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USS Seattle (AOE 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Seattle (AOE 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1366 crew members registered for the USS Seattle (AOE 3).

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Perretta, JohnOS31973 – 1975operations
Bell, Thomas / TbellE31973 – 1975Deck
Steele, TimothyMM21973 – May 1974MWorked in both forward and aft engine rooms. Would love to hear from others who served in the "M" Division during the time I served.
Rines, BobFN1973 – 1975EOh boy the times we had. Oneail ,Shakey ,Wilson,Davidson I wonder where most of you are now.
Johnson, DouglasIC31973 – 1978I learned how to be a part of a team and a community. Those days of pot smokin b4 UDS, beer drinkin, hell raisin, country music listenin, R&B, Rock & Roll days - YEAH!!!!!
Tumlison, Alfred CliffordE-31973 – 1975Deck
Bullis, Herb profile iconHT21973 – 1975R-DivLooking for anyone from R-Div or that will admit they knew me! Mike Remaker, Wally Struble, Patrick Steinbacher, Rodney Love anyone!
Steinbacher, PatrickHT 3Jan 1973 – Oct 29, 1975RIt was a good tour . Met alot of good people .R Div was one of the best . Looking for Rick Norwood ( norg ) Robert Reynolds . Say a prayer for the kids aerving now.
Patterson, AlRM2Jan 1973 – Nov 1974OCGreat tour of duty with a great bunch of sailors.
Zullo, PaulSAJan 1, 1973 – Feb 1, 1974AOE-3I still think of the great people and ports visted. I wish I could do it all over again.I was very young at the time I walked onto the decks of the Seattle. The people and experience will be in my heart forever. Wish I could go back just for a day.RM
Heydorn, Gary --redMM3Jan 22, 1973 – Oct 24, 1975aOil king
Kempinski, Allan / Ski / PolackFN3Feb 1973 – Aug 1974My first ship , the best, the crew was great. The med cruises were a heck of a time and the time we stopped over in Florida and Puerto Rico,Well u guys remember
Clark, JohnBTFNFeb 1973 – Jun 1974BGood Ship, Great Guys. Castallano, Ruterford, and Donaldson . Good Friends. Eley will always be remembered.
Roth, Patrick/patPN2Feb 28, 1973 – Aug 6, 1976XRemembering the busy times and good friends from the SEATTLE. I have kept in touch with Primrose, Jennings, Meiers, Last, Patterson, Carr. Would like to hear from Harry Wright, Mojo Moseley, Dana Martin, McBain.
Chandler, DocOS2Mar 1973 – Aug 1976OIemail me
Houston, RichardE4/HTMar 10, 1973 – Dec 1, 1974RWishing all my friends from R Division well. Larry Smith and I had breakfast this Sunday morning and we talked about all of our friends we would like to hear from. I still live close to Birmingham guys.
Chandler, DonaldOS2Apr 1, 1973 – Aug 26, 1976OIlooking for shipmates
Shilander, Johnqm3Apr 1, 1973 – May 1, 1975navigation
Walden, DonaldGMM2Apr 11, 1973 – Jun 16, 1975Weapons
Breeding, RickMM-3Apr 25, 1973 – Oct 12, 1976AGang
Parmley, NormanET3May 1973 – Mar 1975OEGreat ship, even greater shipmates would like to hear from them.
Patty, RichBT-3May 10, 1973 – Dec 10, 1976B-DIV.looking for old friends,RWPAOE343053
Hannon, HerbertBT 2May 12, 1973 – Dec 12, 1976BLooking for any B or M div. snipes from 70 s.
Neuhard, DaleSK2Jun 1973 – Nov 30, 1976S-1
Mikieta, Walter "Pete"MM3Jun 1973 – May 26, 1975EngineeringI boarded the Seattle at Rota, Spain as an E-2 and left the ship as an E-4 when she was homeported in Norfolk. I worked in by forward and aft engine rooms and I also did my stint as the Chief's mess-cook. I would like to hear from my shipmates.
Clegg, Dave Aka DcEM2Jun 1973 – Oct 1976EThe Seattle was a good place to grow up. I have many good memories. I liked my job as an electrician, I liked being out on deck and watching the sunsets, and I liked the good friends I had.
Hawthorne, Alan (Zerro)ETR3Jun 1973 – Aug 1974OE
Crick, RoyIC3Aug 1973 – Jun 30, 1975E
Baughman, FredEW3 to EW2Aug 1973 – Oct 1975OIServed in OI div as first EW assigned to Seattle. Had a good time when I remember that I was drunk most of the time. One med cruise.
Chinigo, MikeRM3Aug 3, 1973 – Jul 10, 1975OperationsHad a great time on the Seattle traveling to the Med and Crib. Met a great bunch of guys.
Pitts, RonMM2Aug 20, 1973 – Aug 20, 1977MWas in after engineroom
Fulkerson, MikeIC3Sep 1973 – Mar 1978EI just found this site. All the memories come flooding back. I wouldn't trade my time aboard for anything. So many great crew mates, all the good times and the bad. My how we all grew up and so fast.
