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USS Long Beach (CGN 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Long Beach (CGN 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1154 crew members registered for the USS Long Beach (CGN 9).

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Bohannan, Donald R.GMM21957 – Aug 7, 19645th and TA
Falor, ClintonBT1 to BT7Jun 10, 1959 – Mar 18, 1966engineer room and plantI am looking for men who served with my father in the plant. My father died Feb. 10, 2007. He died from cancer along with a lot of other men from the plant and engineer room. He died from radiation exposure. Help
Ritz, Richard "Dick"EMCAug 9, 1959 – May 10, 1963EPlank Owner. When I went aboard there was nothing built above the main deck. Watching it grow was great
Meisenbach, PatrickMM21960 – 1963Alived on the APL-29 at the shipyard next to hull 1669 when it was being built, had my twin brother Mike serving with me great duly. had a walk way to the ship. great fun lots of memorys
Vincent, ManfredE-41960 –DCFN
George, KenIC1Feb 1960 – Jul 14, 1964B ReactorWhat a lady! The first and last of a GREAT ship.
Cicolani, AngeloLT.Apr 1960 – Sep 1962ElectricalThe contrast between damage control and being an Engineering Officer on one of the last all-gun cruisers (CL-144) and Chief Reactor Officer on CGN-9 was striking and startling; it was steel versus information (NTDS).
Kelly, BillYN3May 1960 – Dec 1961AI was part of pre-com detail lived aboard APL-29 while under construction. It was start of greatest adventure of my life. Worked with some of the best people in the world and I am proud to be a plank owner
Boober, JimE4Aug 1, 1960 – Jun 6, 1962osEnjoyed my time on her, Like to hear from some of the guys ,changed to Et after in reserves.
Hatch, Richard (Dick)RM3Sep 1960 – Aug 1962OperationsI am a plankowner. Served at Bethlehem steel shipyard while the ship was being built, inspecting various spaces under construction. A great experience.
Gada, BobSK3Sep 1960 – Feb 1963SupplyBeing a member of the USS LONG Beach was the greatest experience in my life and becoming of the first crew and Plank Owner I will always remember an thank for having the opportunity to serve on the First !
Henry, VerleSKSNOct 1960 – Apr 1962SupplyI also am a plank owner - Super Ship enjoyed my duties as Storekeeper and the crew she had great bunch of men who worked hard, gave their all for not only ship but God,Country, and a great Captain Eugene P. Wilkenson - will always miss CGN9
Glineck, TedSFP2Nov 12, 1960 – Feb 4, 1964RGreat ship, I have many good memories, and stories.
Reece, JohnFTMCNov 29, 1960 – Oct 24, 1966Talos FCUpon transfer to Instructor duty at Mare Island in Oct 66, was the last "plank owner" in the weapons department.
Keeton, LorenBM31961 – 19651stPlank Owner, Pusher, Bowsens Locker, Melborn Austrilia was my highlight. That and That hard right rudder when racing with the Enterprise.
Robinson, Jimmy H. (Jim)FTM-21961 – 1965Good schooling, good friends, Around the World Cruise, Shore Leave, Mail Call, and Coastal Living when not aboard ship.
Bolender, DallasRM31961 – 1963OREnjoyed the winters in Puerto Rico & St. Thomas. Lots of good times including cruise to northern Europe.
Cadwell, Karl (Casey) CadwellRM31961 – 1962Being honored by becoming a plankowner almost made me a lifer. Won't ever forget the privilege of sailing with the best of the best...Hi mates...Casey
Hoffman, BobMT31961 – 1965Talos Melbourne & the Aussie paratroopers. We were bloody well pissed. World cruise & Med crossings. Remember Phil Toms & Bob Nisbett. Also Willie, Arnie, Bob Scott, and Wally.
Mason, SteveCS31961 – 1963S2i was the 1st man in sick bay i made cs3 on her
Dipietro, JosephPFC1961 – 1962Marine Det.I am a plank owner of the Long Beach, and also the first official brow sentry ( during commissioning ceremony ). I later became Capt. EP Wilkinson's orderly. I left the Long Beach before She went to Philly.
Derr, WayneIC21961 – 1963EBest command in the Navy! A great crew! Best years of my life. Nickname: "Derrski"
Devita, MichaelFireman1961 – 1964Nuc Division - Reactor Room 2I was also on the barge. My brother, Martin DeVita - quarter master, was also a Plank Owner. I spent 3 1/2 yrs. on board. I left from Naples, before the ship made Around the World Cruise. My E Mail:
Akers, JerrySHSN1961 – 1962S-3I am a plank owner on the USS Longbeach CGN9. When I first went aboard the crew was staying on APL29. I really enjoyed the time on board the Longbeach. I worked in the ships laundry, soda fountain & clothing store.
Morris, William W.SH11961 – 1967S-3
Heubusch, Robert (Bob)Fireman1961 – 1962Reactor DivWas a plank owner an still have that Pic with the plank.lived on the APL in the steel yards at Quincy,Ma.
Ferraiola, Anthonygmsn1961 – 19612nd
Weidman, RogerFTM-21961 – 1965TATerrier Computer School, worked on 49 radars and after discharge worked as a Tec Rep for 49 and 55 Radar and communication equipment. After that worked on ship board integration, testing and documentation for Navy Dept.
