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USS Camden (AOE 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Camden (AOE 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1330 crew members registered for the USS Camden (AOE 2).

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Venglarcik, StevenEM-31970 – 1971EAlways looking for old crewmates
Gordon, JimFN1970 – 1973B
Lycke, HerbICC1970 –
Andrus, RonaldAE-11970 –helo detachmentserved aboard Camden Helo Dept Crew leader during vietnam war. many memories to numerous to list.
Dooley, DavidEM31970 –E and Fule controll
Stonehouse, BobEM 31970 – 1972Electricians Mate
Mosier, HarryBM31970 – 19713rd
Gonzalez, Julianlast E31970 – 1971Last Admin
Huffaker, Edgar JSK21970 – 1973S-1Spent most of our time in the Tonkin Gulf, when deployed. Hit a lot of good ports on the way back to Long Beach
Terzakis, JohnCS3Jan 1970 – Apr 3, 1973Commissary3 westpac tours 70 -73 like it was yesterday. Would like to get in touch with some others. Anyone know of Deitrich, Betanzos, Taphouse, Kraft,Seawart, Pierce?
Taylor, CalvinDC-3/E-4Jan 26, 1970 – Feb 3, 1972DC
Guest, RonE3Feb 1970 – May 19713
Sekkel, RonLTJG, SCFeb 10, 1970 – Jun 30, 1971Disbursing, Sales, FoodI can't believe that was 34 years ago
Grondahl, Steve (Ollie)SH3Feb 17, 1970 – Feb 15, 1974S3Had alot of fun!! Oh the fantail.. Missing ships movement was no fun though. Dennis Hammond and I did just that. Not our fault though. Remember all the good times. And who could forget the S--- River in the PI.
Bigham, BobETN2Mar 1970 – Oct 1973OPSLooking for Ken Grimes and Richard "Willie" Wilson. Found Bill Pence & Wally Branlund!
Nelson, GeorgeMM2Mar 26, 1970 – Oct 28, 1974M &A
Andress, Robert "Andy"FN/MMApr 1970 – Mar 1971MI was assigned to "M" division and was the engineroom wheel man for the Main Engines during seareps
Menyes, John (Tweeker)ET2Apr 1970 – Jul 1979Radio ShackWas TAD for the crypto from the P.I.; got my Shellback; saw Diego Garcia b4 the tourists. Went to Mombassa, drank many Tuskers & went to Oman's coast when the Ayatolla messed with us, saw the Ranger crash into the freighter. WE try Harder
Grondahl, SteveSH 3May 1970 – Feb 17, 1974S3
Burgess, HaroldE 4May 20, 1970 – Jan 12, 19733 RDBeen a LONG time we are not getting any younger
Christensen, MarkSNJul 1970 – May 1971?Great Times. Memory a little hazy. Does anyone remember Kleinshimdt in the ships office?
Powell, Mike Gooberbm3Jul 10, 1970 – Feb 2, 19741stthe goob here i remember hound dog, schumaker, robert bell had some good times
Johnston, DavidRM3Jul 12, 1970 – Jul 28, 1972OperationsGood Times
Cummings, CharlesSN/E3Jul 15, 1970 – Apr 2, 19713rd
Hammond, Dennis/wSH3Aug 1970 – Mar 1974S3
Hinman, ChristopherRD2 (OS2)Aug 1970 – Dec 1972Operations2 tours Viet Nam, first six months on board perpetually sea sick..finally got my "Sea Legs" in typhon off coast of Australia, Visited Sidney, Sasebo, Hong Kong, Guam and of course the Phillipines.
Charles, David (ChuckBM-3Aug 13, 1970 – Jan 18, 1973Deck 2ndWonder what happened to Gary Nunes?
Coburn, GarySM3Aug 15, 1970 – Mar 10, 1973OC DIVI was an SM3 then an SM2, had alot of friends onboard and would like to re connect with them. I got out in 1973 and reenlisted in 1977 and retired in 2001 as a was the greatest decision of my life
Southwick, RichardMM-3Oct 1970 – Sep 1972A-GangThis ship has set every record in transferring food, stores and munitions durnig 1970-1972
Lystad, Michael (Bear)BM3Nov 1970 – May 1, 19742ndMade 3 West Pacs. Was in 2nd div. Would enjoy hearing from fellow shipmates, a reunion at the decommissioning would be fun.
Thomas, TerrySNNov 1970 – Nov 19723rdHad some great times. Wonder if David Charles, Victor Engstrom, Carson Danials or anyone else is still around. 2 1/2 tours in westpac lots of memories. Now living in Boise, Idaho. Am Quartermaster for VFW Post 142.
