mention the Crazy Horse in Golfe Juan, Charlote Amalie, Istanbul and Barcelona..
Hobart, StanleySM2Nov 1962 – Aug 1963OSAN INTERESTING TOUR OF DUTY.
Iben, DavidFTM3Nov 12, 1962 – Feb 2, 1966Fire ControlTalos & Terrier guided missile computers & radar
Parry, RalphFTM21963 – 1966FAI was on for several cruises and enjoyed going to all the different places. Would like to go to Australia again.
MacKle, JonFTM21963 – 1966FACame aboard in the Philly yards and left when the ship left for WES-PAC. Many a great port in between.
Symons, JerryRM2/RM11963 – 1966ORLooking Chief Parrish, Chief Willy Joe Bottoms and any other guys during Operation Sea Orbit.
Scarbrough, BillCGN 91963 – 1965Gunny-Marine DetGreat Bunch of Crew
Wolfe, DonaldSHCS1963 – 1969S-3would like to here from anyone .JOE FERRO
Molyneaux, EdwardRD31963 – 1967OIMade the world cruise. great ship, great crew
Boedeker, FrankRd21963 – 1966Operations DivisionWent aboard just in time to get underway for the med and operation Sea Orbit, Fifty four years ago!! Charles Wesley Dement where are you? Sam Bohart is in Pa.
Keegan, Edward/ ErkyFTM21963 – 1966FALOTS OF HARD WORK BUT LOTS OF FUN TOO
Hill, Pete (Pb)STG-2Jan 1963 – Jul 1966OM/OI
Drummey, JohnEMCS/WO1Jan 1963 – Jan 1965E DivSad to lose touch with so many friends, great memories of Med, Sea Orbit, getting caught taking helo ride to Bainbridge/Enterprise. Towed the E round the world, she docks first.
Black, StantonMT-3Jan 1, 1963 – Aug 2, 1963TalosI fought in the July 4 1963 Smoker against a guy from the 3rd Division ( I thnk it was this one). It was in the main event. Good fight.
Stivison, RodgerCorporal E4Feb 1963 – Nov 1964Marine Detachment I loved my time aboard Long Beach
Witting, GeorgeSN3Mar 1963 – Feb 1964CombatWorked as a yeoman worked on classified information for personell.
Kirkhart, Jim (Kirk) profile iconLI3Mar 1963 – Mar 1966X DivisionI was one of the ship's printers. Made several MED cruises, WORLD cruise and a couple GITMO trips. Great ship and a great bunch of guys aboard her...
Wamsley, DaveSH3Mar 9, 1963 – Jul 5, 1965N2, S3My first tour and we went around the world. Not too bad for a 19-year-old? Great cruises to the Med. Her hull still sits by the pier in the Bremerton shipyard. Sad. If you served with me, answer up if you like. I retired in '91.
Curry, James A.RM3Apr 1963 – Jun 1964ORGreat ship..many good memories....made first two med cruises but seperated from her just before the first round the would cruise..regret i did not extend for same....
Clark, ByronFTM3Apr 1963 – Feb 26, 1966FAWhat's not to like about 2 Med cruises and 5 to the Caribbean. When you toss in New Zealand, Australia, Rio, Ft. Lauderdale and HP near Virginia Beach, it all makes for an above average tan. Ahoy!!
Cowan, GlyndalFTM3Apr 28, 1963 – Sep 10, 1965FAHad a lot of great times on the Long Beach. Given the wisdom of age, I now wish I had taken advantage of the opportunities given me in my travels. However, at the age of 20 I was interested in wrecking beer joints and tearing up whorehou
Dudley, Glen DudleyFTM2May 1963 – Aug 29, 1966FARemember when we became Knights in the Order of Golden Dragon. Op.Sea Orbit was good , but I had duty in Wellington New Zealand. I remember when we shot down the drone in the Caribbean ( Talos ) . I heard the owner of the drone was unhappy.
Taucher, FrankPC3May 1963 – Apr 1965Xtwo trips to the med,three or four to the caribbean,around the world,it was an experience never to forget . cruiser sailors keep on cruising!!
Edwards, GordonFTM2May 10, 1963 – Aug 10, 1966WDEPorts of call do not show the following: Palma (Island of Majorca) (Spain) St. Thomas Virgin Islands Guantanamo Bay Cuba
McLarrin, J.e. (Mac)ET1(63-66) ETC (70-71)Jun 1963 –RCRemember Rio? I'll never forget
McLarrin, J. E. (Mac)ET1Jul 1963 – Aug 1966RC
Nixon, Billrm3Jul 1963 – Feb 1966ORmade 3 carib cruises, 2 med & operation sea orbit in 1965
Nixon, WilliamRM3Jul 1, 1963 – Feb 10, 1966ORlots of good memories.looking for some of my old shipmates.I live in rochester,pa.
Lavalle, JohnET2Jul 1, 1963 – Oct 1, 1966RC
Miettinen, LyleRD2Jul 2, 1963 –unknownI am the daughter of Lyle and I am just looking for anyone who might have known my father.
Darr, BobbyFTMSNJul 19, 1963 – Aug 29, 1963foxIn trans to USS Little Rock. I remember the race with the big E while crossing Atlantic. If it had been a 1 mile race we would have easily won. The big E took a while to get going, but finally passed us in its wake!!
Tillman, JoeFTM-2Aug 1963 – Sep 1965Talso 49 RadarI was part of operation Sea Orbit. After discharge I attended Ga. Tech and received an EE degree, I now own my own engineering business.
Schaefer, Richard profile iconHM2Aug 1963 – Dec 1963MedicalI am "Rick's" Richard Schaefer (Schaeffer) daughter. My father died in March of 1969 four months after my birth. I am hoping to find any crew that has any remembrances or photos of my dad.
Heldt, JohnFTM2Aug 1963 – Aug 1966FELeft the Navy for college and got 2 degrees. Good memories of those who served and the travel: 2 Med cruises, world cruise '64, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Long Beach and Pearl. Sorry I missed WestPac and the MIG shots.
Bongers, CalvinDS-2Aug 5, 1963 – Jul 26, 1965OEI worked down in lower CIC on the NTDA Equipment. I was on the First and Second Med Cruises and Operation Sea Orbit.
Broadhead, Philipftm2Aug 15, 1963 – Aug 15, 1966fa
Daugherty, LenFTM3Sep 1, 1963 – Sep 16, 1966FE
Herrera, Faustinoem2Dec 1963 – May 1967engdoes the ship get credit for being in vietnam in 1964 because i have a campaign medal and acknowledgement on my dd214

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