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USS Seattle (AOE 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Seattle (AOE 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1367 crew members registered for the USS Seattle (AOE 3).

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Miller, JimFC31991 – 1993ops
Smith, Jason1991 – 1994Looking for some of the guys I worked/served with. Anyone in contact with Mike Hagan?
Lovig, TimMM31991 – 1995A Gang
Kevin, DuffyBT 31991 – 1993BWorked my tail off on this ship, and made some good friends as well. Im operating boilers for the N.Y. State Dept . of Corrections now.
Walthour, JasonBT31991 – 1994BHello shipmates.....looking for my old friends who I served with on the USS Seattle
Smith, JasonE31991 – 19942nd div
Kimble, PaulDCFNJan 1991 – Jun 1992RStill remeber all the good times with Butler,Gallager,Rae,Medlocok,Ellis,Harley,Stapples and good old Chief Rank (especially the North Alantic Cruise)!!
Levally, MorganSKSNJan 1991 – Oct 1992Supply/Cargo\I guess there is a upside to being aboard the haze gray underway ship, She definitely sparked my love for being on the water. I now own a commercial diving company in New Jersey. Hope to reconnect with some the crew.
Ceja, JesseSNJan 1991 – Aug 1994RASE/
Wiley, GaryBT 3Jan 14, 1991 – Jan 19, 1995Hello shipmates just looking to see if I can find some my old friends.
Diaz, Raul profile iconDC3Feb 1991 – Apr 1993RIt was an interesting Command; especially being stationed at Earl Weapon Station
Armstead, FreddieBMSNFeb 5, 1991 – Feb 19932ndLooking for shipmates that served around this time. Would love to hear from you.
Lamo, AnthonyET-3Mar 1, 1991 – May 15, 1993I have a lot of memories from when I served on her. The quick patch on the 2' opening in the hull. Or when we were stuck in the canal at Craney Island during the Nor-Easter that really messed up the USS Detroit.
Rathbone, TimothySM/E-3Mar 15, 1991 – Jan 1, 1993BMAfter leaving the navy I joined the army. I have a lot of pictures that I took while on the Seattle and look at them from time to time. I hope everyone that I served with is doing good.
Pierce, AndrewBM3Mar 30, 1991 – Nov 24, 1994RASEThe best ship I've ever served on. All others I've done are compared to her.
Cromwell, Jonathan/ Big COS3Apr 4, 1991 – Jun 29, 1994OSWhat's up? USS Seattle crew members. It's been a long time.
Galloway, RobertEN3Apr 8, 1991 – Dec 12, 19932nd - BoatsI was the small boat engineer for Capt. G.L. Hoewing until surgery forced me to shore duty in 93. Darn!
Garcia, Carlos profile iconE-3Apr 18, 1991 – Feb 18, 1993B
Majors, MarkEM1May 1991 – Nov 1992RASEDon't know if any one remembers me. I'd like to hear from some of ya. Ski, Bos'n Prest, Chambers to name a few.
Jones, AndyMM3May 10, 1991 – Jan 19, 1995MLooking for all the M and B Division guys. Does anyone have a 1993 Med Cruise Book? Anyone heard from Howie?
Riesen, ScottSKJun 1, 1991 – Jun 1, 1993CARGO DIVISION
Wiley, GaryE3 BT3Aug 15, 1991 – Jan 19, 1995B
Smith, Daniele-3Sep 1991 – May 1993rase
Hurd, ToddE-3Sep 26, 1991 – Sep 18, 1993S-1I was in Supply and had a pretty decent time onboard if you don't count the 12-15 hour unreps, sitting on a tow motor in the refridgerator decks. Looking for Mike Shoen, Dave LaMothe, Larry Hradisky or anyone who knows me! So long!
Boldis, FrankSM3Oct 1991 – Mar 1995OPSLooking for any shipmates that served during 1991 to 1995. Its been quite some time and I was actually saddened to find out she was scapped. Feel free to email me
Fiascunari, Christian "Fish" profile iconSNOct 1991 – Oct 1992RASEA warm greeting to my first shipmates at RASE division! email me and keep in touch.
