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USS Detroit (AOE 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Detroit (AOE 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1307 crew members registered for the USS Detroit (AOE 4).

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Orwat, Matthew W.ENSIGN2002 –Supply
McCollum, NicholeSHSN2002 – 2004Had a great time. I too, acutally miss it. There were bad times but more good ones.
Hicks, MarkHM3 (SW/AW)Jan 12, 2002 – Dec 15, 2004DentalIt was a great experience. I enjoyed all of the good times that I have encountered, and learned from the mistakes that I have made. But in all I had a good time and I miss all of my friends. Dynasty and Young Guns all day.
Rajaniemi, RyanMM2(SW?AW)Feb 1, 2002 – Feb 27, 2004RASI was the RAS maintance supervisor for the RAS div
Tuttle, KerriGM3Mar 2002 – Sep 9, 2004WEPSI cannot say I miss the Detroit. I did meet some great people and some not so great people. Had a great time in the yards, Summer of '02!! I wish all you the best. Good Bye and Good Luck!
Norris, JerricaE-F/FC3Mar 2002 – Mar 2004FOXMuch better then where I'm at now....thats for sure.
Johnson, Jessicae5Mar 18, 2002 – May 23, 2004Radio/SupplyI hated ITC Chuck Norris. Other than that it was fun being on that ship, it taught me alot of things like the navy's politics suck well the detroits politics.
Watson-lynch, LisaYN3Apr 24, 2002 – Dec 1, 20041STThe best ship to have earned my dual quals. I miss the Dirty "D". I had really good shipmates there. If I had to do it again I would not change a thing. It was also an honor to have my recruitor on the same ship. I also had a great Capt.
Shaw, EdFC1May 2002 – Sep 30, 2003FOX
Rimmer, ClaytonET3 (SW/AW)Jun 11, 2002 – Sep 15, 2004OEThanks to everyone that made that place alright.
Iannitelli, MichaelMM2(SW/AW)Jun 12, 2002 – Feb 1, 2005RASWe had some good times and some bad, But "WE" Engineers stuck together. MM'S, EM'S, EN'S. We had some good old times. I am stationed on board the Washington and this ship doesn't compare in any way, shape or form to the Det
Dymond-Sims, TiffanyQM3Jul 2002 – Aug 2004NAVhey everyone, i had a blaston the diry d. you all was great. i miss everyone
Bucher, Bobby profile iconPN1(SW/FMF)Jul 3, 2002 – Feb 17, 2005AdminWhat's Up "Dirty D" miss you guys! email:
Gillis, RobertET1(SW)Jul 10, 2002 – Feb 14, 2005OE
Fullwood, ChuckyE-6/ Boatswain MateJul 10, 2002 – Jul 7, 2004RASE DIVISION/ FIRST DIVISIONThis was a ship that really showed me where I needed to be to lead my frist Division For becoming a Chief Boatswain Mate. Great Leadership and family tied.
Bean, JoshuaGUNNERS MATEJul 11, 2002 – Jan 18, 2004WepsWE Made it off .. lol
Chase, MikeET3Jul 15, 2002 – Sep 15, 2004OEthanks to everyone that approved my early out
Carman, GregFC3Jul 15, 2002 – May 30, 2004FOXI do miss being on the "Dirty D." Life for an FC was easy on this ship compared to other ships.
Kline, RobertMMCS (SW)Aug 2002 – Jan 2005MP01/RAS/Deck Dept LCPOIt was a privilege serving as Deck Dept. LCPO being a "Snipe". A great bunch of sailors who at times were underappreciated for all that you accomplished. Duty Section 4 was (The Best) and we knew it.
Diggs, MichaelE-4Aug 1, 2002 – Jan 10, 2005MPO2It was one of the best commands. Great people that I meet.
Brosig, NeilFC3Aug 12, 2002 – May 25, 2004FOXthis was the easiest command.all I did was sleep and avoid mast like 9 times.I miss looking at tuttle's butt castro said,you can have it.I'm out.
