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USS Guam (LPH 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Guam (LPH 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 858 crew members registered for the USS Guam (LPH 9).

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Zarraonandia, Mark - WhiteshoeSN1986 – 1987DeckSpray Painter of this TonkaToy carrier. I kept this rust bucket looking good inside and out.
Kiggins, ChuckBM-21986 – 1989FirstTuna and crakers will be served in the sail locker at 1800,(thanks Mom&Dad Kiggins)
Vasiliou, Carl "Vas"1986 – 1990V-1/ V-3I remember HorseHead, and Looking for the Non-skid remover he told us to deep six. Morton, Bullington, Cravey, Kuntz, Laverty,Lt Bennett, Powell. Uss Guam world's finest amphibious assault ship!! Haze Grey and Underway because the Inchalong's D
Payne, MichaelBT21986 – 1988B
Wood, RandyGMG31986 – 1989FoxGood Times. and good friends. Mt. 31/32/Armory
Walls, DonaldDC11986 – 1990Repair / DCCame on board as an HT2 and left as an DC1. Enjoyed most of my time on board. Do not miss the Marine's or the cold showers in Naples Italy.
Barker, Michael / AutoE-31986 – 1987V-4Med cruises were cool and Nawlins is still a Blast! Met some of the coolest people on that ship!
McCarty, LeonEN1/MA11986 – 1987ENG SecurityI made Master-At-Arms while on this ship
Sweat, WilliamPO 31986 –V1Hello my ole Ship mates, I miss you all. I am William Sweat ABH3 of the V1 Division. I am doing fine, just getting older. If you wanna contact me, it's
Hughes, RodneyBM3Jan 1986 – Jan 19891stgreat ship. good times.
McKeand, KeithEM2Jan 1986 – Jul 1990Eng /86, 88, & 89 Mardi Gras NOLA - Feb 86 Recovered Shuttle Nose Cone 2 Med cruises 86,88-89 - May 86 Atlantic storm caused extensive damage 87 Dry dock (Norfolk) 88 St Thomas 89 NYC "Underway, Shift Colors" "Turn To"
Linebarger, RickyBT3Jan 1986 – Apr 1988BGood Ship
Zuetlau, ToddBM3Jan 1986 – Apr 19882nd Div. Deck DeptI still remember all the great times from from first liberty in New Orleans. To the two trips for fleet week in New York. Hope all the old gang is doing well . Lablanc, Karaway, Bohn, Blake, Shueger, Snead, Nicpon,Cantle
Ratliff, RobertHTJan 16, 1986 – Apr 18, 1989R DIVISIONHad a lot of fun on the ship.did not realize she had been decommissioned and sunk.have to say i got really sad.i had some great times and great freinds on her.she will be missed
Seybold, DavidRP2Mar 1986 – Jun 1988ADMINAh, the Gator Navy, can't forget when Marines were onboard. I ran the ship's library, setup tours during Med Cruise, helped the Postal Clerks, Number 1 Hoseman, and Quarter Deck watches. Hated the times in the Yard scrapping and painting.
Rainer, JimboMM1Mar 1986 – Dec 1990M & A Divs
Hutchings, Ryan / Hutch / StingABFMar 11, 1986 – Nov 30, 1988V4Ahhh, good 'ol AV-fuels division. I think my rate was actually Eukre/Spades/Harts mate. Was V4 really skate? Uh- Yup! They used the Guam for target practice after DeCom? Classic! I wish I could have seen that!
Hinds, RonLCPLApr 1986 – Nov 19862dbn, 2dmarines,Anyone remember the rough storm we went through. Lots of playin spades. 6 months. Spain, sicily, italy, france, turkey. Lots of soc training too. A Certain chaplain FAM training on my M60 Ooh Rah and semper fi
Remas, JeffL/CPLApr 1986 – Nov 2, 1986HMM 264Avionics (Navy's AT equivalent) and Aircrew. Survived the Helo crash in 1986 on the Asian Side of Turkey
Fierst, JimmyL/CPLApr 14, 1986 – Nov 2, 1986avionics (fire control)Anyone remember those twisted pieces of "egg beater" (CH-46) that they brought back after the pilots tried a late night touchdown in some open field in Turkey? Well, minus the tree that kissed that 46 I guess it was pretty much an open field.
Brown, TerenceE3May 1986 – Jan 1988V1Absolutely loved the crew; singing at the steel beach picnics , working with the MAU 264 and HMM detachments.
Mountz, KennethOSSNMay 18, 1986 – Apr 1990opsthough i was an os, I was a bit of trouble maker and ended up working with ma1 jacobs in the security division
Bartose, JohnAD-2Jun 1986 – Jun 1989AIMDWent through a hell of a huricane on my last cruise! We spent six weeks in Isreal for repairs, nice place. But I'll never forge the bullfights in Malaga Spain.