Attama, RobertMM2Oct 15, 1991 – Feb 16, 1996A-GangWow, it's amazing how when looking at this site you seem to forget all the bad times, and remember only the good times, and friends that you've lost touch with.
Jason, "Horn-dawg"DCFNOct 24, 1991 – Jul 13, 1993RepairMan, do I miss that Ol' girl. Had some Damn fine times aboard that ship
Adams, GarySN1992 – 19942ndit was the best and the most difficult years of my life sailing endlessly around this tiny little earth allways over extended 3 months
Winland, MichaelET31992 – 1993Wish I had been able to stay longer. Miss the ole gal, rust and all.
Obrien, David (Growler)EM21992 – 1994EHey looking for barney, metz, mitch, anyone else who remembers me... I made the best damn ICED TEA on the boat.
Leary, SeanEM31992 – 1994E (Power Shop)
Szugye, James (Jimmy)E-31992 – 1994S-2WE HAD SOME GREAT TIMES! MED '93, NJ AND YARDS IN PHILLI.
Szugye, James (Jimmy)E-31992 – 1994S-2WE HAD SOME GREAT TIMES! MED '93, NJ AND YARDS IN PHILLI.
Van Ornun, ScottGmsn1992 – 1993WepsMiss my boys from deck and weps Bill Shamp,Shane True, Dana,and,yn Gary
Kam, Jeffreysn31992 – 1993bmLooking for some old navy buddies from the past
Cordeau, GaryBM31992 – 1995The Great and Almighty RASEWas one of the best and worst times of my life...Many good friends made and lost...Pier 5 and long bus rides...and yes my eyebrows grew back !
Harris, BobbyGMGSN1992 – 1996WEPS
Homer, BillLT1992 – 1995SUPPLYHard working ship. We had a homeport, but rarely were we in it! Great people, like my roomy, Dexter Gloster (RIP), and Ron Givens to make some of those long flight deck days something to look back on with fondness.
Likes, WilliamEM21992 – 1997E
Hill, Robert Aka Big RobE5/ BM2Jan 1992 – Nov 1994RASELooking for anyone who served on the Seattle from 1992-1994 1st tour, and 1996-1997 2nd tour. Chambers, Robinson, Bos'n Press, and many others that i can not name but hit me up @
Bagwell, ShannonMM3Jan 17, 1992 – Mar 20, 1995RASEgreat ship had a lot of great times with alot of great people
Knight, Marcus/marky MarkSNJan 30, 1992 – Aug 6, 1994Rase/1stLooking for anyone who remembers me, E-mail at
Evans, GlennSNFeb 1992 – Jul 19941st / E-DivTough Time in my life. Lots of great memories though. I've kept up with a few on FB. Would enjoy catching up with some more old Navy buddies.
Duncan, JonGMG3Feb 10, 1992 – Feb 10, 1994WEPSWas in the armory most of the time. Would like to here from anyone I served with.
Keel, VictorSNMar 15, 1992 – Mar 15, 19942nd DivisionI had a great time operating the B&H crane located on the rear of the ship. It was fun being on the boat crew also. Crap....what im saying is that i miss it all! It sort of hurts knowing that the ole bitch was cut up:)
Kalinko, BobSK3Apr 1992 – Sep 1995SUPPLY
Kalinko, BobSK3Apr 1992 – Sep 1995SUPPLYAlot of hard work, but alot of liberty ports.
Curley, DougE5/MSMay 1, 1992 – Apr 17, 1993S2
Harris, Bobby R.GMG3May 5, 1992 – May 31, 1996Weps
Baxter, GlennE2May 8, 1992 – 1994First
Bridges, SeanHM3May 19, 1992 – Apr 22, 1994Medical
Gaston, JimBM3(SW)Jun 1, 1992 – Jul 11, 1994Deck/Rase(?)The Seattle was a floating rust bucket but I made alot of friends while I was on that ship.
Easterberg, ShaneSNJun 24, 1992 – Jul 24, 19921stI was TAD on this bad boy waiting for the Dirty D to get back in from there cruise.