Salter, JohnEM2Sep 5, 2002 – Feb 7, 2005E
Hernandez, Vincent, VictorFNSep 15, 2002 – Dec 22, 2004A
Davis, MattE5/DCOct 1, 2002 – Jan 1, 2004R
Barajas Jr., John R. (Speed-bump)SN(SW) / AD3(SW)Oct 10, 2002 – Feb 17, 20052ndI'm glad to have been apart of this great ship! I used to talk about leaving it and moving on...but all I do at work is reminisce about how much fun I had and how great all the sailors were. In closing Jared I miss you the most brother!!
Reineck, JasonMM3Oct 20, 2002 – Dec 15, 2004MP02Thanks for the memories, but I'm glad it's over.
Winningham, Belinda/winnieGM3Nov 1, 2002 – Feb 10, 2005WEPSNever thought I would be saying this but I miss it, and all the people I worked with
Cameron, AaronSNNov 18, 2002 – Feb 13, 20041stI really enjoyed my time on the Dirty D. Great people and well that might be it b/c we hit only 4 ports and we had Port and Starbord Liberty before we left on the 03-04 cruise. Great Command though.
Weyant, JosephEM2Dec 22, 2002 – Dec 12, 2004RASRAS Engineer maning the midship breast"rope" miss holding breakers shut and blow drying the topping winch motor so it would run...god i miss her not earle but i do miss the dirty d
Hiatt, DianneCTT32003 – 2004NAI missed the Detroit after moving on to the GW. The Detroit was a lot more fun. I miss you Jared. I still think about you all the time. I hope you're doing okay where you're at.
Specht, Melissa A.ITSNJan 2003 –OC
White, DustanMASNJan 3, 2003 – Jan 1, 20051st and XHad some great times. Miss a lot of the people i worked with. Anyone that remembers email me at
Lord, BradleyMMFNJan 20, 2003 – Feb 2005A-GangWell we had alot of hard times on the detroit but nothin that a lil drinking with mike and justin could not fix. All in all i miss the Detroit and all the people that worked with and partied with.
McPherson, LaurenceLTFeb 1, 2003 – Feb 1, 2005Fuels
Nunez Salgado, MiguelCS3 (SCW)Mar 12, 2003 – Apr 10, 2004DeckHad a wonderful time on-board the "Fighting Tiger," "Dirty D." Great experience and awesome crew I worked with... May God bless the U.S Navy, and the U.S.A!
Keo, SachSNMar 13, 2003 – Feb 2, 20052nd/RasLife is what you make it, the same goes for THE Dirty "D". No one will ever have sea stories like us. I'll always remember the faces, the good and the bad.
Vierling, KenMM1Mar 23, 2003 – Feb 17, 2005MP01Out of all the things I learned while steaming the old girl, Patience stands out the most. God bless all who have steamed her.
Shellmire, TerellYNSNMar 27, 2003 – Dec 23, 2004A-Gang
Clark, TarmehaE-3/SNApr 2003 – Feb 20051stThis ship had its good times as well as its bad ones, but good always outweighed the bad times! First All Female Rig Team!!
Gomez, Andy M. "Gee"MM3/RP3May 10, 2003 – Nov 14, 2004MP01I love Ya'll Man Andy M. Gomez in Myspace.. I wish i cuh get in touch with some of u guys u were an inspiration to me despite everything that went wrong so many things went right.
Arch, JosephHT2 (SW)May 14, 2003 –repair
Vazquez, Miguel "v"ABE3May 19, 2003 – Mar 30, 2005!st,bosn & RasI miss the dirty D it was fun, i miss all the people. i had a lot of fun on the uss Detroit i wish i was still there the times i had on board were good and bad, but the people made the ship home to me for the best time of my life.
Herby, ChristopherMM3Jun 2003 – Dec 23, 2005MPO1
Skrabak II, MichaelET1(SW/AW)Jun 12, 2003 – Feb 1, 2005OE
Skrabak II, Michael profile iconET1(ret)Jun 12, 2003 – Feb 1, 2005OE
Carpenter, StewENCSJul 2003 – Feb 2005A-divGot some good memories from Big "D" and A div you guys were nuts
Bolds, Anthony (Tony)OSC(SW)Jul 2003 – Jul 31, 2004OI
Figueroa, Figmm3Jul 2003 – Nov 2005A GangI don't miss it at all! Too bad its was my 1st Command, I hated the navy every day on the dirty 'D'. I left with tears, so happy, I was leaving!!!! I still miss my friends onboard, and some of the old school people!
