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USS Camden (AOE 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Camden (AOE 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1330 crew members registered for the USS Camden (AOE 2).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1966 | 1967 – 1968 | 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 | 1973 – 1974 | 1975 – 1976 | 1977 | 1978 – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 | 1995 – 1996 | 1997 – 1998 | 1999 – 2000 | 2001 – 2002 | 2003 – now

Nobles, Rob "Doc"SN1995 – 19981st / Bosn gangGood times from what I can remember
Ridenour, DustinSN1995 – Jul 1998STREAM
Norman, JimMMC(SW)1995 – 1998A Gang
Grimmett, DustinE31995 – 1997First Division
Dubry, LizSN1995 – 1997BosnI met some amazing people on the Camden and left with some wonderful friendships. I miss my shipmates, my Camden family! Wish you all peace, love and happiness!
Allen, DavidEM31995 – Oct 22, 1999E-Division (motor rewind shop)Only proves that, when you keep busy, time goes fast.
Barragan, SusanaEW31995 – 1997Operations
Fernandez, Donnie Aka "Ferny"MM3Jan 5, 1995 – Jul 23, 1999P-1Email me where r all my boyz at?! Jimmy Nelson, Min Kim, L.Norwood....and everyone else, you know who u r?!!! whatz up to y'all!
Brotherton, JohnSN/BM-3Jan 9, 1995 – Jun 19972ndHey they where great times. I miss a lot of guys I served with. Flory, Matos, Bogenwright, Rundabuck, And bunch of others
Paul, BrianGMG2Mar 10, 1995 – Mar 6, 1997WeaponsBest times and friends give me a shout out
Winters, WillisMM3Mar 10, 1995 – May 1, 1998ENGINEERING P-2been a long time miss those days an the people served with alot of good folks an have alot of memories an pics from west pac 96 lol
Cordova, AnthonyBT3Jun 1995 – Feb 21, 1997BTo all that thought I would fail, I made it and made it well.
Moone, Sherryos2Jun 1, 1995 – Apr 4, 1996os
Piwinski, LeeBM3Jun 15, 1995 – Jun 17, 19972ndOne of the greatest time of my life. Made some stupid mistakes when I was there, but I learned from them.
Medeiros, CesarSK3Jun 15, 1995 – Jun 15, 1999S1Just wanted to say Hi. Many great memories thanks.
Alfidi, Michael J.BM3Jun 20, 1995 – Jun 21, 19981st/BosnGot out in 98', moved back to Sac to go to college. Joined the Nav Reserves and am serving in Navy Cargo Handleing Battion Three (CHB-3) in Alameda. BM2 now.
Bryant, EricBM2Jun 20, 1995 – Jul 20, 20002ND/FLT DECKSECOND TO NONE.
Matthew, OsunaBM 3Jun 26, 1995 – Dec 25, 19982nd Division DeckThe best decision I ever made! It was quite an adventure and I met so many great people. My shipmates were the coolest to ever be deployed with.
Thomas, DoiceDC2Jul 5, 1995 – Jan 6, 1998RJust seeing if I remember anyone or if they remember me.
Oloff, Ronald JAMS 2Aug 1995 – Nov 1996Bosn Gang / 3rdI got my sea legs on that pacaderm, and got one hell of an education. Tree, Bo, Grimmet, Doc,Schultz,Beckett(played a mean game of tennis) Wright(call me),Ricky M and everyone that remembers me, it was a pleasure to serve with you all.
Richey, PatrickSN 1ST CLASS DECK DOGSep 1995 – Jun 9, 19981st,2nd,3rd turn two
Carrier, PepperE3Sep 1995 – Sep 1997Stream
Rawley, Tj Aka RawdawgBM3Sep 1, 1995 – Aug 2, 19991st and finestDam crazy seeing some of these names in here been a long time....most of us been through some great times and times we dont even wanna see whats up
Dizon, RonaldoSNSep 1, 1995 – Jun 11, 19982nd/WepsEvery time I look at the ocean, I see all the friends I've met on this ship. All the gunner's mate, lets get together soon.
Sanchez, JoseLCDROct 1995 – Aug 1998S3/S4/S8Great times! Still remember the shot heard around the world!
Earl L. Anunciado, Nunc, Nuc NucSN/BM3Oct 1, 1995 – Jun 26, 19991st, 2nd, 3rd ALL DECKI would love to hear from my buddies from the Mighty Pachyderm. Email me at: Great experience in my life that I will never forget.
