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USS Inchon (MCS 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Inchon (MCS 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 808 crew members registered for the USS Inchon (MCS 12).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 – now

Kindness, ScottHM31977 – 1979MedicalSick Call, Medical Lab, and Pharmacy and some X-Ray. Probably saw some of you Current e-mail is
Burris, CharlesGMG 21977 – 1979DeckI did 2 Med Cruises, I North West Africa and Brazil Cruise. Ship was LPH 12 then. Hated to hear She was decommisioned.
Vanslyck, SteveYNSN - YN21977 – 1979XWorked in the Chaplain's Office, then the Ship's Office.
Smith, Herbert M profile iconFtm 31977 – 1980foxSome of my best memories aboard was lunch in the shop...
Morris, BarryPH3Jan 20, 1977 – Mar 10, 1977TAD Photographers MateI was assigned TAD to USS Inchon as part of the Navy Photographers crew from NAS Norfolk to document the Goodwill cruise to Africa and South America. I became a Golden Shellback while aboard.
Brewer, RandyAG2Feb 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1981OPSIThe lngst cont time on Inch during my tme there xcpt an HT1 ? name. 3 or 4 COs. 3 Meds, Af/So. Am cruise. Out after 5y, to Phys Asst school (1y after Philly yards, in Philly). Retire fr V.A. in OH in '11. The Navy was great, despite the
Willett, WilliamMM2Mar 1977 – Oct 1980M & A
Hilgeman, BradEN2Apr 1977 – Oct 1980A
Thompson, BrentSGT USMCApr 1977 – Nov 19772nd MarDiv F2/6
Gropp, JimE5/AC2May 17, 1977 – Oct 28, 1980OW/OCWe worked hard to break away from OW division and form OC division. Hello to anyone that remembers me.
Toner, TomABH2Jun 1977 – Jan 1980v14 med cruises/africa/south america/ on board till philly hope to reconnect with old shipmates
Ashlin, Tim "Bird"BT2Jul 1977 – Jan 1981BLiving in my hometown of Richmond,VA, working at the Veterans Hospital in the Utility Plant still steaming boilers! Would like to hear from anyone that I served with!
Lazarescu, RonaldRM/E-4Jul 1977 – Sep 10, 1980CommunicationsAwsome 3+ years onboard, now that I look back. Served on 3 Med Cruises, supported President Carter on Africa's west coast, became Golden Shellback, visited Rio De Janeiro for 7-days and enjoyed lasting friendships
Nutter, BrianEM3Jul 4, 1977 – Oct 1, 1980
Bellavance, ConradSM2Jul 27, 1977 – May 27, 1981CSThink of those that I served with on the "steel beach" now and again. Want to reconnect old ties this year with as many as possible. Hope that you are well.
Belcher, RickLcplAug 1, 1977 – Aug 1, 19782nd Marine DivisonDid a West Pac with a great bunch of guys back then good time in my life
Swofford, JerryMM3Aug 8, 1977 – Aug 7, 1980MWas a great ship...Stay in the Nav and kept enjoying the great Navy experience till retirement... HAZE GREY AND UNDERWAY
Harris, KenDP1Sep 15, 1977 – Jul 1, 1980S-7After Inchon I went to CINCLANTFLT. Retired from there in 1985. Did contractor work for a few years. Went to work for the Army as an program/Project Manager in Aug 1988. I retired for good DEC 2010.
Towne, JayHT2Sep 25, 1977 – Sep 25, 1981REnjoyed my time on the Inchon. Met many friends of a lifetime.
Wachenschwanz, Bob JrMM3Nov 1977 – May 1981M Division Hole SnipeSad to hear she no longer is in service.
Hershkowitz, John S.IC 3Nov 1977 – Aug 1981EI was an IC 3 aboard the Inchon LPH-12, FROM 77-81 in E-Div. I am so sad to hear about her now. You can contact me thru e-mail. Love to hear from the old gang. Hey Greg Barnett remember CWO3 Battaglia?.
Johnson, NathanielE-2Nov 28, 1977 – Nov 19, 1998Combat Cargo
Moseley, Billy Harold1978 – 19812nd
Pardue, LawrenceLI21978 – 19821st and XI reported aboard the inchon in 1978 in 1st division. My first job was working in the paint locker.I moved to X division print shop about a year later.I left the inchon in 1982.
Morris, Barry MorrisPH3Jan 1978 – Mar 1978PhotoWas TAD on Africa/South America goodwill cruise. Was assigned officers state room for security due to expensive photo gear. Officers did not like that.