Dickerhoof, Chester/Chet/SnatchRM3Sep 4, 1973 – Jun 30, 1977OCStarted out as a BT but then changed to RM. If you want to join the new USS SEATTLE Yahoo Group then copy the following to your browser.
Miller, BillSep 26, 1973 – Jan 9, 1974BI was on seven ships. This was the biggest peice of crap the navy ever had. Damm good to hear IT was scrapped
Brown, LaryMM1Oct 1973 – Sep 6, 1978MWorked in both engine rooms, probably every job in the book. It is possible my time on SEATTLE was the longest of any crew member. (Some days it felt like it!) Life-changing experience.
Struble, WallyHT3Nov 1, 1973 – May 1, 1975R-DIVHi R-DIV guys hope everyone is doing well!
Self, Gordon "Buzzy"MM2Dec 1973 – Jun 21, 1977"A" ac&r shop
Norwood, RickMR3Dec 1973 – Nov 1975Started in A-Gang, moved to "R"Lots of Memories. Would love to hear from Marty Howard, Robin "Chooch" Held, Walt Struble. Both MR1 Rich Burgdorf and MR3 Bob Reynolds have passed. Feel free to Contact me WHAT WAS SHAKEY'S REAL NAME?
Stewart, Larry D. Aka:docSNDec 1973 – Apr 4, 1975MedicalI was corpsman who held sick-call everyday, keeping all you guys fit for duty. If any of you remember me i would consider it an honor to hear from you. I was the first African American to serve on yhe USS Seattle as a corpsman.(history)
Hoerle, DavidMM3 NO MMFM NO MM3Jan 1974 – May 1976MWish I knew then what I knownow...
Longee, RichardBT3Jan 6, 1974 – Jun 12, 1976B divisionlooking for the forward fire room snipes ... Rich Patty , gene mayer , aft fire room snipes ... Herb Hannon , Ricky T. les Stinson ... we should all own a bar or at least gentleman's club by now !!! LOL
Freeman, LloydMM2Feb 1974 – Sep 1977A gang/Fuel controlAs I look back now the Navy was and will always be a treasured memory in my mind. The friends and the life experiances aboard the USS Seattle will never fade .
Pitts, Ron "Zazoo"MM2Feb 3, 1974 – Aug 20, 1977MStarted as a Boot Messenger - worked up to LPO aft engine room. Best people I ever knew steamed that ship.
Jones, RodneyMM2Feb 8, 1974 – May 2, 1977ARan Fuel Control
Maas, CharlieMM3May 1974 – Sep 1977A Gang A/c refrigeration ShopGreat ship , Great people, Great time. Med cruises ,Gitmo.....
Hoke, MichaelGMG2Aug 20, 1974 – Mar 14, 1978Weapons Divison we where ammo movers
Henry, SamMM3Sep 1974 – Jun 16, 1978M Forward and Aft EngineroomsJust toured her on 12/17/04 she still looks pretty good. And sounds like she can cruise at 28 knots with ease. Also just attended the Decom. And met up with about a dozen old shipmates. What a good time that was. All that were there had a GREAT time.
Gawronski, HarryDP2Sep 1974 – Oct 1977S1Looking back, these were the best years of my life - didn't know it at the time. Would like to hear from anyone from 74-77.
Adams, AlanE3Sep 1974 – Mar 1977Just found this page and thought I'd leave a message for all the guys that I worked with on the ship.I had a great time and thanks for all the memories.If you would like to call please fill free 765-208-1565 it would be great to talk.
Welch, RichardGMM3Oct 2, 1974 – Jun 16, 1977Weapons DivOn board ship in weapons div
Mayer, GeneBT3Nov 1974 – Jun 16, 1978B Some of the worst and the best days of my life happened while serving aboard the Seattle.It is sad to hear of her demise.(30 knots and no smoke)
Giraldi, MarkETN2Nov 10, 1974 – Jan 15, 1975OEServed as Leading ET during ORIs in the Carribean and Gitmo. Many good times and lousy times, especially during refit in Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Left the Navy in '75 and worked in medical electronics and associated management position
Harbolt, Mark W.MM3,MM2,MM1Nov 19, 1974 – Aug 19, 1979MIt's 3/19/2005 Just returned from the decomm. What a through-back! Sam, Zaz, Herbie, Woody, Joe, Bob, Mikey D., Lary, Master Chief J. Thomas. It was GREAT! Missed all the others... Fred, Lance, Steve J., Arty, John K. & Wild Bill.
Harbolt, Mark W.E-6/MM1Dec 1974 – Aug 1979M- EMO2, M&B Supply Petty OfficerMade it to the De-Comm. Met many a good men. Some shipmates, some plankowners and some recent sailors. Til the end she provided a great experience. To those who made it the cornerstone of my youth, my life... Thank you! 707-372-1741
Terry, Wilber (Kc)E2Dec 1974 – Oct 21, 1976Machinist repairman
Spires, DonaldMS3Dec 1974 – Jul 1977SupplyRetired 2001 CWO4, SC, USN
Swonger, Greg/ Swally DogEMFNDec 13, 1974 – Oct 1977E

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