Campbell, Christian "doc"HM2Oct 10, 1995 – May 10, 1998MedicalI miss the whole crew, we had unit cohessiveness and we demostrated when we went DIW PAC 96' I am now a physician and I am also a PHD in Epidemmiology, I learned a lot from that ship and the crew, esp those that trusted me with their live
Cox, JustinGM3Oct 16, 1995 – Oct 16, 1999WEAPONS
Trevino, GabrielE-3/SNNov 21, 1995 – May 1, 19981stIf there was ever a reason to go back to school and finish your education, this was it. Nevertheless, I learned all of lifes important teachings on this ship. Loved the people I called friends and hope they are doing well.
Davis, Akeeka Aka KekeSK2Nov 26, 1995 – May 17, 1997Flight Deck/SupplyI am SK2 Davis, I had such a great time on the USS-CAMDEN, I started off in Deck Department with Senior Chief Bon and BM1 Clayton. Miss that ship!!! I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!
Croft, DouglasEN1 (SW)/E-6Nov 30, 1995 – Dec 10, 1999Admin./A-GangCommand DAPA for the duration of my tour. Also Lead Engineman in A-Gang. Every cruise was special and our Operation Hand Clasp's and other projects are my greatest memories (besides being at all the Captain's Mast's).
Sabol, AdamBMSNDec 1995 – Dec 15, 19981st, 2nd, StreamToo many people to list who i have met, and changed my life. FIGS!!!! where ya at?? Moore, O' Brien, Rader, Stewy!! Hi to all of 1st, 2nd, and stream '95-'98, you know who u are. Now working for the post office.
Figula, JoeBMDec 1, 1995 – Jan 1, 1999FirstThe good times were great and the bad times were pretty rough. Had some real good times though. Met some of the greatest people i've ever met in my life, O.B., Doc, Beckett, Worm, Hughes D, Stewart, Flory, Sabol, Nipul just to name a few.
Doerk, StephenMA3 (NOW MA1)Dec 8, 1995 – Feb 1, 1997AdminFirst ship, worked with the best chief in the fleet MACM(SW) ret Jimmy Odell. Worked with him on the Abe Lincoln as well! What a party! A lot of good memories about that ship and crew even if the active duty Navy never agreed with me!
Desouza, Manuel/mannyE-41996 – Jul 2000EI had fun
Burrus, JamesIC21996 – 2001E
Martinez, NickHM31996 – 1999MedicalI still have dreams about that ship! Good times! I hope everyone is well.
Nguyen, KhaE-5/EM21996 – 2003E-Division
Deng, Jue (Mun)E-5/MM21996 – 2000Stream Great experiences.
Nelson, VanessaBM3Jan 1996 – Jul 9, 19972ND BOSNI MISS IT SO MUCH NEVER LEAVE
Beaubien, Lukesm3Jan 5, 1996 – Aug 23, 2000deck and opswhats up people wondering where everyone is at email me at
Jones, RaymondSK3Jan 7, 1996 – Apr 12, 20001st/2nd/S3/S1
Feliciano, Carlos E-4/MM3Jan 15, 1996 – Jun 25, 19992nd Division and A-Division ""A-Gang""
Sanchez, EsequielPC1Jan 31, 1996 – Mar 16, 1998S3/S4Had a blast, still having a blast. Hope all of you are doing the same. Where have all the good times gone, and the hogmauw too?
Howard, DarnellBM3/SAR SWIMMERFeb 1996 – Sep 19982nd/3rdI am now a Union Glazier and attend Moody Bible Institute to receive an Associates in Biblical Studies.
Bean, RobertMM1(SW)Feb 1996 – Apr 1999A Gang
MacKenzie, Doug "Splash"LCDRFeb 1, 1996 – Mar 1, 1999FSO, DISBO/POST, CARGO, HCOGreat memories of my first ship and 2 great deployments. Leaving Pentagon for USFK in Seoul, Korea (July 2006). Gimme a shout so we can catch up!
Cregar, AdamMM3/E4Feb 12, 1996 – Feb 11, 1999P1Anybody want to a beer? Had a great time there and meet a lot of brews I mean friends. Email me if you know me. "CRASH"
McCarthy "moose", JoshuaEW3Feb 12, 1996 – Sep 5, 19991st GuyHello all, I had a blast hanging with all of you. Lots of good times and lots of great memories. Hope you all are well, keep in touch if you can.
Risser, Brett "Rizzo"DC3Feb 29, 1996 – Oct 4, 1999R / STREAMMiss all the fun overseas and everyone I partied with. Working on Mercedes-Benz in Monterey, California now. Shout out to my boys, Bogey, Jesse, Grimes and Armstrong. (and Wally too.)
