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USS Mount Hood (AE 29) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mount Hood (AE 29). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 764 crew members registered for the USS Mount Hood (AE 29).

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Hogan, LloydMM3Jan 1977 – Jul 1980MHad fun in the engineroom,I remember CWO2 Witt(Blueveiner). Does anyone know what happen to him?,Randy,Lippee,all the Joe's,Leverkuhn still talk to him after all these years.
Moser, BobHT3 to HT1, Retired HTCM (SW/CMC)Jan 1977 – May 1981RTrans. to the LPH11 from AE29, then got out! Went USNR, served on FF1054, MSO455, FFG12, & 19. Then the CV64. Got recalled for Op. Southernwatch, Op. Iraqi Freedom. Married to the same Wife! But I remember the org. guys!
Joe, RaymanMM2Feb 1977 – Mar 1980
Beach, StuartBM/OSFeb 1, 1977 – Feb 1, 1980
Rayman, JoeMM2Feb 5, 1977 – Jan 10, 1980M
Smith, KenBM2Apr 15, 1977 – Jan 3, 19811St & StreamReported onboard right out of boot camp. Best years of my Navy career. Retired in 1999 as an ET Chief. Wish I could turn back time to do one more WestPac on the "Best In The West"
Truckenmiller, Dennis (Truck)E-1Jun 1977 – Aug 1979Deck 2ndHello all I'm still alive not getting into trouble any more. If any one knows how to get ahold of Ken Short (Shorty) or Eddie Belasco I sure would like to hear from them. I became a Sous Chef pretty good one to. Write
Copple, BillBM3Jul 1977 – Mar 1980deck
Fleming, Bernie / BernoHT2Sep 1977 – Jul 1979RGreat days on the good Hood. So long ago, but, seems like yesterday. I see some names, and remember you guys well.
Turkington, Robert,/ TurkMM2Oct 1977 – Jun 13, 1980M & AReported from the USS Hector, went to M division in the engine room, then to A division in aft steering, had a great time smoking and joking. Enjoyed the west pacs' and the buddies. Still keeping in touch with some of you. Turk
Doyon, John Aka JudgeSNOct 25, 1977 – Oct 13, 1981DECKGot to the " HOOD" via treasure island after a brief stint there after loosing my thumb on the KISKA. Made my 2nd west pac on the HOOD and when I got out it was in subic bay
Yale, FloydSH3Nov 1, 1977 – Aug 1, 1981SUPPYGATOR
Friday, JamesMMC (SW) RETIREDNov 17, 1977 – May 7, 1981BHey Guys what is going on, I retired in 2000, but the Mount Hood is one of the best I served on. So hello Brian and Jack! Where Is Larry Kohutek and Robbie Green and Ralph and Bruce Nelly. Drop me a email if any one remembers me.
Mickler, JohnHT2Dec 1977 – Jun 1981RI would love to talk to some of my old shipmates. We were all looking to get out of that place, but now I can look back and remember them as some of the best times of my life.
Lay, Steve C.BM31978 – 1980
Ortiz, Jose (Pep̩)BT31978 Р1980BMissing the good times and all my bros. Hope to reconnect with long lost friends. God Bless.
Canfield, RandyLCDR1978 – 19822nd, CIC, OE, XWhat a great time in the life of a young man! Would be great to connect w/ any and al lso inclined...
De Mase, JoeMMFN/MM31978 – 1982STREAMWestpac 79 & 81
Smits, Jeff(Bones) profile iconBTFN1978 – 1981EngineeringWas the greatest of times! Would love to get in touch with some of my old shipmates. Drop me a line if you remember me. E-Mail is,
Oldham, FredHT21978 – 1982Rremember all the times. good and bad. looking back, the best of times.
Calvert, BrianBT2Jan 1978 – Jun 1981BHey guys, I'm looking for any shipmates that served the same time that I did. This goes for you Jim Friday and Jack Jurhs, we had some good times together. Lets get in touch. And anybody elese that I partied with.
Maher, JosephHT2Jan 1978 – Mar 1981REPAIRId do it all over again!
Shykes, RichTHEN AN OS2Jan 2, 1978 – Jan 10, 1979OIWorked with OS1 Musloff, OS3 Barton, OSSN CJ Johnson, OS3 Durate. Had some great times while on WESPAC. Overall Good Hood was a great command.
