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USS Detroit (AOE 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Detroit (AOE 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1309 crew members registered for the USS Detroit (AOE 4).

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Turner, CharlesMM31989 – 1991A
Proctor, BradBMSN1989 – 1993RAS
Strunk, ThomasBM31989 – 19923rd Boatto all who know me call me at 216-431-7449
Strunk, ThomasBM31989 – 1992boat
Eckart, TerryEN31989 – 19923RD
Caswell Junior, MikeMM21989 – 1991A
Aga, JosephGMG3 AT THE TIME1989 – 1992WEPSTaking a trip down memory lane. Mealer and Bowles shoot me a E-Mail at
Lathrop, DonaldRM21989 – 1991OC
Corbin, Chrise-31989 – 1991deck/supply
Conti, PhilEM21989 – 1993EServed over 4 yrs on the D! Trying to reconnect with all u snipes and chickenhawks! Get a hold of me Rich, Ogee, Hall, Staff,Crosby, Kelsey
Allen, JasonEn31989 – 19923rd Division/ Boats
Warner, Chris. DudeBT3 warner 1989 – 1992EngineeringTo all you chicken Hawks' never be the wing man on a blind know what I am saying ca kaw!,,, bawk bawk Mfrs. Conti ! Cowboys still suck!
Saladino, Philip (Sal Dude)AN/ABH3Jan 1989 – Mar 19912ndThe smell of DFM and JP5 always brings me back to those days. Nothing will give me the same rush as the days doing Vert Reps or hanging over the sides. I'm still looking for FRY-guy, Jimmy Hosey, Schol, & Brad LeClair.
Kilhoffer, MatthewSKSNJan 5, 1989 – Aug 21, 1991supply
Kilhoffer, MatthewSKSNJan 5, 1989 – Aug 21, 1991supplywould like to hear from some of my old buddy's you can e-mail me at
Ritch, DarrenSNJan 5, 1989 – Aug 22, 19921STI remember 2 GTMO trips, a Caribbean ops, and of course Desert Shield/Storm. All of the unreps. Now living in Roanoke VA. Anyone remember our Div Officer BMC Butts? What a cool old dude.
Wiggins, DavidBM3Feb 1989 – Oct 1992
McCann, MikesnFeb 4, 1989 – Oct 31, 20001stLooking for Derb Graner John Holland and Dean Poe
Coleman, DeanE-3Feb 7, 1989 – Nov 15, 1992SK/SNI miss her too had alot of good time on her and made great friends. miss all the ship mates i knew. I am trying to get in touch with a freind name michael turner can anyone help me find him.
Felton, AnthonySNSK Anthony FeltonFeb 17, 1989 – Feb 21, 1992SupplyI had a great time on the Dirty D... met a bunch of great people. I enjoyed all of the different ports we hit especially Turkey.You can contact me through email.
Leite, Michael AEMMar 1989 – Jan 1993RASIts been a long time, its good to see some familiar names.
Graner, GranerSNMar 19, 1989 – Mar 19, 19921stHad a great time. Great stories. Haze grey and underway
Goforth, Michael/"Go"MM3Apr 1989 – Jul 1992A Gang--petty officer Bailey, and all of our captains--KISS MY ASS....miss the good times w/ the rest of ya'all......we worked hard and played harder..
Campbell, StevenBT3Apr 8, 1989 – Aug 10, 1993MMR#2Hello to all my fellow chickenhawks.. Phil. Chris (dude). Ron Starr.. Greg wyant. AL Buchi. And Ogee. . Andy.
Aultz, BillBT3Apr 10, 1989 – Jun 9, 1991I enjoyed the time with the folks on the "Dirty D" but I would not do it agian. Remember Mulligan in the forward engine rm, Bailey and I working for the food service.
Bartlett, Jeffreye3May 1989 – May 1993mpo2
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Jones, Geared DetroitsnJun 29, 1989 –1stThe gallery was always the best place to do the bahama mamma
Minor, Michael "Shane"BT3Jul 1989 – Sep 1992MP01Afer leaving Detroit, I entered the reserves and crossed to HT.
Nowak, JeffSHSNJul 1989 – Feb 1992Decks/ Supply-SHHad a lot of great times and met a lot of great people and friends on the dirty D. Had fun in St. Thomas, Cuba, Bahamas, Spain, Greece, Israel, Saudi Arabia- Jeddia, Desert Shield/Storm. Give me a call @ 440-506-2699.