Stephens, Mike "Worm"GM3Mar 1996 – Mar 1999Weapons
Robinson, AnthonyPN1(SW)Mar 11, 1996 – Jul 7, 1999PERSONNEL OFFICE
Bartl, RobertGM3Mar 30, 1996 – Mar 30, 1999WEAPONSMiss ya Guys Tommy OB and Folan, worm, Polo, Mush Gonett and so on take care.
Edwards, Doug (Fast Eddie) profile iconEMCMApr 1996 – Jan 9, 19993MC
Dizon, RonaldoSNApr 2, 1996 – Jun 15, 19982nd Deck/WepsEverytime I look out at the ocean, I see all the friends I've met on this ship.
Thomas, KarenQMCApr 15, 1996 – May 19, 1999NAVThe Camden was a good ship, I had a lot of fun and made some good memories. I am living the life married to Cliffboogie with our two children.
Hesselbach, MikeIC3Apr 18, 1996 – Jun 1, 2001E
Eichten, TomMM2May 1996 – Feb 1999M2 - Oil LabOil Lab. West Pac '96 and '98
Lebehn, Lerihna "Toni"e-4Jun 1996 – Jun 1998s-2I've met my "familia" on the mighty pac. thank you for all the great memories and
Thomas, CliffboggieE-4 / MM3Jun 20, 1996 – Oct 15, 1999A-GANGWHAT UP. CHILLING IN VA.
Martin, Randell (Randy)LCDRJul 1996 – Mar 1, 1999SupplyGreat ship and greater crew! I enjoyed all of the adventures I had onboard.
Folan, TomGMGSN-GM2Jul 1996 – Oct 4, 1999WEAPONSHello to all the weapons guys and the guys that partied with us. Now with IBU 11 in Everett.
Mulligan, TerryMS1(SW)Aug 1996 – Jun 1999S-2I arrived as an MS1 and left making Chief, and I can only accredit it to the supporting cast I had around me. Great group of hard working cooks that deserved better than they ever got.
Montano, JeromeE-3Aug 1996 – Jan 4, 19991stAny one know what happend to Tim Brooks 97-99
Ward, Dennis J "Dj"OS1(SW/AW)Aug 25, 1996 – Jun 15, 2001Operations LPOArrived there an OS2 and left an OSC. Capt's Chanick, Joyce, Loewer, and Green outstanding CO's. Capt Joyce gave me a boost and I ran with it as a 2nd Class, made Chief before I left. OSCM Greg Setzer and OSCS Burt Swanson, great inspiration to
St. Romain, Kim PorterGM3Sep 1996 – Sep 1998WEPS
Morse, JoshE4Sep 1996 – Oct 1999WeaponsHey fellow camdenites. I remember a ship talent show on flight deck. There was this guy who jumped up and did the worm. That was me email me
Clough, DanielETCM(SW/AW)Sep 29, 1996 – Jun 10, 2002OEBest tour of my entire career, without a doubt. Some great times and some bad ones. I miss her. Retired in 2006, now an Electronics Engineer in Florida.
McDevitt, Matthew /rip/bulldoggMM3 MAYBE MM2 ???Nov 1996 – Mar 2001P-1Miss some of you, you know who you are. Still married, We have a 4 year old girl and 1 on the way. I'm still working on boats as merchant marine. And doing well, I finally grew up. I miss the old Pacaderm, had a lot of fun.
Ensley, DonnyEm3Nov 1, 1996 – Mar 1, 1998Electricial divisionI saw the captain so much that he started to know my name. I think I'm the only person ever to go in front of the captain 6 times + 1 court-martial. I'm looking for James Smith.
Ward, Dennis J (Dj)OS2Nov 17, 1996 – Aug 20, 2001Greatest ship that ever was. Got there as a 2nd and left as an OSC(SEL). Capt Maurice S.(Mo) Joyce was the greatest CO for the crew. Thanks for the beer barge during the desert deployment.
Jones, Marcus "Loverboy"BM 3Nov 20, 1996 – Nov 20, 2000DeckTo all the homies. We had real good times and we will continue to have more!
Reyes, JosephMM1(SW)Dec 1996 – Nov 2001A-GangThis is where it all began. WESTPAC 98, RIMPAC 2000, WESTPAC 2000-2001. Days got rough, days got tough...but we still "Give them Hell"
Taylor, Dejaun D. J.SNDec 15, 1996 – Jul 4, 1998Boats'nBest experience I had in my career

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