Joe, RaymanMM2Feb 1978 – Jan 1980
Spriesterbach, DavidMM3Feb 3, 1978 – Oct 10, 1980
Dittig, FrankHTCS(SW) RETIREDFeb 16, 1978 – Dec 12, 1981Repair OneMy first and as I look back my best sea duty assignment. We were all so young and didn't understand the meaning of our youth. I wish I could take a time machine ride back to my tour of the Good Hood. I never thought that I would be a lifer!
Morrison, TimQM2Feb 28, 1978 – Feb 22, 1982
Nelli, BruceMM2Apr 1978 – Sep 1982MJust had a USS Mount Hood reunion June 2017 at Jack London Square in Oakland. Nobody except one shipmate friend who came with me from my time was there. Just retired after 32 years with PG&E as a power plant operator.
Dolly, FrankE-4/MM3Apr 10, 1978 – Oct 27, 1981A DivisionWith out a doubt the best people I've ever worked with. Great ship and tight crew. Retired from UPS and loving it. looking to hear from any body who served '78-'81
Jurhs, JackBT2May 1, 1978 – Dec 4, 1981BIt was one big party and the best of times
Airwyke, SteveBT3Jun 1978 – Mar 1982engineeringEnjoyed all the good times! Would like to here from anyone on the ship with me!
Klotz, AnthonyMM 3Jun 18, 1978 – Mar 23, 1981M DivisionI am currently living in Northern California working as a contractor at the UP Railroad. Looking for some of the guys from my era. Just went to the latest reunion and only one other MM showed up.
Heckart, BrentGMG3Jul 28, 1978 – Jan 18, 19803rdWe had a good crew, did not keep in touch with them though. I was in my early 20's then now I am 52. I was a gunner'smate now I am a Safety and Occupational Health Specialist at the Washington Navy Yard in DC.
Raraigh, Tim (Rara)EMFN-EM3Sep 1978 – Nov 1981StreamBest years of my life spent on the "Hood". Anyone out there remember the '81 cruise when we picked those bodies of the Datu Kalanchiao off the beach in Phillipines?
Roberts, DavidSNOct 1978 – Apr 19811st/2ndGrew up alot on The Hood. Now I feel old. Been along time. I saw some names I can remember. Wack, what happen'd to ya, you never came back, Ens.Canfield, It has been along time. Boyer , I remember you too, you were a olde head to me then.
O'Brien, TerryHT3Nov 15, 1978 – Aug 15, 1981R
Turlip, DanielSNDec 19, 1978 – Oct 13, 1978My first duty station and a very good ship. Great times and great shipmates. Subic Bay baby!
Finney, MikeET21979 – 1981OE
Walter, Hellerman JayBT31979 – 1983BWhat a great time!!!!
Calvin, JohnOS31979 – 1982OpsGreat Memories!
Roldan, RichardE-31979 – 1983M divisionHad a great experience on board the hood. Was young and immature, so my only regret was not staying in a good life on the oregon coast today. Will always live up to my oath..kutos to all who served..
Vanderlip, FredRM1Jan 4, 1979 – Apr 1, 1982CommunicationsGot to be 3+ of the best years I can remember, two Westpac's 79/81. Shellback card (06/28/81). Plenty of poker, "ladies" and a little booze. Best port "Pattaya". I wonder where Bobby & Tex are at now. BM2 Mike Oldham (Oly), YN
Peterson, Lester Aka PeteBMSNMay 29, 1979 – May 11, 1981StreamLeft the Hood in 81 as my wife was going blind I got out on a hard ship discharge. Heard she was scuttled and sunk by navy bombers. I hope not with a ship like her she had a few good westpac's left. Who got the dollar signed by the first hood cr
Ferguson, David (Boom)MM3Jun 1979 – Jun 1981STREAM DIV.West Pac 81!!!!!!! YEA!!! LMAO!!!!!!
Hedgman, PhillipRM3Jul 1, 1979 – Aug 1, 1981OPERATIONSThis was the best crew in the world. I had a great LPO by the name of RM1 Vanderlip Two great Westpacs...
French (Ross), Kevin (Kyle)SN - OS3Aug 1979 – Jun 1982Deck/OI Those were some of the best and worst years of my life.. made some good friends.. met some buttheads.. but all are remembered
Nace, JoeSM3Sep 28, 1979 – Jun 8, 1982OperationsHad great times on the Good Hood. I'm still in the reserves, now serving in the middle east. Cross rated to MA, currently an MACS. Hope to hear from an old shipmate. Still speak with Pete Eisenhart (SH3) and John Calvin(OS3).

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