Wallace, Harold (Wally)FTM 21961 – Nov 29, 1964TAI was there...for the Philly drydock, the World Cruise, the drag race with Enteprise.... Duckett, Schmon, Hoffman, Flavell, Swigart, Where are they now? Fond memories of Capt. Wilkinson....the last visit/decom in 1994
Wakefield, David J.DK2Jan 1, 1961 – Nov 1, 1961SupplyI am a plank-owner. I remember very well the commissioning party in Boston. I woke up in somebody's house. What a party!
KIIck, GroverIC3Mar 1961 – May 1963E
Sheppard, Raymond GSNMar 1961 – Jan 19633rdWhen I reported to Quincy, Ma., there was just the main hull at the dock. Spent a year there on the APB before she set sail for her shake down cruise. Being a plank owner is really something to be proud of. I miss her.
Post, Roger Emil;yPO4Apr 1961 – Aug 1964A machine shopI just remember crossing the 1st time in 61 and spending most of the winters in Cuba or St Thomas. Coming back from the Med. in 63 and had to hold a fresh water wash down several hundred miles out and then hiting a storm, mean while we were on water
O'Rourke, Michael (Ogie)SFP3Apr 1961 – Jul 1964RProud to be a plank owner and serve on the maiden voyage.
Sauro, MichaelRD3Apr 1961 – Aug 1962OII am a Plank Owner. Transfered from USS Des MoinesCA134 , after decommissioning . Enjoyed my tour and all the guys in my division
Marcus, RobertSNApr 4, 1961 – Sep 9, 1961This is written in honor of my father, this Memorial Day, 2004.
Overfelt, Garland H. TigerMMCS -WO-1Apr 15, 1961 – Dec 1, 1965MHolding Pre Com , Plank Owners, Operation Sea Orbit Reunion, The crews From 1958-1965 In Norfolk Va July 14-17 2005
Mongeon, RonaldseamanApr 15, 1961 – Nov 15, 1962Terrier Fire Controlserved aboard the USS Newport News (CA-148) prior to the Long Beach: the last gunned cruiser built to the first all missile cruiser. A wonderful and exciting time of my career.
O'Rourke, Mike (Ogie)SFP3May 1961 – Jul 1964RAlot of good memories and good times.
Manning, KevinBM3May 5, 1961 – Jan 29, 1965ThirdI was a Plank Owner and enjoyed being on APL 29 And the Long Beach. I enjoyed the cruises,especially The World Cruise.I met a lot of great guys and I reunite With many of them at the annual reunions.
Sammons, Ernest H.BM3Jun 1, 1961 – Dec 18, 19646th and 1stI am a plank Owner and I claim to be the youngest sailor ever to serve on board the Long Beach. I was 16 years old when I reported for duty aboard the Long beach.
McFearin Jr, Cecil RobertQM2Jun 1, 1961 – Jul 15, 1964Navplank owner. Came aboard in Betleham Steel before living on ship. First assignment to deck division and tranfered to Nav as a seaman and progress to QM2 before being transferred before the first around the world cruise.
Tremont, FrankSNJul 1961 – Jan 19632ndPlank Owner
Sebastian, RobertJul 1961 – May 19641ST AND TEone of the best ships i served on
Brand, Robert (Doug)BM3Jul 5, 1961 – Apr 21, 19631ST
Collins, MikePN3Jul 7, 1961 – Mar 5, 1965X Had some good times, met some good friends. Still keep in touch with some.
Wiles, William (Bill)CS3Aug 1961 – Mar 6, 1965Plank owner. Deck force, then Mess cook. Many memories. Med cruises, Philadelphia, Australia, New Zealand, Italy etc.
Hodge, Thomas (Tom)MM1Aug 1961 – Feb 1966BA great ship with a great crew and proude to serve from Precomm to West Coast Deployment.
Pratt, JoelLTAug 8, 1961 – Jul 26, 1964M, A, RCI am a plankowner. When I departed, only one officer had been aboard longer than I had.
Pratt, JoelLTAug 12, 1961 – Jul 28, 1964M, A, RCPlankowner
Patten, ChuckE3Sep 1961 – Sep 1962Radar
Wallace, Harold (Wally)MT2Sep 1961 – Nov 28, 1964TAI left at Pier 12 NNSY in 1964 at age 24. Returned to P.12 in 1994 for deactivation with my son, age 24. It was weird! Of all the persons in those years who sat in the Skipper's chair,how could I have guessed he would be one of the last.
Allen Sr., Richard D.FNSep 9, 1961 – Sep 6, 1962AI am a plank owner and was one of the best exsperances of my life,
Dorsey, RonaldFireman E3Sep 9, 1961 – Jun 15, 1962Engineering
Barton, JackRM2Sep 30, 1961 – Nov 1, 1964ORCame aboard right after commissioning and served until after Sea Orbit. Best ship I ever served aboard and had by far the best radio gang!
Kitsch, KenRM3Oct 1961 – Mar 1964OR
Barrett, EdDS 2Nov 1961 – Oct 1964OEWorked mostly in the ET Shop working on RADAR and ECM, was on the Master at arms force and Driver for Shore Patrol. Had a great time on both Med cruises and the round the world the world cruise.

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