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USS Detroit (AOE 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Detroit (AOE 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1309 crew members registered for the USS Detroit (AOE 4).

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Eidlebach, Gene / Pee-weeBTFN1980 – 1984P1-2
Stygles, Alan profile iconpn/E61980 – 1983x division
Horton, James (Jim)DK21980 – 1983S-4 Supply
McCrea, MarcMM21980 –P-1 Div.
Picken, JoelGmg21980 – 1982WeaponsMediterranean cruise
Shirley, CharlesIC31980 – Dec 10, 1983ELiving in Fla. Clearwater / St. Pete area.
Baker, RickyRM3Jan 1980 – Sep 1980octhe best time i had was on the med cruise when we visited naples italy
Stygles, AlanPN3Jan 1980 – Jun 1983XRemember the good times in the PASS office. PNCS Miller DK1 Seculsan PN1 Guevin, DK2 Carr, DK3 Horton, PNSN Randolph, PN2 Carter, PN3 Gross SN Maynard LT Stuart PN3 Thompson great guys hope I didnt miss anyone
Beck, TomSM2Jan 1, 1980 – Oct 18, 1983OCGreat memories, the only ship I served on. I had alot of good friends. Would enjoy hearing from any of them. My email is
Merlo, OscarBM3Jan 15, 1980 – Oct 27, 19822nd2 Med. and 1 Carr. cruises, enjoyed overseas' sites, saw places and met people never wouldh've come across in my hometown barrio, was part of the run aground crew was on duty at the time
Muller, ChuckGMG2Feb 1980 – Jul 1981weaponsA chief told me when I got out of the Navy, I would only remember the good times and not the bad. He was right.
Harvey, MikeQMSNMar 1980 –NavI miss my navy days,mostly I just miss the ocean . Black Dot July 18.1981
Hilding, MarkBT3Mar 1980 – Nov 1983eng room 1
Osborne, Bill Oz profile iconE-3Mar 1980 – Jul 1983A gang
Roberts, DonBT 3Mar 1, 1980 – Mar 1, 1983BStill steaming as a civilian BT. Enjoyed my time in the hole on the Detroit.
Davison, LamarBM2Mar 1, 1980 – Sep 10, 19842nd DivisionI was just trying to contact some of my old buddies BM3 Andrews, BM3 Parker, BM3 Dunn, BM3 Jones, BM2 knots, BM3 Mostellus!
Morin, Dan Frenchie profile iconbm2Mar 20, 1980 – Mar 19832ndi sure miss the ole girl. had lots of good times. looking for steve thompson from 2nd division. steve if you see this message call me. 910 439-1076
Osborne, Bill The Great OzE-3 MMApr 1980 – Jul 1982A-GangMade a lot of good friends while I was on-board. Got into a lot of trouble too... It was great.
Schueren, Edward profile iconDP1Apr 1980 – Apr 1983S1Retired 1993 as a DPC in Newfoundland Canada and correctly live in Eastern NC With my wife of 40 Yrs.
Kraft, Paulhtfn to HT2Apr 4, 1980 – Oct 2, 1983R epair, DC ShopThis was my first ship, made lot of friend but only here from one that randy , enjoy the meds cruise, not so with the I.O but all in all had lot of good time on the Dirty D. I have Retire after 23 yr good luck shipmate
Stagman, GlennQM1 (SW)Apr 15, 1980 – Feb 5, 1982NAVIGATIONThis ship stayed underway I think in the 2 years I served aboard we were deployed 90% of the time. Thanks to a QM1 Knoller and a QMCS Snodgrass. YOU GUYS ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE Best!!! in the Fleet.
Bassnett, BazzE 5May 22, 1980 – Sep 11, 1986gunner ops
Morin, Danielbm2Jun 1980 – Mar 19832ndi am looking for steve thompson
Morin, Frenchiebm2Jun 1980 – Mar 19832ndhey Steve, this is Frenchie, when you get this call me asap. 910-464-4663 home 336-953-3357 cell [ email ] l'LL be waiting to hear from you
Cheesebrough, ThomasMMFNJun 1980 – 1985RasThe first ship I was attached to. A lot of nice memories. Now live in Texas.
Mosbeck, Ronald (Moose)OSCSJun 15, 1980 – Oct 18, 1984OII had a great div. to work for me. We all went through some of the worst of times and the best of time. long watches, great Captains and XO'S. My memory is still good enough to remember some of the names,
Blancaneaux, FrenchyMM3/E4Jul 1980 – Jul 1983A GangI Worked in DFM pumproom for A Gang
Gray, JohnEm3Aug 1980 – Aug 19832nd & E
Redfearn, CharlesMMFNSep 1, 1980 – Oct 2, 1983P-2What a time.
Harden, Frank (Andy)MM3Oct 1, 1980 – Apr 27, 1984MR 1Looking to catch up with some old friends and remember the days of my youth.
Hancock, DonaldBOILER TECHNov 10, 1980 – Jul 15, 1985EngineeringThe best experience i ever had in the navy Great Crew and officers
Bushrow, JamesBT3Dec 1980 – Jun 18, 1984P-1Loved that HUGE boiler/engine room
Redfearn, CharlesMMFNDec 17, 1980 – Dec 17, 1982
Knowles, RobertCREWMAN1981 – 1984BoatswainmateI recieved the first dueling charge in the ship's history while serving abroad. Soon after, I came to an agreement with the Navy, and left the ship.
