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USS Mount Hood (AE 29) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mount Hood (AE 29). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 764 crew members registered for the USS Mount Hood (AE 29).

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Cooper, NoelleEM31995 – 1997E
Bloomfeldt, EricE-31995 – 1996StreamI have a lot of good memories stuffed in the short time that I was on the Hood. It was a great two years.
Linehan, JohnMM3Jan 1, 1995 – Jun 18, 1998BoilersI'm back in Dublin Ireland after 11 years in the States. 4 of those years were in the Navy. When people ask me why I joined the Navy I no longer remember but what I do know is that I don't regret a second. My email is
Huntsberger ( Now Hawley), KatieSKSNFeb 1995 – Sep 1996Hey people how are you!! I miss my friends from the hood LOL. Anyway married have 2 kids. 4 year cancer survivor. Published and lots and lots of college. my email is
Murphy, MurfBM3Mar 12, 1995 – Feb 10, 19981stHad a great time. Anyone heard from GORDON?
Pemberton, HerlythSNApr 15, 1995 – Oct 7, 1998StreamOh god- I miss those days in the Mounth Hood. I worked with it BM2 Medrano, BM1 Jochem, BM1 Norris and HM3 Hayes. My best day in the Navy so far.
Fontilea, SunyHM2May 10, 1995 – May 10, 1998MEDICALHell of a Crew/Ship..I missed all the crazy and wild deployment stuff '95 and '97. I had great memories on the HOOD specially stuff you don't want to tell Chief Carr.
Norris, TerryCWO5Jun 12, 1995 – Aug 21, 1999STREAM DivisionWhen I reported to the HOOD my career was definitely in jeopardy. But with the trust and help of great leaders I have been blessed to reach the pinnacle rank of CWO5. Unforgettable time for me...God Is Awesome!!!
King, EricBMSNAug 1, 1995 – May 28, 19981st Division
Chtistlieb, Timothy (Tac)SN/BM3Aug 8, 1995 – Aug 8, 19982ndthe Hood rocked i panting the side of the ship on the bosen chair still drunk lol if you remeber me i like to here from you but the navy sucked lol
Love, RegginaldMSSNSep 16, 1995 – Jun 20, 1998Supply
Toepp, BarrySM2/SM1Oct 1995 – Oct 1998OPERATIONSI am full on Retired from the Canoe club.. Still work for the federal government with the department of Veterans Affairs. Had a good time on the Hood. If you wanna contact me feel free I am at the e-mail address below.
Caylor, CurtSMSNNov 1995 – Aug 7, 19981st, and OpsWhats up? Nikki and i are married with 3 kids in Torrance, CA. I currently work at PLAYBOY as a Broadcast Engineer. My E-Mail is
Kinley, DeniseOS2Nov 1, 1995 – Dec 11, 1997OPS/OII made the best friends of my life in the Navy. I luv you all and I hope to hear from you. or
Moyer, Casey "Sar Star"BM2Dec 22, 1995 – Apr 1999STREAMMiss those Days, BM1 Norris, BM2 Medrano, Doc Sloan, & Bosn Johnson(tough son-of-a-bitch) ...and my boys of course!I live in Buffalo, w/ Di & Casey Jr. Currently attending A Physicians Asst' prog. I drill w/ MIUWU 214, Best wishes to ALL!
Wilson, Jeff profile iconSMC1996 – 1999OPSMy come back tour - and the decom. Last ship out of San Francisco bay and a year in Bremerton. Your friendly neighborhood CCC during decom.
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Gordon, ScottBM 31996 – 19991st
Newman, CoryE-4/GM31996 – 1999wepsI remember GMC Urey as a great Chief and a great leader. I rember "Bunty" and the rest of the crew. LOVED SH3 Kristine M. Nelson. I remember you stark. The 97 criuse was the best. email me
Gonzales, YvetteSK3 (SW)Jan 1, 1996 – Dec 15, 1997West pac '97...Wow! I will never forget the wild and crazy times on the Hood with my girl Paz Olvera and the rest of the gang...You know who you are! Thanks for the memories; they were some of the best. Drop me a line
Hayes, CoreyHM2Jan 1, 1996 – Feb 3, 1999Medical
Gordon, Scott profile iconBM2Feb 7, 1996 – Jun 7, 1999DeckHI
Davis, RebeccaGM3Apr 1996 – Oct 1998Weapons Division
McKnight-francis, ChereeOSSNApr 1, 1996 – Jun 1, 1997OIIt was a real experience.
