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USS Guam (LPH 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Guam (LPH 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 858 crew members registered for the USS Guam (LPH 9).

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Grubbs, RobertSHSR TO SH21990 – 1995S-3My very first ship in the NAVY
Thorman, RobertBT1990 – Oct 1992
Sanders, BenAG2(AW)1990 – 1993OA
Marro, NickABH21990 – 1992V-1 Crash & SalvageHi guy's.
Fatula, Robert "bubba"ABH1990 – 1992V!WOW...I hated it when I was in, but now that I'm older, I couldn't be prouder. How can you explain to people what it is like to sit on that flight deck and see the things we saw? Terry Clegg...your my boy..
Fatula, Robert "bubba"ABH1990 – 1992V1What can I say...Hated it when I was on it, but couldn't be prouder now. Met some real good people (Clegg, Tommy Brown, Pete Messersmeth, Scott Caulfied) Wish we could all party again. Chalk-n-Chain is for real men...
Shelton, JohnET1(AW/SW)1990 – 1992OPS / OEAnother Great ship and Crew:)
Murphy, DanielET21990 – 1994ET ShopDan Murphy
Perry, Carl profile iconAZ21990 – 1992AIMD My late father Carl William "Mudd" Perry Jr served on the USS Guam during Operation Desert Storm & also deployed for Operation Eastern Exit in Mogadishu, Somalia. You'll be forever loved & missed, Dad. You made me proud
Marvin, TaylorOS3Jan 1990 – Jun 20, 1993OperationsMemories to last a lifetime! Swift and Bold!
Danishefsky, Michael "Dano"FC2(SW)Jan 1990 – May 1994Fox
Barker, Keith (Aka) BobHT2Jan 18, 1990 – Oct 1993R
Romero, WilfredoE-4Feb 25, 1990 – Feb 18, 19941st Deck / AIMDI had a great time onboard USS Guam served during dessert shield dessert storm, Gantanamo cuba,I was in first division deck dept. stroke out to AIMD I remember friends like Barberee, Montalvo, Fernandez, Castillo, Tokarsky, Murphy,
White, DustinPN3Mar 5, 1990 – Aug 10, 1993AdminWe had so much fun on this ship. Working in Personnel with some of the best friends I have ever made. Rob, Big Mike, Little Mike, Booter Lewis, Jack Wheeler, Ray S, Dink. Never in my life met a better group of guys
Heilman, RickE-4/FC3Mar 10, 1990 – Feb 12, 1993Deck
Sanders, BenAG2Apr 1990 – Aug 1993Looking for some of the old gang. Please e-mail
Wherrey, StevenHM3May 15, 1990 – May 30, 1992MedicalGreat times overseas. Lots of good memories. Can't forget those steel beach picnics. Especially the corpswaves from the USS Comfort while on shore leave in U.A.E.
Nix, CliftonRM3Jun 1990 – Jul 1994CRWould like to hear from shipmates I served with during my time on the Mighty 9.
Dunn, Michael B.PN3(AW)Jul 7, 1990 – Mar 17, 1994AdminGreatest Ship in the Atlantic Fleet!
Storer, FrancisJul 18, 1990 – Apr 18, 1991HMM-263 Metal ShopEmbarked S/Sgt for Desert Shield/Desert Storm /Eastern Exit in Somolia,and again for the last Med Cruise.My first tour aboard the Guam stands as the worst experience of my life but the last cruise was one of the best.Sorry to see her go!
Mangels, Thomas J.HM2(AW)Aug 1990 – Mar 1991Medical/BSSG-4Enbarked Hospital Corpsman. Operations: Eastern Exit (Somalia - Embassy Evac) and Desert Shield/Storm.
Montalvo, KevinE7/NCCAug 7, 1990 – Feb 7, 1994AIR/AIMDTHE BEST SHIP IN THE FLEET.
Flores, LorenzoE3Aug 8, 1990 – Aug 8, 1992looking for anybody
Hunt, RichardCW03Aug 17, 1990 – May 13, 1994OE
Jumper, Zach (Rat)ABH3Aug 18, 1990 – May 19, 1994Flight Deck
Jorgenson, BryanE-4 ?CPLAug 20, 1990 – Apr 1991C co 1/2was embarked during ops desert sheild/storm.was one of the marines that went ashore in op eastern exit in somalia
Cooper, RickLCPL (GOT OUT A CPL)Aug 20, 1990 – Apr 18, 1991C 1/2 3rd herd 1st squadstill talk to a few, send e-mail if you want.
