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USS Inchon (MCS 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Inchon (MCS 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 808 crew members registered for the USS Inchon (MCS 12).

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Scarfe, GeorgeHT31992 – 1996Served in the Engineering Dept.
Carroll, TimAOCS / AOCM1992 – 1995WeaponsWhat a great ship and crew. While serving aboard the "Mighty Chon" I met some of the best men and women in my career. To all the Weaponeers who served with me, Thank you for your hard work and dedication. To all others, thanks for the memori
Holloway, LawrenceLTJG1992 – 1995ENGINEERING
Frias, ChrisHNJan 1992 – Jan 1994Medicalthe mighty Inchon was a good expierence. feel free to e-mail me if you remember me. I was in medical and flt deck corpsman
Johnson, DougABH3Jan 10, 1992 – May 12, 1995V1Hello to all my ole Inchon buddies. I miss you guys. I hope the Lord has been good to you all over the years like he has to me and my family.
Hall, RenaldoPN1(SW/AW)Jan 15, 1992 – Dec 20, 1996EXECMy first ship. Worked in the Personnel Office. Lots of memories.
Williams, Michael (Willy)THEN ET3 NOW MACFeb 1992 – Apr 1996OE / ExecI am currently serving in the US Naval Reserve. And Presently a Clearwater, FL Police Officer.
Swain, JamesDC2(SW)Feb 1, 1992 – Jun 1, 1996RepairMy time on the Inchon was fun and rewarding. Its amazing to see that she is no longer carring out her mission. God Bless.
Burgess, MarionAOAN(SW)Feb 5, 1992 – May 15, 1995WEPSAhhhh, how do I miss the CHON!!! I missed the GMs' AOs'and all on board. Somilia, Hati, ENS Burgess will keep CHON dear to heart. My first command, and my fondest!!!
Schaefer, BruceBM 3 SWFeb 8, 1992 – Aug 13, 19941stlooking for any crew that was aboard for MARG 94
Autio, MarkEM2Apr 1992 – Jul 1996EWhat's up slackers!
Foster, AaronenfnJun 1992 – Jul 1996aserved on U.S.S. Inchon 92 thru 96. Worked in A-division. Enjoyed my time on board and made many friends. Would love to talk to old friends.
Gonzalez, JoelAT2Jun 1, 1992 – Aug 15, 1996V-1, AIMD w/c 610started out as Blue shirt on the Flight Deck. Was Tractor Driver, Tractor King, then went downstairs to AIMD to strike for AT.
Duncombe, Kermit (Zues)E-4/ GMAug 8, 1992 – Jul 29, 1996AdminDoing fine.Miss the Mightty Chon.I got in trouble alot.Did 4 Capt.mass,pay deducz and Rank demotz. But I have fun.Miss putting grease on the mess deck, watching the brass roll. Hope to see yall someday in the Bahamas.StealBeach or Realbeach
Maljevac, JohnE4?AK3Aug 28, 1992 – Apr 20, 1996S-6Hi all you supply types. Had a great time on board and miss being in the MED. Have a fine NAvy DAY!!!!!!
Simon, StevenMS3Nov 1992 – Nov 26, 1995Supply Div
Schenzel, JasonQM3 SWNov 2, 1992 – Oct 26, 1996NavigationMy one and only ship. Some of the people I met along the way, QM3 Morgan, QM3 Ford, QM1 Brown, Chief Harpin, SN French, SN Littlejohn, BM3 Griffin, RM2 Morgan, EC3 Case, Cheif McComas. Thanks for all the memories.
Blair, Kenneth R.YN21993 – 1995Eng
Karstetter, JohnABH 31993 – 1997v3rust in hell JUNK yeah ill never forget either what ever waste of time only good thing is that i learned what i didnt want in life in every aspect should have spent more time drinkin with buds than wastin time with tramps sorry guys
Anderson, GradyOS21993 – 1996opstough times, but great... SHELLBACK... tough cruise of '94, but worth it in the end.. hello to all in ops... hope you are doing well
Hart, CharlieAO2(AW)1993 – 1996WeaponsWas a ok tour. Hated ships company.
Ringlein, ChrisBT2(SW)1993 – 1997B Div.It was my favorite command. Loved the shipyard time in Mississippi.
Perkins, RalphSH2/SH11993 – 1996S3Retired from Inchon. Remembered the guys that worked with me.(Lane,Murrury,Harris,Wilson,Luison,Wilson,Kemp)
Sammons, DaveMS3 NOW 2LTJan 1993 – Apr 1997S-2/S-5Med 94, Haitian Vacation. Many close friends..Chris Smith, Tim Smasal, Special K, & NewJack....
Wells, JamieE-5Jan 1993 – Jul 1997S7
Sammons, DavidMS3Feb 1, 1993 – Jun 5, 1996S-2
Vancise, BrandonsergeantFeb 1, 1993 – Aug 1, 19932d Marine DivisiionWas on a Med Cruise. Went from the USS Wasp in 1991 to this ship in 1993. What a change! Great cruise on a crappy ship, but it was definately an experience:)
Gauthier, BarryE-3Mar 12, 1993 – Dec 15, 1996V-1I miss the days of partying my ass off with all the great people I made friends with over the years on the chon. Mardi gras, Sicily, New York, etc... I'll never forget those times, and those people.
Lufkin, DougFAApr 21, 1993 – Dec 21, 1994BoilersMy time on the Inchon is something I'll never forget.
Evans, JasonBT3May 1993 – 1995Worked in the Fireroom.
