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USS Seattle (AOE 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Seattle (AOE 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1367 crew members registered for the USS Seattle (AOE 3).

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Gage, JayQMC1987 –
Kays, BrianMMFN1987 – 1990EngineeringWhaddap Jay?
Rickard, KevinSK31987 – 1990SKLooking for old "ship mates".where are u?
Wisneski, GeorgePC21987 – 1991ExecRemembering all my shipmates, did'nt leave under the best conditions. I owe thanks to all of you that stood up for me and beside me.
Bostdorf, Mark/ BozMM31987 – 1990MHad a blast! Anyone want to get in touch THEBOZISBACK@AOL.COM
McIlhaney, NathanGMG 31987 – 1989wepsI was in such a hurry to put the Navy behind me, that I didn't get anyones contact info. I was a butt and a fool. Please forgive my rudeness and E-Mail me (if you remember me). Not to get too sappy, but I miss you guys.
Amon, CurtE-41987 – 1989wepsLost contact with proulx, shults and panzullo. Drop me an e-mail. You too Mcheleney. Sorry if i misppelled any names.
Dubaj, Jim (Doobee)ET2 1987 – 1991OE 01looking for Chris Norton, Alan "Woody" Cutler, Todd Pinkus, Roy Branscom...hope you all are well, e mail me at
George, AltonGMGSN1987 –Weapons
Bates, WayneBM2Jan 1987 – Jul 1990RASEHad a blast. 20 years later and Icant stop thinking about it.
Hill, DaveBM3Feb 12, 1987 – Oct 31, 19901st division
Panzullo, ChristopherGMG 3Feb 16, 1987 – Oct 25, 1991weaponsLOST TOUCH WITH EVERYONE. Were are you now?
Christianson, EricBMSNMar 1987 – Jun 1990firstit is good to see names i remeber there are alot more that i want to see. worked hard on fly by night incorperated
Coleman, AndraE2Apr 1, 1987 – Jan 7, 19901 deckI just wish I could thank all my old crew members, the captain,and I think he was a chief warrant officer. For all the things they did for me. Something I should have done before I left.
Proulx, NormGMGSNApr 13, 1987 – Aug 3, 1989Weapons
Dawson, Johnsn3Apr 14, 1987 – May 3, 19892nd divisionI am on facebook under john dawson, I found clawson, but am looking for any of you other guys. Kislick lives about 80 miles from me in Sarasota, talk to him some but still haven't made it down. Anyone know c.leonard at?
Philson, Mike profile iconEW3May 1987 – Oct 1988OII remember the Seattle like it was yesterday. Just getting to the boat and having to go to the HT shop for an HT punch..WOW that was some fun. All the fun I had hanging out with the crew in all the spaces. What a blast!!
Erwin, Bryan/hairpinE-4May 12, 1987 – Apr 11, 1991RaseTransferred to Florida shortly after returning from Desert Storm, made E-5. I got out of the Navy and went to the Army, where I stayed until we returned from OIF II in early '05
Trask, Dennis "doc"HM3Jun 1, 1987 – Aug 1, 1990MedicalHey Kutz, Brandau, Lawler, Cotter. Best to All Seattle shipmates. I loved being part of that pig! Great Guys! I am now an RN living in Buffalo with my wife and one child on the way (Sep 07). Gimme a shout at:
Gallego, PedroYN3Jun 9, 1987 – Jan 19, 1990X DivGreat memories onboard "the CAN DO". Miss all my boys from admin office, Seattle TV post office, quartermasters, medical division . Would love to here from Kutz, Smitty, chief Thomas, Mike brandau, MikeLawler, Harrell,
Inge, LarryEM2Jun 17, 1987 – Jun 23, 1991"E" and "RASE"Hole snipe for first 3 years and last year as fresh-air Snipe and the R.A.S.E. division and the Underway Replenishment Group. Anyone else with strange ailments after Desert Shield/Storm email me at
McAllister, Ryan "Catfish"SA-BM2Jul 1987 – Feb 19911st/2nd/boatsmy first ship, we had good and bad times. thanks for the memories.
