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USS Detroit (AOE 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Detroit (AOE 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1307 crew members registered for the USS Detroit (AOE 4).

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Muskauski, CharlesAK21986 – 1988S-1
Lyon, ScottBMSN1986 – 1988
Bechtel, MikeQMCS1986 – Jul 1989NavigationFinished my career on her, met some great people, and had the best group of QM's working for me that ever served aboard a US Navy vessel
Cleary, Williambm21986 – Nov 1989ras
Dalberto, AlexBMSN1986 – 1990RAS
Dutton, BlakeOS 2Jan 10, 1986 – Oct 15, 1989OI
Jordan Jr, JosephBM 2Jan 20, 1986 – 19891stHey shipmates, It is good to be reunited. I can be contacted at I hope to be hearing from some of you.
Metz, MitchGMG3Feb 1986 – Dec 1989wepsit was fun times alot of good guys around then
Roberts, TimothyE-5 Rm2 (SW)Feb 1, 1986 – Aug 6, 1989OperationsHad a great time on the Detroit, met some great guys, some I still talk to. Hope to find a few more former shipmates.
Pagel, DanBM3Feb 17, 1986 – Feb 17, 19901stHey Guys..........nice hearing from some ya. Wanna say "HI" to Chris, Steiney, Dean , Craig and the rest of you guys. If ya wanna "shoot the shit" my e-mail is care all.
Roberts, TimRM2 (SW)Mar 1986 – Jul 1989OperationsOnly a 4 yr. career, but was a building block for my transition from new high school graduate to becoming a man. Was a great time and fantastic learning experience.
McManus, Gunner MacAOE 4Mar 25, 1986 – Oct 20, 2000CARGO WEAPONSAOE's were the greatest of UNREP ships ever built. Dirty D' was a challenge and much more. I can't count the times she went cold & dark... and wondered if the E-Diesel would fire this time or not! Ship worked very hard, & hats off
Julian, KennethMM3May 1986 – Feb 1991RASLook back and enjoyed the times I had. Sometimes we spent more time in yards than deployment. It is always fun waking up in the lobby of the Philly jails not knowing how you got there.
Knight, AnthonySAMay 1986 – 19891st,RASWhats Up
Beard, DerrickHT2May 11, 1986 – Sep 21, 1988engAny body know were MM3 Simons is? E-mail
Pagel, DanielBM3May 18, 1986 – Feb 20, 19901stI really appreciate hearing from some of you guys this past year...been 21 years now since I left...still look back and believe those were the hardest and best days of my life....take care you guys!
Harwood, DaleGMG3Jun 6, 1986 – Jun 6, 1990S6/WEPSI remember being stuck dockside alot, especially in Gitmo, and then being placed on restriction. However the men were the best: Sikenga, BM1 Cobbs, "Big Bob" Avery, and so many more I could mention the names escape me but your faces do n
Gamble, PeteET2Jun 18, 1986 – Apr 11, 1989Operations ElectronicsI look back on my time there with very positive thoughts. Great opportunities, hard work, lots of really terrific shipmates. Everything from cleaning to repairing to the many countless drills and inspections, it was all good for me.
Betsinger, Paul 'bets"MS3Jun 18, 1986 – Mar 10, 1989S2Had a blast in S2 with all of my squid buddies.Dave Tasker, and Kevin Hanratty they were my road dogs Still tell sea stories to this day.I have a very fond memory of my days on the Detroit Email me
Delarea, AnthonyMM3Jun 22, 1986 – Jan 4, 1990A GANGMy first ship,I have a lot of unforgettable memories. Liberty at Gitmo. Duking out with jarheads at the zeros landing.
Roarks, JamesMM3Jul 1986 – Jun 1987EMO2When I left "D", I left the Navy. Now I'm in the Air Force, and can honestly say, life is much better, and not quite so miserably hot. I recognize a few names...Hess, Infante and Guzman. Wake up, it's time for watch...
Pearce, Jesse(Steam Leak)BT-3Aug 10, 1986 – Nov 3, 1990B-DIVISIONsteamleak
Colbert, FredrickE4/electrician's mateAug 26, 1986 – Aug 26, 1989Engineering
Rivera, RichardRP3Sep 1986 – Feb 1990adminworked in the chaplain's office, spent alot of time in the barbershop with john holland. see the ship in philly ship yard before it left to texas to be scrapped.
Dippel, MichaelMM2Sep 10, 1986 – Mar 6, 1990Engine Room #2I am one of the old Mudhens also. I encourage any Mudhen or shipmate that remembers me to try and contact me...MM2 Dippel
Kelsey, AlEM2Oct 11, 1986 – Jun 23, 1990Ewas work center sup of power shop. remember grinnel, bailey, phil conti, craig smith. also recall the day BTFN young died. spoke with him on the mess decks only moments b4 he was burned. also remember the helo crash.
Kelsey, AlEM2Oct 11, 1986 – Jun 22, 1990Ewas power shop wcs. i remember grinnell, bailey, c.smith, pison, cimicata, conti, to name a few. also remember the day BTFN young died. chatted with him on the mess deck just prior to him being burned. also remember the helo crash.
Pollard, DavidQM2Nov 1986 – Jun 1990NavBest damn quartermasters on the planet! Never thought the Dirty-D would be laid down so soon. Awesome ship to drive when she was healthy!
