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USS Sacramento (AOE 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sacramento (AOE 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1429 crew members registered for the USS Sacramento (AOE 1).

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Arterburn, DennisFN1974 – 1975MWESTPAC 1974. Dennis passed away on March 3, 2001 at age 49 from diabetes.
Patterson, ChristopherE31974 – Feb 19772nd DivThe Best Days of my Life, Remember the old day when guys would go out town and we all hung out, I still remember Bill Brown and Bob Roger some of the good old boys. We still try to get together once a year. let get more guys to join in
Davis, CharlesE-2Jan 1, 1974 – Apr 1, 1975MIn my experiance i became the crustiest shell back EVER.
Moore, RonnieBM3Jan 3, 1974 – Aug 10, 19761stRhe sac well always be dear to my heart had some good friends on her and it was a great ship wish we had more pitcures of her on the net. Oh yes CAPT Services was a great leader.
Randolph, Keith profile iconMM3Feb 1, 1974 – May 31, 1977M - EM01Some of the wildest times of my life on the Sac. All those steel beach cookouts that I missed because on watch down in the hole. If the snipes don't grove the ship don't move. haha. Wheres my M-div buddies at?
Wallace, MichaelE2Feb 15, 1974 – May 20, 1975Deck
Brown, DennisRMCM (SW) (RET)Mar 1974 – 1978OC - RadioOne of the best tours of duty I had in my entire career. The guys that were in the shack at the time were the greatest people in the world to serve with. I retired in 1992. Sorry to hear she was decomissioned.
Edgington, Daniel ( Edge )MMFNMar 1974 – Oct 1977MLooking for shipmates. Served aboard the USS Sacramento AOE-1 from 1974-1977. Stationed in Bremerton, WA.
Hardy, GaryHMC(RET)Apr 2, 1974 – Nov 10, 1978HI enjoyed the years aboard the SAC with Chief Holmes Red Lead Fred, Jim Ward, Old Shoe and the rest. These were some fun times in Subic Bay and all the other ports of call.
Frederickson, GeneDT3Apr 22, 1974 – Oct 20, 1976HWhat a great ship and crew! I was at the Decom in October '04. Saw Captain Atcheson and a few of the old mid-70s gang. Everybody looked good and the Sac never looked better. Great times remembered. Gonna' miss the old boat. - Doc Fred
Barker, Dave(ma)RM3Jul 14, 1974 – Sep 9, 1977OPSLots of good times. Got to tour the boat 3 years ago in 2001. Things sure have changed. Will probly see the decomissioning this year...oh well.
Stroud, PatrickFTGCJul 20, 1974 – Sep 15, 1976
Dalnes, KurtE-3Aug 28, 1974 – Dec 15, 1976M-DivBest days of my life. Still working all these years, with the MN Boilers License, I obtained with Navy training.
Sindelir, AnthonyBMCMSep 1974 – Feb 1980great ship for a knuckle dragger
Sucgang, JoseAK2, AK1Sep 11, 1974 – Jan 13, 1977S-1, SupplyOnly Aviation Storekeeper during this period. Enjoyed my tour very much. Love the ship's homeport, Bumertown and Seatle. Hope to hear from those I served, including the Airdets we've supported.
Rutledge, Orville (Wayne)MMCOct 24, 1974 – Sep 24, 1975MGreat ship and great Crew. Really enjoyed being on board. I retired off her.
Wilkinson, ShermanGMGCNov 5, 1974 – Jun 2, 1978WeaponsBest memories are from the time I served aboard Sacramento and of my fellow crew members. Thanks
Malloy, JohnE3Nov 11, 1974 – Jul 12, 1977SupplyI was a Ship Serviceman. Ran the Geedonk 74-75 Wespac. Became a "Shellback" during that cruise. I really enjoyed my time on the Sac. Made a lot of good friends while I was aboard her. Would be interested in a reunion!
Richard, SavageSNDec 1974 – Mar 19771st divisionServing aboard this ship and supporting the fleet, is an experience I will be proud of always. If you're out the Edward Fredrickson, hope all is going good for you.
Frederickson, EdwardseamanDec 31, 1974 – Sep 17, 19761st divisionHappy holidays to all, this is Freddy from the Bronx,talked to BM3 PETERS TONIGHT also Kevin Blackburn.Is Rick Savage still out there
Tonelli, Steve profile icon  NEWYN31975 – Feb 2, 1977Deck
Lakedon, JohnETN3Jan 5, 1975 – Aug 20, 1977communicationsSpent a lot of time drunk as I recall. Was quit a party to say the least. Have run into a couple guys that have served on the Sac, they all said it was the best ship and crew of there enlistment.
Winslow, DouglasMM2Jan 9, 1975 – Aug 11, 1979MTWO WEST PACKS, PEARL HARBOR, JUNEAU, ALASKA.
Trodahl, DonaldMM2Jan 15, 1975 – Aug 11, 1979A, MWorked wit some great guys wile serving on the Sac, still in touch with at least one. The "C" schools I attend helped me to land a career that has been going on now for 25 years. My son also is a O 2 F18 pilot.
