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USS Seattle (AOE 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Seattle (AOE 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1367 crew members registered for the USS Seattle (AOE 3).

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Cook, SteveSM11978 – 1981CommunicationsAthens to Brooklyn Navy Yard and a whole lot in between. Anyone remember bouncing across the bottom in Rota? Went to London after, got out after 10 years went back to school. Now a grandfather in Rhode Island...damn, where did time go.
Wilcox, DavidGMG31978 – 1981Weps
Cooper, Johnmm31978 – 1979engine room
Salerno, MarkE-31978 –R Division
Dahoda, JohnE31978 – 1981A
Vogel, BillMM3Jan 1978 – Jan 1981 A Had a lot of great times and some not so great. Had made a/c refrig. shop my life while on board. Remember a lot of great people in our division. Went on 3 med. cruises and was in new york for a year for complete overhaul.
Sheehan, MikeSM2Jan 1978 – Aug 1981operationsarrived as she pulled in from 11 months med cruise left in aug 81 from rota, spain
Smith, Steven (Smitty, Smitty-from-the-city)EN 3Jan 1978 – Oct 31, 1981A-GangHello Shipmates, transported many of you while running boats. Recognize friends from this page. Hope you all are well and think about good times. God bless and thanks.
Scoggin, VicMM2Feb 1978 – Jun 1981MWorked in forward engineroom, Main Control. Was in Navy from June 1977-June 1981. Bootcamp; San Diego, A-School; Great Lakes, Ship; USS Seattle
Dunn, TonyMM3Feb 1978 – Jul 1980P
Blosser, Larry "Face"GMG-2Feb 1978 – Aug 1981Weps DivLooking for weps div members who were there for 1979 Med cruise. I'm looking for Keener, Lockwood, Glavin, Blaugh and Campbell.
Terry, ChristopherEM-2Mar 1978 – Aug 10, 1981EHi,Anyone from E Division . I served from March 1978 to August 1981.I am an election from Local 86 I.B.E.W Rochester, N.Y. I retired from the N.Y. Army National Guard Aug.2005. Anything on a ship Re-union. Chris Terry
Foote, GregoryBM2Apr 1978 – Mar 19792ndFor the short time there I learned a lot about my rate.
Wainwright, DavidSK2Apr 14, 1978 – Sep 8, 1980S1Worked in GSK, made the 1979 Med Cruise - the worse and best of times.
Wainwright, DavidSK3Apr 15, 1978 – Sep 8, 1980S-1Worked GSK, looking for anyone I served with and drank with - the best and worst of times.
Drennen Sr., MarkMSSNMay 5, 1978 – Mar 3, 1981SupplyWhen I first got on board,I was a little scared,but met some great guys and it turned out ok...looking for Jimmy Sherman,John Reeves, Nelson Castro or anyone from S-2 Div.
Bauer, BillE-2May 19, 1978 – Feb 22, 1982deck
Bauer, Williame2May 19, 1978 – Feb 24, 19821st
Scott, Michael Aka ScottyMS3Jun 2, 1978 – Jul 24, 1981S-2I had a great time serving aboard the Seattle. I was the cook, leading PO in the Wardroom. MS3 Steele (recently deceased 2010) was my close friend, and brother in-law. I would love to relive those days. Thanks to all my
Reed, WilliamSH2Jun 8, 1978 – Mar 27, 1979S2Served for short period of time. Had already done two previous tours on ships. reenlisted for recruiting duty in Florida. Worked in the ship store and laundry
Rought, Steve (Rowdy)e1Jun 15, 1978 – Jun 15, 1981deckI remember qualk and Dewey etc. Looking back I wish I would have done better.but I served with a great group.hope I talk to you again qualm.
Qualk, DannybmsnJun 19, 1978 – Jun 9, 1982first division
Duncan, ButchOSCJul 13, 1978 – Jan 7, 1982oi
Drennen, MarkMSSNAug 15, 1978 – Mar 5, 1981S-2Looking for some of my old shipmates:Jimmy Sherman,John Reeves,Jim Alexander,Nelson Castro and Jay Mann...I can be reached at
Drennen Sr., Mark A.MSSNAug 15, 1978 – Mar 3, 1981S-2
Mabry, JayHT3Aug 24, 1978 – Jun 9, 1980RGreat Times. Dont have any regrets.
Rich, DawesFTM2Sep 1978 – Feb 1984OperationsWas the first FTM to work on the MK 23 TAS air search radar in the Navy.