Vevea, JakeE3Apr 1, 1996 – Aug 15, 1996WepsMy good friend Andy Zackman and I arrived at the same time and I ended up dating Carol Spyker. Rosefestival was a blast! contact me if you want
Botello, Gregoria (Alex)E-5/ OS2 (SW)Apr 30, 1996 – 1999OII will always remember the "Hood". It helped me grow and the people I met there I consider friends for life. Michelle,Diana,Regina,Kelly, Trisha, just to name a few. e-mail me
Cojocaru, Cotizo/cojoMSSNMay 5, 1996 – Jul 15, 1999S-2What's up folks it's been ten years since I left the hood but I had alot of fun in 3 short years that I was on the ship especially over seas and Mexico. I hope to reunite with some of the homies and kick it.
Webster, LarryRM3(SW)May 16, 1996 – Jul 16, 1999Ops-Hey guys,what up.Yeah Ben,I remenber Portland. We all had some good times didn't we. I see quite a few names that I remember like it was yesterday. Webbenmeyer,Moyer,McLaughlan,Telford. Of course,my best bud the "Dogg". We still hang!
Kongkousonh (now Dala), LaSN/SK1May 28, 1996 – Jul 16, 19991stI truly miss serving on this ship! I miss a lot people on there and I had some of my best times in the Navy on this ship. Even today, I still tell people the Mt. Hood was my best command yet. Even being in deck division wasn't that bad!
Lendon, JayMR2Jun 1996 – Oct 1998Rhad a lot of fun here keepin up with a few like ens ballew, sn stanger and grey what up with the rest
Gibson, StacyOS3Jun 1996 – Jan 1998OI/OPSThe HOOD was fun while it lasted...If I had the chance to do it again, I would change...NOTHING!!! Any one who served with me drop me a line...'97 WESPAC is one of my fondest memories...
Hill, NettieRM3Jun 16, 1996 – Jun 16, 2002OPSHi everyone! I didn't marry the other guy. I married a military Navy guy and we are doing great with 2 boys. I hope to hear from any of you. Right now I am onboard the Emory S. Land so shoot me an email and let me know how life is.
Newman, CoryGM3Jul 1996 – Mar 1999WEPsMY first ship. a lot of hard work and sacrifice was made here. good crew and some good times
Moore, TamaraMM3Jul 2, 1996 – Jan 1998M-Division/ EngineeringMiss the "Hood" but I'm sooo glad I still keep good contact with some of the best folks on there. 18+ years and going!
McCone, Roy Nickname BoneMS 3Oct 12, 1996 – May 21, 1999mess managementit was a great expeiance.i was 17 and gre up fast.saw lots of the world we would have never got to see.
Bell, MatthewBM3Oct 24, 1996 – Sep 11, 1999FirstAnyone that wishes to contact me may do so at
Bell, MatthewBM3Oct 24, 1996 – Sep 10, 1999FirstLiving in Wisconsin now. New email
Guitas, BenjaminMM2(SW/AW)1997 – 1999A/MP
Stratton, BradE-31997 – 19992nd airMake the hood razor blades!!!! I miss you DECK punks and pukin on every underway....
Derlein, KellyDC31997 – 1999Deck, then to RHello everyone! Hope you are doing great. Sure miss the good old party days there. I am currently in school for Social Work back in Wisconsin.
Grace, WayneMM31997 – 1999STREAM
Cortes, JasminSK31997 – 1999Supply Depart.Hi Everyone! So many years later & we're all still lovin the Hood. Shout out to Kirby, Mejia, Martinez, Woods, Gray, Stratton, Fuentes, Goodson, Stork & so many others whose names I can't remember but whose faces live in my mind foreve
Cardenas, Jenae Aka "Shorty"mm31997 – 1999engine roomThe "hood" was the only ship I was on< have to be thankful because I went places and saw alot of things i may not ever see again>.....worked hard but played hard:) Had some great mentors and friends! Great memories!
Gatlin, NormanMS21997 – 1999S-2
(Butterfield) Pelleane, Raysa1997 – 1999Weps sideI miss getting woke up at 230 in the morning while out to sea in the pacific to go put up stancions and hammer in wood blocks to secure the bombs PTSD lets get drunk email me
Miller, JomarJan 2, 1997 – Mar 15, 19992ndThe hood rats!!! you just cannot resist but to look it up that's why here today and still in Navy as a CE1 now. I converted to the SEABEES. Many of you on the crewlist I still remember especially the DECK APES.
Robinson, RyanSnFeb 1997 – Mar 19992nd div. / Flight DeckFlight Quarters,Flight Quarters
Silmon, LakeishaSN/ QM2(SW)Feb 10, 1997 – Mar 10, 19992nd / STREAMMy first ship, my favorite ship, caios, drama, love, tight crew, and many friends. I wish it never was decommisioned. I learned many lessons from you all and I'm up on game now. Thanks. My email address is
Michelle, MarquetteRM3Apr 1997 – Aug 5, 1999OCMy first ship and made a lot of great friends there.
Bunte, Joshua W.GMG3/ENSApr 1, 1997 – Aug 15, 1999WEPSIt was a lot of hard work. I was happy when this ship was decomissioned and put to rest. It laid the keel to my current successful career. I spent the last 7 years in SPECWAR. I made GMC and then ENS LDO 6160. Give me a shout sometime.
