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USS Detroit (AOE 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Detroit (AOE 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1309 crew members registered for the USS Detroit (AOE 4).

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Marshall, JasonSEAMAN/ BM1994 – 19963rd DeckBlood, Sweat and Tears aboard the Detroit in the mid nineties. Now, I am an Marine Electronics Supplier serving the Navy, Coast Guard, and the boating industry in general. - JM
Thacker, Jasper "exotic"AK31994 – 19971st/ supplyKatrina... contact me. Boy do i have some stories to tell! 'Sup 1st division.
Hayes, Terasina (In Memory Of Melvin L Hayes, Jr)EM31994 – Mar 21, 1998EngineeringI was looking for any of Melvin's shipmates. Just wondering how you guys are.
Peters, MarcSK#1994 – 1996S-1Good times on board Detroit. I stumbled back upon this site and it brought back memories, but forgot my old password and email address. So here goes again.
Griffith, RichardEM31994 – 1996E DivisionI was just board one night and started to think about some of my good friends I met aboard the USS Detroit
Tavarez Jr, Miguel (Taz)E31994 – 19973rdwhats going on dirty d crew I hope everybody doing well suarez, Juarez, tumulak, morgan, crown, efremson, Tennessee, grover, Maldonado,castro, and the rest of the crew
Reeves, TimothySKSN1994 – 1997SupplyHad fun on the dirty D
Cortes, GuadalupeEN31994 – 1997A-Gang
Baitinger, GreggBM1Jan 1994 – Mar 1999First / Bos'n
Pinkston, DanaLTJan 1994 – May 1996SupplyIt's amazing how time many great memories of the places I saw and people I met!
Vincent, BrianFC2Jan 1994 – Sep 1996FOXTAS radar tech on Detroit; Out in 1996; Back in 2006 after college/medical school; Currently finishing flight surgery training in Pensacola, with orders to HSC-22 (NAS Norfolk) as squadron flight surgeon June 2008. see email for contact.
Paulson, KevinRM3Jan 1994 – Sep 1997WEPSnone
Miller, DanE3Jan 1, 1994 – Jan 1, 1998RASDirty D. This site is old as hell i think but a shout out to all you old salty bastards
Roberts, Brad "Rob"SH3Jan 4, 1994 – Aug 1996SHWhat's up? Wouldn't change my time in the Navy for the world. Got to see the world.
Ziarniak, SherrySH-3Jan 23, 1994 – Oct 5, 1997First/SupplyHi Brooke, how are you ! I was also looking for Alena Pilon. I'm married too and continued my career in 914th security forces and still working out keeping fit because this job definitely requires it!!! I also wanted to say hi to willett
Dunn, MerrelBMSN/E-4Feb 1994 – Dec 1997RASLOTS OF CHANCES THANKS!
Webb, Scott "Boss"E-3Feb 10, 1994 – Nov 22, 1996RASI had some good times aboard the dirty d. I think about my experiences alot.
Warthling, CharlesGMC(SW/AW)Feb 12, 1994 – Feb 7, 1998WEAPONSNothing like doing 36 hour ammo downloads from our favorite carriers. Retired July04, now a Virginia Beach Police Officer. Another change now working civil service at NAVSTA Norfolk.
Williams, CarrollGM3Feb 12, 1994 – Mar 15, 1998WEPSThe Dirty "D"!!! I'm so happy I had the opportunity and pleasure of serving onboard as my first command. Friends and the camaraderie onboard was amazing. Will I do it again? Yes...only with more rank. Lol!! Old friends hit me up.
Cromwell, HenriettaE5Feb 27, 1994 – Nov 26, 1996 s-2nothing
Fisher, SabrinaSK2Mar 1994 – Oct 1998SupplyThe Dirty D. Wow....
Witt, WendellMM1Mar 1994 – Oct 31, 1995RASHad some good times and some rough times, decided it was time to retire. Miss being in the Navy. Tell everyone about all the fun and great learning experiences.
Tumulak, Joseph "toomee"BM3Mar 1, 1994 – Aug 1, 19981st and 3rdGreat times! I owe alot to the the friends I've made on the ship. Drop me an email, I'm waiting to hear from r/....Toomee Tooom!!!
