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USS Inchon (MCS 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Inchon (MCS 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 808 crew members registered for the USS Inchon (MCS 12).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 – now

Langrehr, PaulHM31994 – 1997H/MedicalMy first ship. Checked onboard when she was still an LPH in Norfolk, went through the overhaul in Pascagoula and was still aboard in Ingleside and on her maiden cruise as an MCS. Lots of great friends. Sad she is no longer around.
Sullivan, ColinMM31994 – 1997Mworked w/ some great people in engineering.. Butch, Odie, Mac, Jay, Chief Atwood. Living in Charlotte, NC and work for AT&T now..
Morales, PriscillaDP31994 – Dec 12, 1997RM/DP:) look me up, i'm on facebook like everyone else
Beitler, DouglasDentalman1994 – 1996DentalWas a couple of the best years in my life. I learned alot from some of the guys.
Borden, KevinAT31994 –AIMD
Riggleman, ChrisABF31994 – 1997V4Can't say I had a lot of fun, but sure did learn a lot! Hey wussang! Reggie!
Escobar, JosueEm21994 – 1996Engineering
Festervand, Norman ToddOS21994 – 1998OI
Andersen, Chris / Doc A profile iconHnJan 1, 1994 – Jan 1, 19953rd bn 6th marines.She was my first ship and med cruise. Will always love this ship and the places she took us. The ships company was great to my marines.
Atwood, SamMMCJan 3, 1994 – Apr 15, 1997M
Nickleson, BenMA1(SS)Feb 1, 1994 – Sep 21, 1994Executive8 Yrs in the Navy this was the only ship I served upon.Diesel/Nuclear Subs/correctional facility Assigned LPH 12 investigate drug problems. Egypt produced many more!Capt J Thomas good CO! Surface Navy different!Great LPO's worked w/ me! b
Bostick, MiltonE-3Feb 8, 1994 – Dec 11, 1996V-3
Aiken, JamesE3Mar 19, 1994 – Dec 13, 1996Airlooking for old friends and shipmates
Baker, SamuelSNJun 1994 – Aug 19971st.
Work, JimDC2 (SW/AW)Jul 1994 – Jul 28, 1999
McCall, AvarezshsnJul 1994 – Oct 1998ship servicemana great experience. made alot of friends that i still keep in contact with. i was in deck department when i arrived(BM1 Iams) and all i did was clean the berthing and get my quals done for sh. traveling was even better.
Farrington, JoeABFANAug 1994 – Mar 1997V4
Woodard, JamesDC1Aug 1, 1994 – May 1, 1998
Hargrove, Glenn DouglasSN/ BM2 WHEN I GOT OUTAug 24, 1994 – 1998Deck 1st (BMC MACOMAS BMC JHONSON)Live in ATL 3 KIDS OPERATIONS MANAGER AT A TRUCKING COMPANY.Bm1 Ramsey,gale,little jhon, crawford,perkins, we use to love to house anybody.I was aboard in VA,at the MPF in ms. and Texas ingleside
Jackson, DennisABHAN / IT1(SW)Sep 8, 1994 – Jun 7, 1997V-1/Crash and salvageI had a damn good time on that hell hole the crew made all the difference in the world. No matter where I go or what I do I'll never forget my time on the Mighty Chon. Oh yeah I'm still in the Nav.
Derrow, MichaelAK2Oct 1994 – Oct 1997S-6 & S-1I met some of my best friends in my career there. I am still in at nasni HCS-5 but I'm a SK1 now look me up if you are in San Diego
Magdirila, JoeyEM2 NOW EM1Oct 1994 – Jul 1997
Levin, EdwardBM2/E5Oct 1994 – Aug 19971st DivisionGreat times aboard Inchon. I hope BM1 Dauth, BM1 Giles and BM1 Ramsey (AKA BMCS Ramsey) are doing well. We all transferred together from NRCTB. I have since retired in 2012. BMC(SW/EXW) Levin..
Speed, WalterAE3Oct 5, 1994 – Aug 23, 1998aimd
Capps, DavidMR2Oct 15, 1994 – Dec 7, 1995RMardi-Gras '95 - Oh Yeah! Ruptured Fuel Line on the Boiler Face - NOT Fun! The Yards - Not FUN! The crew was the best, a couple of kooks (that will remain nameless, but you know who you are) my best buds!
Eure, RexMM3Nov 1994 – Aug 1996M-Div
Cunningham, BelginSMSNNov 3, 1994 – May 23, 1996COMMUNICATIONSMan I had the best time of my life there especially when we were in Ingalls ship yard in Pascagoula,Ms living at the great "MPF".All of the lil clubs like tonys,Yogis,and the Bluenote,the brass banana,the max,etc.And all the homies
McKinney, Chad/macDC2Dec 1994 – Apr 1997RJust checking in to see how everyone is doing.
