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USS Mount Hood (AE 29) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mount Hood (AE 29). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 764 crew members registered for the USS Mount Hood (AE 29).

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Derringer, LarryBT2May 1, 1969 – May 1, 1973B
Miller, E.h. "Dutch"CSC1970 – 1972S-2Am a Plankowner. Served the first meal on board. and served the last meal on board, in Bremerton prior to DeCom. Any Plankowners still around? Mail me at
Fulton, GeneQM2 to QM11970 – 1973NavigationNucleus Crew and Plank Owner
Atkinson, DennisETN31970 – May 1973OperationsJust found this sight. Brings back memories. Commissioning the ship was a unique experience; as was passing the equator.
Woodfin, MaxE51970 –BT
Miller, KimGMG31970 – 1972GunneryLooking for Dave York
Trumbly, Tonye-3Jan 1970 – Dec 19723rdPlank Owner
Madelo, VivencioMSSNApr 1970 – Jan 15, 1973SupplyMy first ship and a flank owner, I love the west Pac tour
Buckley, John (Buck)SNApr 1, 1970 – Oct 1972DECKPLANK OWNER
Austin, MarkEM 3Apr 2, 1970 – Oct 3, 1972EPlank Owner Looking for anyone in E Div.
Ward, LouisEM3Apr 3, 1970 – Jan 14, 1974EPlank Owner
Flanagan, DavidBM3Apr 7, 1970 – May 27, 19741st decki'am a plankowener and shellback.remember those times. looking, for danny cook. the hood was the best and worse of times, you have to say we all at times loved her. remember the phillpines. and shoet time.
Truair, SteveEM3May 1970 – Jan 1972EWhere are you John Hoops?!
Kirchhoff, BillBM3May 1, 1970 – Aug 19742ndPlankowner
Metheny, Richard/dickE5 SK2Sep 1970 – 1972SupplyPlank owner from first crew
Butcher, Mikemr3Nov 5, 1970 – Nov 5, 1974a
Talbott, RickEMFNDec 23, 1970 – Sep 26, 1973 EJust missed being a plank owner by a few weeks. First tour was 11 months and 2 weeks. Yes, we were countng the days. Had the honor to provide evening Prayer over the 1MC most days underway. Thanks crew!
Veldboom, OwenSN1971 – 1972Plankowner, served in deck force and as assistant poastal clerk.
Davey, DarrylE41971 – 1973Plankowner, worked as a shipfitter. He is trying to find a first year cruise book.
Butcher, MikeMR31971 – 1974M later in AWas on the first west pack that lasted 14 months. Also on the second west pack. Still think about those days. I'm also looking for the first west pack cruise album
Corisdeo, AlBM31971 – 19731stPlankowner-
Jamieson, RickMM21971 – Apr 4, 1974M and A (thanks to MMC Woods)Original Plankowner. Transferred to the ship while it was still in Sarrows Pt., MD. I live in Garden City, KS and am an Electrical Instrument & Controls supervisor at a coal fired power plant. I have many great memories of the ship.
Ron, ThompsonTM31971 –Deck/WeaponsOnboard 1971 as a SN with the deck crew. IPromoted shortly after to TM3. I did make the cruise through the Canal, Buenaventura, Acapulco and on to Concord. Was transferred to DD-830 due to no billet for TM3 on the Hood.
Rundquist, RonPC31971 – 1974Operations - Post OfficeRemember all the good times in the Post Office with the Mail. Looking for QM3 Jeff Benjaman
Elliott, ThomasMM31971 – 1973MikeAnyone remember the first west pac? How many months we spent on the gun line passing aumo.How many trips to Subic Bay? Anyone remember Rod Garrett MM3. Killed in a car 1979. Sure miss him alot.
Goehring, RogerMM31971 – 1972MPlank owner Looking for J.C. Pruett and Bill Collett
Kane, DonaldEN21971 – 1972Engineering1 tour Vietnam
Small, TerryE-51971 – 1973Damage ControlOringinal Plank Owner, great times in Subic Bay. Those were the days
Pruett, JohnBT21971 – 1972BJust looking for former shipmates
Summers, Dennis DeanSN1971 – 19722NDI had a good time on MNT HOOD,met a lot of great people.Still living in San Diego CA.Just want to say hi to Steven Bishop,and Billy Gould 2ND division.It would be great to hear from you.
