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USS Inchon (MCS 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Inchon (MCS 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 808 crew members registered for the USS Inchon (MCS 12).

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Cumbee, James profile iconBT 20000 – Jan 7, 1982BFine ship and a good duty station Looking for any B-Div members
Opatry, BobBT2Sep 27, 1967 – Sep 2, 1971EngPlankowner LPH-12, was with the original group in Mississippi was transfered off just after the shakedown cruise.
Stanson, MikeBM31968 – 1970DeckI'm a plank owner and stayed long enough to get it through it's first training cruises then got sent to ACB1 in San Diego. I'm sad to hear that she is gone from the fleet
Goff, Jeff3RD CLASSJul 1, 1968 – Jul 1, 1975NavyI was a Plank Owner. Now retired from GM and raise AKC Beagles
Plumb, JohnDC21969 – 1972RPlank Owner
Bushore, JohnFTG21969 – 1970WeaponsPlank-owner, only aboard for a year before being transferred to Philadelphia Naval Hospital, re-assigned after treatment
Hale, RalphDK3Feb 1969 – Nov 1970SupplyI remember a lot of great times, and great guys. I look back and can't believe it has been so long.
Mussaw, FrankCS-2Apr 1969 – Mar 1972Commissary S 2Plank owner. 1969-1972. Stationed at Pascagoula, Mississippi for about 6 months. Ingalls Shipbuilding Division. Chief Whitehead was in charge of the Commissary Division at the time.
Potter, RichardCS2May 1969 – 1971Supply/Galley
Yukich, L. MichaelSk3May 1969 – Sep 1971Stores' Plank Owner, Left Navy Sept ,71, moved back to Ohio, served as CFO major corporations in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.
Streelman, RonIC2Aug 25, 1969 – Jan 28, 1973"E"Plankowner, 1st @ Datar Hall for less than 2-wks then rented a house in Pascagoula with crew members. Did the works, Shellback, Blue Nose, Med-Cruise, Viet N. Built the Ships Entertainment system off the hangar Deck with Billy Robertson MM2
Carlson, RichardSFP3Sep 1969 – Jul 1971R
Draughon, Lionel S.BM3Sep 1969 – Jun 19711stI was a Plank Owner and watching the Inchon being built was an experience I will never forget. Also looking for Richard Carlson's E-Mail Address.
Draughon, LynnBM3Sep 1969 – Jun 19711stI was a plank owner and enjoyed watching the Inchon being built.
Rheaume, HankMM2Oct 1969 – 1971M DivI have fond memories of the Inchon. Was a plank owner, did a med and a couple GITOM's. Still hang with Frank Bonk MM3. Made two reuions and had great times at both. Left Navy in May of '73 went into law enforcement .
Jacques, GeorgeET1Oct 15, 1969 – Apr 4, 1972OEI was saddened to hear that the Inchon had been decommisioned under the circumstances that it was. I'm a Plankowner and spent about six months in Pascagoula while it was being built.
Creamer, Richard "Dick"AT1Nov 1969 – 1971V-6/AIMDPLANKOWNER, Great team, hard work starting up an AIMD from scratch. Tech Lib, IMRL, Instructions. W.O. Yates Div Off, ATC Coffin Div Chief, Me LPO. Was VERY upset they decomissioned the ship and didn't let us Plankowner know!
Menchion, Mike "Nashua N.H."EM 5Dec 1, 1969 – Jul 28, 1972EngineeringI was a member of the original ships crew as en Electricians Mate and I am a Plank Owner.
McClain, EdEM21970 – 1972E I was a plank owner, and watched the the flag being hoisted on commissioning day June 20th.,1970. I also attended the de-commissioning ceremony on June 20th.,2002.,and watched the flag hoisted down for the last time.
Plumb, JohnDC21970 – 1972RPlank Owner
Howard, RaymondAVIATION BOATSWAIN\'S MATE1970 – 1972Fireman/Yellow Shirt
Nichols, John NickGMGC1970 – 1974FOXNuclues crew in PASGULA MISS Was on board for Viet-nam Durring mine clearing Hai-phong harbor
Sullivan, William T. "bud" (Watertight)ABH3Jan 1970 – Dec 1971V-3
Zimmerman, JosephAC3Jan 1970 – Aug 23, 1972OI
Heltzel, Robert/rebeccaBT2Jan 4, 1970 – May 28, 1973BPlank Owner, I left the Navy June 1973, rejoined the Navy 1974 and retired June 1990. Other ships USS Knox DE/FF1052, USS Rathburne FF1057, USS Davis DD937(made Chief), Great Lakes BT 'A' instructor, USS Tattnall DDG19, USS Saratoga CV60.
Schantz, GeraldSM3Jan 4, 1970 – May 4, 1973CommunicationsPlankowner
Just, Michael (Herbie)ANJan 7, 1970 – Dec 20, 1973V-4 Retired at Naval Station Ingleside, TX. Oct 1999, as the command master chief. Still live in Ingleside.
Hall, RodneyHT3Apr 1970 –engineeringPLANK OWNER APRIL 1973
McKenney, Charles MacBM3Jun 1970 – Oct 18, 19731stGitmo, Med, Nato North Sea, Viet Nam, Golden Screw Award, Circumnavigated Globe, Shellback, Artic Circle, Int'l Dateline.