Carr, BillyDP3Apr 1978 – Jul 1981Supplyhey I see Fisher, where's chaz, t-head, how about Poster. Phil's Grill anyone? Steve K. call me same number.
Carr, BillyApr 1978 – Jul 1981I see Fisher, where is chaz, t-head, how about Poster. Steve k. call me same number. Phil's Grill anyone?
Oswald, OzBT 2Apr 1, 1978 – Aug 17, 1981B-divisionWould like to hear back from the guys i served with.
Torongeau, Sean W.SK2Jun 1978 – Nov 1981S-1
Fisher, William C. (Bill)BM1Jun 1, 1978 – Mar 30, 1980DeckI retired off the old "Inchon".
Woody, RandyABH3Oct 1978 – 1982V1Got to meet some great guys & see a lot of foreign countries that I probably would have never seen. Unfortunately I drank way to much & only remember half of it.
Arnett, GregPCSNOct 10, 1978 – Aug 3, 1981AdminHey Mates, I worked in V-3 for a year and a half and the post office the rest of my time, love to hear from anyone during those great growing up years, Finally leaving Jersey after all these years and heading back home to the hills of Kentucky
Sforza, RickPH2Dec 1978 – May 1981XCome on guys...stay in touch. What's everyone doing these days?
Boyd, CharlesBM2Dec 18, 1978 – Dec 10,
Hudson, KenABH-2Dec 28, 1978 – Aug 8, 1982V-3I would like to hear from any other V-3 "Wrecking Crew" Members........Ken
Shutt, BandyET11979 – 1982OE
Jaskel, JoeEM21979 – 1982EI'll bet you electrician snipes really miss me? I miss Zippa head too.
Wood, RonSK31979 – 1982supplyMorris I remember you hey Jamaica,also if if Flemming or Morrow Judd ever appear I said hello
Davis, ClarenceSeaman1979 –Boastwains mate fueler
Bennett Jr., Robert E. (Bob)AA/E2Jan 2, 1979 – Feb 9, 1980V-3, than V-1 for '79 Med cruise
Stuff III, David ClydeUSS INCHONJan 19, 1979 – Sep 18, 1982AIMD
Stuff, DavidAZ1Jan 19, 1979 – Aug 16, 1981ADMIN
Holder, EdwardABH3Feb 6, 1979 – Nov 11, 1979V1I still say, Tom or Don shot your mouth off to that guy in Rota he thought it was me. Thanks for just watching while he kicked the hell out of me. As Chief Tucker would have said, You some kind of dickhead or what?
Adams, JohnEN3Apr 1979 – May 1981A
Manning, James (JJ)EM 2Jun 10, 1979 – Jul 15, 1982Egreat experience
Voils, AlanEW 1(SW)Aug 1979 – Feb 7, 1984OWMade my first Med cruise in 1980. Went into the Philly yards 1980-81, back in Oct 81. Second Med cruise in 1982, went to Beirut. Made a North Atlantic in fall 1983. We "Inched On" to a lot of different ports.
Mitchum, TroyMR3Aug 10, 1979 – Jul 20, 1983a gang
Mitchum, TroyMR3Aug 10, 1979 – Jul 20, 1983a gang Any old shipmates feel free to e mail me.its been 32 years i don't have any other comments.
Hudson, KenABH 2Oct 29, 1979 – Aug 10, 1982V-3
Ryan, TimothySM3Nov 1979 – Aug 1982Communication signalsWent through it all, medical cruse, gitmo, Philly shipyards (twice) blown stack & having to eat on our neighbors mess decks after their dress white inspection.
De Oliveira, Anthony / TonydeeDM3Nov 8, 1979 – Apr 16, 1983Admin Dept.Served proudly from 1979-1985 USN on board USS Inchon November 1979-1983 Admin. Dept. DM3 Great Times and lots of memories, if I could it again I wouldn't change a thing. It was an honor to have served on the Inchon.
De Oliveira, Anthony/tony DeeE3/DRAFTSMANNov 10, 1979 – Apr 5, 1983TrainingI'm hoping to reconnect with my Military Buddies! I'm the guy who always brought the tunes to the Mess Hall while we played dominos & drank coffee.
Figueroa, Armando (Fig)BT2Dec 1979 – May 1984 INCHON was my first ship met a lot of good friends. In 84 i transfer to NavSta. Roosvelt Rds., until 88 where was transfer to the USS SIERRA AD 18. Left the Navy in 1993, last station SIMA Carleston SC. Stll serving but in the Army Reserve

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