Child, KellyFTG-31971 – 19763Davy, Bozo, Smitty, Lundrgen, Kermody, Johnny Green, Neville, Parky, Ricco, John Boy, ?
Madelo, Vivencio AE21971 – Jan 1973Supply-SD (now called MS)I think I came on board USS Mount Hood while the ship is still in Baltimore. Im proud to be called as Flank Owner of the ship. I had lots of good memories. We had lots of R&R while providing support to Vietnam War.
Gilchrest, Robysn E31971 – 1973second deckretired
Corisdeo, AlBM31971 – 19731ST
Aldous, DannyEN3Jan 1971 – Jun 1972ACR ShopPlank Owner, Came aboard at Beth Steel,some good guys aboard then
Goodale, TracyBM3Jan 1971 – Jul 20, 19731st Division DeckPlank owner, attended precommisioning schools in Norfolk, Dam Neck, Ft Eustis, VA. Made 1st sea trials & WestPac cruise. Danang-Quan-Tri offensives. Home port Subic Bay. Buds were Mike Biggs, Frank Cox. Bob Gilliland
Virden, Robert (Bob)ETN2Jan 1971 – Jul 1971OpsPlank Owner. I left early because of severe family problems.
Siegfried, DaveET2Jan 10, 1971 – Jun 10, 1974OPERATIONSETC Miller always told me- You will get out of the navy, go to school, and become an electrical engineer. By golly, he was right!
Lampert, LamarRM3Jan 15, 1971 – Apr 29, 1974Operations
McBride, JohnCS3Jan 20, 1971 –supplywas on the original commissioning crew, assigned to Bainbridge training facility while waiting to be attached to Sparrows Point facility inspection crew. I am a plankowner.
McBride, JohnCS3Jan 20, 1971 – Jul 10, 1972SupplyLove to hear from all plankowners. Nothing but good memories of all my shipmates. Well not particularly those who didn't behave in my chow line! Lots of good times in Buenoventura, Panama City, Cali, and Olongapo City
Buchholz, Frederick (Bucky)FTG3Jan 26, 1971 – Jul 26, 19733rd WeaponsPlankowner. 1st WESTPAC cruise 1972-1973. Many fond memories. It seems like only yesterday and it feels so long ago. Damn, we're getting old! I welcome e-mail from any of my old shipmates.
Horan, DanYN3Feb 1971 – Aug 16, 19742ndPlankowner. I cannot remember what I did yesterday but I can remember just about everything about my 3 yrs on the Hood! Had some tough times and alot of good times.
Allen, JeffMM3Feb 1971 – May 1972MI am a plankowner and cruised aboard from precommissioning until the day before the 1st WesPac cruise. Currently living in Sacramento, CA where I am actively involved in the food industry.
Arensdorf, ThomasEN3Feb 1971 – Mar 1971A
Stevens, PhilBT3Feb 1971 – Nov 1972BPlank owner looking to connect with fellow shipmates.
Harrold, JohnOS 2Feb 1971 – Jul 15, 1973OT
Riggs, FrankPN1Feb 1, 1971 – May 1, 1973X DivisionI am a plank owner, served on the necelus crew, balance crew, and was there for commissioning. LCDR Ford was the XO.
Thomas, GeorgeHM2Feb 7, 1971 – Feb 10, 1973Medical (Sick Bay)Also served as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force as a Physician Assistant. Worked as a PA in civilian and military since 1978. Since retiring, I teach at a four year college teaching in the Department of Allied Health.
Bishop, Stephen (Steve)BM2Mar 1971 – Oct 1972SecondPrecom thur 1st cruise. Great times w/all the guys.
