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USS Seattle (AOE 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Seattle (AOE 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1367 crew members registered for the USS Seattle (AOE 3).

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Ryans, JimIC1976 – 1977EI was a screwup, kept getting busted, stayed on restriction or in the brig, wanted out... But I will never forget the experience !!!
Sons, DougE31976 – 1977M DivisionJust looking to get my name out there. Facebook has already re-connected me with a few of my old Navy buddies. A long time ago...
Moore, EdwardHT21976 – 1977R Division OfficeWow, long time ago. Great cruise. Hope all are well.
Russell, Robert (Bob)MMJan 1976 – Aug 1978MWorked in Aft Engineroom, Messenger, Throttles and Evaps. Served with some really great people. Hope to see some of you at the decommisioning in march 2005
Traughber, Mark/hoss/troubleBM2Jan 18, 1976 – Oct 2, 1979DAO3now set the replimnshment detail ,always after the midwatch it seems.
Stolz, JohnGMGSNFeb 1976 – Feb 1978Weapons
Peterson, Michael Pistol PeteBM 3Feb 1976 – Apr 19781 stKnown as Bm3 Mike [ Radar ] Peterson. A lot of good memories of my first ship command.
Budziszewski, StevenSNFeb 12, 1976 – Oct 3, 1979DAO1/DAO23 med trips thanks to the detroit perpetually sitting in the yard. But some of the bes times in my life. rustbucket when i got on, award winner when i left.
Collins, TommyMMFA-MM2Apr 1976 – Oct 1979M-P1My first ship, learned a lot about many things, I had the great pleaser to do a tech assist on the Seattle in 2003 she was having trouble making water! Big surprise! Then once more in 04. I stayed in the navy retired as a MMCM I now work
Stanton, ChristopherFTG3Apr 1976 – Mar 1977WeaponsShip was underway a lot. Lots of good stories to be told.
Waskovich, Thomas (Ski )BM 3Apr 10, 1976 – Mar 9, 19802nd&3rd L.ets just say, It was one hellava adventure. Hay Carlos or Sarge you still out there
McCraven, JamesOSSNMay 1976 – Jan 1977OI
Coates, JeffEM-2Jun 1976 – Sep 1980E DivIt was a great ship. Had many great times with good friends. Of course there were the bad times as well. Great expierence.
Rodriguez, RichardmssnJun 1976 – Jun 1979s-1i was in s-1 div had good memories wondering what happen to old shipmates hope they are ok drop a line or 2
Rodriguez, RichardmssnJul 1976 – Jul 1979s-2
Marks, TommySNJul 1, 1976 – Mar 1, 19793rdSeattle Shipmates "76-79" Looking for old friends, L.Banner,R.Lesperance,D.Mahoney,J.Flanagan,J.Marshal,BUDA and everyone who remembers this name. Would love to here from you and hope all who served on the USS Seattle are well. T
McArthur, MarkGMMSep 1976 – Oct 1980Weps
Ford, James {jg} profile iconMM2Sep 1976 – Mar 1980A GangI have no regrets for the people and good times and for the friends I made on the Seattle, they help me gain respect and honor
Chalonec, RogerDK2Sep 5, 1976 – Mar 5, 1979S3Had a great time. Met some crazy people.
Ibanez, SteveEMFN - EM2Sep 10, 1976 – Mar 1980EFirst ship, learned my rating and so much more... Lots of good times, plenty of not-so-great times. Overall, an experience I wouldn't trade for the world. Made some great friends, too: Rob Martin, Scott Brooks & Greg Ford
Martin, RobHT3Sep 20, 1976 – May 30, 1980R-A lot of hard work and great memories. Wouldn't trade either for the world. I would love to catch up with any of you fellas. Check the e-mail address.
Chase, Carl (Ace)BM 3Sep 28, 1976 – Jun 14, 1980boats and deckHad a great time on the old girl. Would love to hear from other shipmates. We played hard and worked hard. If out in nrbrasks look me up.
Montilla, Michael, Mike,tilly,tillaEMOct 18, 1976 – Jun 16, 1980EPartied on the "pig", with Dunn, Kirk, A gang and many other engineering dudes. Anyone know what happened to guys from the IC shop?
Rubin, Eric Rubine The TurbineMM3Oct 18, 1976 – Oct 18, 1980Got in trouble. Learned a trade. Had some good times. Believe or not I liked Chief Thomas. First and last ship im not a lifer. Glad I survived
Campbell, Clarence (Scott)GMG-3Nov 1976 – Aug 1980WeaponsSome of the best times of my life but wern't realized until later in life
Stephens, JoeSH3Dec 1976 – Dec 1980Supply Hello fellas it’s been a long time not sure where the time went so fast
Hawks, KeithE4Dec 5, 1976 – Jan 13, 1980AMet some really great guys
Brim, JimMM31977 – 1979
Fountain, LeoOS31977 – 1980oilots of great times and met some really great people. just wish i could get in touch with alot of them.some might remember me as the u.a. kid. probably one of the best times of my life. but like most, iwish i knew then what i know now.