Barringer, Tony "T-bear"CPLAug 20, 1990 – Apr 23, 1991BLT 1/2 H&S CO ARMORERI have got to say even though I only spent 8 months on the Guam as a Marine I hate that the Navy couldn't find anything better to do with her than sink her. To all my jarheads from 1/2 hope you are doing well.
Sornig, JeffGUNNERY SERGEANTAug 21, 1990 – Apr 18, 1991HqSvcCo BLT 1/2At the time I was a LCpl with the embarked Marines from BLT 1/2 during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Eastern Exit. Provided the illustrations for that cruisebook (I draw a lot better now). Semper Fi.
Hall, BrianE3/AIRMANSep 19, 1990 – Jan 26, 1992V3 and V1
Penix, JackE-3 BMSNSep 27, 1990 – Jun 10, 19941st divnone
Muse, TroyMM3Oct 21, 1990 – Oct 20, 1994m-divisionThe best years of my life took place aboard the Guam, the ones i served with will never be forgotten.
Bush, LewisHM3Oct 23, 1990 – Mar 22, 1992Medical
Jimenez, MarcoMM3Oct 25, 1990 – Dec 25, 1994A DivisionHey! I served on the mighty 9. What a tour. Any one who remmebers me feel free to give a shout out.
Hearn, David M.YN31991 – 1994ops/engglad to see they finally put her to rest. had a blast. if anyone out there was onboard quam between 1991-1994 give me a shout
Maben, Robert "Bob"ABH1991 – Jun 12, 1993Flight Deck
Joyce, RobE-4/BM1991 – 1992Deck
Krontz, DennyAA-AG31991 – 1993V3Best memories in the USN. Made a lot of great friends. Jumped ship early for AG A school.
Gomez, PedroOS 21991 – 1996OIGreat memories on the Mighty 9.
Nicholson, James (Nick)NC1 (SW/AW)1991 – 1995S1/ExecBest command of my 26 years of service.
Bolick, TonyAS2Jan 1991 – Jan 1995AIMD-SESUPER COMMAND!! GREAT CREW!! ALOT OF FRIENDS! 3 MED CRUISES, lots of workups, No sweat!! Will never 4get her! HEY all AIMD & SE LOG IN.
Barrett, TimAD3Jan 20, 1991 – Aug 18, 1994V1-AIMDThose were some of the best years of my life. Ill never forget it. Nintendo, Rummy, Slim Jims and Smokes. Barbaree, Keith Berg, Pat Egan, Heilman, where are you?
Lloyd, RichLTFeb 1991 – Feb 1994M, OI, OW"Takin' Care of Business!"
Richburg, RiccardoE7/YNFeb 7, 1991 – Mar 19, 1994EXECUTIVEGreat ship! Met alot of wonderful people that guided me in the right direction to become an outstanding Sailor. Go Mighty NINE.
Baum, MichaelE-2Feb 19, 1991 – Feb 19, 1993A DivisionI had some of the best times of my life on this ship. Visited some wonderful places and spent way to much time in the bars. Those who worked in the engine room are a different breed of which I fit in with perfectly.
Goad, MichaelET3/2 ETC nowFeb 25, 1991 – Mar 25, 1995OEI think I drank too much and too much fun!
Muse, TroyMM3Apr 10, 1991 – Sep 21, 1994EngineeringThe last of the steam ships, hot, humid, and a different breed of men in this department, but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. Been around the world 2x, crossed the equator SHELLBACK certified...🐙🦑🦞🦀
Koebel, AllenBT2May 1991 – Jul 1993B"B" division was the pride of the guam while i was on her. Too many good men to list, hope you all are doing well.
Connors, PatCWO2Jun 1991 – Nov 1993EngineeringMy "Fun Meter" stayed pegged !
Chapel, Larry "Chap"SNJun 18, 1991 – Aug 26, 19941ST
Mognet, Scott (Little Pick)MM3Aug 1991 – Nov 1992MDidn't serve on board very long, but I have some good memories.
MacGregor, Larry profile iconbtfnSep 1991 – Jun 1993B division
Moody, GeorgeHM! /HMCNov 1991 – Dec 1994HMade Chief onboard in 1993. Lotta good memories, the ship shook bad! Did a lot of laps in the adriatic sea. Man was Italy cold!
Lising, AlvinANNov 1991 – Aug 1993S-6Had a good time and seen a lot of places in Italy and Israel. Operation Provide Promise MARG 1-93

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