Rice, Russell (Ricer)PH2Jun 1970 – Sep 1973OPSOperation End Sweep. Great Ship, Great Crew. Looking for Jimmy Mack Webb. LI2
Sale, EdRD3Jun 20, 1970 – May 1972OII was a plank owner on the Inchon and worked in CIC.
Peters, Alvin(skip)SDSNJun 20, 1970 – Aug 21, 1971
Leonard, Eddie / WheelsQMSA/QMSN/QM3Jul 20, 1970 – Dec 14, 1973NavigationI reported aboard a month after Commissioning and went str8 mess cooking. Spent 56 days there and then up to the Bridge as they needed me for REFTRA in Gitmo. Made QM3 in July 72 and left in Dec 73.
Liebman, MartinABH2Jul 29, 1970 – Apr 7, 1972V3Great ship - Sad end.
Moultrie, William "Mike"AT3Sep 15, 1970 – Apr 15, 1972AIMDSo long old "Inch". Sailed with Steve Coffin, Owens, White, Asmus & Vincent. My best to all!
Sucgang, JoseSDSN/AK3Sep 19, 1970 – Jul 12, 1971S5/S6I am very proud that I served with her. Good experiences and great memories. Reported onboard as SDSN, change rate to AK3. Now retired and settled in Va. Beach, VA.
Thompson, David ( Thom)GMG2Oct 1970 – Aug 1973FOXAs an E-2 fresh out of boot, she became my new home for three years. We celibrited many "first" together, First, N Alantic, Conflict (Nam) and world tour. I grew fond of her and our memories and was saddened to hear of her fait.
Hilderbrand, BobCYN3Nov 1970 – Apr 1972CRServing aboard the USS Inchon was a great experience in my life. Thy crew in the Radio Shack were tight and we worked as a great team together. Our leadership was stellar. Med Cruise in 71-72 was outstanding!!
Waters, HenryQm31971 – 1974Navigation was sadden to find out the old gal was gone,,like most of earlier sailors made first med gitmo northalantic then panamal and points west.. lot of firsts and lot of memories.Miss Capt jake was a good man.
Rathburn, GarySM3Feb 1971 – Jul 18, 1972
Scrivani, TonyRM2Feb 20, 1971 – Apr 15, 1974CR DivisionGreat times, Great places, Great friends. Med Cruise, North Atlantic, Westpac, and around the world. What more could I ask for?
Gray, RobertABF 2Apr 16, 1971 – Dec 27, 1974V 4
Hernandez, Jerry "Pancho"CS3Apr 26, 1971 – Jan 17, 1973S 2I was saddened to hear that the Inchon was decommissioned. I found out from a Navy Seaman as he was passing through my hometown, and he was stationed aboard the Inchon at decommissioning. Miss all my shipmates from 1971 to 1973,
Schroeder, TomBTJun 1, 1971 – Jul 1, 1974This was a great time in my life. I learned my life long trade, met many friends and had tons of adventures.
Beasley, MichealSN 1Jun 1, 1971 – Aug 15, 1974LH 1 ExecutiveHad good times and had tuff times, Surved my country. I am Proud to surve. Went around the world and seen things that nobody here at home can imagine. Its a big world and i miss all you guys looking forward to hearing from you all.
Wells, BruceSep 1971 – Aug 31, 1973EngLong to see old friends
Casil, Rowland RasEP3Sep 10, 1971 – Jun 14, 1975S-7Made the world cruise to Vietnam and back to Norfolk. Did the same duties as Port Said.
Wilmott, ChrisSM3Sep 29, 1971 – Mar 23, 1975cs To all the crew LPH;MCS -12 " job well done"! I talk about us all the time.A lot of time has pasted,but the memories of bonding with so many people around the world helped shape who I'm still working on (Gods grace 2 U)
Corsillo, CharlesBT3Oct 1971 – Sep 1973EngineeringI had two of the most amazing and rewarding years of my life aboard USS Inchon. We sailed around the world seeing ports of call in the Mediteranean, North Atlantic and Pacific.
Robeson, TracyLPH 12Nov 1971 – May 1972marine landing force (BLT)Boarded the Incon at Morehead City bound for the Med. Visited the countries of Italy, Spain, France, Turkey while in Training. Cold Winter in the med. Ship broke down during this period for a few days.
Webster, KenAMS2Nov 15, 1971 – Jan 29, 1973AIMDHow can you forget the Med, NATO and WESTPAC in less than a year. The "Tiltin Hilton" will long be remembered.
Barker, JerryOS3Dec 1971 – Feb 1974WESTPAC WAS A LOT OF FUN
Montgomery, Charles/lil Bear/marty profile iconABF4Dec 1971 – Mar 1974AviationThe good times we had aboard her. Looking for anyone that was aboard the Inchon between 1971 and 1974.
Liles, WilliamSADec 16, 1971 – Oct 1, 1972ELogroom Yoeman FN
Neal, JohnRM3Dec 18, 1971 – Mar 23, 1973CRHooked up with Inchon in Cannes, France where we spent that Christmas. Did Med Cruise, North Atlantic Cruise, Artice Circle, Panama Canal, International Date Line, Equator, Vietnam. Part of Task force 73 mine sweeping in Hiphong Harbor.
Vilius, StanHM3Dec 24, 1971 – Nov 22, 1972Quarter master/MedicalIt was my first ship. Worked with the quartermaster while striking for Corpsman.

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