Neeld, ScottMM31977 – 1979MGreat ship with a lot of great guys. Miss the 100,000 horses those main engines produced. Sweetest 600 PSI steam plant in the fleet.
Lee, LarryBM21977 – 19811sthad a blast do it again in a heartbeat!!!! the only strangers on the ship where just friends the hadnt met yet. where else could you get paid to get drunk in all those countrys whith damm good friends!!!
Edwards, Bob profile iconPN31977 – 1979X DivRemember SMCS who was the 3-M Coordinator? Hutchinson and Ruppersberger. Best friend on the ship was PN3 Alonzo and HT3 Edwards. Hi Buds!
Fountain, Leoos31977 – 1980oisome of the best years of my life. met a lot of great people. Would anyone know the whereabouts of quatermasters rick dale or russ douglas. please e-mail me if you do. thanks
Brawner, Shawn / Shorty profile iconE-21977 – Mar 1978DECKlooking for old friends and shipmates I am now a captain on a offshore towboat heys guys remember palma and the isle of capri in naples ,texas jacks ?? GOOG TIMES LOL
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Solesky, MichaelSK2Jan 1977 – Nov 1979S-1 SupplyHad many good times onboard seattle, a few meds and numerous other trips, worked for lt hankins, SKCS Couch, SK1 Ferris, Hope to hear from anyone that was on the ship when I was. Sorry to hear ship is toDECOM early March 2005.Retired AS E-7 1991
Collins, Michaelmr2Jan 15, 1977 – May 15, 1978R2Had great fun on the Med Cruise.
Alonso, SergioPN2Jan 15, 1977 – May 15, 1980PersonnelGreat Experience
Cormie, JoeBM3Feb 24, 1977 – Feb 24, 19791stRAT-GUT ALLEY alumni cheezymopedfan wheresBO-DIDDLEY?d.Whartoncall5187980256JOEYMARSHALLuinNYC?LarryBanneriwenttohawaiiucometolakegeorgeny!JeffreyGibsonuinTROYNY?LookingforQM3pal?WASHDCyippietrip?heyBuda-MahoneyinNJ?tommymarks/crapgolfer...
Garner, Therrell (Terry)MM3Mar 31, 1977 – Mar 31, 1981E Division (Black Sheep)I loved this ship and I miss the Navy very much after all these years. I realize how blessed we are to live in this country. I served with some of the best sailors in the world and would do it again tomorrow. Love to hear from anyone. Navy!
Keller, DouglasE-2Apr 1977 – Aug 19791st Div
Scott, JimGMG2May 1977 – Sep 1980WeaponsSeattle was my first command. Ended up doing 24 years. Good times and good friends made there, but we sure worked our asses off!
Keener, JerryGMG3May 20, 1977 – Sep 27, 1980WEPSLIVING LIFE LARGE
Wildman, RickBT2Jun 1977 – Nov 18, 1980BWhat a pleasant surprise to find this site. I've noticed a few familiar names that spawmed great memories.
Bond, Ronald RayRM2Jun 1977 – Apr 1978Operations
Martinez, GeorgeOS2Jul 1977 – Jul 1980OI DivMarty checking in with the old gang. Cell # 619-820-4582 at San Diego, CA.
Ressler, JamesSR,SA,SN,SR (AGAIN), SAJul 1, 1977 – Jan 30, 19801stHated it at the time, but remember my navy days fondly now that I am an old grandpa. Met some great people (BM1 Gordy are you still out there?) and had somegreat times. Never forget The Gut in Naples and Texas Jack's in Palma! God Bless!
Turner, RobertAT3Jul 12, 1977 – Feb 1, 1978Air Det
Cox, Robert (Therman Herman)BM3Aug 1977 – Aug 1981Boats DeckJust looking for some old buddies
Raqueno, GaryBT3Sep 1, 1977 – Feb 1, 1981P2Had a great time, alot of great experiences.
Sorrell, JamesMM2Oct 15, 1977 – Jul 15, 1980M / P2I didn't know then how important those times would be. I hated it at the time, but now I'm very thankful that was there. I even have an apprecation for Chief Thomas.
Aubry, DavidSHSNNov 1977 – Mar 1983ship landryLooking for all information on uss seattle
Maesta, William ARMSNNov 1, 1977 – May 1, 1978Communications
Statler, StephenLT (JG)Dec 1977 – Dec 1979S-1 S-2Mess cooks drove me crazy in my first serious job but we all worked hard. S-1 was better, I keep up with DP2 K Strubell & Lt Jg K Minnion. on another ship STEIN I knew a LAMPS Pilot Bryan Wilson, nephew of Captain Virgil C Snyder.
Pilkey, DanBt2Dec 1977 – May 1979Fwd fireroomCame onboard by help from Rota then left 18 months later by same help into Rota. Between the two times in the med I almost completed one cruise.

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