Foley, JoeMM2Nov 28, 1986 – May 8, 1990MTraining PO in '89 after Eric Hatfield-a precursor to my occupation today.Paint shaft alley.Clean 2evap/fix 2A cndnste pmp hours apart (N. Atlntc)..Nrthrn Lghts.Midrats.Scribbling FWDCT/LOPS systems.My ECCTT coveralls(looked like pumpkin).
Sholtes, JimBT2Nov 29, 1986 – Sep 9, 1990looking for other snipes from 86to90 drop me a line i cant believe they scrapped the dirty d
Benware, JohnMMCSDec 17, 1986 – Dec 31, 1988MLast tour of duty, retired from here.
Bell, AntoineE-3/Machinist MateDec 25, 1986 – Jul 9, 1990RASJust seeing the names brings back instant memories some good some bad but overall I can say I enjoyed my time abaord the Detroit. You guys feel free to shoot me a quick note
Taylor, Mark "Goob"MM3Dec 27, 1986 – Jul 25, 1990RASHad some good times and remember alot of my old shipmates, Miller, Grif, Tex, Sparkey, Domingo, Flores, Okie, Jullian. What a mix engineers and boatswains mates ya had to be there to believe it !
Lambert, MichaelE-4/PC3Dec 30, 1986 – Sep 15, 19912nd/X/SupplyRemember alot of names listed here, brought back alot of memories.I had some good and bad times there, but mostly good. Mr To u were my Divo.Still in contact with DK3 Powell and YN3 Johnson.I retired in Sep2006, had alot of fun with u guys!
Carter, DougEW11987 – 1987OIHARD WORKING DIVISION. Wish I could have stayed. Medically discharged in August of 1987.
Pisane, VinnieSN1987 – 1988RAS20 years gone by and I can remember that time like yesterday. Remember Lums diner in Norfolk with Warren, Steiber, Stagg, Kuhlman, McVicker. Remember midships lit up with glow sticks and standing the "balls to 4" in the North Atlantic.
Coleman, Staceymm31987 – 1991m div/ a gangServed aboard from 1987-1991 in division and a gang
Williams, Williams JSM31987 – 1991OPSHEY its great to see so many shipmates fromthe dirty D SM2 flores SM3 TOMCAT SM1 KELLY GOOD GUY and so many more if you want to stay in contact take care. THE DIRTY D FOR LIFE
Stewart, MarkMM3Jan 1987 – Jul 1989M Engine room 2
Howell, MichaelMM3Jan 1, 1987 – Aug 1, 1990A GangWould do it all again, but did not like it enough to stay.
Valoroso, VincentMR3Jan 1, 1987 – Jul 1989RepairWow! Alot of names here I remember. I started off in MM#1, then too A gang, then to repair. God bless all of you and your families, and the sailors we lost during that time. A brotherhood formed that will never forget.
Casiano, Darryl R.DC3Jan 6, 1987 – Oct 3, 1991RWhat’s up shipmates?
Moore, Nicholas profile iconRM3Mar 13, 1987 – Sep 3, 1990OperationsI would like to say thank you to the crew I served with on the "D". This is single most important period of my life aboard this ship and serving the command. It continues to shape my life to this day. Thanks USS Detroit
Johnson 2, Rob "jojo"QM3May 1987 – Aug 4, 1989NAV/XI still keep in contact with BMSN Dean Poe, RP3 Rich Revera and SK3 John Holland. I would not trade my Buddies for the world. It is true that you make friends for Life. I enjoyed my time on the Dirty D. Contact me If you were on there too.
Sandlin, DavidSNMay 1987 – Dec 1989OPSMet some great people and had some great times.
Warren, JohnSNJun 29, 1987 – Mar 12, 1989XI remember Pisane, Stagg, Carlson and Kuhlman, breaking down in Gitmo, Metz blowing the line during emergency breakaway, Boatsn lighting a cigarette covered in DFM, Mullins hitting Drake, and watching Blazing Saddles in cuise lounge...
Klingborg, KeithGMG1(SW)Jul 10, 1987 – Aug 15, 1989WEPSGreat Ship and crew.
Klingborg, KeithGMG1(SW)Aug 1987 – Aug 1989S-6One of the best ships I ever served on. Got ESWS and made GMC onboard. CO was J.H.Findley Jr.
Stieber, EdwardPN3Aug 11, 1987 – Jul 15, 1991RAS and XStill remember a lot of good times. Keep in touch with CMC Vencill, SN Warren and SN Pisane. I miss it, but not enough to go back.
Ron, WindelSM3Aug 22, 1987 – Oct 28, 1989OC div Good friends with Tomcat Barbour And Antolik. Remember that House Antolik had with a bunch of other guys. Whew what a party house. Lotta great memories. Lotta bad ones still miss( BTFN Young BM1Cobb and SKSN KINNEY RIP)
Poe, DeanBMSNSep 1987 – Jan 25, 19911st & 3rdStill in contact with QM3 Rob Johnson, RP3 Rich Rivera and SH3 John Holland
Poe, DeanBMSNOct 1987 – Jan 19911st and 3rdawesome to see some of the names again. alot of great times on the dirty d. time has flown by. anyone know me call 337-322 1841 or email me at raise a beer to my fellow shipmates. sweepers sweepers amn your brooms.
Scharold, CurtisBt3Oct 1987 – Jun 1991B
Wynkoop, DavidFC3Nov 1, 1987 – May 1, 1989FoxI really enjoyed my time on the Detroit. I liked all my shipmates and really learned a lot. It was a really cool bunch of guys that I worked with.
Summerlin, KevinYN3Nov 1, 1987 – Jun 9, 1991X Division/Captain's Office

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