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USS Camden (AOE 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Camden (AOE 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1332 crew members registered for the USS Camden (AOE 2).

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Hinton, SteveHT31973 – 1974RTransfered to when Passumpsic decomed.
Benjamin, Dennis Nickname BenETR 21973 – Sep 23, 1976OIArrived on board at the end of the 9 month west pac when the ship got back to Long Beach. The wife and kids rode the ship for the homeport change to Bremerton. I spent a lot of my non-working hours at sea in the chaplain's office.
Goins, GregoryAOE-21973 – 1975
Bond, RichardRM3/RM21973 – 1976Operationscaught ship in Phillipines, made two westpacs, saw Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and about everything in between. Guys in the Radio Shack were great and had some wild times
Terry, TimICFNJan 1973 – Nov 1974ELots of hard work, hated the midnight unreps but still had a great time. The IC shop had a great crew. I would like to hear from Brad or Dan.
Wieners, Anthony (Hotdog)BTJan 1973 – Jun 1974BHad many great memories! Looking to chat with some old shipmates
Kesterson, JimE-2Jan 1, 1973 – Jan 1, 1975RGot a lot of memerorys out of those few years aboard the Camden. Who could forget Olongapo city/ subic bay? Hope all my shipmates are doing well after all these years. Feel free to drop me a line if you wanna say hi. Jim
Miller, JcSK3Jan 2, 1973 – Aug 10, 1976S-13 WesPac's, humped alot of boxes, ullaged oil tanks, prepared documents for unreps, moved from Long Beach to Bremerton. Loved Seattle!
Swope, RickMR2Jan 15, 1973 – Sep 1, 1974R Division RepairGood times on the Camden. Would like to hear from any old buddies!
Conroy, Patrick (Cal)QMSAFeb 1973 – Dec 1974NavigationWanted to say Helow to my Nav Division, Steve Thompson AKA the West Covena Kid. (Candy) (Mouse) (mongo) Lee Minor, James Conrad, Chief John Decker, Lt. Shafer and anyone else I have forgot to mention.
Wood, JamesE4Feb 1, 1973 – Jan 1, 1976EI was assigned to E div for the first few monthes abosrd then was assigned to CCTV when it went "on the air" during the '73 westpac. I've been in touch with several old shipmates and would like to here from more.
Jeffers, GeorgeMS2Feb 1, 1973 – Mar 20, 1979S 2
Fischer, GeraldE2Feb 1, 1973 – Dec 31, 1974Steward
Webb, Roy, DavidHTFNFeb 9, 1973 – Jan 25, 1974803 ShipFitters
Parker, RandyMMFN then MM3 then MMFN then MM3Feb 10, 1973 – Apr 15, 1975MFirst ship, great crewmates, learned a lot from Reeser, got too high too much too often left for rehab.
Wall, RobertHTFNMar 1973 – Mar 1975RepairMet ship in Subic Bay did 2 westpac tours moved homeports from Long Beach to Bremerton Wa. James Dunn brought me to his home town San Fernando valley where I wound up spending a lot of time with friends of his in the Reseda area
Salyer, Danny / Sally profile iconHT2Mar 1973 – Dec 1974R-DivShipfitter Shop Supervisor, Good Crew lots of good times
Ullom, William "Freckles"FNMar 30, 1973 – Oct 1, 1974UnsureI'm actually Bills' son. He has passed away, back in '03. But I would like to talk to the amazing veterans that served with my father. I too am a veteran of 14 years and counting.
Krogman, JohnSK2Apr 1973 – Feb 1977SupplyWould like to hear from anyone from this time period. Have great memories from my shipmates in Supply Div.
Wolf, TimOSSNApr 1973 – 1974OperationsWas onboard when we spent alot of time in the Gulf of Tonkin and Subic Bay! Homeported in Longbeach CA, then moved to Bremerton WA. Had good times and bad like all. Eventually transferred to the USS Butte out of Norfolk.
Allen, JamesMM4?Apr 2, 1973 – Sep 10, 1973MMStayed at the Hong Kong Hilton, stole the towels. I remember someone went overboard ...
Martinez, Leslie( Marty)MM3Aug 1973 – Oct 1974Mwas in aft engineroom. Used to heat up stolen 2 gallons of chili on turbine til one blew up and we had to hose down the Eng Room. Anyone remember "Nardo" who we used to grab by the nose and make him squeal like a pig?
Summers, JonE4/ETNAug 1973 – May 1974OPSCamden was temporary duty (10 mon) while waiting to enter nuclear power training. Picked the ship up while it was on extended westpac. Flew from Subic Bay out to USS Coral Sea and waited for UNREP. Ships helo picked several of us up (quite a ride).
Page, AlQM2Aug 3, 1973 – Mar 8, 1977NavigationNow reside in Mountain Home Arkansas. 870 405-8555.
Bir, RogerQUARTERMASTERSep 1973 – Jul 1975Navigationstill serving but now as a member of USAF.
Morton, LesEM3Sep 1973 – Sep 1975E
Bir, Roger "Birdie"QMSNSep 15, 1973 – Jul 20, 1975Navigationwould love to hear from anyone i was stationed with. contact me at:
Bir, RogerQMSNSep 15, 1973 – Jul 20, 1975Navigation
Morton, LesEM3Nov 1973 – Sep 1975EChecking to see who out there sailed the 74-75 WestPac.