Lichliter, JamesMM3Jul 3, 1987 – Jul 3, 1990Hey AOE-3 it's been a long time since I even thought of the SeattleSlew. Hey Wong you living like a king in Peru. Since the time I walked off the Slew I started working at Tinker A.F.B. Now I'm a proud member of the U.S. Army tryin to bac
Rasey, DanielBM3Aug 1987 – May 19891st and Indoclots of memories good and bad about the Sea pig, haze gray and underway was the only way to be though,lots of long hours and hard work, with fun in between!!! lots of ports lots of women, LOTS OF BEER!!!!!!!!!!
Holloman, RussSNAug 1987 – Mar 9, 1989RaseStill remember scrubbing cables with brillo pads,watch in aft steering(shootting baskets in the ashtreys)and unreping the entire fleet.
Staples, EricDC2 STAPLESAug 20, 1987 – Jun 27, 1992RI miss the ship and crew. The Seattle was the best command in my Navy time.
Phillippe, DougHT 3Sep 1987 – Jun 1990RI have many fond memories from being on board Seattle.
Burkett, Jonathan profile iconFC 3Sep 1987 – Apr 1989OperationsCrazy time, Met the ship in Yorktown preping for deployment, three weeks later I’m headed out for a 6 month Med Cruise with a group of total strangers. Returned to Norfolk with some really great friends & memories.
Barajas, JorgeBM3Oct 1987 – Jul 19902ndI served with a great bunch of guys. I would like to speak to them again. I left the Navy after my 3 years. I went back to Chicago and received my Electrical Engineering Degree. I am married and have a son.
Dupree, DavidSN/QM3Oct 17, 1987 – May 11, 1989x/admin/navLot of great times on the old seapig. Have missed a lot of you guys. I'm now an RN at LSU Medical Center/Shreveport, LA on the bone marrow transplant unit. Email at I would like to hear from you guys.
Panzullo, ChristopherGMG 3Nov 16, 1987 – Oct 25, 1991weaponsLost touch with everyone. were you all at?
Pradia, Elvin DwayneOS2Dec 1987 – Jul 1995CombatHaze Grey and Underway - the fasted, most deployed Fast Combat Logistics/Supply ship of the time...
Kirk, DanielEM2Dec 10, 1987 – Oct 15, 1991E-Divwow been awhile for me and my seattle days what a ship hardest working ship in the navy by far. I stayed navy for twenty one years retired as a EMC. My email is anyone i served with shoot me an email
Flowers Jr., Pauldeck seamanDec 21, 1987 – Aug 21, 1989deck
Flowers, Jr, Paul (Rebel)E-3 DECK DEPTDec 27, 1987 – Aug 24, 19892ndWould like to hear from any of the Aft Laz crew!!!!!
Aufmuth, DavidSNDec 31, 1987 – Jul 25, 1989RaseCurious how all my friends friends are. Spent alot of long hours on board the Seattle with some very good people.
Pokraka, DaveMM11988 – 1992
Ofarrell, JohnLT(JG)1988 – 1991Engineering and DeckReally enjoyed my time on the Seattle. Hardest working ship in the fleet. Would love to reconnect with any old shipmates
Cutler, Allen Aka WoodyFC21988 – 1992OperationsLots of interesting and fun times!
Hatfield, RobBM31988 – Apr 19912ND & RASE DIVSpent alot of time at sea.Made alot of friends.Miss those days!
Smith, Robertmm31988 –1st Div
Gunter, MarkBT21988 – 1990Boilers
Pokraka, DaveMM1Jan 1988 – Nov 1992A-gangRetired 2003 as MMC. Hard and challenging on Seattle but still had sum fun.