Jackman, CharlesAnJun 16, 1986 – Jun 15, 1989Flight deck crewI miss the old girl good times on that ship
Lynn, RobertHT3Aug 1986 – Dec 1987R
Lynn, RobertHT3Aug 1986 – Jan 1988
Lynn, RobertHT3Aug 1986 – Jan 1988R
Wine, EdHTSep 1986 – Oct 1989Rhad alot of friends and did alot to great days wont forget
Pankowski, ChristopherABF3Sep 19, 1986 – Sep 18, 1990Fuels
McIlmail, Steven "Mac"ABH3Oct 1986 – Jul 1989V-1Remember FOD walks? I remember the first one i did got chewed out By Chief Coulter for missing a little sliver of paper.
Daniels, Blaine profile iconSNOct 10, 1986 – Sep 9, 1988DentalDental Striker who started in Deck Division.
Lipford, Mike "Lippi"ABH3Dec 1986 – Sep 23, 1989V-1
Alexander, ClarkEM3 EM2 AND EM11987 – 1992EBest thing we ever did was pull those people out of Somalia. Lots of good memories about my time on that ship and my shipmates
Wood, Michael DavidABH 31987 – 1991V3 In 1987 / V1 From 88-91
Pospisil, PaulRP31987 – 1989Chaplain Dept then Personnel Office I had a hellva a good time on that ship and remember the good times I had. What ever happened to CW02 O'Leary and PN2 Charlie Taylor? I am glad USS Guam was laid to rest to be a reef for the sea life.
Bonner, BenjaminABHFeb 1987 – Feb 1990V-1
Gammad, JerryABH3Feb 14, 1987 – Aug 16, 1989V-1 Crash & Salvage!st Ship in the Navy i've been on. Sad to hear she got sunk.
Digeorge, MichaelAIRDALE AND DP3Mar 1987 – Jan 1990S7As an airdale chipped alot of paint. As an DP3, we had some characters. Any body when our ITC had to be carried off the ship because of his blood pressure. He is in my memory a great chief. We also had DS3 Cambell and DS1 "Doc". I
White, JohnE4Mar 1987 – Dec 10, 1990AIMD AE3Just wanted to reach out to some old and I mean old friends. Had a good time out there with you guys. Drop a line sometime. Looking 4 chief Cruz....if any of you squids has info pass along.
Winkelman, ThadANMar 1987 – Nov 1988V-3, V-1
Pruitt, DanHT3Mar 3, 1987 – Feb 1, 1990RLooking for all my friends from USS Guam
Denoyelles, Jeremy "deno"ABHApr 1987 – Jan 1989V-3I hear there is reunion coming up in 2008 for flight/hangar deck guys. Anyone have any info?
Jackson, RaymondLTJGMay 1987 – Oct 1989Fox
Green, William (Bill)DTCJun 5, 1987 – Jul 1, 1989DENTALLooking for any shipmates who were onboard when I was.
Wimberly, BryanAOANAug 1987 – 1991FOXGreat times would do it all over again.
Cline, RobertMM3Aug 1987 – Sep 1990Main Engine/ A Gang
Gibbons, MarkHT2Aug 20, 1987 – Mar 13, 1991Rlooking for some of the old gang in the HT shop or R division
Burmeister, BillANSep 1987 – May 1989V-3 then V-1Wasn't thrilled to be there then, but looking back it really was the best two years of my life! Hey Glen Kunz (NYC) where ya at? Dan Wells, Bonner, what's up?
Newman, JohnE-2/E-4Oct 7, 1987 – May 15, 1991CRWas one of my best tours. I use to have the sinking on a CD. not sure where it is now. Still in the Navy. retiring in November. I'm serving in Iraq now and going home next week.
Schaefer, JimOSSR-OS2Oct 13, 1987 – Jul 15, 1991OIServed during Desert Storm/Shield, and the attack January 16, 1991. No email, no internet.....only letter mail. Fond memories!!
Interpreter, Steve "reggII"BM3Nov 1, 1987 – Aug 17, 19901st/2ndHad some good times in Deck Div., standing watch, shipyards, fiberglass work on the gigs, greasy uniforms... All in all I loved hanging out on the aft at the end of any day.
Interpreter, Steve 'ReggII' profile iconBM3Nov 1, 1987 – Aug 17, 19902ND Deck DivisionAft Watch, Yeah! Three MedTours, the islands, the ports, taking the Captains Gig out, painting the Division logos, the Navy anchors on the Captains Gig, watching flight OPS, drafting the ship's newsletter, Mardi Gras!
Townsend, GaryRM3 THEN NOW ITCDec 27, 1987 – Aug 6, 1991CRMy nick name was Pete. Formerly known rate was RM and I then converted to IT.

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