Perkins, ClarenceFC1/E6Mar 5, 1994 – Nov 15, 1996FOXNATO
Thomas, Tony/ "Homeboy", "sunshine"MMFNMar 5, 1994 – Dec 23, 1995RASMemorable moments and was glad to be a part of a great crew and good friends.
Fuller, Jamessn/e4Mar 9, 1994 – Jun 4, 1996Deck/Supply
Fuller, JamesSN/PC3Mar 19, 1994 – Dec 31, 19962nd/supply/MAAGreat Learning expierence!! Looking for shipmates What up Alomar.. IOTA PHI THETA!! OW-OW Alpha Rho Omega- Always IN 2 something -Chiron Fall '03
Sechler, ClarenceDC 3Mar 20, 1994 – Jul 14, 1996rnice fire in philly at dry dock but that accident is not in here why
Townsend, IanIC3Apr 1994 – May 19971st/2nd/EHard to believe The "D" is still floating. guess the decom got decommed I ate a lot of rust and paint before I passed the Ic Test. Then I broke more phones than I fixed. Here's to you! Mr. sound pound telephone repairman a real american g
Dowens, ScottBM3Apr 1994 – Nov 19961st and RASReality Check!
Peters, MarcSK3Apr 1994 – Nov 1996S-1
Williamson, JeffGMG3Apr 1994 – Jun 1997WepsWhat can I say it was an experience some good some bad. I made some good friends I still miss to this day. Belive it or not I'm a Paramedic 6 years now, I married a Nurse and have two boys 2 and 4. Take Care.
Colon, DavidEWC(SW)Apr 1, 1994 – Jun 19, 1997OWWhat a heck of tour, everthing after the Detroit is a breeze, I'm glad I was able to see and be part of a tough tour. Retired @ 2001, worked for BellSouth as an ET, layoff (junior people out), but determined like Detroit, now work with Electric Co
Carter, JoeSN/E-3Apr 1, 1994 – Mar 1, 19963rd/Deck Office
Logsdon, TravisMMCApr 4, 1994 – May 21, 1997AWhat a great time that was. Any people from the dates listed give me a shout.
Rodgers, Dennis PaulSEAMAN E3/RADIOMAN 3RDApr 15, 1994 – Jan 14, 19972ndTo all my shipmates, it was a pleasure serving with you onboard the Detroit. I look forward to hearing from some of the guys. Danny, James, Keith, the rest of you.
Carter, JohnIC1May 1, 1994 – Sep 20, 1996E DivisionGreat Times were had onboard Dirty "D" Made a lot of friends and had pleanty of memories.
Cordell, ChrisGMG3May 20, 1994 – Jun 21, 1997WeaponsIt's good to see some of your names. I live near Phoenix AZ and work for a wireless communication company. I'd like to talk with some of you. Stutt, Riner, Chief, ect...
Kleinsorgen, FrankIC3May 28, 1994 – Mar 8, 1998Edid two meds and 8 trips thourgh the ditch looking for all my buds
Gerald, AlomarSA/SN/PC3Jun 1994 – Jun 19982nd/Weapons/PostalIt was an interesting time and place. I met a lot of good people. I wished Capt. James would have led us in the Med. Here's to "Snake".
Jon, KruegerSN/E3Jun 6, 1994 – Feb 11, 1997RAS/BoatswainI have recurring nightmares about being back on that Godforsaken ship. They're horrible.
Maldonado, JoseYN3Jul 12, 1994 – Feb 14, 1998XAltough I went through some bad times on the Dirty "D", I'll always miss her and all the friends I made while onboard. To the all necios, we'll meet up one day and drink some brews like the old days! Orale!
Riner, ThomasGM3Jul 13, 1994 – Jul 13, 1997weps
Bell, TarisBM2Jul 28, 1994 – May 1, 1998RAS/MAALooking back at it I had a good time. Big shouts go out to all the BM's and RAS personel.
Kegans, Sean/wookieMM3Aug 1994 – Aug 1997B/M/MP01Way to many good times!!!! Looking for Graz. and any of those who remember the valve shop!! I hated that f****** ship but made some good friends.
Tamayo, ManuelE4/ET3Aug 1, 1994 – Apr 1, 1998OperationHello to all my friends on USS Detroit.