Betz, RonE-3/ANMay 10, 1993 – Jan 4, 1995V-1My first day I got on the ship I reported for duty and was told that I didn't need to report back until Monday morning...holy drunk at VA Beach with Cason, Brady Johnson and the boys!!!
Schofill, WalterHM3May 26, 1993 – Aug 12, 1995MedicalI was on the med cruise that went to Somalia then we got called back to go to Haiti. I transferred while in Pascagoula during dry dock conversion to MCS-12
Baurhenn, StephenBM2Jun 1993 – Dec 19971STHey everybody. I did not know there was a web site. This is cool, seeing all the names brings back memories. After I got out I joined the reserves as a SeeBee, CM2. I got recalled to Spain at the start of the war. I am on my way out now. I
Vazquez, SantosSKC(SW)/E7Jun 13, 1993 – Oct 4, 1996STOCK CONTROL LCPO / SUPPLY
Torres, NedkyPH3 / ABFANJun 23, 1993 – Jun 17, 1997V-4 / Admin / OPSHad a great time aboard the mighty chon!!! Still remember a lot of my buds but lost contact....
Klesper, StevanET 2 (SW)Jun 24, 1993 – Jun 16, 1997OPSFantastic four years babysitting Radars and messing with Radiomen. Still have several shipmates as great friends. Took her through DC training in GITMO in July, med cruise straight to Somalia & MCS Conversion -Plankowner
Dorn, BradleyOSSNJul 1993 – Feb 1995OIFavorite of all the ship I ever served aboard- great shipmates & adventures. Just missed being in New Orleans for Mardi Gras on my 21st birthday, but I decided to leave a bit early. Silly me!
Manley, DonGMC(SW)Jul 1, 1993 – May 1, 1997Deck/Weapons/ExecutiveServed as 3M Coordinator, Weapons and Deck LCPO. I have to say my tour on the Inchon was very memorable. I worked with some of the best Chiefs in the Navy. We had an incredibly strong Chiefs mess. Enjoyed my time onboard
Cardenas, JulieE-3Jul 19, 1993 – Jul 20, 1997SupplyWell I miss the Mighty Inchon and especially Michael Vicencio, Misty Mendonca, Reyes, and all of my friends. I divorced my husband and have a beautiful daughter she is 5 years old and I now live in Dallas TX. I had some great memories on the Might
Roy, GeneABHCS(AW)Aug 5, 1993 – Apr 15, 1997Air LCPOBest tour of duty. We had a great Chief's mess with a great CMC. All Air Department personnel worked together to form a great team.
Duncombe, Kermit (Zues)E-4/ GMAug 8, 1993 – Dec 30, 1996AdminStill alive and doing very well. I was getting into trouble all the time. Did 4 Capt. mass, Pay deduct and rank demot, while aboard. Had fun though. Hot Somolia was a blast. Hope to see you in the Bahamas. Like I said" doing very well".
McCabe, EannaAD3Aug 31, 1993 – Jul 21, 1997AIMDSeems like a lifetime ago. So much to remember, lots of good memories which seem to drown out the occasional misery. Heck of a way to see the world. Recognize Pete A Schneider, Jason Eager, MS3 Ford and a few others.
Kress, MichaelABH1Sep 1993 – Dec 1997V-1V-1 LPO, Quite the experience. Transferred to fleet reserve July 2000, Live in North Carolina with my wife and 3 daughters.
Bell, GreenABF E-3Oct 1993 – Mar 1994V4Had some good times with some good people on here..grape shirts........sup wussies....I know yall remember the med cruise 94 and the party I threw in Spain was crazy
Harris, DennisOS2Oct 19, 1993 – Jan 6, 1998OPS/OIMany a good time was had by all, Somalia was Hot, North Atlantic was the best. Missing the Yards in Pascagoula,lol
Eager, JasonABH3Oct 25, 1993 – Jul 15, 1997V-3Spent many hours just hanging out on the hangar deck. It was kind of like being in jail with the chance of Drowning!! But it did pay for my college degree!!
Smith, ShannonFN E3Oct 25, 1993 – Mar 20, 1995"A" Gang - Engine RoomSomalia was a hot one
Karmaine, McClaryAKANNov 1993 – May 1997SW-6/HazMatGreat times. Back in SC now working in Technical College System as Inventory Control Manager.
Donnelly, ShawnABH ANNov 29, 1993 – Nov 29, 1996v-1 crash & salvagei served with a great group of sailors . i had so much fun in c&s i hope to hear from you red shirts soon.
Houk, BrianANDec 1993 – Dec 1997V-1 Crash and SalvageI served on the Chon for 4 yrs. I have alot of fond memories from serving on the Chon, and working with Air and Deck Dept. I would like to hear from any of my old buddies from my time served on the Mighty Chon.
Owens, JefferyAS2Dec 1993 – May 1997AIMD
Montague, AndremssnDec 1993 – Jun 1996s-2/s-5had a great time serving with all of you med cruise94,haitian vacation,pascagula shipyard,partied all the time shout out to s-2 division big perry,vance,walls,McClary and everybody else wish all of yall the best
Owens, JefferyAS 2Dec 17, 1993 – May 2, 1997
Schneider, PeteAD2 AW/SWDec 22, 1993 – Dec 12, 1997AIMDIt was the best tour in 13 years of service. The best shipmates, the best liberties. Memories I will always treasure. Never More Brightly!
Cardona, DannyOSDec 27, 1993 – Apr 22, 1995operations
Laughner, DavidABHCDec 30, 1993 – Aug 5, 1995V-1 & V-3

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