Vevea, JakeSNApr 1, 1997 – Aug 10, 1997WepsMy first command and left my friends due to surgery and re-assignment due to the naval hospital closing. Miss Andy Zachman and others. If you remeber Andy Z. email me at To many great stories.
Pang, PanhaMM3May 1997 –Snipe
Fuentes, EliasEM3(SW)May 10, 1997 – Aug 1999I miss those days on that boat and the whole crew. they were more than my family. Thanks
Brinker, AndrewRM3(SW)Jun 1997 – Aug 1999Ops/OCAs much as I disliked the Navy, I had a great time on the Hood. My good friend Larry Webster and I often reminisce about the crazy things we did back then. Many of your names still come up in our memories. Email me at
Shearer, Mike "Dum"AMH2Jul 1997 – Dec 1997HC 11hey we need some helo det people here!!! this was a good ship...
Townsend, BrandonmmfnJul 1997 – Sep 1999dbo4 deck snipeEmail
Pearce, Kelly AnnGM3Aug 1997 – Aug 1999Weapons
Hill, HillbillySr-AM3Aug 6, 1997 – Mar 8, 1998DecommissionHood Rats, Hood Rats!!!!! Where y'all at?
Ton, NinhEM3 TONSep 1, 1997 – Mar 1, 1999ElectricianHey, whats'suuupp guys. EM1 Delapeno, EM3 Hinahon, SN Rivera, HM 3 kelvin,. I am on land now working at Intel in Santa Clara. The Navy got me this job. heheh
McCone, Roy Nickname BoneMS3Sep 19, 1997 – Jun 18, 1999mess managementi had a great tme seeingthe world.friends wee willy,twser butt,pappy and demers to name a few
Owen, SeanE-3Oct 1997 – Jul 19992nd
Wibbenmeyer, ShaunBM3Oct 1997 – Jul 1999DECKAh Yes, my first ship and the crew that was known as the hood rats. My closest freinds I ever had were on this ship. The things I went through with these men and women helped shape me into the man I am today, Thank God we had hazing and thank you!!
Hall, Lawan Aka Danger ManSNOct 1997 – 19991ST DIV.The "Hood" was my 1st command.. Will Never forget my 1st Deployment.Or my past shipmates..The wild things we experienced,the places we went and the work put in.. I had anger issues then& was just trying to find my way..
Mott, EricSEAMANOct 1, 1997 – Jul 1, 1999DeckMan, I really miss a lot of you guys. Some of the best times and friends that I've ever had. If anyone wants to get in touch I'm at sir_eric78 at yahoo.
Menezes, Ed / SutsMM#Oct 1, 1997 – Oct 1, 1999Best crusie ever was the last 3 month run we went on
Ramseier, RichardSNOct 1, 1997 –1st
McCall, Kelvin profile iconAC 3(sw)Oct 3, 1997 – May 1999DeckHad the best time of my life. Made friends for life. Misses everyone dearly. Contact info is 863-256-7249. Would love to hear from anyone from the crew.
Stark, JoshuaSNOct 12, 1997 – May 1999WEPSI had the pleasure of working for good old Chief Urey and heartless GM1. I thought the whole navy was going to be like the shitty command, which I first was placed. Thanks for all the horrible times! I sure lucked out when the ship was decomissioned.
Wibbenmeyer, ShaunBM3Oct 15, 1997 – Aug 1999Stream
Stark, JoshuaGM2 (SW)Oct 22, 1997 – May 14, 1999WEPSMan, was this command terrible! It sure was a good thing the hood was decommissioned! I did make some good friends but everything else sure was crap! I do miss Cory Newman. I'M GLAD I GOT TO SEE WHAT THE NAVY WAS REALLY LIKE ON THE FORD!
Strecker, JoshSN/GMNov 2, 1997 – May 1, 1999WepsChewing Kodiak and eating Ripped Fuel during ammo movements, drinking in Berkeley, drinking everywhere else, throwing stancions, and oh yeah...more drinking.
Carden, Idamarie (Padilla)E-3Dec 1997 – Aug 10, 1999Deck
Telford, JessicaIT2Dec 1997 – Aug 1999
Telford, JessicaE5Dec 1997 – Jun 1999
Rodriguez, CarlosHT/HMDec 1997 – Jul 1999RHad a great time on the Mount Hood. Miss those days...
Guillen, FaustoFNDec 5, 1997 – Aug 13, 1999MPThis was my first ship during my US Navy Enlistment. I had a great time serving onboard this ship. I can be contacted by email at:
Whiteley, MichelleE-3/SNDec 29, 1997 – May 23, 19991STI met a lot of cool people on the Hood. It was my first command, so I will always remember everyone there. They were my best friends.

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