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USS Camden (AOE 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Camden (AOE 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1331 crew members registered for the USS Camden (AOE 2).

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Zerante, Anthony (Tony)BT21975 – 1977BPalm City, Florida 34990 Would like to hear from anyone in that time frame from engineering..
Hocking, MichaelE-4 Quartermaster1975 – 1977NavigationAfter getting out of the Navy, I went on to receive my BS in Education with an emphasis on art. I have been a Middle School art teacher for 30 years. I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters.
Bennett, ArthurNC1 (RET)1975 – 1976X DivisionThis was the last command I was at before I retired from the Navy. Met a great bunch of guys and enjoyed my time aboard the ship.
David, OtisE1- E-2- E3- E-1 and E-3 again,lol1975 – 19782 nd.Man, just saw the year book. saw same guys I had forgotten about. memories. I was a young and stupid kid, hatted every minute on that ship. Wish I could do it over. Anyone from 75 to 78, remember Wayne Zeedyk. sad
Kerssen, Scott "bang-bang"E-3Jan 1975 – Sep 19782ndI learned so much that I still carry today.
Owens, Jimmie J OSM3Jan 3, 1975 – Sep 10, 19781st then opsI grew up on the camden in 1st div I made my first west pac then drydock then another west pac i later became a signalman looking to hear from any of my friends and budies to talk about the good times
Owens, Jimmie J OSM3Jan 3, 1975 – Sep 9, 19781st opsI served on USS CAMDEN AOE2 some of the best days of my life. I was 17 when I got on the ship I made 2 westpac cruises I would really like to contact other friends and crew members who were there between1974 and 1978 contact me on thissite
Payment, Mervin LawerenceBTFNJan 18, 1975 – Oct 7, 1977EngineeringServed in the Forward Fire Room, Lost eye on Oct. 7, 1977 on sea trials for '77-'78 Westpac. Had an awsome time aboard while serving, am a retired Nuke Welder, would love to here from anyone who served.
Peterson, Jeff / PeteSA / BMFeb 22, 1975 – Jun 28, 19751STLOOKIN FOR ANY FROM 1ST AND 2ND DIVISON
Smith, RalphE-4Mar 1, 1975 – Oct 30, 1977MGreat friends and experiences that will last a life time. Aft engine room was a blast. Go to Face Book USS Camden and Join the Crew.
Hills, EdSH3Mar 11, 1975 – Nov 21, 1978S3It was a blast
Kepple, TerryGMG3Mar 11, 1975 – Aug 28, 1978Weaponsneed to talk to Steve Manley or Tony Freeman
Collard, Jerry Big RedHT-3Mar 26, 1975 – Feb 15, 1979HT ENGI was a part of the most greatest men on earth. I loved all of the HT group (Hull Teck) PLuse I fond God then & my Life changed for ever. I became LDS. & never looked back
James, EdwardMM2Apr 19, 1975 – Mar 4, 1977A AC&R shopGreat ship and great guys in A division. Remember Dave Yetter,Delbert Smith, EN2 Baker,Goody and others. Great times in Bremerton,Wa.
Roth, Roger J. "Ramjet"GMM2May 15, 1975 – Nov 7, 1979WeaponsAwesome times, Awesome Ship, Awesome Division. Like GMG3 Cooper siad, I ofund out about life there.
Heinicke, Timothy TimFTG1May 20, 1975 – Nov 10, 1979WEAPONS DIV.The best cruises ever, will never forget the Indian Ocean and all the ports we pulled into.
White, DavidSMSNMay 25, 1975 – Mar 21, 1977OCI'll never forget it. If anyone has a picture of me from that time, I hope you'll email it to me. My kids would love to see. I read the ship was decom 05/scrapped 07, felt a little sorry about it. Good luck NJSO, bravo hotel 88 tack 9
Borden, OttoE3 seamanMay 26, 1975 – Sep 14, 19782nd division and 3rd divisionI am trying to find the name of the ship mate who fell into the drydock during the retro fit in Todd shipyard 1976-1978 BM1 Thornhill was the LPO at the time. He was carrying clothes for some crew and slipped off gangw
Soileau, Don F.E-2, Seaman Apprentice May 31, 1975 – Dec 23, 19763rd Division, Small boats, Boatswain lockerMy first ship. What a blast. 3rd Division was High morale. Poopchute-BM-1 Paulhus. Oh, to cross Sh!t River, again. Hello, John Steele. My 2nd ship CG-19, cruiser, boy that's all we did, CRUISE. LITTLE LIBERTY.