Fleming, JerryRM11981 – 1984OC / MAA
Betts, MarkEM21981 – 1984E
Ortiz, Eddie profile iconHTE31981 – 1983R-DivisionWhen i came across this sight, and saw some of my shipmates names. it really bought a smile to my face. the memories good and bad. i wouldnt change a thing. best time of my life.
Kelley, RayRMC1981 – 1984Communications
Fisher, Dan profile iconsn/fn1981 – 19852nd div. Em div.I wish I could remember some of the ports we stopped in. I guess I should of put down the sauce a little earlier before liberty was up. I think we were the best crew on board at the time. Good job fellas. Gitmo sucked.
Brown, (Chaplain) RobertLT1981 – 1984XPastor in Plymouth Meeting, PA until July 1, 2016, then retiring
Fox, RaymondE-4Jan 1, 1981 – Mar 19, 1982SK3The Dirty "D" those were some good days
Stahlmann, Robert / Lurch Or StahlSK3Jan 6, 1981 – Mar 14, 1983SUPPLYyou guys in supply remember when sk3 farnsworth died and we all blamed the cheifs. how about running aground just before the med cruise does anyone know if there was a cruisebook available for 1981? where is adams? phone-908-240-8360
Graham, DavidMM3Feb 1981 – Nov 1985RAShad good times
Suits, DavidFNFeb 2, 1981 – Jan 26, 1984P 2Detroit Was my frist ship and the best, after the Detroit , I served with the Reserves untill 1998 werre I served as a HT, on 2 different ships. and two different shore comands. what do I do now ?
Richards, JimAE-3Mar 1981 – Mar 1981AIRShort cruise to the Carribean with HC-6. Rode the America out of Norva then flew onboard the Detroit.
Nelson, Roybm1Mar 29, 1981 – Dec 1, 19852
Conner, SamBMSNApr 1981 – Dec 19832ndIt was a different world back then, or a least it seemed like it to a teenager, I learned alot, wished I had learned more. Willing to hear from any old shipmates. I'm in Orange, Texas now, and a 3rd grade teacher.
Dunigan, CoreySH3Apr 27, 1981 – Jan 15, 1985SERVICE
Falkenstein, DanGMG3May 1981 – Jun 1982Weapons
Bryant, ThomasRM2May 1981 – Nov 1984OC Division (Radio Central)The dirty "D" was where it was at. Even though we were underway the majority of the time, I had buddies like Garrett, Demetrius Parker, Alonzo Dunn, Raheen Barnes, Jones Tee and Ray Kel to make it my tour unforgettable.
Flint, Kendrick (Dca)LTJGMay 1, 1981 – Dec 19, 1985RNow CAPT Flint. Sounds pretty swashbuckling, huh?26 years with 22 in the reserves as an carrier officer, Admiral Staff and Air Ops Center officer. Detriot had some hard times but great time and outstanding sailors. We did great.
Price, RussellGMG3Jun 1981 – Dec 1984weapons
Quiroga, CarloEMJun 1, 1981 – Oct 30, 1985RASGood times, Good memories---learned about life....saw the world.....helped me with my life today..
Smith, Mathew- SmittyMM3Jun 1, 1981 – Jul 15, 1984Was not a great time to be on Detroit. I remember my first long cruise to the Med. Lots of port and starboard duty. Watched the bombing of Beruit with the New Jersey. Had great shipmates.
Bowers, DavidE4Jun 11, 1981 – Aug 17, 1986ak3 aviation supplybest time in my life made alot of good friends ron beemer and ak2 mike williams showed me the ropes i miss the detroit every day and also a true friend and brother jeff kipp i miss u budd. and i hope all our sailers are safe in iraq.
Smith, EarlPC1Jun 15, 1981 – Mar 1, 1982SupplyWorked in the Post Office.
Harris, JoeBM2Jul 1981 – Jul 19842nd 3rd & RASgood memories / made some wine / ran aground
Thompson, SteveBM3Sep 10, 1981 – May 15, 19842ndsure had alot of great times sure miss everyone, i retired in 2004 anyone heard from frenchie?
Thompson, JodyPN2Oct 1981 – Jul 1985xWow, the dirty D. Working in the pass office I new many crew members. Anyone remember PN3 Stygles, DK3 Horton, Senior Chief Miller, DKC Saculson, YN2 Dockery. Bunch of great guys. I miss em all.
Thompson, Stevebm1Oct 21, 1981 – May 20, 19842ndThe USS Detroit was by far the best Command had many great times made a lot of life time memories & friends, im still looking for Frenchie, Hallock & Derochie and Admiral Calhon miss the unreps
Tetterton, ToddGMG2Dec 1981 – Dec 1983Weapons
Harrell, Joe PaulBM3Dec 1981 – Aug 1984Second Started out in the yards and the USS Titan 4 to a room. Then Cuba Not to fun. Med Criuse worked out good even if we didn't get to hit the ports we had plan on due to the peace keeping. France was great tho. Eye of the Tiger. Our song.
Hale, William profile iconOS2Dec 1981 – Dec 1984Operations IntelligenceMy first ship and it was in the Yards in Norfolk for a year. Met some great guys and had a blast.
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Dunigan, CorrySh3Dec 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1985Ship service
Jeff Kipp, Jeff/kipperSK3Dec 26, 1981 – Sep 1, 1985SUPPLYHad some of the best times of my life with my friends in supply.we worked hard and we played hard.Me and David bowers would go to Atlanta when we had a chance.Great times.Happy Veteran's Day.

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