Nowak, JeffSHSNJul 1989 – Feb 1992supply
Rushing, Fat RatBM3Aug 1989 – Mar 19941st/ras
Stanbary, Kenneth / StanSM3Aug 1989 – May 1993OPSStarted as a smsn, and ended up on the signal bridge. Alot of memories.
Lembcke, Wiliambm3Aug 1989 – Oct 19943rd division boat dept
Humphrey, Troy " Hump"SnAug 1989 – Mar 19, 1993RasWhat a great time we had on the DirtyD. I would like to hear from any one I served with. My e-mail is james_
Lowery, MarkMM3Aug 1, 1989 – Dec 15, 1990A-GANGSup to All the Dirty D crew mbrs. I had fun on the D - from Norfolk , VA Earle, NJ. Also During Desert Storm - Only thing i didn't like is The Helo crashing, who rembrs that; on our way to port in Norfolk. Hit me up on yahoo msgr mlow7920
Goodwin, Bryan-boatsBMSNAug 5, 1989 – Sep 25, 1993Deck/1st
Gray, CoreyDN Aug 25, 1989 – Nov 1990DentalWell I left so abruptly I didn't get to say goodbye. I didn't think much of the dirty d until i heard she was decomished now i have to admit kinda miss her. friends Casiano, Tracey, Mccuan, Anderson, Simmerlink, Dr. Joralman, Medical pee
To, AndrewLTSep 1989 – Dec
Wilson, DavidPN3Sep 1989 – May 1992X
Mann, Frank/frankomm2Sep 1989 – Jun 1992rasgot out in 94 lead foreman for construction co. in upstate ny wife(17 years) 2 daughters
Lloyd, MarvinSHIPSERVICEMANSep 1, 1989 – Jul 1, 1991supplyto ;coleman one of the best drinking buddies in isreal,eric,hope your still around thank for the drive from philly to dc with the coors party ball.still cutting hair at my own barbershop in shepardstown wv.
Henry, ThomasBT3Oct 1989 – Dec 1990"B"I was a BT aboard her, I'm came from the Gator Navy, that ship was leased to the Brazil Navy. I had a choice of 3 ships and why did I pick "Detroit"........Big Mistake I must say. Liberty was ALWAY secured for the "snipes" becau
Newell, Thomas (Gene)DC 3Oct 1989 – Feb 28, 1992RWow It was Fun.had some good time's drank alot of beer.Hated cuba loved the bahamas.The war lasted to long.
Palmer, JoelMM3Oct 1989 – Feb 1992A Gang
Martinez, JoseEM5Oct 1989 – 19931stHad a blast .mess alot the first time around ..but got myself back on track became an EOD station in virginia im out now but remember most of the guys ,derb,rushing chief vanderlain,james,gregory,ritch ,goodwind
Riffle, Ken/rifrafDC3Oct 10, 1989 – May 15, 1993Had some of the best times of my life there. Although I didn't realize it at the time. I hope all my buddies are doing well. Drop me an e-mail or give me a call 330-652-0719
Griffith, JeffEN3Nov 1989 – Jun 19933rd, boatAfter I seperated from active duty, i became a police officer in NJ, and still in the reserves at NMCB 21 in Lakehurst
Standring, Mark / StanMR 3Nov 10, 1989 – Jul 28, 1993WOW I can't believe it has been so long. Had some really great times and got some GREAT stories from the "D". Still intouch with Riff and would love to hear from others out there. Send an E-mail.
Richardson, Daniel "rich"E6/MM1Nov 23, 1989 – Oct 23, 1994MP01The D it either made your or career or killed it. Fortunate for me made it. Came on 3rd class left a First! Great bunch of Engineer's; Staff,MPA,MMCS, CW04,Conti and all my fellow snipes! Me retired MMC work for us ARMY @ CCAD.
Ball, Morgan ( Buddy )DC 3Nov 27, 1989 – Nov 27, 1993RI enjoyed my time on board the Detroit and made many freinds. would like to try to get in touch with some of them . I see some are signed on were is everyone else. Hope to talk to ya'll soon.
Staehlin, DavidLTDec 1989 – Feb 1993SupplyIt was an interesting experience.
Staehlin, DavidLTDec 1989 – 1992SupplyQuite an experience. Loved it at times and hated it at times.

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