Moritz, WillE-4Jun 1975 – Sep 1976MRemembering old times
Corley, JimEM 3Jun 1975 – Jun 1976Eworked in motor rewind shop remember many ship mates & would like to hear from them, after leavin g ship changed over to Seabees, retired after 29 years active & reserve as CECS
Nutley, Dan (Nut)IC2Jun 1975 – Sep 1978EFirst and only boat. Had lots of fun times and a few not. Still left alot of good memeries. Remember the steam generator getting blown up. Glad to get back on land and stay there. Still in central Washington living life.
Overacker, GaryMM3Jun 1975 – Oct 1978M DivisionI wasn't well liked cuz I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I just squeeked by, and ended up doing yoeman's work in the log room. I wish I would have listened to those who knew more than me.
Woods, Michaelmmfn fuel gangJun 1975 – Oct 1977A gang fuel controllhad a great time west pac 76 I was just a kid good thing I had some father figure leaders and friends to teach me thanks everyone
Borden, OttoE-5Jun 4, 1975 – Sep 14, 19783rdlooking to find the name of the guy that was killed when we was in drydock at puget sound navel shipyard he fell off the gangway into the dry dock around lunch time that day i was the last to talk to him before the fall.
Moritz, WillMM3Jun 15, 1975 – 1976MWas on generator watch in Aft Engine Room when SSTG#3 blew during unrep. Kinda changed the whole Navy experience.
Collard, Jerry profile iconHT-3Jul 1975 – Feb 16, 1979HTcame on board as an SN then changed to HT-3 in 1976
Dix, StevenMM2Aug 1, 1975 – Mar 1, 1977engine room
McCumber, Guy / (Gator)BM3Aug 5, 1975 – Dec 18, 19781stGrew up on the ship, Reported at age 17 right after Graduation Had a great time and think about the west pacs, parties and great people that I was fortunate enough to meet.
Steele, JohnSNAug 15, 1975 – Aug 15, 1977ThirdHi to everyone that served on the Camden, had some real good times.
Hodge, Joegmm 2Sep 1975 – Feb 9, 1979weponslooking for albert preston daley III
Jones, Allen (A J)E-3 Seaman Allen k Jones (AJ)Oct 28, 1975 – Oct 27, 19773rd divisionI would like very much to get in touch with some old navy friends such as R. C. Cook, Mike King, Sam King,Will Bingham III, George Gohannah, Larry Green, Lawrence (Larry) Knight, D. K. Brown and Leon Williams (Big Will).
Martin, Mike (Mongo)MM-3Dec 1975 – Jul 1977M / P-2I just wish I would have known how good the times were back then! I realy thought I hated being there. Now if I had a time machine it would be one of my first stops. I miss all you guys!!
Eglinger, AlbertsnDec 1975 – Sep 19791 st DivI remember BM1 Wagaman and Bm1 Milligan. I worked in 1 st Div. If anyone remembers me, drop me a line or email me.
Cayabyab, EdSHCS (RETIRED)Dec 1, 1975 – Jan 1, 1979S3Brilliant , remarkable, outstanding organization!!!!
Bedard, RichardMS3Dec 4, 1975 – Dec 4, 1976Supply
Smith, EdwardSR-BM31976 – 19802ndhi, all, mess you all, great times, wish i could do it again, lol. best ship i ever served on, it was the start of my 20 years of serves to the navy, we had a great crew on her.
Basler, RussellFTM1976 – 1979weapons, 2nd
Yetter, DavidEN 3Jan 1976 – Feb 1977A gangWorked in the AC&R shop... Quinn... I remember... Ed James...Was on westpac in 76... Had a very memorable time... great bunch of shipmates...
Halverson, John Douglas (Doug)BT2Jan 1976 – Oct 1979B-Division Fwd FireroomWay too many good times in the hole and the P.I. any one can contact me at Still riding my harley after all these years. And still working in power plants.
Hughes, NormSNJan 1, 1976 – May 1, 19773 rdLooking for Dave Faustyn, Ron Waller and John Steele.