Dymond/sims, TiffanyQM3Jul 4, 2003 – Aug 6, 2004navigation
Riggle, JamesMM3Jul 13, 2003 –mpo1
Smith, GaryMM3Jul 14, 2003 – Feb 4, 2005Ras Forktruck shopMan the memories i have had on that boat i wish everyday i could go back.i even that 30min bus ride down the two best friends Talisha and Libby, miss ya' mother's only son but i live everyday like it's my last. miss you all eve
Rogers, JoeMM3Jul 18, 2003 – Feb 1, 2005RASWish they never decomissioned her, everybody I talk to now wishes the same. Great ship, although some of the pepope could have gone over the side.
Woodman, HiediFNSep 2003 – Feb 2005A-DIV
Fernandez, KelynMM3Sep 10, 2003 – Sep 15, 2004A-GANGMan I miss the Detroit had great time with the guys bunch of nuts lol
Silva, JavierSNOct 1, 2003 – Oct 18, 20042ndI transferred from the ship for "A" School before she could decommission but I am going to miss all the good times and hard times on the ship. I will especially miss the friends I made while I was there. Fair Winds and Following Seas to all.
Pritchett(Gandy), KwyanettaHM2(FMF/SW)Oct 3, 2003 – Feb 17, 20051stHad some good times and not so good times. Met my wonderful husband on this ship. Made good friends and lost some friends, but in all I do miss the "Dirty D" and I wouldn't change a thing.
Aparicio, EnriqueBM2 (SW/AW)Oct 17, 2003 – Feb 15, 2005First (First And Only)I miss the dirty D and I still wish she didn't decom at all. I learn alot from all the boatsmates that were there.
Galladora, NicholasSNOct 31, 2003 – Feb 1, 20051stI've been through alot of good times and alot of hard times on this boat (More hard times than good times, I'll tell you that.). But I'm sure I'll miss her when she's gone. Being a coral reef is better than being razor blades.
Ibarra, KristalinaHM3(SW) THEN SNNov 2003 – Feb 20051st/ MedicalWow, the stories, the times. I wont forget it. I do miss her, a memorable first command.
Moore, MoLCDRNov 1, 2003 – Nov 30, 2004MPADETROIT....the baddest (and fastest) damn AOE in the fleet!
Shields, Alonzo ZoHNNov 11, 2003 – Feb 15, 2004Istthe detroit was a great memory for me i loved every bit of it i met a whole lot of different people and experienced alot of things
Ervin, DueceHM3 (SW)Nov 14, 2003 – Feb 9, 20052nd
Webb, Korrin profile iconE2 SNNov 17, 2003 – Oct 28, 2004DECK
Briseno, BSNNov 18, 2003 – Mar 2005Second Divisionlittle sketchy with the dates, but i was there.
Reyna, SergioGM2(SW)Nov 19, 2003 – Feb 15, 20051stwhats goin on dirty d's!!!! man i had some good times onboard, well my email is for anybody that wants to hit me up.
Treadwell, RoyHM2Dec 4, 2003 – Feb 14, 2005RAS DivisionThis was my first command.
Luna, LeuBM3 NOW BM2Dec 5, 2003 – Feb 17, 20052nd RASI can't lie before I got to this ship. my work ethic was very undisciplined. but thanks to BM1 williams and the others I got my life back on track. plus for some strange reason I can't say anything bad about the D so LIP where ever she is
Vanzella, JamesSN (SW)Dec 9, 2003 – Dec 5, 20042NDITS WHAT YOU MAKE IT I'VE HAD BLASTE SO FAR
Bowers, RobertFNDec 10, 2003 –A-GangIts Was/Is A Good And Fun Ship. Many Memories Will Remain From My First Command
Brunner, AndrewBMSNDec 19, 2003 – Feb 13, 2005RAS
Ringdahl, JonathanMMFN/ NOW MR2Dec 24, 2003 – Apr 18, 2004MP02MISSING JERSEY
Paul, FountainIT3Dec 25, 2003 – Feb 15, 2005OC
Peterson, CarrieNOW HM3Dec 25, 2003 – Feb 10, 20052nd/MedicalI do miss it but I am so much happier where I am now. I met a lot of great people. Hope you all are doing great. Good Luck and take care.

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