Williams, Jerry profile iconBT2Sep 1978 – Oct 1981p-1The 79 cruise was great,The greasing happens to everyone at some point so don't feel bad we even got Johnny Lohr when he came on the ship.I would like to hear form or find Johnny Lohr and Mark Farmer and Frank Menn.
Edwards, LarryHT3Nov 1978 – Jul 1981R I was an FTNer back then, glad I served. Made great times during bad times. If you wanted to party look for the red hats of 2-265-2-L ... GOOD HASH, GOOD BRO'S , DREAMIN' OF HOME.. I wonder if they found our time capsule we lef
Plourde, LewisGmg2Nov 1978 – Aug 1981WeaponsI was on Seattle 3 years . I was on board when we hit bottom, I believe in France. limped all the way back to Norfolk then up to seatrain ship yard in New York ...I was 1 of 2 from Maine..
Adams, ChuckHTFNNov 8, 1978 – Feb 23, 19832 Meds 1 I/O 13Months in Brooklyn,NY. What a ride that was! Hope the ole R-gang is doing fine! miss the old red hat days,we were special.Would like to here from any of the guys.check email
Kisner, PatBM3Dec 1978 – Jul 1982DeckCraziest days of my life.
Sawyer, Timothy/ MickeySeamenDec 1978 – 19811st Division
Ritchie, Fredric (John)GM3Dec 1978 – Jun 1982WeaponsThe Sea Air and Traveling. I wish I were their to day.
Barkley Jr, CharlieMS3Dec 1978 – Aug 7, 1982S2Hello to all my shipmates that was on the med. cruise 79 and 81 and started the 82 med cruise. Anyone know what happen to MS3 Willie Mitchell and sorry to hear about MS3 Steele.
Luderus, JamesBT E3Dec 8, 1978 – Sep 15, 1980Aft boiler room 79 in NY city was great a lot of good times the one thing I will always remember is the death of Thompson my friend N
Baker, Jamesms/snDec 27, 1978 – Aug 7, 1982S-2just looking to find out what happened to some of my shipmates
Shugart, DaveIC21979 – 1982EFirst ship. Left for Med cruise 79 almost immediately after reporting aboard. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times...
Baucom, Jon- Jay Or JbE11979 – 1980deckfrom the barracks on fulton Avenue to theshake down to norfolk,I wasnt there long ,just long enugh to make some good friends and memories.Would like to hear from TonyRusso,Mouse,Eric Scott,Cowboy,and anyone who remembers the St.George Hotel
Spiro, PeterFTM21979 – Sep 1982MissileTwo Med cruises. 2 beer days on station in the Indian Ocean. The Brooklyn Navy yard. Port visits to Haifa Israel and Alexandria Egypt are some of the fondest memories.
Peterson, Gunner PeteCWO31979 – 1984weaponsseen a few names of old shipmates had some good times
Kolbinskie, Johnfire control technician1979 – Dec 30, 1983missileits been so long i cant remember many of my old shipmates. looking forward to reminiscing. the brooklyn navy yard, the caribbean, the med, the suez, the persian gulf, lots of cool stuff
Ryan, Liam ( Irish Bear)FTM31979 – May 20, 1981MissileMet her in Brooklyn Navy Yard when they were adding a Seasparrow missile package. Tromped around the 'hood with Pete Spiro. Took Homie Wilkens from Gilman IA to the Big Apple and Broadway. Bowling in Greenpoint! Yankee's
Luft, IraOSSN1979 –OI
Kuns, WilliamFTM21979 – 1982MissileSome of my division mates: Wilkens, Ohman, Turnbull, Skold, Spiro, Dawes, MacArthur, Kolbinskie, Palingo
Grimm, ButchBT2Jan 1979 – Jul 1983P-2 looking for anyone from P-1 or P-2. had alot of good times with all the guys and my homies. I wonder how long the guys back aft had to give you forward guys a push start? LOL AFT FIROOM ROCKS!!!
Taylor, Louis S. TaylorETSNJan 2, 1979 – Mar 30, 1980OpsI went on the '79 Med cruise followed by the time in drydock. We had a little band called the "Last Chance Band" and played in NYC.If anyone remembers give a shout out to
Christopher, TerryE-4Jan 10, 1979 – May 15, 1982A Gang Great times
Schmucker, Craigbm2Jan 15, 1979 – Sep 15, 19813rd deckPicked up the boat in sicily on the way back home.Some the best years of my life.Became a SEAL in 87 but never forgot the guys on this ship.Anyone know were Jay Youngblood is? Bob Kirby? Rick Galbrick? Charlie Blakeman?