Ehlers, Jim YN3Jan 10, 1976 – Sep 20, 1979Weapons Division YeomanHoping all is well with my shipmates & friends. Dave Meyering John Martin Al Dailey David Jakes Manny Stanton. Forgive me for the names I've forgotten. Hoping to hear from you. On the farm in California 209-481-5770
Banks, Paul profile iconRM3Jan 12, 1976 – Oct 22, 1979OPSIt was an honor to serve aboard the USS Camden. I had a great time. Olongapoo, Wellington New Zealand, Mombosa, Kenya Hong Kong. The Camden will always be second to none.
Beck, BruceBTJan 30, 1976 – Jan 30, 1980BWe had some great time in the fireroom, with some good snipes.
Stevens, RichardMM3Feb 1976 – Jul 1979M Div./Fwd. Eng.A lot of great memories - getting "old" really......well you know! Subic City....... those were the days!!
Larson, William E.MM3Feb 1, 1976 – Aug 21, 1979Esome very good times
Boyles, JimBT2Apr 1, 1976 – Oct 1, 1980aft Fireroom Great crew,great shipmates ,best snipes and ship of my 20 year career,
Barlow, JamesBTApr 16, 1976 – Oct 28, 1979AFT FIREROOMBEST TIME OF MY LIFE
Newman, RichardYN3May 1976 – Jun 1979AdminAssigned as Ops Dept. Yeoman. Served with LT Thompson, OS3 Thompson, YN3 MUsser and others. Had a great time on this ship.
McGlamery, Lanny (Mac)BT 2May 1976 – Oct 1980B DivHad a great time and some (very few) times I wish I could go back but I still work on ships mostly Navy Tech rep for the shaft seals and rudder seals and yes I was there when we melted down both boilers in the aft fire room.
Webb, DonaldQM2May 20, 1976 – Sep 29, 1977NavigationFinished my first Sea your onboard.
Hout, ScottMS3Jun 1976 – Jun 1979S2Came onboard right at the end of the '76 WESTPAC, mostly drydock after that.
Martin, John (Marty)FTM2Jun 1976 – Oct 1980WEAPONSGreat times - great friends. Long hours - long days. Still remember it all. Still dream about it all. Would be great to hear from some of you. All of you! We need a reunion. Time flies - we are all old men NOW! e-mailme
Newman, RichardOS1 (Ret)Jun 18, 1976 – May 9, 1979Supply/Ops YeomanHad a great time in OI Division with Dan Thompson, Mike Wojahn, Doug Crawford and in Supply with R.w. Smith and S.E. Kossee. Would also like to mention Lt Thompson, Capt. D.S. Campbell, Jr, YNC Caldwell and Eric Musser.
Williams, Peter Aka The RabbitBM3Jul 7, 1976 – Feb 8, 1979and streambest fours of my life loved west pac 1976!!!! where are all you guys at my bros how about those seahawks great team still a die hard fan! I found paul brash sam laseter and brian tuchler any one else out there?
Young, Rufus/ Jr.Bt 3Jul 15, 1976 – Jul 15, 1980FiremanWill never forget my time aboard the Uss Camden, made a lot of awesome friends that I miss dearly, I was a boiler tech in engine room 1 those who served on board between 1976 to 1980 give me a shout out.
Blake, DavidSNAug 18, 1976 – Mar 25, 1977G DivFirst ship. What an experience.
Carrion, WallyQuartermasterSep 23, 1976 – Sep 23, 1980NavigationAll hands on deck. It's great to be able to look you guys up. God bless you all. I would do it all again
Edwards, DaleEM2Oct 9, 1976 – Dec 8, 1978Stream TeamNice to see some people on the list that I shared some of my life with.Got some great pics from the ship.Haze grey and underway.Turn to.
Humphreys, Chip (Alfred Taylor}BTFNOct 18, 1976 – Feb 28, 1977BI was only on a short time during overhaul but had a lot of friends. I left for personal reasons
Greenhow, RickSK2Nov 16, 1976 – Mar 24, 1979S-1Served with SK2 Krogman! Great memories!!!!
McAdams, MarkSNDec 1976 – Jul 1979WeaponsLooking for Albert Dailey III, Broderick "meatloaf" mitchell, Mike Sheda, Danny Brickson, Collins, Petty officer Redd, Chief Lee.

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