Thomas, TerrysnNov 16, 1970 – Nov 19, 19723rdHey guys, still remember many of you, have been in touch with Jim Alston, Carson Daniel and Vic Engstrom. Still remember Steve Scarpullia and many others.
Alston, JamesBM3Nov 20, 1970 – Apr 9, 19722ND 3RDLCDR Fred Fraas passed away in 2002 in San Diego from cancer. SN Burke and SN Mugno passed away in the 1970's. Have spoken with a dozen crewmates since Christmas 2008. Capt. Reid Stringfellow passed away 1996 in Miami.
Alston, JamesBM2Nov 20, 1970 – Apr 9, 19723rd & 2ndI was the Slush Fund guy. Still looking for some of those guys that never paid. I have located about 40 crewmembers from 70-72. Even spoke with Capt. Bill Russell before his death in Feb 2012. Let me hear from yall.
Gross, ChuckBTFNDec 1970 – Jul 1971BThanks for the good times looking for Dale Burns
Demeo, AnthonySKSNDec 1970 – Jan 1972Supply S-1 DivisionThe ship and crew were, No, are second to none.
Schumacher, DonBM3Dec 19, 1970 – Mar 19, 1973Firsthad station 9 and remember when the Hamner hit us. Always in trouble but made a career out of the navy. retired now
Morgan, Gary L.SK31971 – 1975Supply
Neira, Mario1971 – 1974WEAPONS
Gooch, JoeE31971 – Feb 19723rdIt's been a long time
Gooch, JoeE31971 – Feb 19723rdIt's been a long time
Ullery, KenE 21971 – Jun 4, 19742nd Division3 Westpac tours/ crossed equator twice and I must say the 2nd was much better than the 1st(my knees are still raw !!!) Many memories of the Camden in the early 70's. I have connected with a few -hope all is well !!
Diaz, RamonBM21971 – 19751st and 2ndJust joining this list. Looking to catch up with deck apes from 1st and 2nd division.
Estes, GregorySK3Jan 1971 – Nov 1973S-1Served in deck division, then as CPO messcook.Transfered to Supply, worked in cargo, parts issue, and supply office. Left for Eod School, then on to 2nd class diver, and then went thru SEAL Training. Last 18 years SEAL TEAMS. 24 yr. career.
Treanor, DanE3Jan 1971 – Jan 19732ndI remember David Charles, the redneck from Texas. Only made 1 WESTPAC cruise, loved every minute of it. For a young man from northern Iowa, it was quite the adventure. Chief Hassler & myself became well acquainted over my short enlistment.
Cook, SpikeJan 10, 1971 – Feb 15, 1974
Pence, BillETN2Mar 1971 – Mar 1975Ops
Padilla, Salomon FritoEn3Mar 1, 1971 – Jan 15, 1973A DivsonHydraulic shop, worked with chief scott went on liberty in subic bay with domson, southwick ,shipman,and nelson!
Scarpulla, Stephen / BrooklynE-3Apr 1971 – Nov 19723rdHello to all you guys - Looking to re-connect with all of you that I served with - I joined @ 17 - I recall fondly David Voigts, Cortez from Texas, Gumby from Boston, Tito Ross. Still speak with TJ the DJ. Love ya guys
Marquis, WesCWO2 (Electrical)Apr 1971 – May 1974E DivisionBest tour of duty I Had
Baker, LarueYN3Apr 15, 1971 – Nov 10, 1973Admin - First with the Chalain who made me ship's librarianMy first ship after boot. Sleeping in the brig cause it was available - semi private rooms. All night unreps with everybody from the Hancock to a Coastie. The only guys I can remember from that time are BM3 Hightower and EM3 F.E. Smith.
Stands, DavidSFApr 16, 1971 – Apr 15, 1975RWas shipfitter 71-1975. Fabricated,installed hardware to mount crews CCTV's in all birthing compartments. Including antena mast, electrical stuffing tubes, hardware to mount CCTV system to deck & overhead. Recieved letter of commendation for work
Bergdorf, David (Bergie)FNApr 24, 1971 – Sep 13, 1974MEaster Offensive 1972, Gunline
Janssen, RudyE-3May 15, 1971 – Jul 8, 1974E-DivJust thought I would check out the old ship and shipmates, and saw some names that brought on a smile. I worked in the boat shop and in aft battery for 3 cruises 71 to 74. I would like to hear from any of the old gang.
