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USS Lake Erie (CG 70) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Lake Erie (CG 70). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 272 crew members registered for the USS Lake Erie (CG 70).

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Williams, Carene-4Jan 3, 2000 –uss lake erienone
Zabala, Fritz J.DK3Jan 10, 2000 – Nov 18, 2002s4
Smith, SteveFC2Mar 9, 2000 – Mar 24, 2003CFLookin to get back in touch with some people. I'm out and working for social services in Kansas.
Mullen, DanielFC2May 2000 – Apr 2003CFAnother reason I am joining the Army!!
Hall, DeanthanyEN3May 2000 – Jun 2003Ai am a drafter in h-town. no more hot spaces and maintenance. just a/c and my computer. gi bill made this, and my expedition and contours happen. good deal.
Auvil, DionBM3May 8, 2000 – May 8, 2004First divisionI will never paint again ever
Cox, BrandonTM1(SW) / E-6May 12, 2000 – Sep 4, 2003CS/CALoved the area and the ship. Remember there are always worse places you can be. On a FFG in Mayport, FL.
Woolridge, AdamOS2Jul 23, 2000 – Dec 11, 2003OIIn the words of the great Steve Morgan "uhhhhhhh"
York, Tre'YN3Sep 2, 2000 – Jan 2, 2003NX ADMINDo you guys pull into port anymore? That is other than the Martial Islands... Take care guys a be safe. Don't give up the ship!
Eltringham, BrianMSCOct 2000 – Dec 2002S-2
White, WhiteyFC2Dec 28, 2000 – Dec 25, 2004Combat SystemsGood Times!
Bonincontri, MichaelOS2Feb 10, 2001 – Jul 14, 2003OI"Countri" in the house!
Nystrom, DennisFC1Mar 7, 2001 – Jul 5, 2005CF-01
Logan, AnthonyGSMApr 2001 – Aug 2004M
Hawkins, JoshuaOS1(SW)May 1, 2001 – Jun 1, 2004OIOI LPO and only OS1 onboard for over a year. Had a great group of guys to help keep me insane! The TIC's we had are still the best I've ever worked with. Shout out to Rod-P, Wolfert, P-rice, Chris, Ryan, and Thunder. Hope everyone's good
Seibel, GarySKC(SW)Jun 20, 2001 – Apr 11, 2005S-1Best ship I ever been. Checked onboard as junior first class in supply dept and checked out as Chief Petty Officer. Lot of hard and good time. Missed all the people that I worked with and hope to see you all soon.
Zang, KirstenFC2Aug 1, 2001 – Dec 28, 2005Combat SystemsHelped me see the crappy side of military command
Kotlarz, NickGM3Aug 31, 2001 – Sep 15, 2003CMReally liked the short trips
Pennock, Peter "pp"E-6/OS1 (SW)Sep 1, 2001 – Jul 1, 2005OIPP = PRIDE OF THE PACIFIC. LAKE ERIE'S GREATEST TIC.
Dugger, JeorgeE-3 / ENFNSep 7, 2001 –A-GangIt was cool, then I met my LCPO
Cobb, RichardFC3Oct 31, 2001 – Dec 15, 2005CFGreat ship.
Jucaban Jr., Noel/jada JookGSM 2 (SW)Nov 16, 2001 – Jan 13, 2004Main PropulsionDespite being involuntarily discharged....everything happens for a reason.....I know use what I learned on the ship and now I work for one of the top HVAC contractors in northern CA....thanks be to god
Jackson, Stephen "Action"PN3Dec 18, 2001 – Aug 27, 2005OD/NXNothing like starting at the bottom of the barrel as an E1, then to leading deck seaman, then finally getting into the Ship's Office. Great times.
Barraza, JesusSH3Dec 29, 2001 – May 29, 2005s-3Que onda, sorry kinda just left lake erie and didn't say good bye to alot of good fellas and galls. Believe it or not I miss the ship but will never go back! j/k Remember, always be true to yourself and work your own job. take care.
Williams, AmandaTSgt2002 – 2006FiremanLooking for a friend of mine I've lost contact with. His name is Jeremiah Flynn. He was an E-4 back in 2005. Wondering if anyone knows how I can locate him?
Lebaron, DavidE-5Jan 1, 2002 – Nov 1, 2002A-GangWell i know it was short but it was fun. Keep up the good work guys.
Goldsholle, JoshOSSNJan 7, 2002 – May 7, 2004oigreat ship. i got to see alot of it on all the restrictions. give me a holla if you remember
Flynn, JeremiahDAMAGE CONTROLMANFeb 12, 2002 – Jun 12, 2006RepairHad some good times and some bad ones on the erie. Loved all the Ports we went to. Thanks to DCC Brand DCC Marshall DC1 Watson DC! Pffefferkorn.
