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USS Inchon (MCS 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Inchon (MCS 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 808 crew members registered for the USS Inchon (MCS 12).

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Nellis, JohnSM1985 – 1988cs haze grey & underway
Cook, EdwinRM1985 – 1987CommunicationsAs a young man straight out of high school, joining the Navy was the right thing to do I established some amazing friendships while serving and would love to connect with any fellow shipmates from my time of servI've.
Dayton, MikeET2Jan 1985 – Jun 1987OEI might be one of those crazy ET's EW3 Sikes remembers
Noble, Robert (Bob)Dc3Jan 1985 – 1988R-divLooking for ht/dc3 Jerry fields and ht2 Scott ruth
Seifred, TonySNJan 1, 1985 – Jul 18, 1988DeckLoved my time, ove my friends. Woul dlike to make some contacts.
Haynes, AlfredHM3Feb 20, 1985 –Medical
Sikes, Peter H.EW3Apr 5, 1985 – Jul 10, 1986OWGet there, go thru yards and workups just to leave before the North Atlantic cruise. I remember some crazy ET's.
Gentry, BryanAT2Jun 1985 – Mar 1989AIMD
Hollobaugh, JohnRM2Jun 14, 1985 – Feb 14, 1989Communications/CRI got onboard during shipyard in Philly 1985 left in 1989. I had some good times and wish all friends Fair Winds and Following Seas. I retired in 1998 as a RM1. I miss the traveling My Email is
Frederickson, FredSH3Jun 20, 1985 – Jun 20, 1989Ships crewGood Ship! Really enjoyed the Cruises we wnt on! Lots of good memories.
Warren, EdwardBT2Aug 7, 1985 – Nov 7, 1990Boilers / Oil LabA great Ship to learn how to be a BT. After 5 years 4 Months I was ready for Shore Duty.
Gibbs, JohnAD3Aug 31, 1985 – Jun 12, 1987AIMD power plantsGood times with a great department traveling and lots of drinking.
Terifay, AlASE2Sep 15, 1985 – Mar 3, 1989AIMDSPENT 4 YEARS ONBOARD WITH A GREAT CREW.
Kenneson, DelbertHM3Oct 1985 – Sep 1988Medical "H"
Fox II, RonaldE-5/HT2Oct 1985 – Aug 19, 1989R-DivisionHavn't checked out the inchon in years. Feel free to email if we served aboard together.
Meiss, RussellFC2 (SW)Nov 1985 – Mar 1987FoxThis was my first ship of three that I served on during my stay in the Navy. I remember well many of the men I served with. I have many good memories of the happenings onboard. I'd love to hear from old friends.
Hunter, GregABH31986 – 1989V-1
Eubanks, Richard (Black Pearl) profile iconPH2Mar 1986 – Jun 1987X DivisionThe only ame I recognize is Lt. Cory, my former div officer who was truly missed when he resigned his commission. Great ship, fabulous crew. The fact that I have nothing to say about command says it all. Fair winds...
Lenard, ClowrySMSNMar 30, 1986 – May 1988CSI served on 1 Norlant, 1 Med and 2 Gitmo's. Just wanted to say hi to all the CS Div folks from that time ( esp. Bowens, Drew, and Nellis.) I now live comfortably in Georgia, and stay out of trouble. Kilo, y'all!
Stamper, Danielat1Apr 2, 1986 – Apr 12, 1989AIMDAvionics supervisor GITMO, Northern Atlantic, Med cruises. New Orleans, Ft, Lauderdale, Kiel, Bremmerhaven, Naples, Monte Carlo, Lisbon, Ireland, England, Jamiaca Worked hard made friends
McWhorter, Todd (Mac)HT3May 11, 1986 – Mar 30, 1990Rthere wasnt anything we couldnt fix made the best friends i have ever had did alot of growing they all went through it with me god bless all , mac
Pleasants, Carlmm3/e4Jun 7, 1986 – Jan 1, 1989mmeet some of the greatest shipmates and made some good friends on this ship .would like to hear from some fellow snipes
Dawson, FrankMM3/E-4Jul 1986 – Dec 1989MServed in M-Divsion. I miss the big pond.
Powell, Wayne "Duke"E3Jul 4, 1986 – Feb 10, 1988Deck Dept. Long watches out to sea.Boat landings galore.Was standing when I should have been sleeping.But no one can take the memories.Great friends still in touch with .