Gale, Dave ( Bubba Gump)BM3Dec 6, 1994 – Sep 11, 20071st (DeckA wonderful experience with lots of memories and friends.
Owens, JefferyAS2Dec 17, 1994 – May 3, 1997AIMDAnyone remember AS2 HILL?
Oden, James "odie"MM1/E-6Dec 21, 1994 – Sep 12, 1997
Funderburg, JeffDC-31995 – 1997R-DIV.just wanted to see the old names and remember. TO ALL I SERVED WITH I HOPE YOU'RE SAFE AND WELL!
Hernandez, Louis/ Shaved ApeHT21995 – 2000repairI enjoyed my time there
Andrews, Jason/ DrewBMSNJan 1995 – Sep 1997Weapons/2nd DivWasnt the best times but cant forget the friends i made
McGuffee, KennethRM1Jan 1995 – Jan 1998CRA lot of mostly good memories from the Inchon days,
Tellez, NathanielAK2Jan 6, 1995 – Jul 22, 1998S-6 / AIMD
Staples, GeneAZ2Jan 31, 1995 – Nov 18, 1995AIMDWas assigned to the Inchon just prior to the redesignation announcement to MCS. Cruise to New Orleans and then Pascagoula was quite the times! Gstapes at Yahoo
McKissick, James (Mac)MM3Feb 5, 1995 – Oct 12, 1998
Sangalang, Renato ( Wusang)AR AT THE TIME NOW ABF2Mar 10, 1995 – 1997V4My first ship then got transferred to USS Enterprise,USS Nassau,shore duty at MEPS Hawaii and now onboard USS Belleau Wood would love to hear from old friends
Elliott, JimEM3Mar 11, 1995 – May 21, 1998Engineering/ ElectricalHey out there. It's been a long time. I would be interested to hear from any who remember me, and want to let me know how things turned out for you.
Null, MarkLTApr 1995 – Sep 1997OA (Weather Guessers)Absolutely, one of the best experiences in my career. A lot of great friendships formed. We made a mark on Mine Warfare that still can't be topped by all of the new MIW-configured LCS and MIW offboard sensors.
Cooke, MarkBM3Apr 1, 1995 – Jul 20, 1997DeckLoved and miss that old ship!! Great folks and memories.wish i did my full 4 on the mighty Chon! Look me up at Facebook/markcookemusic or
Jordan, SeanPH1Apr 10, 1995 – Apr 5, 1999
Wilcox, AdamSNApr 30, 1995 – Aug 28, 1996AdminI was not around for long, but I ran the ship's newspaper and showed movies to many of you while we were in the ship yards, and underway.
Moody, MarkOS1(SW)Jun 1995 – Nov 1999OIOh the days. Where did they go? Sober me? I need another shot!!
Hayward, Michael3RD CLASS PETTY OFFICERJun 1995 – Aug 1997Deck
Cardenas, JulieE3Jun 11, 1995 – Jul 16, 1997
Jordan, SeanPH1Jun 15, 1995 – Apr 12, 1999XOne of my most challenging and rewarding tours. A great experience that I'll never forget. Sorry to hear that She's with Davey Jones.
Jenkins, MarcusABH3Jul 16, 1995 – Jan 10, 1999V-1I was a red shirt in v-1 crash and salvage would like to find others who were in crash and salvage and v-1 during 95-99
Armstrong, ReginaABF2Aug 13, 1995 – Aug 13, 1999V-4I loved being on the Inchon and had a lot of good friends. I will miss you all.
Belbin, JohnMM1Sep 15, 1995 – Jul 15, 1997M-Div, A-Div
Simmons, TerrenceLTJGOct 6, 1995 – Oct 2, 1998S-6My first and best ship. Was introduced to MS/CS3 Bolton while the Suppo on the Rodney M. Davis.
Young, AdrianSN/E-2Oct 30, 1995 – Jun 20, 19972NDGreat Ship! I started off in Deck, and was given an opportunity to learn Naval tradition and Heritage. I now have a new career as an Information Systems Technician - but it all started from the time spent onboard THE MIGHT INCHON
Perez, ElidaE3Nov 1995 – Apr 1997M
Standley, HeatherDeck 1stDec 26, 1995 – Oct 24, 19961stI am looking for anyone I served with during my time on the inchon. Specifically I am looking for PN 2 Smith aka. Smitty and BM2 smalls aka biggie smalls

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