Buck, MartinQM 3Mar 1971 – Feb 1974NavigationPlankowner, East Coast to Tonkin Gulf; 2 West Pac cruises RIP Jim,
Arensdorf, ThomasEN3Mar 15, 1971 – Jun 1972AI met some wonderful people, and had some great times while aboard the Mt. Hood. I am a plankowner. It would be great to see some of the plankowners again. I'll never forget the great times we had in Alongapo, Subic-bay,
Siegfried, DavidET2Apr 1971 – Aug 1964Plankowner
Cote, Gary LE-3Apr 1971 – Oct 1972DeckPlankowner
Merritt, RonnyMM3Apr 1971 – Sep 1973M and AAm a plank owner. Loved the Hood and went to Nam aboard her.Got off active duty in 73 and went into Navy Reserve. Came out of USNR in 1976. Joined the National Guard and retired in 1993. Am currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the S.C. State Guard.
Buehler, DennisSeamanApr 1971 – Apr 1973Second divisionI am a plank owner. I remember good times in Subic Bay with many great friends.
Touve, Ron Alis - TommySN AND OS 3Apr 1, 1971 – Sep 11, 1974Second and CICPlank Owner. I never hated anything so much and had so much fun. Thanks to all the good friends and sunset services on the flight deck. Look'n for Marty Davis and Roger Cash .Help ?
Sippel, KenEN3Apr 1, 1971 – Mar 1, 1973A DivisionDoes anyone remember going to Da Nang Habor in April of 1972? The paperwork the government gave me says we were never there. Trying to find out some info.
Sylvester, MikeYN1Apr 16, 1971 – Aug 1, 19741stPlankowner, served aboard as 1st Division leading P.O.
Morton, James E.MM2Apr 16, 1971 – Mar 16, 1973A & MPlankowner
Benjamin, JeffreyQM3Apr 30, 1971 – Dec 14, 1974NavigationWas one of regular Navy with a crew of mostly Reserve guys for the first tour in 'Nam. When I left after almost four years onboard, I had been through 3 captains and only one other person was there longer than me.
Clay, DavidMR-2May 1971 – Mar 1972RepairPlank Owner
Lampert, LamarRM3May 1971 – Apr 29, 1974OCPlank owner. Stationed on board while at Sparrows Point, Maryland.. Deceased January 2, 2018.
Wilkins, LoganSF 3May 1971 – Apr 1973R- Div.One of the "Original Plankowner" crew. We commisioned the Mt. Hood in Virginia and then brought it through the Panama Canal and up to our home port at Port Chicago in Concord, California. Great crew and fun times.
Williams, Steve Aka WillieOS3May 1, 1971 – Jan 1973oiPLANKOWNER--have info on several shipmates and i'm always looking for same if you have any. has anyone started a ship association? any reunion plans or ideas for one? email is welcomed. aloha golf.
Scaife, Raymond (Mike)HT3May 1, 1971 – Jan 11, 1973was plankowner,FN when boarded,was MMFN andplaced in engineroom...struck for damagecontrolman,which was changed to hull technician..was HT3 when discharged
Matzka, DickQM3May 1, 1971 – Dec 7, 1972NavigationCommissioned the Hood. Stood the commissioning watch. It was an upscale crew. Many great guys. Looking for John Sweet, Cozart and Pilito.
Cisneros, RicardoSNMay 21, 1971 – Mar 7, 19732
Bohm, BenSK3Jun 1971 – Jan 16, 1973SupplyI have not heard nor seen anyone since 1974 when I lived in Southern California. Being on the Mount Hood was one of the most memorable times of my life!
Brooks, WilliamBM3Jun 1971 – May 19751st divisionenjoyed the west pac cruise. anyone remembers Filipino named brooks may contact me at I retired as Master at Arms. Onboard the hood from 1971-75. names listed sound familiar including CWo3 Haynes.
Sweet, JohnseamanSep 1971 – 1974engineeringI am John Sweet's older briother, Tom. John passed away in February 1972. He was almost a plankholder, and proud of his service, including resupply, salvage of the grounded frigate, and the trip to Acapulco.
Shriver, James profile iconFTG3Sep 1971 – Jan 19753rdReported as a FTGSA, departed as a FTG3. Completed 2 Westpac's. Served as Lead FT for a while. Visited Guam, Okinawa, Taiwan twice, Sasebo twice, Singapore once, Hong Kong twice, and Subic Bay more times than I remember.
King, DavidPN3Dec 10, 1971 – Dec 20, 1973XWho would have thought I'd ever think time abourd the Hood was a good experience. The Ships office was quiet a place. Warner and Ronquist, you kept me sane those years.

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