Stevens, GlenSNJan 1988 – Jun 19911STHad a lot of good times as well as bad ones. Met a lot of good people some a holes too. Overall good outweighed the bad. A great ship wish I would have know about the decom. Would have loved to get a few last pics of her
Harp, Joe (Josephus)BM3 HARPJan 9, 1988 – Aug 19, 19912ND DIVISION AND RASE DIVISONStill think about my time on board made alot of great friends miss those days. Never forget John Potter RIP RASE DIV. THE BEST NEVER REST!! great ship great crew. my email is or on face book
Gorman, DennisE-3/BMJan 12, 1988 – Nov 8, 19911stLooking for anyone that remembers me especially guys i hung with like Brian Banks Mike Mcmahon Rick Heron Matt Mckenzie Phil Puchal Bagwell(Bags)and others i can't remeber names.We had some good times i miss you guys.i worked in fwd.battery/pnt lo
Carmella, AnthonyE-4 GMG-3Mar 1988 – Oct 20, 1990WeaponsLooking for the following shipmates: Joseph Harp, Travis Nobles, Douglas Driggs, Earl Mahana , Patrick Blecha and Brian McGhee.
Prescott, MikeMM3Mar 1988 – Aug 1991M
Davis, Timothy profile iconMM3Mar 1, 1988 – Sep 1, 1991A GANGFUEL CONTROL
Loveless, MarkE4Mar 3, 1988 – Jun 14, 1990OI
Lawlor, MikePN3Apr 1988 – Apr 1990AdminWorked in the ship's office, then went to legal with LNC "sillie willie" Williams. Miss all the MA's, Bull Denney, John Close, MACS Vinson. Those were wild days. I am a pastor now in Oklahoma...really!
Nobles, TravisBM3Apr 1988 – Nov 8, 19912nd - Is there any other?Where are all the "Seattle Suoerstars"? I have caught up with a few of you. Would love to know where the guys are at!
Mahana, EarlBM 2May 5, 1988 – May 4, 1992RASE
Myers, RobertRM3Jun 1988 – Mar 1991It was a good ship to be on. The crew always had some fun. You couldn't ask for a better ship to be on.
Snellings, FredrickYN3Jun 1988 – Aug 1993it really was alot of fun being underway
Gallander, MichaelDC2Jun 24, 1988 – Feb 23, 1992RepairThe friends we made was the only thing that made it worth it.
Ballinger, DougE2Jul 1988 – Mar 1991S2Just looking for a few old friends.
Gilder, JohnBM2Jul 1, 1988 – Sep 25, 19902ND
Gallier, Richardbt3Jul 10, 1988 – Jul 9, 1991boiler divlooking from any of the guys i serve with
Bartkowiak, Scott / BartMS3Aug 1988 – Jul 1991S-2
Norton, ChrisFC2Aug 1, 1988 – Nov 10, 1992OperationsIt was the best and the worst of times....
Gieger, DavidET2. "Old Salt" on the POD.Aug 1, 1988 – Jan 14, 1993OE01I saw that Seattle went to a scrap yard in '06 down in Texas .There was a time when that would've made me smile but now it's kinda sad.
Miller, Robert (Cheng)LCDROct 1988 – May 1990Executive
Smith, DavidMS2Oct 1988 – Jul 1992S-2Not a day goes by that I don't remember the old pig and friends that I made aboard.
Snellings, FredrickYN3Oct 1, 1988 – Aug 19, 1991admini really like being onboard the Seattle. I grew up with a bunch of good men. If you remember me contact me at ALWAYS REMEMBER JERSEY!!!
Harris, DarrenPCOct 10, 1988 – May 5, 1992NAV-ADMIN
Boone, VictorQM3Oct 16, 1988 – Mar 17, 1990NavigationGreat times! Miss a lot of old friends- to name a few: Snellings, harris, Ranchford, Green, Bill, Fortuna, etc. Hope to hear from some of you soon!
Rick, HerrenBM3 Rick HerrenOct 16, 1988 – Jul 20, 19911ST. Div.served with Brian Banks Jeff Mcmahon Dennis Gorman BM1 Folks and many more
Vandervoort, RichardSA-GMG3Nov 21, 1988 – Aug 8, 1990Deck 2ndjorge barajas rocks!
Rickabaugh, MichaelMM2Dec 22, 1988 – Feb 17, 1993A

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