Rangel, DavidSeaman E-3Jan 19, 1975 – Jan 20, 1977Deck/RASETom Walborn ,Larry Johnson & Mike S. good times after we drydocked in Wash. remember Port Orchard. Pat Oltiz remembering Singpore and Hong Hong. The best time of my life, lots of great memories.Iran, Pakistan,Japan,Subic
Ainsworth, JerryE2,E1,E2,E1Feb 1975 – Jan 1, 1976deck ape17 yrs old and took a!!!!!!!!!!! charlie bell .......eddie venagis .........jim crandall ......mark mira .......tim worthy good buds buds
Walborn, TomOS3Feb 15, 1975 – Aug 6, 1978operationsIts been 30 years since I steped aboard the Sac. The world has changed so much. Served 2 Wespacs and a year in shipyards. Miss Subic City.
Bock, MarkDK3Mar 1975 – Dec 1978SupplyGood memories& friends - 2 West Pac tours, Subic Bay, Kagoshima Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Karachi Pakistan, Bandar Abbas Iran. Dry dock. Bowling, Oakland baseball games & going to Tacoma, WA.
Talbot, TonyET3 - ET1Apr 1975 – Nov 1979OE - OPS4+ yrs, had great times, grew up, learned that college was a better option. Made great friends, lost track of each, part of the best ET gang ever! Started new life, new frontiers..
Vanegas, EddieE-3Apr 1975 – 19772NDRemember all the goodtimes I had while on board and the mischief some of us got into sure I remember you Jerry and Mark,and Charlie. Hope we make contact.
Edwards, RalphNCCApr 1975 – Jan 1977AdminThis was my first and only "black shoe" duty station. I never served with a more close knit group. I would do it again in a heart beat.
David, Lawrence (Duck2)MM3Apr 7, 1975 – Oct 14, 1975MI was transfered off for knee surgery to Cubi Point, then to Great Lake for Medical Board. It was deternined that my Knees couldn't handle the stress. Received Disabled Discharge. I still miss my Ship and Shipmates
Stripling, RichHT-3May 1, 1975 – Jul 1, 1976RShure were some great at guys on this boat Gods Speed
Cautillo, Michael/muzzBM2May 26, 1975 – May 28, 19792ndThe SAC was a lot of work but we had a lot of fun too.I made good friends that i will never forget.It was a great 4 year cruise.Fair winds and following seas to all my shipmates.Retiring soon after 25 years N.Y.P.D.
Kjell, RandyE2Jun 1, 1975 – Jan 26, 1977BMSNLooking for old friends from the ship, from the time that i have noted. I worked on the deck. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thank you.
Newell, BlueEM3/EM2/EM1Jun 15, 1975 – May 15, 1980RASE/Fwd BattGreat Ship, Fantastic Crew. Met the Shah, Nixon's "Show of Force", faced down the Russkis, showed the USS Oriskanee how to handle a hurricane, watched "Big Mo" in action, Shellback Days, Bandar Abass, I O cruises, Alaska. ME
Sandvig, Timothygmg3Jun 21, 1975 – Jun 21, 1979weaponsGood Ship, Good Crew, Good Friendships, I hope some shipmates will contact me!
Peterson, Rod (Pete)GMG3Aug 5, 1975 – Jul 15, 1979WeaponsOne of the best times of my life, West Pac, Alaska, Captain Jack, Great people, life long friends. Good times in Bremerton, Seattle, Snow Skiing, Back Packing. Hi to Chris, Wing, Douchebag, Snyder, Gene, and many others.
Sotelo, DanCHIEF BOATSWAIN\'S MATEAug 11, 1975 – Aug 15, 19822 ndHard ship, hard times, never forget them. Remember the sailors that served under me, Da Muzz being one I will never forget.
Kampwerth, RonE-5Oct 1975 – Jun 26, 19792ND DIVLooking for the people I knew on the boat during that period.
Cortez, Vidal Mr "C"SNOct 14, 1975 – Jun 23, 19791stSac. Bros -Seadog Seaman (RIP), M.Wilkerson, Carlito Gardley, Shorty Gholston (RIP), L. Heard, CJ, R. Handly, Juan Atilano, Muzz Cautillo, L Kitchen, Shy, P Funk, My bro JJ, Moore Bros, Baldwin, Hill, S Trowbridge 75-79
Morford, BillOS2Nov 1975 – Aug 1979Second then OI /CIC Combat Information CentralDamn time flies. Started off in Second Div then went to OI. Two WestPac Tours and a lot of fun in Olongapo City and Subic City! Use to run a lot during my time on board. Does anyone else remember liberty in Iran?
Aragon, Eduardo (Ed)PNC, PNCSNov 22, 1975 – Nov 14, 1978PersonnelAgree with most of comments. Sac was a great experience. I also miss the good times I had on the three WESTpac cruises.
Benner, BillNov 25, 1975 – Jun 11, 1979S-3The Sac was my first ship in a 23 year stay in our Navy it is without a dought it was the best time I had in all the yaars I spent on active duty.
Hernandez, JeromeHT2Dec 1975 – Sep 1979RGreat ship, Great crew. Lots of good times, Sorry to see her go.

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