Emchick, MarkAMS3Jul 10, 1986 – Jul 10, 1989AIMD
Garrison, JeffFC2Sep 1, 1986 – Nov 1, 1989FOX/OFI have some great memories of my time spent on the Chon. Fox Div. had a great group of guys. There are stories I still tell today about some of the stuff that went on. I really enjoyed the people, the ship and the honor to serve the USA!
Harvey, RonRM2Oct 1986 – Jun 1990CRCame aboard Via Helecopter from USS Raleigh off the coast of Lebanon and stayed until my discharge in 1990.
Deliberty, Pete (Big D)E-3Oct 1, 1986 – Oct 29, 1988Best Days Of My Life.Great Friends........Lasting Memories........
Springer, John (Lord Viper)E3Oct 1, 1986 – Mar 1, 1986I Co #rd Bat 6th Marines, 2ndMarine attach, during hostage crises caused by Muslims in Lebenan. 298 hostages including reporter Terry Anderson. Sheit, let them go just a few hour before Regan was to release Marines. Recall 3 near misses of rocket attacks on Inchon
Stone, MurrayET2Oct 21, 1986 – May 19, 1991OE Memories... Seeing this list really puts things in perspective how long that ship sailed and how many people shuffled thru. Proud to be one of many. E Pluribus Unum.
Greg, SpencerMM-3Dec 20, 1986 – Jul 17, 1990A-DivisionGreat Ship! Great Times! I did a lot of growing up while there! She is missed!
Roady, DarrenE41987 – 1990B Division
Knepp, MichaelBT31987 – 1988B DivisionServed on the Inchon in B division through a Med Cruise and a Gitmo deployment. I made lot of friends and I will never forget my experiences in the fireroom and in other places on the mighty "Chon."
Meade, FredENS to LTJG1987 – 1990Supply
Strauss, DavidABH3Jan 1987 – Jul 1988AirShe was a godd ship, A true work horse.
Nagle, DanBT3Jan 7, 1987 – Feb 10, 1991boilers
Bew, JamesBT-3Jan 17, 1987 – May 15, 1990BOLIERS Bstill alive and kicking after all these years. would love to hear from any fellow snipes that served at that time.the navy was a incrediable growing period in my life I love you all GOD BLESS.
Knepp, MikeBT3Feb 4, 1987 – Aug 26, 1988BI'll never forget everyone, especially my fellow snipes!!! May God bless you all!
Johnson, KeithIC3 CCTVFeb 5, 1987 – Feb 2, 1991execRon? 'Bout time I found someone! That old ship... well, what can I say about her that you don't already know? Still livin' on pita bread and beer?
Terpenning, Thomas (Terp) profile iconABFC (AW)Mar 1987 – Aug 1990V-4This was my last floating assignment and I couldn't be prouder to have been a part of the crew. The Grapes in my Division were some of the best. I hold a lot of fond memories of my tour on Inchon. What a career!!
Pyle, DukeBMSNJun 12, 1987 – Nov 20, 1988deck dept
Taylor, JimMR3Aug 17, 1987 – May 1991RMy time on board was a great experience. Wouldn't change a thing about my time on board. Miss the great friendships I made.
Melancon, JasonMM2Sep 1987 – Feb 1991Did 4 Yrs on the Chon With my cousin also an MM2 Melancon , Met alot of good friends on board and spent endless hours with them , had a lot of good times and bad.....
Snell, Michael / CharleyBM3Sep 1987 – Jul 19891st / Deck
Androckitis, GeorgeBM3Oct 1987 – Jun 1990Deck
Holloway, BillPN3Oct 15, 1987 – Nov 24, 1989ExecutiveRemember the tragedy at Gitmo in 88. SN Nichols and Sr. Chief Wharf whats up. can't forget World Mapp. never got me when we crossed the Artic.
Mick, Ralph/wolfOS 2Nov 1987 – Nov 1991OI
Behan, MikeRM2Nov 10, 1987 – Dec 1, 1989CRHad Fun...still keep in touch with a few of you...but like to here from more...BT AR
Hiett, ChuckAC2/AC1Nov 19, 1987 – Oct 31, 1989HDCGreat People to work for and with Under Capt, Oden, went downhill like a rocket under Criss Cross. No Regrets
Sandoval, BobDK3Dec 26, 1987 – Jul 26, 1991S4I enjoyed my time on the mighty chon. Met a lot of great people while on board.

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