Maddox, Dr. DarrelSEAMAN !ST CLASSFeb 1979 – Jun 1981DeckI go back to my days aboard Seattle and look at where I was then and where I am now and that time on her was the most exciting of my young adult life. I wish that i had been aware that she was being decom'ed. I would have attended.
Miller, RodneyQM1Feb 1979 – Aug 1981NAV
Sutton, James / "Greg"BT3Feb 1979 – Jul 1981P2Had a great time on '79 Med cruise & in New York City while in dry dock..Good friends & good memories.
Youngquest, Brian profile iconE3/ICFeb 1979 – May 1982EI look back fondly on memories of 2 cruises, dry docked in brooklyn, cuba, st thomas and indean ocean. I am glad for all the times and the people I knew.
Ohman, EricGMM2Mar 1979 – Aug 1981Ops/MissileFirst GMM to report aboard the Seattle. Assisted in & maintained the NATO Sea Sparrow GMLS and SRBOC Launchers. I served with a bunch of great people and had some of the best times of my life aboard her.
Finnegan, Brian (Finn)MMFNMar 1979 – Feb 1982P2Some wild times.
Bogan, MichaelE3Apr 1979 – Apr 19812nd Division
Reaves, John Henry profile iconE-3Apr 1979 – Mar 1981SupplyEntered as an OSVET, and was snatched up by Engineering, worked with BT's. but when the upcommer blew I got out of the hole and struck for Supply. Laundry then took over the gedunk, and managed ships store. Trader John's
Eakin, BillyHT3May 1979 – Jun 1981RI never dreamed I would be stationed in Brooklyn, New York.What a wild ride that was.Think about those days alot.Hope the old R gang is doing fine.
Moore, ClayE-5 Signalman May 7, 1979 – Oct 18, 1982Oc div
Harriman, Wayne profile iconBTFNMay 30, 1979 – Oct 30, 1983P1Remember when aft fire room made forward fire room off line, dead in the water with 2 Russian Destroyers right near us. HOT TIME!!!getting lit back off. Lots of fun!
Miles, JeffE3 BMJun 13, 1979 – Mar 17, 1982Deck 1st Div.
Tremble, TimBTFNJun 15, 1979 – Aug 23, 1983p-2had a great time with all the people from p2 and the good liberty ports
Broadus, KennybmJul 15, 1979 – Jan 18, 1983deck 2ndI was onboard from 1979-1983.We where in dry dock,in New York for 23 months.I made 2 Med.2getmos.Iwas bosinsmate of the watch,when we had the collision.I helped to fight the fire,when we had the explosion,in aft steering
Mason, JerryMMC-CWO3Sep 1979 – Feb 1987AuxiliaryReported aboard as a Chief Machinist Mate at the old Navy yard in Brooklyn, N.Y. in Sept. 1979. Later commissioned and served as Liquid Cargo Officer. Best ship in the Navy and without doubt the highlight of my career
Drennen, Mark profile iconE-3Sep 1979 – Mar 1981S-2 DivisionLooking for Friends Jay Mann and John Wagstaff, MS1 JC Rillion and anyone from S-2 Division
Lester, MikeE3Sep 1, 1979 – Mar 31, 1981Engineering1980 Brooklyn Naval Ship Yard Indian Ocean Cruise
Cathcart, FrankBM3Sep 10, 1979 – Mar 15, 19832 nd BoatsThree and a half tough years. I was there for the explosion and fire. Cudos to the after repair boys who put out the flames. I was the lifeboat coxswain and Captain`s gig coxswain. Hello to all who served.
Drennen, EricE-3 GMGSNOct 1979 – Sep 1982WeaponsAnyone serving around 79 to 82 give me a shout, keys, my best buddy on seattle, and the rest, look for the e-mail address and give me a shout, or write to me 123 coconut lane #5 powell tn 37849
Knowles, HenryE3Nov 1979 – 1981RGood Men in R Division and Good Times...I still think fondly of you dumbasses, of all us dumbasses....and wonder how you are today...hope your lives have been the best fellas.
Barr, EricHM3Nov 1, 1979 – Oct 13, 1980medicalI had a great time in Brooklyn NY,living at Fort Hamilton the best USO anywhere . a tough neighborhood , we had a few muggings, a drive by shooting in the in the temporary barracks, a stabbing, all in all a great time
Mosley, LeroymssnNov 18, 1979 – Jun 15, 1982S-2 mess hall (cook in Whites)Hey guys, just updated my board. If anyone remembers me please feel free to contact me thru facebook. alot of you from S-2 to B-1 i remember because i worked with both divisions. I was on USS vulcan my final 2 years

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