Pancoast, Aaron "Dirty P"SN3Aug 17, 1994 – Jul 17, 1997DeckTelAviv crew checkin' in!! Figured I see who is on here. I guess its about time they finally put ol' girl to rest. Alot of late nights unrepping, and power drinking. I would have to say it was a great time. What's up Big Mac.Hey cheesy rat
Rudy, EricGMG3Aug 17, 1994 – Jul 22, 1997Weaponsnot enough words. hated and loved the detroit the worst and the best of memories. Beer on the pier is still my favorite pass time. I left the seas and work on jumbo jets now after about 50 jobs that just werent right for me. Snootchies
Smith, DwightDC3Aug 23, 1994 – May 28, 1998EngineringOne of the worst ship I've been on. Yes THE DIRTY D
Harcrow, Don/ PeanutBM3Sep 1994 – Jun 20, 1997RASHey there all of my freinds from the DIRTY D, drop me a line @
Literate, ToddDC2Sep 1994 – Sep 1997RepairThe Dirty "D" will always be with me. The people I had the pleasure to serve with were 1st rate.
Lusi, JoeIC3Sep 1994 – Aug 29, 1997EHad a great time on the Dirty "D". Met many GREAT people on my time there.
Dixon, Tony/beavisE/3Sep 1, 1994 – Jul 7, 19972ndBM1 Stewart and Williams famous lines "Sweepers looked like S#!T, and "There will be no more dipping at quarters (as Stewart spits into a cup) Some days I miss the boat, alot more I dont. Email me if ya like,
Fitzpatrick, Carl / FitzAMS 3 AW Sep 15, 1994 – Apr 15, 1995HC-8 Det.2
Izell, DaleSNSep 16, 1994 – Jul 8, 19973rdWhat's up guys!
Doucet, RobertenSep 23, 1994 – Jun 9, 19971st/ RASI thought when i was there that is was nothing special, but every year that goes by I wish i had just a little more time there. I always hope to hear from or even see people I served with .
Woodward, Aaron (Woody)BM3Oct 1994 – Oct 19961stLast of three ships that I was on. Met some real intersting characters! Beervis, Big Mac, Dirty P, Crusty! Beervis and I streaked around the ship on many occasions! I'm lucky I survived!
Collins, Keith ( Golden Boats)E3/BMSNOct 1994 – Jul 19972nd
Hochmuth, GabeE3Oct 4, 1994 – Jul 23, 1997bos'nThe best of times the worst of times, I remember them fondly. Most of them. Heh. See you guys around. Peace
McAllister, Colin (Mac)E3Oct 5, 1994 – Dec 19, 19971stTel Aviv crew, checking in EM3 Crown
Burke, ChristianBT1/MM1(SW)Oct 5, 1994 – Dec 31, 1997BoilersThe Dirty D was quite an experience. I served with the best engineers in the Navy. We traveled far, worked and played hard, but we completed our mission. Now retired I really enjoy being at home. Friends are welcome to Email me anytime.
Blackwell, Collin/ " Black"MM3Oct 11, 1994 – Jan 17, 1998A- GangMet a lot of good people aboard. Hope nobody cried too hard when she decommed. It was way over due. Thanks for the memories.
Mattfeld, SteveE-3Nov 1994 – Jul 19962ndThe Dirty D was an interesting experience, not that I would do it all over again. Currently having a lot more fun and making decent $ in Las Cruces, NM as a federal agent. E-mail me at
Diener, PhilFC3Nov 1994 – Jan 1996Foxgotta love the dirty d and the Detroit Tuners...the official band of the drunken sailors of detroit. Now I live in PA. and manage rstaraunts.....a long ways away from mislle defence.
Lee, JohnBM2Nov 8, 1994 – Nov 8, 20002nd, Bos'n, RasIt's only what you make it. It's only a mind game. Keep the right attitude and time flies by.
Burton, StephenSHSNNov 17, 1994 – Nov 13, 1997Supplyworked in laundry Divsion on Drity d. Doing favors for everyone, Where is Sh2 Frazier and Sh1 Oritz. contact me via email @
Brown, TimothyRM3Dec 1994 – Jul 19971st Division/OCMet some cool people. Some crazy people. A lot of good people. Still have nightmares about being on the ship in storms, but all in was a good run.
Morris, Patrick MomoE3Dec 1994 – Jun 19973rdThe dirty-D....Wow that name sure fit for that ship. It was however some of the best times of my life. Shout out to Beervis, cheesy, ezell and 3rd division. Y'all can contact me or fb.

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