Mullen, JoshuaSM3Mar 2, 2002 – Jul 1, 2004NAV/ADMINWho's doing the flag bag inventory..?
Parker, JamesSTGSNJun 1, 2002 – Jan 25, 2004Combat SystemsHey just say whats up to every one ond keep up the good work
Kearney, Michael,FC3Jul 2002 – Oct 2, 2006CFLead Computer Tech for a few BMD tests. Smoke Deck was the best. The laughter was always there. was ordered not to speak in the computer central p-way.
Thayer, WardCTT2/EW3Jul 18, 2002 – Oct 22, 2007OTGood times with Captain Horn, first and last ship.
Bartholomew, Tracy/shomewe3Aug 8, 2002 – Aug 8, 20061st division
Carlson, Johne-1, e-2 seamanOct 2002 – Jun 2003operationsjust seein who was on here and lookin for old friends hope to hear from ya'll
Sifuentes, OsirisBMSNNov 19, 2002 – Aug 1, 2006Operations DeckCounting down
Biddle, BrianE-4/BM3Nov 25, 2002 – Aug 6, 2006OD/Firstyou haven't seen hell until you been to lake erie.
Baldueza, ElmsGSEC(SW)Dec 16, 2002 – Sep 2, 2007MPGreat tour! Checked in as 2nd Cl checked out as a Chief!! you cant beat that!!
Luna Loondogg, Jose JoeyE5 BM BoatswainmateDec 20, 2002 – Dec 1, 2007ODWhats up Lake Erie my name is Joey aka Loondogg and I would have to say that I had a blast on board while I was there and I have to shout out to my shipmates from 2002-2007 Hoorah!! OD FOR LIFE
Kline, CurtPERSONNELMANDec 28, 2002 – Jan 19, 2006NXThanks for all the memories! I'll be sure to send only the finest recruits! (smile) Take care all.
Whittington, StephenFCSN2003 –CFO1I had so much fun on this ship! Working in the galley was such a freaking blast - especially skullery; plus, Chief Frando, Chief Moore and Chief Mosley were such hunks! I also miss berthing cleaners and being skid rat for GQ. DGUTS BABY!
Cook, WilliamOS(SW)2003 – 2006OIBest crew, Best Ship Good to see some great guys...that I havn't seen in forever....
Sims, Jarod (Sweetz)BM2 (SW)Jan 21, 2003 – Jan 21, 2008ODI AM MR LAKE ERIE. SWEETZ IS IN THE BUILDING.
Dagostino, Shaun "Doc"HM2 (SW)Feb 3, 2003 – Jan 9, 2006MH-01 MedicalIt has been a Honor and Privelege to serve with my follow crewmembers. I enjoyed all three years serving aboard our countrys test ship for "Ballistic Missile Defense" Continue with Excellence and DGUTS!
Barrett, ScottE-3/ SNFeb 13, 2003 – Oct 9, 2006s-2/suppyI'de like to say hi to my wifey Sara and my daughter Callie. I love you guys more than anything in the world!! Love hubby
Higginbotham, MikeSK3Apr 27, 2003 – Mar 31, 2006S-1DGUTS
Kukich, BrianCTOSNMay 1, 2003 – Jul 30, 2004OT
Manalo, JosenarcisusGSCSJun 5, 2003 – May 15, 2006MPGreat Command, great people onboard. 26 years in the Navy, 5 ships, 3 shore commands. And this is the one that I miss the most.
Hagood, SeanGSM3Jun 12, 2003 – Jun 22, 2007MPSNIPES ALL THE WAY
Gomes, MikeGSMFNJun 18, 2003 – Jun 11, 2005mp
Walsh, AndrewCSSRAug 2003 – Jun 28, 2004S-2I sure miss you guys in S-2. CS1 Seei Thanks for all your help. If anyone can Help me find Jared Jeppson It would be great. He was my best friend. I miss him. Thanks
Kohlmann, TylerQMSN(SW/AW)Sep 1, 2003 – Apr 28, 2004NAVWas I the only dual qualified warfare sailor on the Lake Erie????
Delgado, MiguelPS2(SW)Nov 10, 2003 – Dec 19, 2006NXStill in the Navy........ Now in CT. Write anytime.... Peace...
Lee, HusainmushaIT1(SW)Dec 5, 2003 – Dec 4, 2006ISI see you guys aren't keeping it real. Only 1 guy on here really, ET1. Gotta love the schduling and planning...NOT!!! DNUTS
Conley, LuisE-4/DC3Dec 17, 2003 – Dec 17, 2006ERO4

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