Padilla, ArnoldSADec 1973 – Oct 15, 1975weaponsMan the navy was great to me learned alot of hard lesson's. Enjoyed all the people I met even the backstabbers, because they only made me grow up and become a man. I wish I could change some things I experianced, God only knows .
Sator, SteveET3Dec 22, 1973 – Jul 30, 1976OITHE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE
Demars, Ricksk3Dec 25, 1973 – May 25, 1977supplylife on the camden was something that stays with you .Allmost all my memories are good. Hope yours are to. rick
Vangiesen, JohnMM2Dec 28, 1973 – Jul 1, 1974AWent aboard in Long Beach and moved the ship to WA. Worked in the hydraulic shop and went through an overhaul in Seattle. Only left for shore duty orders to Whidbey Island.
Cameron, DennisRM31974 – 1976opsdid a westpac missed ships movement in hong kong flew over cyclone to manila had a great time on board the camden
Wilson, Ken (Willy)BT21974 – 1976B-Div.
St.aubin, Thomasbtfn1974 – Aug 9, 1974BTo all I served with hope all is well please get in touch anyone with info. on G Goodrow let me know
Cooper, TomGMG3Feb 1974 – Jul 8, 1977WeaponsCame onboard Camden during tough times for Camden and the US Navy. Ship sailed constantly. Long hours & little sleep. Typhoons and still waters of Indian Ocean. Learned about life from my shipmates and the people I met all over the world. Thanks OE2!
Stevens, StevefnFeb 1974 – Jun 1, 1975M
Anderson, AlfredBT 3Feb 14, 1974 – Aug 26, 1977Hello gang
McIntire, RossET1Feb 15, 1974 – Sep 1976OI and XHad a lot of fun, but must admit after two years on Camden I was ready to become a civilian and get re-introduced to my family. Camden made my choice to leave the Navy an easy one. No regrets.
McIntire, Ross "Mac"ET1Feb 15, 1974 – Sep 1, 1976OE and X DivisionSpent last six months as Master at Arms at request of the XO
Benson, OscarMM E-2Mar 1974 – Jan 1976snipe
Murdoch, DrewRM3Mar 16, 1974 – Jul 26, 1974OpsWas aboard during ship's drydock in Todd shipyard. Went for shakedown cruise and then back to Todd shipyard and then off to my sweetie in July, 1974.
Rollins, BillQM-3Apr 1, 1974 – Oct 10, feel free to contact me. I would like to hear from you. I live in The Woodlands, TX. Good times Subic, good friends, let me hear from you.
Walker, JohnnyFn-3Apr 7, 1974 –IC-- Interior CommunicationHey guys it's been a long time since I've been aboard a ship. However, I work for the Dallas VA Medical Center. Larry Knight, Fred King, Johnny Wagner, Wag were just a few of the guys.
Pearson, Steve Nickname "pete"SH-1Jun 1974 – Jun 10, 1978Supply
Austin, WillyMM2Jun 1974 – Mar 1975M/B aft engine roomI did not spend all that much time on the Camden but found it Rewarding and miss all those mates that I made while there
Tetrick, GaryLTJun 20, 1974 – Sep 20, 1977Dental Corps
Wilson, Lynwood (The Fleet)SH-3Jun 22, 1974 – Jun 22, 1977SupplyWould like to chat with some of my old Shipmates I started out in first divison and then moved on to Supply after making E-4 Look me up if you know me. The Fleet...
Wilson, Lynwood (Fleet)SH3Jun 28, 1974 – Jun 28, 1977Supply
Henry, JimRM2Aug 25, 1974 – Dec 19, 1975OCMissed ships movement one time, had a good time for the most part.
Stevens, RayMMSep 1974 – Jun 1, 1975ENGINEERINGCal Bro. seen you here though i would reach out and see if you are still around.
Knight, Lawrence (Larry)MMFR-MMFN BACK TO MMFROct 1974 – Apr 1976MI saw the Capt. a few times in my short Naval career. I shoulda/coulda been a better sailor but it just wasn't in my cards. Instead of operating a ship's engine room I made my way out and have operated power plants the past 25 years.
Flores, MichaelHTFNOct 1974 – Jul 1978R-DivisionI was aboard ship from 74-78 made two WestPacs,made alot of friends, whom i'll alway's remember; made contact with a few in the last couple of years,would like more, on facebook Mike Flores USS CAMDEN AOE-2 or E-Mail me.
Wilson, Ken WillyBT2Oct 15, 1974 – May 15, 1976engenering was alife changing,unforgetable time.
Okuley, Marc (Oak)EM3Nov 1974 – Sep 1977ECame aboard in PI during 74-75 WestPac. Still living the good life in Alaska. Be great to hear from anyone from E-Div or A-Gang, or whoever, that recalls the times.
Patterson, RockyBM 3Nov 30, 1974 – Aug 28, 1977STREAMHad a great time growing up on the Camden, miss all my buddies. I think about you guys alot. How did we all stay alive? Remember missing ships movement in Hong Kong and sleeping on the beach int the typhoon ?
Gohanna, GeorgejoDec 3, 1974 –deckLooking for shipmates James Bingham, Allen Jones, Mike Saunders, Platt, and the gang from 3rd division. I miss you guys let have a reunion. Please contact me.

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