Reeves, John / Joe profile iconE - 4 / MM3Aug 1992 – Aug 1993A - Gang / RefuelingA Night Mare, Only in Home Port for 53 Days of the year, not counting Deployments. Left right before 93 Med Deployment.
Egan, MikeSN/LNSep 1992 – Sep 1995LegalHello, looking for shipmates from the 1993 Med Cruise, espically LN1 Hodge, Mike Shoen, Peto, and the drinking crew
Flynt, RobertGMGSNSep 1992 – Aug 1994WEPJust wanted to say whats up to all the old crew had I lot of fun, when I wasn't seeing the ole man.
Haller, Krise-3 btSep 1992 – May 1994b-divisionhi maties
Comppen, StevenSNSep 1992 – Jun 1994Deck/MedicalI stepped onboard the old girl Sept. ‘92 (Labor Day weekend). I was assigned to the deck dept. but later struck corpsman and was called a ‘sissy’ from Bos’n Bernardo for leaving the deck dept.
Chimenti, MatthewSk3Sep 1, 1992 – Jul 1, 1996Supplywhats up SEATTLE? Met a lot of great people, had a lot of fun and worked my ass off on that ship. Hats off too supply and cargo division. I will never forget Corfu Greece.My email is
Salazar, JoseSH3Sep 6, 1992 – Feb 9, 1996deck/supplylooking for anyone who remembers me
Egan, MikeE-3Sep 20, 1992 – Dec 18, 1995LegalHello to all former shipmates
Alan Peto, TorpetoSNOct 1992 – Jun 19941st, MHE, S3Hated and loved her at the same time (mostly some mean people, not the ship). Loved sailing everywhere and loved being on the helm (anyone notice I used to rock the ship on purpose around midnight? lol) If you know me: alanpeto
Hall, ToddMS3 (CS1 NOW)Oct 1992 – Oct 1996S-2U nderway S unday thur S aturday S ailing E ternaly A round T his T iny L ittle E arth A lways O ver E xtended 3 months Good Ship with a great crew. Hope all finds you well.
Hillsgrove, Tracy/steve/hedgehogMM2Oct 1992 – 1994Machinist Forward Engine SpaceWhats up Machinist Mates and Boiler Techies?! Serving in Operation Provide Promise Med Cruise 93. Remember when the tides came in at Norfolk and we ripped a ballard off the pier. Cold Iron to Boilers lit in minutes. Good Job-6on & 6off
Davis, BenBM3/BMSROct 10, 1992 – Jul 7, 1996RASEWorked my tail off on that ship and made alot of great people whom i will never forget.
Hopkins, Dana (Hop)EM3Oct 12, 1992 – May 21, 1996MHEMember of the MHE crew. Great Memories
Carr, ZackMM3Nov 1992 – May 1996M divisionIt was an honor to serve in the United States Navy.
Stoneking, RichardE3Nov 3, 1992 – Nov 4, 1994DeckHated the ship when I was on it, but once I got out of the Navy and grew up I learned to cherish the time I served on the ship. I was on board for the med cruise 1993 and the philly yard period 1994. Hung out with Moses, Bradley, and Kendrick
Lattimore, Carl Big BoatsUSS SEATTLENov 6, 1992 – Nov 2, 2002RASE
Whispell, JasonOS2Nov 19, 1992 – Nov 26, 1996OILooking for some of the shipmates in OI division. I loved the 6on, 6off. Good ship, awesome crew.
Anderson, EricMR 3Dec 16, 1992 – Aug 25, 1994RMet a lot of people, had a lot of fun, seen a lot of things.
Klempan, Henry (Aka Klemp)QM3Dec 27, 1992 – Jul 6, 1996NAVMy stomach is all in knots with the thought of the old girl not on the high seas. At the time I hated creating the memories that I now hold so dear. I miss her and the old crew. E-mail me at if you remember this QMOW.
Curley, MichaelSKSNDec 27, 1992 – May 3, 1996Cargo/SupplyRecruited by SK1 Mike Shoen and worked with the best guys. Hurd, Riesen, LaMothe, Kalinko, Harryman, Chimenti, and many others. If anyone wants to reconnect,

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