Sonier, Bob (Gunner)CWO-2Jun 1971 – Sep 1974WeaponsShipp's Gunner for two WestPac cruises and aboard for homeport move from Long Beach, CA to Bremerton, WA. My crew was outstanding and worked exceptionally long hours during inport periods in the Phillipines.
Thrasher, DanPN3Jun 1971 – 1973AdminServed in the Personnel Office of the Camden from 1971-1973.
Cortez, Robert AShips TailorJun 1, 1971 – Feb 1, 1973Ship ServiceEnjoyed taking care of my shipmates clothing, turning some rag tag clothes into something usable.Hello to bob leek,jerry blalock,stephan scarpulla,chico cortez,tj hennesey
Wilcoxson, William Aka Pete Aka WillieE-3Jul 1971 – Jun 1975M/AStarted out in the #2 engine room and moved to A division later.
Wilson, BillLTJGJul 19, 1971 – Jul 2, 1973supply
Cook, SpikeSK3Aug 1971 – Feb 1974
Hewett, RexMM3Aug 1971 – Jan 1975A-Gang ALL THE WAY!!!!Rather new to the internet, decided to try a search for my first ship. Sorry to see her scrapped but that's how it is. Retired in Jun of '94. Have seen many names and brings back some good memories. Will have to contact them in the future
Abplanalp, DavidPN3Aug 1971 – Mar 1973AdminWhere is Dan Thrasher, Nick Nolte, John Kleinsmith?? and all those other Guys I helped with Basket Leave?????
Monteil, FredE-5Sep 1971 – Dec 1974EngineeringIC Shop, ICPO for 1973, 1974, 3 WESTPAC cruises to Viet Nam, Subic Bay (Olongopo City!), Singapore, Hong Kong, great time, would like to hear from anyone who served during this time and remembers "Monty" of the IC shop
Nivens, DavidYN3/USNRSep 1971 – Aug 1973Deck D-3/Admin.Served in the Deck Office for most of my time. Finished with the Chaplain. Now that Camden has been decommissioned, it is important for all of us to get our names on the record.
Simpson, AllenBT2Sep 1971 – Feb 1975B DivHated the job but I have a lot of fond memories about that time in my life. Did I mention I hated the job.
Harrold, FrankSK3Sep 10, 1971 – May 28, 1973S-1I was on the Camden during 2 deployments to WestPac, and served as liquid cargo storekeeper. Worked with some great guys.
Kennally, Mark profile iconYN2Oct 1971 – May 1975AdminWas in 2nd div. when I first arrived, transferred to admin, worked in captains office and then the legal office. Made 3 tours to Vietnam 72, 73, & 74 / 75. Would love to hear from old shipmate. Current commander of VFW.
Armstrong, RobertE-3Oct 22, 1971 – Mar 12, 1973started 2nd Div. ended in NavigationWhile in Second Div. I worked on fuel station #8. I was in Navigation when we went on Applo 17 . I got out 12 March 1973. I got talked into joining the local National Guard unit. I just retired last September with 39yrs.
Poirier, ChuckSNOct 27, 1971 – Mar 7, 19732nd and 3rdglad i became a shell back first time over as had several more trips during my career. great memories
Terry, BillMM3Oct 27, 1971 – Jul 18, 1975MHad a great time in fwd machine rm.Hey Lanny,Tom,Ski and dennis.
Ciampa, JohnSNNov 1971 – Feb 19733rdto donald schumacher-you were the last one i thought would make a career out of it- how did you do it- remember hong kong and subic bay liberty
Kilburn, Harold D.YNCNov 1971 – Oct 1975AdministrativeWas Career Counselor on oboard CAMDEN and in charge of Capt Office, fond memories and much fun very good shipmates, retired from Navy 1978, retired from Military Sealift Command 2000, now living in the summer capital of Philippines, Baguio
Dugan, LawrenceBM-2Nov 1971 – Jul 1, 19733rdhello to any and all who served with me.
Brioli, NeilBMC RetiredNov 4, 1971 – Oct 20, 19732nd DivisionRe-enlisted in Naval reserve. Retired 1996 as a BMC. Decommissioned LST 1179 Became a SEABEE with ACB one in Coranado.
Taylor, Robert (Bobby)RM E-3Nov 15, 1971 – Jan 23, 1973Radioman/ Ship stores
Estes, GregorySK3Dec 1971 – Nov 1973S-2Started in Deck division, went mess cooking in CPO Quarters, then transferred to supply. Made two deployments leaving ship in November 1973. Continued on retiring in 1995 as a CPO/Diver/SEAL. Currently living in Oregon.

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